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tv   The Afghan Report  PBS  December 22, 2013 6:50pm-7:01pm PST

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perhaps that washington can take to the knicks going to his phone. because of the newly bought mutate into a calm and cool conditions is a drop in the movie has enough support for the security cooperation of the united states. that's matt says it's a long term loan you a good man so perhaps thinks he can be discussed are the finest of the two so that it looks he gave a talk on the spot has been in the united states. i didn't know who our audience and religious extremism and terrorism is taken to a most haunted live yes people i teach on to what you are just too good an inch in any new potential clients time as this leads to a two person at the art could not be about three hundred of constant intimidation academies at my house and can't be seen budget this year. ok the dead things for the new two bedroom hands and optus towns increasing insecurity tea with it. yes keeping footprint in a funny stunt it is tiny and probably but that huge anyone entry to the more contentious off
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president karzai isa quests the root of the main color it did because it is not as in april. i did not have the option of using gauging our balcony. i promised hubby cannot afford to do that we have our interests and the stability of the country under the gun capacities in my view is the only way followed up with a useful role of an ideal situation in my view would be enough on this farm that is capable of beating tickets in total i mixed some time in his vision of excellence at all. so what we're talking about here is constant and it would be a concrete them. i didn't try to head the model can be legally capacities as for the ne quadrant as for the dishes and he got beat ati is an age of ten of the new stunt and has admitted to dance to the angel is in assistance in the atm and the two countries signed a strategic partnership agreement of the sun is in the speech free to e g treats and took a shot
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at seven point six billion u s store next to me this time of common stock in the pipeline is scheduled to start bringing natural gas from the meanest on to india of the foreign ministry spokesman said it is up to the site to decide who signs the us backed light united states secretary of state betty sedation that the defence chiefs signed instead of reports. please he sees it does not love gun to subdue home because i need to decide who signs a security pact with the united states you miss a kitschy of steve jones video using the bind up the security agreement on bse could be signed by karzai's defense minister. this may not come home and he effectively circumvent the guy's night. it's something that there is within the authority of the president of afghanistan and the afghan government whim. take action based on
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discrimination to the present and to make this perfect. so in other words it's up to the president of parents. to determine whether. a security agreement will be signed at a presidential level four the difference between the two governments. the bsa that she deposed or causing fourteen us made to keep busy skin of his time. us efficiency of the doubt maybe even by using the fullest to consider a door to the joys of tulips evening of gun forces to fight that the divine insurgency on their tone. i miss a meal of god. it is really a digger in november and doors to the security deed that the united states. but as i said you might not sign it and opted to keep snakes keep it. today has addicted to the united states and its allies which want to get going with them for this one a not for the training
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mission that is to stay on and have done is done up to two thousand fourteen the most footing troops that have been battling the table and said it's been half was down. katie has to be outdone government decided to secure edd its own a dog lead to unsafe display like he was backed by owning up to a foot in the distance the agreement it has been endorsed and we believe it will be not only that he wants an agreement to be signed between france and united states. a good time but our focus right now is on assurances. and that we are seeking when it comes to the two topics i mentioned our peace efforts. and putting a stop to the medicare patients against applicants are the odds of a desolate set is designed to safely cybersecurity not seen fit to do so could jeopardize of gun security and up to eight billion dollars a year in forty eight was saying that the gop house addicted
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to see as fun as i think she ever did get assigned a bid to secure the sta video cuts to hear this to happen soon in order to move slowly declining. as of june afghanistan in the suspect's mother in the uk can get into that. we just love since i'm a student asked if us and that the fishes have warned that if a site does not sign the security deed that the united states compete for washington on the undying with up to the fill void to fill the gun is done by the end of two thousand fourteen and abundant than skin deep the kind of dating pool is open on the thousands that that comes into its midst. not today for cl has eighty four thousand troops in a guy's done the majority committee can not do is winding down called the dough creations funding responsibility to apply to the dog about to give guns with almost one in combat forces put out by the end of two thousand fourteen we did last year the us embassy and
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the escort raised security concerns and a lot going country. we have reports seaside will act as if one way of pulling troops near the international airport in cumbria on december in them and let them when doherty lot of casualties. confirmation of the attack from me today international security assistance force one isbn team soon after the kids to force it allows pianist at this point and hippie cottage this nifty piece is used by civilians and domenici. most of the photo the moment is organized to begin at six and the fun part. the attack force in gaza too. total the mall to get one though and i connected this is our
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mission to get chocolates but he didn't push for a tough call. the accomplishments of deputy come with the seat also said the blast appeared to be desired. often in sunday's attack. the approach is glued to one of the need to let it come ons morse and fourteen bc is the highest didn't join them on beaches responsibly for the day to day management. all forty four patients. layla and accidentally detonation of explosives stored in an of conference nifty beside the us embassy in kabul a spot of glue that neatly on the sandwich was. my father telling us to exclude sinn fein of guys and smashed indebted to the eagles judy tea and a delight he's seen and yet you could afford had accidentally ignited explosives stored in the agency's main compound in calmly the dark daughters otago. begging is not a bad neck as he brought the plate
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with what i like the mob but if it was about. but this nutty with a lid on plus it was. over the past week the eighth with them or not about to talk to who he wanted santa to come over the top to bottom with a unit that does not give it. what did john dean of the tub. but divest some of which etymology the city meets the media concerning what to look on his talent as pulling troops out planning to keep the country next and how they work if the government has been trying to negotiate with the dotted line to join the peace process and an ultra comfy to greenpeace. i did not instruct cooperation act during a visit to present on the guys i do a head on the deal comes amid dense sense that the us at sky site is resisting the fighting off a long term security agreement with america the report. this didn't come it is a nineteen day done on
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this in the heat and mix with the onion dissident us into honey. moldy designated for use on them not to show pointed to economic i'm going to call the nation the meeting came shortly after u s defense it did teach us a good visit to dublin on the sydney the seventh of may he said but at the meeting and said he could become the new deadline for the security pact between the united states and the guy has done a d this guy is a housing led him to sign. the uniting of guns done to visit troops and senior gone assistance but a new city did not come to me as a knight who has resisted signing to bind up the security agreement on the scene which would govern the us military prisons often was not the force is the by the end of next year. as i has said he wants to return to lofty predictions to compute the deed. but higgins said dr did a signing on to the two thousand fourteen which he said was and is out of it it all. that to come to the end of this week's
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episode of the discovery part i and my son aren't taking any. we will be back next week with what you have added new ones for both qantas and goodbye and put the profits and. the emotional called friends in the blinding today since his release from jail in the trial court costs he's the sole focus his efforts on helping to free of political prisoners in russia fresh anger on the streets of kiev for tens of thousands rally in the ukrainian capital the money the ouster of the presidents of the two yanukovich and his covenant and growing fears of an aura of ethnic civil war the us state department says its citizens that the safety of our curated from flashpoint


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