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couric ak forty seven assault rifle the calico and the cold always at the age of ninety four. the duty free the celts were cops he steps into the media spotlight time to push for the release of his associates examine the case it and why they are still behind bars. they lead to job was to draw level with the freedom of thought of russia's presidential amnesty and pledged the plight of the human rights the
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the series of events that shaped twenty thirty with the use of capitals is that you broke a brawl with the post it'll be remembered as one of the tv this month the lol. you can read it to midnight this is the connection. she called the design of the world's most used assault rifle the ak forty seven has died ad ninety four he seek your own invention and become a cultural icon. the cold was ignored for services to his country receiving countless awards including the acclaimed lenin prize this can offer. i didn't have the privilege of meeting the telcos personally when he was not need a hero of russia at the kremlin by the presidents of around four years ago when he was ninety years old at the time and
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said despite says we'll be having difficulties with his hearing his hands were shaking quite a lot to still made a firm impression of someone with a pretty sharp minds quite engaged in is work work and did quite affectionate about his form went to mass tomorrow whether he'd ever expected that his invention the ak forty seven with whatever he could be so big so widespread that actually told me that he was a great city. to him knowing that said the ak forty seven is so often used by terrorists again listening to songs since he said is its only purpose. if defends his homeland ten knots to attack anybody else this is definitely one of the most most iconic person in the iconic people in russia and the soviet union russians. it was the last century. in the stephanie made an impact on the rolled into the heritage that he's leaving us with emma
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definitely can't be underestimated the demand for new weapon the many sea change that be so common reducing the word dozen states and officially used by fifty or means it's the most popular and reliable small farmer in the world. no competition eighteen forty seven short for ecological model nineteen forty seven the unit was designed with the inspiration came a few years earlier during the war against germany. this is one twenty one new old to read on the tank commander week will tell us the bill was wounded in battle and was recovering in hospital dream of designing a weapon. there were hopes will be in theaters now. and so he did his automatic rifle combines the best features of sheen and submachine guns killing power like sweet durability and simplicity. often during the vietnam war american soldiers to be a piece from deadbeat many strokes
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preferring call us tickets to the old sophisticated but unreliable and sixteen pts when the ussr collapsed eight he began to be sold on the cheap throughout latin america the middle east and africa where they were used by fighters in ethnic conflicts in some countries might draw gains and terrorists. well kind of flu shots on the london was often seen with a caustic the frightful. nowadays the gun is believed to be responsible for quarter of one million deaths every year this always upsets me so i watched it a goal for tougher un measures to force the us the distribution of small arms. ideally the weapons should only be in the hands of those people who defend their country. that is to defend not to attack. i designed a rifle not for international conflicts to protect the borders of my homeland frosted designs different models done with what unites them all is their simplicity and reliability the sole way full. even became a cool tool icon is
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depicted on the flag in the core of arms of several countries and organizations the cocoa washington has many honors including the highest award the golden thought the feel of what displayed such astonishing theme and respect unto you he didn't make a penny from the sale of these weapons will be with you to profit from his invention was well alan to use his name to promote the area's brett watches and keep the players and even bought. without a doubt his legacy is that the p forty seven. this production continues to this day in the dens reputation as the world's top infantry weapon remains unchallenged he went to school. our team not to invite your cook off is a matrix of life and in the top teams national stadium. you actually makes plastic oval was your impression of him. the mad month's edition p as a go and use it. the first impression get from kinnock is a very young man's soul the soul
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feeding digital content is so much older so much more expensive fuel. he ate his and mine is the rage of his very eager to accept any kind of new information and accuse me of speaking and his manner of dealing with his colleagues that was the most impressive. i didn't talk much about what he invented the positive aspects and indeed to make it to that country's beautiful thing that has dimension to think in this respect is that ak forty seven was a revolution in kuwait infantry fights. a few other posts posts and maybe she was a visionary who was able to understand that the combination of intermediate cartridge and assault rifle. thus the getting to pull some file politic postal infantry man that was rated the revolution he see the experiment before him including joe money and what time period by americans for example they examined the edge on its patent on sunday so let's use it. that is though that it sold a few shoulder low fat and help us jacob was able to understand given his experience of
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the second goal of the law of the few shows this though this syllabus or special about it what did he create that has most of the sentinel so of the basic idea during the second old law that was headed machine guns but to actually use the phone. on the stuff up in large masses of internship i know quite small and cold but the submachine gun so that he was clutch ecological forced to use intermediate cartridge almost as awful as a machine gun cartridge but given this kind of up fighting goodbyes to post all the fishermen and their entry into the ocean does the will of the ice is the rifle that can shoot multiple rounds it still had this thing through the fax machine. ah actually ask them to death of a deal for soul truffle is having a machine gun but just a light or small compact and the vast every infringement can use it and it gave a different attack an infant especially awesome firepower. that's why he is so try for the console port from all over the world. it's easy to use highly reliable than it has level of
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technical innovations for something like shooting the use of an assault rifle the court cases that the state of the machine being orthodox city should almost any conditions on toward the kiddos. anyway that was one of the most important of the features of the is a slow trot. it sounds if one can develop any bets that rightfully state but we all hiked eight era with the classical continued to dominate the idea is that of kalashnikov is going to continue to dominate footy kate's now russia is developing the new ration also on postponing country artist but those based on ecological design of the complete guide to receive the use of a mall place to use the term adult needs must steal the basic design. he's not changing. of course that he invented this to defend the soviet union but of course it's been used in the highways child soldiers terrorists and ironically by the mujahideen against the soviet soldiers in afghanistan than that but to
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think that feels caught a bug in tibet with with how it was used. i know that he was the man many times goes on to this question you see canadian was that the intent is not responsible for the waco his invention is used to crave is devised to protect his own content and the device has been so much successful the casino our bundle of the design has been able to have to rethink that they regret not making money i don't think she was an item on this post the few that says so it does so that kind of engineer my grandfather also was an engine you'll slip in the umpteen distort his life the people who can abolish money themselves to protecting the nation on this saving the lives of their complexion its muscles the basics of a basic occupation epa can see the predicament as a multi focal up to the lives of many of the remotest life. really interesting to hear your point of view about the debate. recently departed become classical thank you very much and the ego cook all the tricks but lucky enough to thinking
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the american presence written to them on to insist he would return to either politics or business but become court costs he says he tells me to pay back his threats to their still behind bars and will fight for his imprisoned comics short of an upset one of the people cortical speak is vowing to defend. after ten years in jail you count all the films he has no discernable it in his new found freedom in some of its funds the coolest a few raised. labor hopes of a prisoner. some of my comrades remain in jail. they are my fellow sufferers. for example my friend plaque on whether the alleged secret region there are still other political prisoners in russia not only bills related to the yukos case. i am free now and i'm asking you to think of it as something which symbolizes that the efforts of civil society can lead to the release of some people who no one thought would be able to walk free. the chip in with the heads of security for midst of all the cookies
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will come when you toss. he's currently serving a life sentence for fall eight counts of murder. in two thousand and seven eight goal to complete the pitch to give no quarter in the shooting of blood in it that you call them and other town in siberia. that you call for caution with you till so that his insistence that the oil giant pay taxes due to his town. the court found no link between the marriages that he had a few pills. if the picture course with those beliefs this was a cry that went to the top there was no investigation of the cookies involvement in my husband's death. she wasn't even interrogated. both myself and other people for analyzing this have plenty of facts proving that the book's key was directly involved in the clearing of my husband while on trial for the murder of patrick wolf makes it the children was already serving twenty years in prison for the attempted in the form of protocols confines of political
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subpoena. thus decreasing up honest with you cos she went on to work is the head of pr for the better of most go. it was then that a call was placed in her moscow apartment. fortunately the texan ate it while no one was home. cos the nazis holocaust these comments about political prisoners. a self serving. so thanks to a local level. kosky is the hostages his own cost you can add different t know if the other recognizes with his security forces were doing. automatically become responsible one and i think now he's innocent. the next ep to gain a start talking and look good you can skate could potentially be cut is a further investigation to those matters and assaults the company's security forces carried out. he has no other choice he will continue to insist people from the security department of political prisoners and he will pretend to be pushing for each of his release the isolation think if the bonus topical skin flexible place watching feeling. recall the story is
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being held. if the company on owning the rest of the vote over coffee this update to the cosmo mikko criminal and that he has looked at stormont of local folk money from the russian people in from the russian state every kind of discipline in the best pool had done the same board tariff also look at the end it and kristen about this story is told in the west. despite his insistence that he was a political prisoner. many in russia believes goals keeper of the lol that was what he was sent to jail. these roles but auntie elaine khodorkovsky is completed his case was politically motivated is protected by the european court of human rights. it found no evidence that the political activities of those involved were relevant. as many will not topple position the dismal officials ruled that challenges what not related to political life and have a filthy coal. the professor of law. helmand is a historic
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multitude of us just been too many he thinks that still enough to change the perception of khodorkovsky in the west. a portion of the worst human rights groups even to the overall cost to themselves those posts on people to catch the interest of all legal rights over co workers. of course in russia and ukraine and told you about increasing rich people talk about. may her parole board today he hoped will call because he is good in the west now has new shoes for a walk to the indian idol dollars worth of assets which will come true. true maturity into western and western real estate sold. won't we. he gave it his confirmation vote in the overtime onto the walls needed. we're
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covering all aspects but still call it good reviews and sometimes it is gruesome moments. warne took off his first comments off to his relief at the good opinion and analysis on his case and surprise of all tea cocoa save free thanks to a presidential amnesty of the two remaining job members of the notorious with iraq the report on the ambitions of the release but it's just a bit the eye. i know. they use it. all. the and. new you
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. room the eye. but the bead storage russian and pushed iraq to no free. the two remaining women with serving time to carry out a protest on the mosque is lincoln thinking but when the cattle monday as part of presentations prisoner amnesty and imogen this has been funding the school. but that isn't a very happy to be out of prison but they have
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expressed that continue along s of working in the eye and what it was concerned human rights in the country. you can check their seats i was a welsh he said. many women asked my advice and support human rights and legal issues and it's my best not to protect the contents respected human rights activist and as much as we can within the next capital protect their rights to the eu. it was well fed that she intends to keep a close watch on those that i've remained in the penal colony where she was but first the farm without all the thread members intend to meet together we know that they have spoken on the phone already. murray anderson and that gives the green color every given a two year prison sentence. following this so called punk prayer and in the country's main tourist mother and have literally months left over their sentences by wearily falling in on the sea coming from president clinton had initially come and i hadn't even said that she didn't
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wish to think upon this amnesty and leave the prison then bites said this he said that unfortunately those are her words she didn't have a choice of no balls with nine members are free and intending to take it upon themselves to go through with human rights that situation in the country. was tossing on the back of the events that shaped twenty thirteen for the people of iraq this year was the deadliest since two thousand and eight small but deepening sectarian divide the mall and its allies being lost as a result the bloodshed has continued to thirty five media workers died when governor bush to tv station north of baghdad one at least eight troops were killed by mortar shells in the capital itself. more than one thousand people to form victim to violence to cnn and its estimated to run hundred and twenty thousand lines of the most in the decade since the us invasion started
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while seeking to undermine the shia government sunni insurgents to attack civilian targets in different parts of the country bringing the total number of suicide bombings to four thousand nor has he can cook is open court and across from my cruise to al qaeda strongholds and being kind bike but the iraqi government and the openness that authorities issued capital fund to help people they could with the baby bumps the idea of. new report is supposed to be over. tourists come in different story the announcement confusion the afternoon. given that it didn't last year in europe too. lucy has been to school tomorrow will worry the symbol for the country's most intractable woes escalating violence and conflict among ethnic and the difference in the fight over the last resort. there was our first challenge group
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of kurdish soldiers agreed to take a stand. hope that dad and the kurds lay claim to cure who are sparring over control. aside from the danger until entering the kurdish side need special permission to get past the iraqi checkpoints we inhabit. roadblocks and concrete barriers to far into law. a place like this one a dominant feature of life and they are really a sight to the house on the sofa kentucky that the tax us. his little mind. no matter what the lovely scenes are told to look out for black bmw apparently the computer and office instead. he comes to roadside bomb exploded earlier that morning
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the same kind of back and walked like a series of class it's been a flashpoint for years now. the city center it's clear that life doesn't stop just because the rats works but the empty streets but people continue to build up a business does not understand his need. if you're shopping. beneath the surface there are scars your job is to be an incredibly dangerous place the city without the help of a military escort. residents here say the attacks that happen at anytime and anyplace. in fact it's not really safe to stay here for too long for the inside. when you come on in this family there are two seater happy that saddam is gone but their fear of political repression has been replaced by fear of the unknown him up and swim to the london and is a lucky we don't know whose unions when the next. walk to visit the link here so we thought let's not do small things to feel safer when charlie in the car windows down in that way if this was last at least a cloud after such precautions didn't help sixty year old home mom who says that a decade of war has proven wrong. he happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. a bomb blast went off injuring his leg. to
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him daily life has become a peaceful struggle. the body and can be. as he was going to do to your dream what democracy to all the explosions shooting and killing. feel free to go out and come back safely. where is that i can leave. there's no guarantee of bizarre though i know it's not a publicity series differences and fortune he should go to blackpool. going on behind the wheel is the kid in the interests of politicians on the minds of the political game. with my parents and my confidence in our own making the rockies. the mets didn't eat during the intensive care about who controls the oil just like mom simply want the peace of mind numbing vehicle and went and returned them up once a lie. are you she did it broke forty concert been collecting based on casualties in the battle country for years now. really
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how was the odd it is one of its leading research and she shared her thoughts for the soul of the country's gold three this year. most people don't understand is that the biases in iraq tuesday at that. i spin around three to four hundred civilians have lost their lives in amman. it's hard to sit and rest is completely unexpected. iraq has become so fragmented and has suffered such as sea bass and tom o'connor said. with so many in the us and eu defaults on its grounds that he tenderly into so called dc as the sudanese the hands of the religious fundamentalists the areas thus also extending the us cents as it may be ending this new change this but this is a terrible legacy and an open space that was amended in two thousand and three he was not completely cooked and his mates. to make
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the situation better than the moments i cannot see or what. that and i don't think those counties what kind of violence. let's get this. far too many competing interests there is too much struggle for power. oh so many signs that i can see it being a hoax to get it. he has created a special pull and push it over with time which brings together a detailed report on the dog's kennel that violence in iraq you can see the ball on a website for more all the big events of the year a series of wind twenty thirty matches will be running all this week here on our feet. what website right now also a seachange beneath the way the russian fleet the next generation nuclear submarines. he bought out more about the fact that in other nations to tear the decades to come. what does it take to get a residency in belgium hundreds of desperate afghan asylum seekers state to stick in the form one talented loving the private estate itself into bay. help them
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stay all the adults the gocco the bridge of the tomato be bought with these little things often happen on me telling you this week in sport. but for all viewers in the uk it snowballed on politics and government and the great wall the is you. i am the summer break all students the joys and most importantly relax play russia summer break for male students could change dramatically and involve lots of guns currently male russian systems have to put the year into the armed forces but the ministry of defence thinks that they can make things easier by the students spend their summer breaks in the military this treaty would tie in with their future professions such as engineering students being put into military engineering position. now the question is does your summer break belong to you order other words does the government have the right to tell you what to do it make you who serve in
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the army even if just for three summers during college years i think it's this really depends on your culture in places which haven't invaded countless times or have a strong individualism streak any form of conscription sounds barbaric and oppressive but you come from a country that is less individualistic has been attacked and beaten by pretty much every country that possibly could. like russia that have a good draft makes more sense. i think this program could work as i was in college i'll be pumped spent my summer vacation with some heavy artillery. but this is deftly not the universal ikea for all countries. i don't think liberals and libertarians that america would take too kindly to it and rightly so i just bought. i room. tokyo speech. this is japan's largest could use money the only fresh food stuffs from every part of
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the country the nationwide distribution network to establish the seventeenth century. then possible to bring all kinds of fruit to tokyo from the province the development of a very sophisticated food culture the extensive range of tastes took in what seemed to it. the japanese approach to its subtlety and artistic expression of seasonal thing bridget one of the world's great cuisine. do some research to build peaceful yesterday we just do dishes season. here for the fishing pole to pole walking to the charcoal grill street that leaves your lips you enjoy coverage of lights from every region. the tony
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doherty for us to receive specialist region rest of us execution style restaurant that simple syrup so the delicacies. i get from the beach. probably over into the country. he is the total to eighteen points with unique nor conditions like this. the bigger fleet of forty. symonds who used to people with heart warming for depends called the reeds the taste of my child to the panel. richard rowe women to college. you'll often find his card. japanese style bar restaurants and of the tracks when japanese restaurants
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least every two weeks top there's no dish is yet to talk. skewers of charcoal real cheap. it also tried various kinds of tools and seasoned with soy sauce. for me so flavored meat and vegetable stew. perhaps the easiest way to some japanese home style cooking i love the way to retrieve the gift token it is also the third reich the specialty of toto is the restaurants that offer a range of world cuisine some assignment. ancient south american beef in africa great if it does rain to ensure the taste is completely off to come here it goes like this try see more of the world. he also hosts many
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things to match the suit us you want to discover what you think. japanese cuisine restaurant. tokyo truly is my parents. as you. i am cease. life indeed of the city. the most iconic in the next thirty minutes just going to push the right numbers are the easiest kremlin critic to be released from jail early. the anti government protesters set up their campaign to disrupt girl he likes to just change into defence minister brown


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