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things to match the suit us you want to discover what you think. japanese cuisine restaurant. tokyo truly is my parents. as you. i am cease. life indeed of the city. the most iconic in the next thirty minutes just going to push the right numbers are the easiest kremlin critic to be released from jail early. the anti government protesters set up their campaign to disrupt girl he likes to just change into defence minister brown
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turned it into the troops in afghanistan. the two members of russian punk band right there calling for a boycott of the upcoming winter olympics to protest righteous human rights record. both women were released from jail today as part of the amnesty deal doesn't flatter him who called it a humanitarian act posted by a sense it's all just a big pr stunt meant to soften the kremlin's image ahead of the olympics in salt a bunch of band members were jailed after performing in and i've got this song and moscow cathedral last eight here's the telecom leak woman was released from a penitentiary is to be reacting a bit making it the last of the right members free. despite the honesty she remains defiant and is critical when you put them into kohl's a tyrant. this is a cynical action. i'm just
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becoming a cynical acts that in reality is that today is much more cynical to release those people who don't need to be released. these remaining two months i could've easily spend that was at the same time he refused to free those people who really needed it. it is a disgusting and cynical act the look on a cool bar and another band member were due to be released from prison lexmark to stage a protest against port in moscow's cathedral of christ the savior in february two thousand twelve. their conviction for hooliganism triggered international criticism of the russian justice system. early in the day co defendant marie of milk and it was set free from a penal colony near the window caught up. she said vladimir putin's amnesty was a publicity stunt and not a humanitarian act. a certain band member he could only assume was a was released on a suspended sentence more than a year ago. she believes the amnesty is aimed at improving russia's image ahead of the sochi olympics but this was the gop's in question is what will happen
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not to be limping games with the idea that nothing has really improved. this is just temporary humanize nation is the legal system. it has nothing to do with being humane. this no apologies to those imprisoned without good reason and justice demand all three women about trimming adversaries of the kremlin and refused to be intimidated by possible repercussions. still this is all a publicity stunt ahead of the winter olympics in sochi we ask marcus where our correspondent in moscow. what it would. many russians to think it's working d to move this amnesty comes a bit late that is for him and then hire a coach he was due to a free man in sometime next year already. i did that anaconda combine mighty idea now. and a prison sentence that would hand it in march next year already. so this comes a bit late and that this the coincidences with their wings in the game's many and belief in russia obviously the crime and tries to do it. punish rushes
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in the team that was ahead of these. in russia to be had when semantics. my prayer moscow. the situation in south sudan continues to deteriorate with the rebels claiming control of key oil fields claim the government tonight's from the un has now airlifted stephen injured civilians out of the town board as fears grow that ethnic violence the final out of control. the us military is also preparing for possible further evacuations the un estimates one thousand people have been killed in the past week and one hundred thousand forced from their homes to see us three of fifty million euro to help tackle the humanitarian crisis. the un generate secretary general and he was expected after security council to deploy additional peacekeepers to suffer then they would strengthen the seven thousand soldiers and police already on the ground but also vowed to bring those responsible for the violence to justice. his fleece hat. the lord is watching. or side is selfish
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what tax so studios and the un peace keeping it in peacekeepers deployed to protect them. most this season the meat gets me the united nations to investigate reports of grey version and rice but it is and crimes against germany goal is this possible. at the cenotaph in bb head was hurting all come tumbling and face the consequences. anti government protesters are not backing down in thailand's thousand surrounded an election office on monday to block candidates from registering. the country is set to hold elections early next year and practices are demanding that prime minister you look at how much government step down. she called for fresh elections in february in a bid to end the country's political crisis. but the main opposition democrat party says it's boycotting apple thousands of anti government
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protesters staged a sit in in front of the sports stadium in the capital bangkok on monday. returning to stop these from registering their first ever race elections. on friday. you're the reason for blocking the entrance to st on political reform and such and to set new standards for the next election and then the sectional play. he did not prevent parties from registering. by the time protesters around the stadium some party representatives to go home with ian signage including officials from the governing party. fill your beer for me and there's little sign of the opposition will stop protesting their leaders are concerned that prime minister you want to know one could win at the polls. and that her brother's attention a lot with them returned from and
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reclaim power. he fled the country amid corruption charges fined years ago the opposition claims that he is still pulling the strings behind the scenes they're going to end the toxin regime. well exactly one hundred years ago the united states federal reserve came into being today is the most important central bank in the world that's right the fat as it sounds just right enters the us economy back to help low interest rates and other stimulus measures. the bank's policy stands sentry and actions and reactions to the country's economic situation in nineteen twenty nine sixteen years of its inception the us federal reserve faces unprecedented crisis. the stock market crash and the country into the great depression and was built around the world. if it has no interest rates and a slightly and kept printing money to normal right economists say it squashes policies make the cross is even worse. half a century
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led to interest rate rises in the late nineteen seventies this applies to current inflation that they contributed to the us into recession. in the late nineteen eighties fed chief alan greenspan took credit for managing a wall street crash in relation to the asian financial crisis he came into massive criticism defending to spot the two thousand and seven u s housing bubble that led to global financial troubles sinc that crosses the treasury department has tried to steady recovery interest rates are close to zero within prince seventy five billion dollars each month. keep the money flooding into the market but the upswing has been slow in coming. instead it aims to preside over increased ability in its one hundred and sixty s. the main economic news from the us has boosted european stock markets arm at the frankfurt stock exchange when bart sent us this report. the german stock market was certainly in
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the giving mood one day ahead of christmas eve real good christmas cheer because that reached the new record high of the attacks of nine thousand four hundred eighty eight points. it's never been that high before it's only a few points shy of the ninety five hundred mark. the thing that i was responsible for giving that push up to this level of war remarks by christine regard. she's the head of the international monetary fund are well respected institution. and she said that because of the recent economic data that come out of the united states the imf was about to push forward the economic forecasts for growth in the united states that are curious well for the world economy. now it would also affect positively the german stock market in the end the traders he said believer's air from the floor of the frankfurt stock exchange for us and now here's a quick look at the numbers for you. and germany's dax and monday session zero point nine four
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percent higher. a new closing high. euro stocks fifty and is the day up zero point seven one percent over in new york the dow was up. only thirty eight percent the euro trading zone against the dollar at one point three secs. she has landed an important contract to supply turbines to the first offshore wind project in the united states that's right the news comes a week after the german giant secured a contract to supply about four hundred and fifty wind turbines to five projects in all a lie. we'll also be responsible for service and sweet. severe weather warnings and flood alerts are in place a powerful storm sweeps across britain. at least one person has died as heavy rains and winds of up to one hundred forty kilometers an hour the coastline and large stretches of the mainland the bad weather is also causing travel chaos for thousands of people hoping to make it home for christmas
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many have been left stranded as train companies cancel or delay scientists. well that time of year. have you finished your christmas shopping center and test bench. were you i'd actually one step ahead of me is the final frontier before christmas in the stores are packed with people trying to find last minute gifts like us and that usually means big bucks for retailers were i in france stores are pulling out all the stops and rollin shoppers. but despite the reference sales are down because consumers are tightening their belts. on the paris officials only say that christmas lights hours prices ever. cash registers on training as many as many would die. the tennessee as a sales are down and eat it this year christmas is a lot quieter than normal. we seem to peep the finance pages by one or two items in his posture people caught morning to the christmas spirit. it's been a decrease in the average spend this
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christmas morning. he didn't do it. researchers say many consumers are staying home due to france's economic managers. unemployment has hit the record is seven percent growth in stipends economists say parents are causing the christmas pens because they expect to be running backs in the future and they say the outlook for twenty fourteen is not to profits. it's a huge deal for apple tree lol our customers will be able to buy my phone's been very first time analysts say the agreement between apple and the world's largest mobile phone operator could be worth billions of china mobile has an estimated seven hundred sixteen million subscribers that i am as likely to prompt a turnaround in apple's fortunes in china its second most important market. apple i phone has been losing market share there to keep her rifle jerry's new defence minister a slump on the line has promised troops stationed in afghanistan the military
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equipment on the line is currently on an unannounced visit and nizar is to reach him on monday she said no expense would be spared in securing the safety of german soldiers. the bonus that has often complained about the lack of proper equipment for its mission in afghanistan. visit came to a close watch on the line was given a taste of the lines of german soldiers in afghanistan. skirmishes rescue missions minded comments. this is the last german combat in edmonton on sunday study. the ccc is what's important is that the soldiers are protected as they go about their work with him and they are here in this country to protect the people from terror and to establish democracy. and you find the line into trying to speak to troops who won't be able to be with their families for christmas. soldiers reacted positively to the defense minister's visit. thus
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because the kids also has a trust was the fact that she's interested in the theater that is coming is soon off to taking office. see she's interested in how we live it and is out of the norm but i'm not sure how much she was told about this being here gives the best in stock the german army's active role in a sunny sharif is coming to an end the priority now is helping the afghan forces prepare to take full control. each of you might think they'll still be happy to have held that will help them from afar and sometimes with an intro course they're welcome to add that all quiet day with the insulin. the defense minister made the most of her time visiting troops but steered clear of the problematic your own home the term for which her predecessor came under harsh criticism. inventor of the ak forty seven assault rifle mccann concert hall has died at the age of ninety four in western russia the collection costs develop the ak forty seven for the soviet army back in nineteen forty seven. easy to produce and use the weapon has killed more people than
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any other fire arms in the world. plus the costs and pride in his invention was mixed with the pain of seeing used by criminals and child soldiers around the globe take a short one minute break and don't play anywhere we've done a lot more news coming back. i been you decide you want to watch the emergence of progress the whole package. dw the future. media center. dw tell you. a sustainable protection for deeper. eugene
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is designed to preserve our ecosystem the text the only chance to extend extra protection for our candidates it's really pleasing projects. its. it's been nearly three years that serious civil war began and there appears to be no end in sight. an activist groups as more than three hundred people were killed in a week of air strikes on the rebel stronghold aleppo the violence seems to be escalating. even though he stalks of a scheduled for january the situation on the ground is still very dangerous for journalists and especially for the kicks are those of the locals to translate and how reporters cover the crisis on the ground. we take a closer look i can play without fear now that her parents who flew to turkey from northern syria
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but they were driving from the bombs. was because anwar llamas father was a revolutionary fighting against the assad regime. in august he was kidnapped by an al qaeda group and tortured for months before he escaped if you know anger. and the installer eighteen forty eight hits. for this tends to come. because unprecedented in the least. ingredients and i am aging. this is what on what looked like in march armed with an ak forty seven machine gun he would escort western journalists trying to fill in on their liking. then decide on what was the media activists. he knew its way around the city and where it was safe to go and where not he was well connected and knew we could talk to and who we couldn't talk to the light on why it would be impossible to work in such places without risking one's life. but in recent months
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qaeda groups have been targeting media activists the results as anwar is that there are no more journalists in northern syria. no independent reporting. they are the muscle cramp on my walk with him. because they can add and the vehicle. i need them and all of our friends in people. now what what chris haddock mean do you know what the nazis anwar was more than a guy he also forged foreign islamist proceed. prakash job it fights alongside other islamist insurgents. such is the new storefront and pius ix. the matter to whether a link to al qaeda. he repeatedly target other groups battling the syrian regime. including other islamists. with so little unity in the resistance movement. anwar is pessimistic about its chances of succeeding. now i have many more miracles. as a team
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in the state. and if this day is his unit and the courts may be single but couldn't defend against lebanon because my new on me came to change. cool cool cool have another of the gay saunas and the store. but let them fly now anything is finished this year documentary was made about how anwar became an islamist party has since realized that al qaeda doesn't care about syria. it just wants an islamic state he said the closing off all nice. the fourth and only use this time. again the team. we get nothing. now what are the results here outside of our country. anwar is now embracing the more moderate form of islam. it uses beard trimmed short. he says he
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doesn't want to have anything to do with the extremists that stole his country's revolution. still to come here on the journal big birthday here in germany. but first a look at other stories making news the effect has sentenced three leading activists within three years in prison for their roles in recent contests. remember the first to be in prison under it gives new life according to police permission for demonstrations army backed government is currently intensifying tough crackdown on dissent. i have converged on the amount the city of karbala for a few religious festival. some five million visitors are in the city its mark on my hands in the end of the mourning period for the martyrdom of the prophet muhammad's grandson. one of the ceremonies has been marred by sectarian violence japan's emperor the phillies celebrating his eightieth birthday. thousands of people gathered in front of the imperial palace to
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congratulate him to finish the world's oldest monarchy you can surprise maybe next month. officials announced that he wanted to have a relatively modest hero. onto another landmark birthday this time in germany. former chancellor helmut schmidt is celebrating his ninety fifth birthday. he's considered one of the country's most important calls for a chancellor. the social democrat politician was head of government from nineteen seventy four to nineteen eighty two a time when germany based threat to the left wing red army faction. even today when helmut schmidt talks people sit up and listen. we take a look back and a slide and three. so much sense his new puppy oh eight has helped keep his life new meaning to the death of his points in twenty ten to two were married sixty eight years siemens was a cold sometimes when i'm cautiously. the day when i wake up in the morning
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and then i realized is no annual event. many germans remember schmidt's effective management of the nineteen sixty two top prizes. when he was a minister in the city state of ca mau. it helps to kill his reputation as a do er and propel his political career to new heights. seven years they said that teaches some and to governments as defence minister for bench on saturday. when bond resigns in the wake of a spying scandal in nineteen seventy four. schmidt's received overwhelming support to succeed him. his chops the ship sail and tight end times. student protests in bomb attacks by the left wing militant group the red army faction. then came schmidt's biggest challenge the hijacking of tons of sites one eight one. his risky decision to storm began croft paid off and all the passengers were rescued
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i'm off to his two towns is constant. schmidt enjoyed a second career as a publisher of the gem and we keep it tight. the ninety five year old still makes ranking of appearances to his will to balance his mind is as vigorous as ever. he remains one of the greats political star is his fault that day here in berlin. it is beginning to feel a lot like christmas around the world many christian worsh celebrate a holiday in two thousand will also make the pilgrimage to bath and then the holy land which the bible says was the birthplace of christ. and on the lining of the christianity is all is as fully as churches which is currently undergoing restoration. this is my champion chang's new workplace. the rules of the church of the nativity in bethlehem. the restorer and his team of palestinians in a tele is protesting the timber beams that it supported the church century. at
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the zoo. the elements of taken a heavy toll. the most or all of it the way trying to rip nice only does pants which ones would stand indicted in the mall interested in possibly want to leave the structure as close as we can to the way it was before. given that there are more than leno on the news went to the fountain attending the same age as to what he has a hand with the same characteristics. but the attendees family has been involved in the restoration of churches and historic buildings for generations for him. it's not just in town. it's a labor of love there is the main dish at nine am to chat materials from different eras you hit outs to see this catch in such bad condition the twentieth of may the way happy to be involved as the renovations underway in that event the inside. monks use buckets to catch drinking
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water. the long summer camp the three religious denominations to chair the church had been arguing over the renovations for years down the palestinian authority and other countries are paying for it. the muscle to go though the charges under palestinian control and the qantas board to let it fall into disrepair. it was that it can easily affect this year the city of it the church draws visitors from around the world right now they're taking the construction work and are stunning. it doesn't. what's the deal. what's better these pictures and shiny shoes. what a riot. i didn't always displays because that is a disgrace. one day or so ago that the holy place for me. i helped into it. every week long lines formed as pilgrims wait for their chance to climb down the steps beneath the church to the grotto. this is a place where according to
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christian tradition jesus christ was born the light on them. my channel can chant he and his team continued their renovation. we all can work at night. tourists not to disturb the daytime activity since i need. in one corner precious mosaics are being compared with a special solution and with pieces of prawns to protect them from the dam. hold on to bedok to buy her to the wild pays more attention to these wonderful thanks sally quinn exist for a long time to come. and what do i. the other institutions and nations will help out to protect these beautiful monster beast. so it's awful so what do we get it. but what about was that the seam open. if the renovation work goes well. the church of nativity will be essential part of christmas celebrations. for generations to come. and finally
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the sports news for you two time olympic snowboarding champion shaun white is helping to claim gold again at the sochi olympics in february. besides the halfpipe the american also wants to do well in the new discipline called slope style. but white suffered a setback during the world summit copper mountain colorado area we managed third place finish norwegians dice on that one recording his second victory of the season. competitors there are evaluated on their creativity and ability to form difficult tricks on an obstacle course. jack's snowboarder shaun kept it simple not one remains in acts. it is. that's all for now the journal thanks for watching and fees to stay with us here. the air. shea
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