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the recipe of the disaster according to its beat given protected status to india on business when it bought the implications are. beyond business. my heart with new and new. scene the us federal reserve has reached its one hundred. not everyone is celebrating its government i'll stop straight ahead will tell you why a growing number of americans are fed up with effect from. plus the kabul government seems to be getting an upper hand in its ongoing battle with far as it turns out over cit program. assassinated dozens of our commanders and that's not all details next. and
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humanoid robots of dry sunny south florida all to compete in a challenge organized by the pentagon. coming up next and see what these machines can do. a fan. monday the twenty third time here in washington d c time in your id that we are watching our tea. today marks a very special birthday for the federal reserve believe it or not the central banking system has now been in existence for exactly one hundred years. it was created on december twenty third nineteen thirteen primarily as a result of a severe panic in nineteen oh seven that panic is often referred to as the meat locker prices and a set of financial downfall in which the new york stock exchange fell almost fifty per cent. the met was at that time of economic recession many state and local businesses entered a proxy
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and the pair eventually spread throughout the nation that's when congress enacted the federal reserve act with the hope that a central banking institution would address the problem of being canucks and meet the need for an elastic currency. but over the past hundred years the role of the fed has expanded and some people say not for the batter and even though it was created to help the economy is growing power and the weakening at rt scary and boring reports. two powerful few secrets. two controversial hundred years st. a hundred years ago president woodrow wilson signed the federal reserve act into law marking a pivotal point in america's monetary policy. no longer with connor is in control of the us dollar as the constitution stipulated have been delegated to a private institution. it's been big. most stupendous case of mission creep. almost in recorded history of government but that was the united states the third attempt to establish
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essential baby. in june jackson abolish the center one saying in congress has the right under the constitution to issue paper money. it was given mc use themselves not to be delegated to individuals or corporations over the past century operating entering bayliss secrecy the federal reserve has grown into arguably the most powerful financial institution in the world. if that is not fully audited severe as much about it we may never know just a few years after its inception the us entered world war one the fed was then given the authority to buy government debt. it helped finance the war it became an agency of the government rather than a banker's bank but it was during the vietnam war when president richard nixon opened up to present the central banking. the camp david in the infamous weekend surrounded by a lot of so called free market economists he closed the gold window severed the anchor to the dollar since the end of the bretton woods system the us dollar has held no
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intrinsic value leading to unconventional and policies that as quantitative easing whether buying an unprecedented amount of securities directly from the market. these are the same securities that helped me to the crash of two thousand eight. this will be the current fed chairman bringing his legacy will be regarded as one of the most significant and time will tell of course but perhaps successful figures in history not everyone thinks that by buying program will be beneficial in the long haul ironically this is the greatest engine of reverse income distribution ever imagined. it's kind of the universe robin hood policy and how is benefiting from cutie. it's basically the one percent even economist i said i'd agree that qbe as for wall street the immediate beneficiaries certainly are on the financial institutions that are doing. interbank lending. former federal reserve official injured to some political treatise the back door wall street
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bailout of all time. there's about to be changing the guard at the head cover president obama has nominated you need allen who is openly supportive to me. so what did he look like but rather as the head of the things we can safely say that the centrality of the economic position of the fed is one that is more likely to increase and decrease when the federal reserve began in us dollar was backed by gold. their currency has above and to basically get sheets of paper about our only backed by the province of the us government. only time will tell of all these promises can be kept in washington d c perry and boring thirty the federal reserve's hundredth birthday protesters are planning a day of national action calling it the one hundred and people will head to all twelve of the federal reserve bank branches throughout the country to call attention to what they say is an institution that both exercises power in complete
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darkness to talk more about this i was going earlier by her essentials an activist with the top one hundred in on your c l u r t correspondent who brought us this report kerry and boring i started by asking kerry and how the fed's free of a isf the couple that holds the moments of its release the race to the lee bros. he knew both the asian human some of my comrades remain in jail. they are my fellow sufferers. for example my friend flat unleavened. alexi collusion history. there are still other portland reserves in russia not only building related to the u n or just learning that us central intelligence agency covert action program to bolster night eavesdropping from the national security agency has helped colombian forces killed more than two dozen meters of rebel groups including the far over the past decade. this is all according to a new washington post report that reveals how
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the us had been providing the clumsy an army with both human intelligence and a gps guidance kit. now when used together it would transform a regular bomb into a precision guided smart bombs. i could accurately target specific leaders even in dense jungles the multibillion dollar covert program was authorized under president george w bush and continued under president barack obama on rt political commentators anzacs has more can. and we are just getting that package for you we will have very shortly. having some technical issues you take away from the washington post reporter of the weekend that the cia in the end of the park overtly assisting the colombian government in its fight against four rebels nope he was just this month
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that the president of colombia one little sentence was at the white house meeting with president obama you see this in a relationship is very important to the white house and in particular president obama is agenda of boosting u s exports. in two thousand and two thousand twelve exports to colombia have steadily increased. they're expected to further increase this year. also caught me up this second only to mexico any amount of arms and equipment us the ship to central and south american countries since two thousand steps. clearly a club did not in the midst of rebellion is pretty good for the us economy. but what good is economically it may not be legal. to question the white house wrestled with internally. busy guilty of carrying out assassinations by helping the colombian government target and kill suspected for readers alternately they decided it wasn't. the white house's office of legal counsel in
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others when we decide it the same legal analysis been applied to al qaeda could be applied to the park to linger for cleaner with not the assassination because the organization was an ongoing threat to columbia also none of the four commanders could be expected to surrender. in other words the same justification used to carry the drone strikes in yemen or pakistan. there's nothing new. spark commanders in colombia. our commanders to warrant a direct threat to the united states. the world really is a battlefield which interests you the last recorded the cost of all this and the us has given billions to colombian military. these covert operations are funded out of the black budget. we learned earlier this year to raise snorting disclosure of the city's budget for two thousand fourteen is fourteen point seven billion dollars this is ten twenty eight billion dollars in
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specifically covert missions combating terrorism. received seventeen point two billion dollars this year. was this mean to me is the cornea is not the only and may not even be the latest country to be receiving help from the cis panetta said. in washington d c sam socks are too. ands talk more about this as one hundred birthday were to go back to an interview. everest was to play before and that's with tears and sobs activists with the top one hundred and our very own art east kerry and boring. what started out as a dangerous thing as a lender of last resort it was established to create an elastic currency the currencies that has changed from the gold standard. well we have now is completely free up money is backed by nothing by the promise of the government and it has expanded the current ceo and president of ufo's so in that role the federal reserve has changed significantly over the passenger in. when we
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start to see a really spike in that direction but it's always been around a war is are you more wine is when the fad of ramped up its printing press helped fine for the war and in the atlanta federal reserve became an actual pay the agency and then began after the vietnam war. that's when richard nixon closed the gold window and made of concrete leafy on. and that's really when we thought the unprecedented level of money and paying the interest and care as a new group at the top one hundred has been critical of the relationship between that and the big banks. that said though that this relationship that they called the beaded how that can save the economy in two thousand he had during the financial crisis how did i know falling into great depression. what you make that argument i will personally i can't speak for all the activists who gathered to date soon to protesters who made this block on our democracy but personally i don't think the fed does staved off a depression dollars testimony
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i think on main street were also feeling the effects of this monastery is positioned stack. and here's the sad responded to add to the most recent recession by wanting a massive stimulus program called quantitative easing the transparency and oversight. the american people happen to this program and programs like it virtually none as far as i know i haven't seen any information on this and a buddy i do believe that we we are entitled to an audit but i believe are entitled to more than a not a fan of one hundred is demanding that the federal reserve the federal eyes. so that's the treasury has the ability to print money. then this will give us one step closer to putting the power to create money back in the hands of the american people as opposed to private banking cartel. great too and one of the mandates of courses on line and into the unemployment rate is still pretty high. what is really say about how
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effective fed policy has been for the middle class. biggest benefactor for the middle class and all of the just and effective for the four classes to marginalize classes in all i think this is an insufficient time for the one percent. and carrie and really works is a an organization that has just released ten reasons to abolish the fed in gold are a few of the written reasons why it are advocating for an alternative care the widening of the reasons as they believe is unconstitutional. the power to appoint money in the competition was clearly stipulated to be delegated to congress. that's would be overseen by five to thirty five members has now been delegated to forget the very select field which are not elected by the people that's another reason is that these are unaccountable unelected bureaucrats that are basically responsible to no body out there because it's very secretive but for talking about the federal reserve have never been fully audited by an outside source the gao which is another part of the cabinet has looked into his books on the console so much about the fact that
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we don't know that lee and unaccountable unelected officials and some secrets that slightly different in the ron paul that is actually pushing for nodded. the anzac stands for ron paul is no longer in congress he added that retired last year so in the house grandpa brown was pushing that dylan and we also have their grandpa was fishing in the sand and he has and that he is going to fall back in the gelding's nomination has announced two and had the fed would bring peace to the next year. he's going to hold her nomination and fill that bill is brought to you before so there's a light debated on that at around this right now it looks like that but will come out early in january will see very soon where that's coming down while speaking on the stairs and one of the eu i've obviously congress has a role in all this means you think. i resent the fed policies and danny. in response to user into gridlock we're seeing in washington are how would you say sort of congress is weighing in on all of this i can speak to that honestly on the one point two i would like to make however is that
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we're not calling third string of abolition or an ending of the fat mean i think that would be ideal an ideal world that is dominated by local alternative currencies. but i think that could cause some pretty big problems in this country forward to proceed towards a straight out abolition for proposing with the top one hundred is proposing is for the finalization of the fat and were looking at a process in which i propose a new process and the national conversation about how to go about tackling this issue and bring it under congress. this is the first that because we have more control over congress in spite of all the proms the congress has the redo of the private wall street banks. and here's what exactly are you hoping for i'll post protest and he now of course it's great to get all these people together but i'm wondering sir and you guys have concrete next steps and in order to you. i know yes we will land on them tonight is is. i got my guest
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tonight is is that tonight is this the beginning i mean i see the fact that this bill was passed in two days before christmas in nineteen thirteen should tell you a lot about the kind of people that were dealing with here and so tonight it is just the beginning was the first of the year long campaign to illuminate the federal reserve to say the grassroots educational campaign you can find out more about this on the top one hundred on facebook you can also follow us on at the top new york and at the top san fran. and what is in the play more announcements are plenty more actions. ultimately if i demanded for the federal group for the pharaohs and the federal eyes. if that demand is met by two thousand and fourteen september seventeen. then i think it's time to talk about re occupying the torah says absolutely will follow up with you and see where all this doesn't care if themselves. activists with that of one hundred and ninety three and boring thing you can get. as the threat of a civil war looms over the world from us country the us is moving additional marines and aircraft to sow
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seed and raise the number of us troops in the region to one hundred and fifty a week ago clashes between rival groups in the capital of june bug again. and then spread across the east african country. forty six us troops were deployed saturday to call you back between americans from the violent weekend in four us troops were injured in the evacuation mission as gunfire hit three military planes. all four troops are in stable condition but president obama has said that he is monitoring the situation. in a letter to congressional leaders on sunday obama wrote. i mean take further action to support the security of u s citizens person now and property including our embassy in south sudan. it's clear that some of that action has been taken already as the us moves its troops from spain to the horn of africa. or to provide more embassy security and help with additional evacuations the extra forces will move into disability where the us has its own permanent
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military base in africa the military buildup also includes os three helicopters and seen one thirty transport planes. south sudan won its independence from sudan in two thousand eleven after decades of war the country as some of the biggest oil reserves in sub sahara in africa after nigeria and angola and last week russian president of the latter may open in shock the world when he announced the pardon of former oil tycoon mikhail khodorkovsky. kosky was released from prison friday after spending ten years behind bars. and just two days later he spoke at a press conference in which he outlined his political future our tees. peter oliver has more. if you are free of catania is it some of the company's gold teeth comb and some of its release the race to the lee bros the new book the asian human some of my home or remain in jail. they are my fellow sufferers. for example my
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friend plaque on whether the alleged secret location shoots. there are still other political prisoners in russia not only building related to the yukos case mccain i am free now and i'm asking you to think it is something that would symbolizehe release of se who no one thought would be able to walk free. today was the head of security list of articles use the toilet to puke else. he's currently serving a life sentence falling counts of murder. in two thousand and seven eight goal to complete the feat you can go for doing the choosing of blood in it that you call them and other town in siberia. that you call a harsh rebuke else so that his insistence that the oil giant pay taxes due to his town the court found no link between the marriages and he had a few gulps. however take a course with those believes this is a crying that went to the till there was no
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investigation the hawkeyes involvement in my husband's hand. he wasn't even interrogated both myself and other people for analyzing this point of facts proving that flintoff's he was directly involved in the clearing of my husband while on trial for the murder of that youthful makes it the tube and was already serving twenty years in prison for the attempted murder for what it calls confines of political subpoena. thus decreasing the post with you cos she went on to work is the head of pr for the venerable still it was then that a call was placed in her moscow apartment. fortunately the texan ate it while no one was home. cos the nsc support across these comments about political prisoners. a self serving. so thanks to a local level. i didn't really know if the other recognizes when his security forces were doing. automatically become responsible one and i think
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now he stands on a secret room in feelings not talking to him and want to encourage you to skate could potentially be another investigation into those benighted souls the company's security forces carried out. he has no other choice. it consists of people from the security department. it was announced that he will pretend to be machine will feature news release the isolation they keep the phone this couple that kofi a flexible please what you feeling. recall the story is being held. if the company on owning the rest of the topical he is a peek at the core moment both criminal and that he had slept at stormont of mobile phone money from the russian people and from the russian state every kind of discipline in the best pool had done the same board tariff also look at the end it and chris and above this story is on court in the west despite his insistence that he was a political prisoner many in russia believes goals he broke the lol that
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was why he was sent to jail a stroll but auntie elaine the other rock this year has been the deadliest since two thousand and four people were killed in the first eight days of this month and the entire month of december last year and is estimated that more than sixty six hundred people have been killed since the beginning of twenty thirteen as according to figures based on security and medical resources. one community that's been feeling the brunt of that sectarian divide is the city of her cook. bart's it was the captain not travel to the embattled town to find out how iraqis are coping with this daily violence. i did. the report is supposed to be over. tourists come in different story. he announced and confusion. the aftermath of the limited at the last year into two. lucy has been
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to school tomorrow will worry the symbol for the country's most intractable woes escalating violence the conflict among ethnic and the difference in the fight over the last resort. there was our first challenge group of kurdish soldiers agreed to take a saint. hope that dad and the kurds lay claim to cure who are sparring over control. aside from the danger until entering the kurdish side need special permission to get past the iraqi checkpoints we inhabit. roadblocks and concrete barriers to foreign to you gone to a place like this one a dominant feature of life and they are everywhere. aside from the house on the sofa kentucky the attacks. this isn't an issue of the mind no matter what. we drove quickly to avoid danger we're told to look out for black bmw has apparently become a
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fever and cough insurgents. i confess it comes to roadside bombs exploded earlier that morning and seemed to mind the fact that it'ss talk like a series of debt the class it's been a flashpoint for years now and in the city center. it's clear that life doesn't stop just because the contracts were expecting empty streets but people continue to go about their business is not interested in seeing him do that or something. beneath the surface there are scars your job is to be an incredibly dangerous place the city without the help of a military escort. residents here say that attacks could happen at anytime and anyplace. in fact it's not really safe to say fear for tomorrow for the inside. when you come on in his family under her to see their happy that saddam is gone but their fear of political repression has been replaced by fear the unknown him out and play and he lamented the lucky we don't know whose unions when the next walk visit the link here so we've gotten used to asking her to smuggle things to feel safe when driving in the car windows down in that way if this was last at least
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a cloud after such precautions didn't help a sixty year old along the route. he says that a decade of war and was willing to drop. he happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. a bomb blast went off injuring his leg. for him daily life has become a painful struggle. the body and can be. this was meant to do to your dream what democracy to all the explosions shooting and killing. feel free to go out and come back safely. where is that i can leave. there's no guarantee of the line. no it's not as though there's a new series differences and fortune he should go to blackpool. you will all be behind this point is the kid in the interests of politicians on the lawns in the political game. with my parents and my confidence in our own making. the rockies the mets didn't meet their
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neighbors and care about who controls the oil. just like mom. he simply want the peace of mind numbing vehicle adults and returned to their loved ones alive. are you. i mean i know a little slow but believe it or not they are some of the most advanced robots in the world. this past weekend market today robotics challenge in florida in which the world that's robots were put to the test competing in france designed to help unions and natural or manmade disasters these included tasks like opening doors or climbing up stairs only tainted by a robot that would capture of mine and sensors and cameras to understand its environment rt snake was so done in britain is this technology first and then brings us the story we hit it off. you will take statins with sixteen teams offbeat didn't have the chops to put in a two million dollars to cut teenage event in only the finest of the finest of the experimental group was taken to st are allowed to
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compete alongside the competition is this exposition with hundreds of companies are shedding the likes of technology in experimental group of six obviously the military is one of the main recipients of its current technology for instance this it holds that the secret six defendants on to the war with program is a great example but when something becomes the center of the doctor challenge there is a strong charts that we see all the streets rather sooner than adding to the basics of what we drove to the rich it to the sri international. runs off site they were open to the perception that people have from kearns will change with time and is the plaintiff the term drone now it's getting a negative view and it says get this it's negative. perspective on it but at the same time is to keep or start this the truth amazon drones and i think over time the name will normalize a little bit more and i and we actually some of
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our work were for building manipulators fact that our um allow you to work remotely and i refer to them is manipulation drones the match and some peanuts off flying around but being able to log in to be a farmer walking on the doing farming her but we are being of a clean someone's house for boldly through machine so it's a it's another form of a robot which i think over time that name will play out to be a positive than actually creating lots of good applications for people the reality is that dreadful takes off running backs the people. it's just too quiet i scramble to companies in the last moment another and to smooth like to whistle to trigger the need to fix the pipe that investments in the fields. these participants for the moment compete in a new button to medium dollar prize the rubble behind me is about to try complete with it than that the challenge is that the challenge consists of going up the eight steps up about something that in theory that site something relatively easy but it's not that says this is not like
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this top five movies that it's a very different os but the man in charge of this precise cost to me said keep the hall we get the work in the steel mill called it than that the ruble can even cut up a couple of steps so that gives you an idea of the work but that's because behind all these projects to close early for certification surrey are humans are much cheaper and much more useful by it. but the point is there for a lot of challenges cma be proficient. here she meant and dangerous situations this is not the first steps using robots because he never lets go work even skipped of and then eventually wants to get cheaper once again we're capable this might be top ten twenty fifty years on the line. ikea will be based on the books that were content. the sixteen teams come from the united states china japan and korea with my hard drive that investment company predicted next year's competition will be moving the moment. the setup. auntie
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laura. does it for now one year and david things for watching. we knew we knew we would win will do. oh and at what continues like it's tuesday december twenty fourth and casting plant and tell camp. human rights activists say an intense bombing campaign by government forces in syria has exacted a terrible cold ac attacks on rebel held areas of the past eight days have killed more than three hundred people come in places tied it at least nine locations in the northern


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