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tv   CCTV News  PBS  December 24, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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we will. the is the sea. is it that an egyptian interior ministry says an explosion of a security door to door but you get that killed twelve people and think about one hundred and thirty. to my mind apart from former president pervez musharraf responded after a bomb was
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discovered in his residence streamlining business china's top legislature refused to budge and that will exempt certain industries from getting government approval christmas countdown we got to the north pole to see how some people says preparing for his previous journeys of the year. her warm welcome to the subtitle cctv you sign in with mom ha. the church and state tv says at least eleven people were killed and more than a hundred paris opera powerful explosion ripped through a security headquarters in egypt's northern city of man store up while the country's interior ministry says the death toll is twelve. most of the dead were police officers while the city's security chief was among the injured the explosion calls parts of the fine old building to collapse. their ing cup was
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people on the day. so far no one has claimed responsibility for the attack but agents cabinet spokesman sure a for sure call we blame the boss on the muslim brotherhood which the government out of order earlier this year. and on tuesday the interim prime minister. cause the mail bob lovely declared the muslim brotherhood a group for the heightening tensions with its supporters. but in the niles statement from the brother was press office in london condemned the bombing. the incident comes just a month before a referendum on a draft constitution a key step in the ministry back transition plan to restore civilian rule but postponed and yes arafat to us of the guests up aka my big ipod and joyce's stuff from the egyptian capital cairo. i welcome yes no one said the latest uk and i get this on this developing story and has there been any change in the number of casualties
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a headwind in the number of casualties is just the same like to mention twelve under thirty four injured. most of the interval the alps according to the ministry of health will be out of the hospital by one state except for a lark in a critical condition that will stay for longer time. as for the attack itself the investigations are still on the way there are two scenarios at the beginning it was thought that it was a car parked in front of the building there which exploded using demo controls the operators but said the latest investigations and eyewitnesses were saying that they saw car the moves in to that the building grab into the building and explodes and as it hits the building which then means that there was someone inside the car and tried to get that one person has eyewitnesses were saying that and that he could if we could be a suicide bomb the in both cases about one
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tonne of explosives were in the car that exploded on the scene. and the timing is also an issue there because at bomb took place while the head security chiefs were meeting at the building to discuss plans to secure the referendum the constitution referendum in amongst the line. so i did it. it seems there is a message there from organizatn which has not read this post it yet. that said they are trying to sabotage the a constitutional referendum that path and show that it might see the even more that the escalation of violence before the referendum to the maitre this government does not take place. yesterday government has accused the muslim brotherhood of being behind the attack and has there been any reaction to it from the islamic group. yes that e mail by the rebels of brotherhood that denounced the attack and they sent their condolences to the egyptian people for
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the loss of life. but they also criticize and denounce and condemn that the prime minister himself for going galt and accusing the muslim brotherhood off this attack before the investigation is over and the e mail states that have the prime minister that they should not accuse or finger though that point any fingers with a organization or any entity until the investigation is over as saying that that that this is only at cents by the prime minister to that snatched the attribute the sofa was a brother that within the egyptian people that was the statements by the muslim brotherhood. with the night there any instalment in this attack while the prime minister said he will have a meeting on wednesday there with the government to begin steps at all. announcing that he was the brotherhood is a organizations had tapes of the station and will take that as an essential steps to force this and what's with these ducks be well on
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wednesday in the meeting that by the government for guests to many thanks indeed of the vector for telcos phone yes the hike and reporting to us from cairo or what china has condemned the bombing and the speaking today the foreign ministry said that i'd order would be restored soon. i hate speech and to not sign of cozies and contest a attack in egypt it's targeted civilians and governments. but that is that the current situation should be decided and was off and eat chips and pecans the colt had a typically store scotia on. i spoke to us. transmission will bring back did it take to the balcony to the country the trial of four pocket found form of prior president but as michelle has been postponed to january the fed stopped the security agencies discover the bowman may his residence. the shark was originally scheduled to appear before the queen and a
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special court in islamabad on tuesday. the case for lights in his decision in late two thousand and seven to suspend the constitution and impose emergency rule. his lawyers tried to sell today's session by arguing on me in the last week course at the time to try him on islamabad's high court rejected the petition on monday. the shot of came to power in the mostly true in nineteen ninety nine. he went into self imposed up to being forced to resign in two thousand and eight the seventeen year old returned to practice on it not to contest the general election and i bought was disqualified from entering the rights of the pending court cases in thailand thousands of anti government protest is have dropped election registration centers in the capital bangkok in the hopes of disrupting an upcoming vote in every the protest is prospering a call by opposition leader. so
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said the council then to derail the election but despite the ball kai in the thai election commission says eight parties including the ruling but my posse managed to register at the center. more than twenty other parties are reported to have registered at a nearby police station. the procedure allowed by the commission elsewhere a band called hundreds of people broke into the top of the special investigation expressing and out of the charges against the front is leah and thirty seven other is this taking illegal demonstrations. here we start up costs on a tiny chatting in bangkok about the laces situation in the thai capital. it does remain a very difficult situation all the electoral commission has said that they all going to consider was that this effort patience and most in the pits and to go the right paperwork into the election commission said that her sis is now going to get ahead but the thing what
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it does signal is the clear intent of the protests is to disrupt the protests in any way they possibly can into a separate stand. this is just the first of many rebels again have to get across. but before we get to those elections on the river the second the least yet these are the next major trouble is going to be when there isn't a veto pen to the two bridges to know what that process all that persists is being considered by the election commission but they should get an address at the smoothie stand up to have to go to the constituencies that have and what role if the country to register individually them. applications to stand and that's going to be a problem particularly in the cell but these protests is one of their easter own support base. and it's a democrat party stronghold the democrats on to the contest the elections nothing we could seem quite safely. i suppose this will be trying to block the applications of anyone who does try instead the union and south korea has announced a general
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strike starting on saturday in support of ryo workers the korean confederation of trade unions made this site without the policeman force their way into the union headquarters on sunday authorities arrested at least one hundred and thirty union members on charges of obstruction of justice the country's rail workers have been protesting since december than on the os being the state run korean railroad company to adore the decision to set up a separate firm to run a new bullet train line these workers say it that would lead to a private eye station and my aunts to claim the government has repeatedly denied. the present pocket and pay as little sutton said the government won back down in the face of the longest ride to hit the railway tce the defendant futile. we can't see it here today. we compromised. we've got to cruise to post just because of the current difficulties billy's heart and celeste were branded as period. we
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really the foundation for sustainable development of the economy and society mikhail kalashnikov designer of the iconic is still quite full with this is a nineteen has died in his home city all the contents the ak forty seven as is popularly known is now believed to be unusable the one hundred countries. and it's been listed among the outstanding inventions of the twentieth century. our coespondent can spell when reports from washington. it is the tool and often the symbol of revolution and ak forty seven rifle in the hands of a rebel fighter. monday its creator me kind of kalashnikov died in the same russian city where the first ak forty seven were built in the years immediately after world war two. he was ninety four since then the design has been modified copy it and built and dozens of countries around the world. exact
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numbers are impossible to know but experts estimate more than one hundred million ak forty seven and its variants have been made since the late nineteen forties the known commonly as the ak for automatic flash because it is a simple rugged weapon designed operate in adverse conditions without jamming equipment that man didn't know i know every part of them. my hands turn callous there are always dirty for more. my heart and know that as the cold war progressed the city you might see the design to countries in asia europe middle east and latin america during the us war in vietnam american soldiers were known to take ak forty seven from the time guerrillas and north hitting the soldiers and their us made in sixteen stand in the harsh jungle environment they would be used by rebel and insurgent groups around the world. the rifle adorns the flag or coat of arms of mozambique. east timor and zimbabwe. it's also depicted on the flag of hezbollah would be taken up by groups and criminals worldwide
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something or a kalashnikov anyway tuesday of the swiss used in years to care to make sure it stays in the army instead the hands so sad transferred and sold on the street. tim o'sullivan was often seen with a battered ak. his personal weapon now sits on display in the c i a museum in the united states a new ak forty seven coupon for about four hundred dollars i didn't have the paper rifle. de. i can use in a situation to defend myself. and people i love. it is great for home we live up to sixty five plus years after its creation it is still the most popular assault rifle in the world kalashnikov said he was never bothered that so many people were killed by his creation over the years saying i sleep soundly. so politicians who are to blame gemstone and cctv washington
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china's top will make is have reviewed a motion to streamline business administration through changes to seven wards the standing committee of the national people's congress is holding its fine dump recession the amendments exempted more items from central government approval. the bill deals with the administration on pharmaceuticals customs procedure for stories marine environment protection the zoology and the tobacco monopoly. the motion follows is sweeping decision by the state council. these titles in the bill include cancellation of the minimum registered capital requirements and the adoption of a system of business registration which theoretically any amount of money the aim is to re form the industrial and commercial registration system and ensure that government administration shifts from approval to close registration management the idea was to stimulate by it honestly and creativity in
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the market. joanna mary implemented changes to its one child policy as early as next year. the bill proposes allowing couples to have two children to find the parent is an only child of my monthly session of china's top legislature the standing committee of the national people's congress reviewed the bill submitted by the state council. an official from the national health and family planning commission confirmed the new policy is expected to take effect at the beginning of next year. cody is still the scalpel hells and family planning authorities are assessing the local demo graphical situation and family planning situation they're all sold calculating the number of such couples and theirituation. local provincial congress as well make the arrangements and amanda directly into accordingly. i expect the new policy to go into force in some provincial regions in the first quarter of twenty fourteen. the centaur will
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work conference is being held in aj an expat say it's expected to focus on food security and modern agriculture. according to the saipan from mid december the central economic work conference. nick cia china will safeguard national food security and continue to pursue the sustainable development of agriculture with more introduction of science and technology. as the foundation of china's economic development agricultural development maintain steady growth in twenty thirteen despite floods and drought challenges annual grain output totaled six hundred and one point nine billion kilograms up two point one percent year on year and marking the tenth year of consecutive growth however the head of the state administration of brian says that more efforts should be nigh. one is a
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citizen to teach the body the fact that we should continually hosting production capacity and exchange reserves and distribution. we also need to be the education system so that it can be allocated to raise them to be an effective date on all people should care aged rather than waste it. the assault to skillet he will be too gaudy then the southwest china's henan province a local women's group is trying to do all villagers back to the palm with promises of technical training and funds for the john mimi went to the shoshone the four thomas prefect up to see how people am i using that trading the stock lucrative businesses. the fall harvest feasts theres no need to slow season but not from the scene she owns a bunch of our ancient greek bonds just outside her home in after your pot work she will finally get to enjoy the fruits of her nature
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make him. i began to sell our range is from october i made about twenty thousand then every day so far i have still more than twenty towns the new generation from growing in setting honoring jesus changed my life. she can earn between three hundred thousand to five hundred thousand ending the year depending on whether the thirty seven year of the youths to work outside her but it's taking on jobs here and there. after her husband on a doll from local money and needed constant care. she decided to work closer to home. it was on bed she began her go to this. it definitely will. full house in our youth arm of boneless to four thousand square meters. something she has never cleaned up a few years ago. the startup capital and swinging from the local women's federation. to get up to both fitting and rewarding way. we're not sitting in for
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our team did with this thus another fifty thousand and nine provided by google when you screw it. well mostly five years when the chinese i still think he's leaving to go. in the amount of income can be found. it is found in many a typo when i married and so we walked to the tasting. i think with the entree into law. she is staying home. once that she has a future. if the best only gets in a comfy in it al continued to expand the bomb i also went to mac to us the chance of pecans and improved techniques of computation. luke was losing funny scenes getting ready for next year which would surely be busier. especially
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when the grapes to ripen calm much. the new cctv henan province. social media has been credited with bringing the world. one fact and making communications easier than ever before. but it's also denied bullying and abuse that just as easy. cctv cause of increased jennie o tells us how the canadian government is proposing a new law to criminalize all mine bully us. the studio the games will want attention last year and a crawly to help my fifteen year old canadian school though amanda towards the victim of cyber bullying. amongst all the pasting as he and amanda committed suicide. enormous black minister threatened to score and intimate images she can fit into cruising for less than six months later seventeen year old curtail costs was driven to suicide if it is the head during an alleged gang was spread around the school educates his call to health into moans for better protection for children lonely. but the legal system is simple struggle to keep up with
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technology the last ten years seems like an explosion of technology particularly in terms of social media and and that's all for caring. it's really difficult to get a handle on what's come out this week much less deal with what's coming next month and next year. the canadian government is good for the nationalists legal bullying bill making it a crime to distribute intimate images within this context consents known her all online polling are however boeing is really attractive. it focuses primarily on the distribution of inappropriate content images so there is a big chunk of the cyber bullying problem that is missing from this place. she seasons among civil liberty groups the new deal with the sole source he's sleeping analysis only canadians. the call by painful and bullying according to flight call it that is to educate youngsters about the real life consequences of their actions only goal as parents made it to facebook and twitter. can you tell that come from a
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snack. the truth is that much of the salinas police children knowing how it is a complete blowing all for adults. and he can go and compete this year. and no one tell her handphone can. and now more than her parents have to keep the lines of communication open. the face of the son of bullying bill easily. it costed me bring justice to some victims thanks to its own view that education will ultimately prevents more tragedies. it's very difficult to hold children and youth responsible for the whole year for which we have not given any education in any foundation to understand the implications that are connected. christine use cctv toronto. the things they have they not care a reason for week ten is to cheer at this holiday season. the busy thanksgiving weekend retail sales bill by roughly forty
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percent in the united states and the awful for many retired as this christmas period is more of a vibe in her eye that one retail trend that is adding some twinkle to the season is online sial it's going to cuba has more from now. american bureau this holiday season. colleen harris plans on avoiding the store is altogether. it's not that he will by his loved ones gifts. he just wants to do it with a few clicks of the comfort of the cabbage instead of the old fashioned way. ninety five two hundred percent of the christmas gifts i'm giving this year will be bought online. he chooses online sites instead of hitting brick and mortar outlets mainly for convenience i love the fact that. i can have great gifts i'm buying to my home. he also voiced the crowds and often get a better price. in some states you can even avoid paying sales taxes on
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online purchases. shopping habits are part of a growing trend in the us. according to research group comscore on line sales rise twenty two percent to five point three billion dollars over the thanksgiving to cyber monday holiday. that's a record high. and that's just for purchases made on desktops. a growing number of electronic purchases are now being made by a mobile devices like smartphones and tablets from brick and mortar outlets without an online presence. the trend may be tantamount to receiving a lump of coal in your christmas stocking that most large retailers have websites and for them. the teacher says a sale is a sale they're also advantages it's more cost effective it's more more efficient and downtown retail can not carry much broader depth and range of products as well. called hasn't boycott brick and mortar stores entirely. he still visits an actual store on occasion. sometimes i like to go and look at the products them and i seem to buy. compared to move in
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to ask a few questions of the salespeople. but then i normally end up on mine. it's called shown to me and to fight it. retailers are increasingly green to match prices to get you to buy from them instead of the competitors. instead the company is that i was poised to benefit from all this out shopping i e commerce dies and is on and the date the shipping companies ups and fedex and the credit card companies that are processing all of these payments all the accents get a nice gift this holiday season thanks to all those clicks rainy here for cctv meal. well the countdown is safely on for christmas and santa claus possibly the most anticipated man on the planet prepares for his round trip. let's join a month ago i said he and the north pole. yes that the north pole to see how things are going bay. as it doesn't seem old to win four unlikely hero of the flights i know you get ready for this
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you get at the ready don't get cold feet at the last minute which is a funny thing to say on here called the cops even the reindeer get pre christmas stickers he got this broke and got it right. no more fighting with blankets. new britain and st nicks stops by to add that extra homes to tomorrow the world to me. but given here goes downstairs. he's already written down that hill and nephew in bed with a lot to accomplish in just one night. delivering gifts to all the boys and girls around the world to me it seemed as good. maybe it yet. let's pretend that i know that i found him and stuff like him goodness me. i think that everything i can certainly use of the dead one with
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that's neither will we get way out. i fed them. and as cnn pounds. he just wanted to use it. the north pole. he made clear mindy very very well acted for this update of cctv use as there was no problem added that over the next hour ago. but before today's edition of africa why are they hard to make time the idea the eye. pacy
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the us. the light landed me an american talk about an hour. how women are powerful if you empower women year empowering birth mothers of raising sons who were either drag us into war but deep inside of our mothers are the ones who are protecting their daughters mothers grind and noticed blood and therefore not empowering women were not any chains this forty to fifty percent
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generation that understanding also on. i can't help but call out sick. the hindus and one main iraq as the place. a stunningly since we brought them democracy that women are educated they were doctors lawyers and now it's thing and it's taking over them being forced into loans they don't appreciate and i think that the felt needs of my eye so he now. i would just say that president obama. what used to identify what was a great start. box. if you don't get the whole picture and realized the role of women. it will never know. i hope that everyone in this room takes a moment today when you come home to think about why the most powerful ways to empower the arab and muslim world is and how the women. so please please stop turning a blind eye to the atrocities against women by at how much i'm pleased
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with how when a human powered up thinking. you will will will or will the iron welcome to nhk world islam and you know tony and tokyo cures a look at some of the stories we're following this hour. i am. united nations officials are reinforcing their peacekeeping mission in south sudan to protect civilians from an increasingly violent conflict. japanese government officials have approved their largest ever budget third draft budget for the next fiscal


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