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tv   RT News  PBS  December 24, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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online. to make nigeria most go this is our team to much of the scolding of trusting in the scale. sometimes that the blog into gaza as israel estimates his retaliation in addition to one of its citizens. old foe stereotypes of inmates are in the eu and update it approached two of the country's top diplomat comments on the farm policy tra ding aisit to opt out of state. at the pullman police headquarters the beach it adds to the country's political crisis is the interim government blames
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the muslim brotherhood for the attack run to get a organization. the suns if wrecking protests against all corporations are aiming for easy catch to watch our continuing series on the events that defined but the team. the boarding of evin i would miss these on the line for most of our top story. an israeli air strike on gaza killed the gunman also injured several members of the family. the shelling comes in response to the faith was shooting of an israeli civilian on the israeli palestinian border of it. israel's also confirmed their tanks and infantry in bold to the current operation. with these correspond closely linked. one palestinian goal of a three year old has been killed in the gaza strip and some nine i was injured among
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those injured on another and have that. this comes as some ten is maybe a strike gets the concept of derby cars few analysts now that i could take the mouth causing vacancy campus what is islamic and have my sights both incontinence in the south of the strip as well as in more than cars that area on tuesday a palestinian man was killed by his rabies a waste of space the unlucky at which a source in the gaza strip. this was in retaliation to the soviet state team including companies may be manned by a palestinian sniper novices regime and was named in the border fence beten israel and gaza when he was hit and he died in hospital what we're hearing now from israeli sources is that this is the largest population that these ladies have carried out to tens of airstrikes open closet since the appalachian have to face back in two thousand and twelve. the idf sources sent out an american the last few
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minutes. morning aboard a promise is what is or was it ends with in the ascendancy of cause it to stay at least one kilometer away from the fence and the understanding of course is that it could be. it strikes in the coming months if not in the coming out was to the situation on the ground extremely got it up for fun and interesting and if the body particularly concerned that this could escalate into something much bigger than walking but the scene at the moment middle east correspondent i discussed it strikes on gaza the uk based friends console to bulleen road then it he said such a disproportionate response from israel's up to justify. as usual is disproportionate and overwhelming force being used again so people who are effective in it in the cage area that is why it is up they have a ratio figo way for everyone is rightly killed. um i think the figure is above two thousand palestinians must pay the price of a haughty eyes is too big but they have the right to lead to respond when one of the nationals is
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killed. absolutely but the political means of the diplomatic means of that they can use calm that to de escalate the situation rather than used is proportional to the falls at fourteen at croft on at tanks and non combat troops. i'm not a proportional response to a people who have no effective on me and cannot fight back the falling to the medicine that will release co ceo on auntie's together plus live updates available to and went on to build comb for western countries are gradually changing their approach to city and country realizing the threat posed by islamist rebels than the state of russia's foreign minister spoke exclusively to rte about its use may result in foreign politics. of course but i hope this can all was among those who told to send canaveral. so summer is a lateral thinker finally time to meet with us we have three channels here are two spinal cord arabic and are teaching
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them. this will be for you to cover knew a lot of things to his guns he brought russia several diplomatic victories including the chemical arms deal with syria. felix is the next step would be as collateral preconditions syrian opposition to remain along the key obstacle between the one for president assad to step down. something that the west is now moving away from. was it to the is coming to power when sitting at the candy canes into these issues knowing that we can change the way to weasel this problem with two partners are becoming increasingly clear embossed. there are also changes in russia's relations with the west and rally their arsenal for more transparency and trust with ties on both sides. cold mornings out he is still something that moscow has to deal with boots and new members including his direction in which he said this leads to similar european partners to want to keep dividing line then you are. even with these lines the sport
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the country's busy with them or against them. his comments follow last november's the code rules new russia's western border. the largest in ten years. six thousand troops from all member states of clothes finland sweden in ukraine practice defending the balkans from unidentified but for me. while president fortunes question of what was the point of still planning to build an anti missile defense system in europe without a threat from iran still hasn't been properly answered by washington. there aren't any firm guarantees the system wants the team to russia either. people just off rt moscow i always like to watch the ad highlights an exclusive interview with the russian forum is to show the indian act now on our team the egyptian city of mind sewerage been wrong on bowling attack that targeted the police hq in the city fourteen people died of old a hundred were injured in the last is devastated the logic of the building the government blames the muslim brotherhood with the spokesman calling it a organization reporting forest
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in cairo his own bail. around one am. susan at least two explosions went off. it is all i can just next to you directly. we know that it needs to see security officer on that date according to state tv. this is the prettiest among the patients in a series of attacks it is believed to equate the two cities that all i could ask for and the group which has been calling was to be supplemented to play drums i'm stopping the markets tune of two sons recently i'm on call but haven't yet tried this once but the bits that i think he's in a statement today go the coveted specifically for employees of the security
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services. but with the puppets. i'm the one side so this is due date is the type which a party managed to penetrate he saw a security building destroyed as you can see from your pictures. of cos the top three schools. i'm one which poses the real question about that huge transition yesterday was my home that was the first official reaction was from a spokesman for the cabinet office to pay to brighton was improbable but you said that they have been designated as a organization. however shortly after with the prime minister has in the finale at most a sight indeed the most vivid of not being outside as ignite that they don't officially considered to be a organization. it should be said that is for a common folk like actual connections to be drawn between the brotherhood in activity so the run because of course the brother that annoyed any involvement and condemned the attack. no actually she remains into most of them entry to the midfield is present more scene july the interim government launched a massive crackdown on his part to the muslim brotherhood which still has won support in egypt. bubba jealous was content over the blame game the authorities claim to
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the muslim brotherhood is dragging the country deeper into chaos the government has been leading. the propaganda and called the war on terror basically they love the views of people to support them to crack down on terrorists. this is what they've chosen to do and this is of him. is this is the way the security forces have chosen to deal with it with the muslim brotherhood as his security solution and directory called war on terror. so i think that we've seen over the past few months is that at all the way. to the muslim brotherhood and someone even a representative from the police it said that the killing of protesters on twenty eighth of january was also the muslim brotherhood sculpt. it's basically rhetoric and they don't have a lot of evidence for it but they're using the rhetoric and pushing it and polarizing the country a lot more. late in the study of six thirty maybe going home soon. i
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have the authorities begin to drop charges against the greenpeace activists arrested in the arctic in september of two groups of how the story developed the next stage of a couple of these being the number one topic and for me is that the form of russian oil tycoon will free up a presidential pardon. cook up his plans to fly cruise imprisoned comrades to put his reasons for letting you in jail. the five day since the acts of the gods for lisa been full of speculation and analysis. bubba gump was to the uk magazine politics has been fully the media i can explain why keep things cool because he's been horrified at lax. if the telco because they have done what it on in russia say interests in nowhere land if he would be frightening to trial. that would it be known the city from the british media. i'm quite liking the swell the cocoa because he is a criminal pretty set to start irons cotswolds justice
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system is how it's important for many of us. was it his company yukos was built on the back pain and suffering of motion. people he's known his innocence and official business entity. we are free to read. this is not a man who should be caught on to the west the only reason he's been glorified in the west on this because he's a critique on an opponent's ultra secret sin. dr lebanon is past midnight here most of the to stay with me were back in just a few minutes with a review of the most important things of the infamous affected technology. off the if you don't know. new gun law opportunity. what he did for me and you start to construct your own terms the day the gangsters belong
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to me. the roads bono. kgb agents. the stooges. i'm going to do. what if the eye but i said what about a few i didn't really do not want to die. add the onion me i i it is a secret laboratory to her he was able to build its most sophisticated world when sean fortunately it doesn't do it all done anything since mission to teach creation wanted to care about humans and the us. this is why you should care. watch only on what to do it all
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the look in the twenty fourteen and coached week away was sifting through more these top story. however great the eggs in one exists not to us oil giant step this comes after a mass hunger strike that aren't the world's attention to the place that somehow got to go out of our lives. the name a political battlefield in which more than just one of the front lines. the one all
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the bigger stories this year the mall today tale of david versus goliath in local communities fighting for them and begin filling gas giant has been covered extensively the secret to receive money tracking technologies whitey been criticized for being dangerous and devastating to the environment has been drawn attention across the world. he can reports next on the global struggle stops with a single hand the local government in texas tells us the extent that the water from his well why didn't he can set on fire here. it's safe to drink and confusing his home. you have it here. you make it. but speed has the assessment of other experts who say he's well is a ticking bomb in his backyard. loaded with methane and other contaminants why the starkly different assessments. he claimed that if tracking operation year by contaminated hands well and that taxes energy authorities are shielding the gas company
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they don't want the world to know that it really isn't that big one in official documents. it could be that the franking allow gas similar formations into the aquifer and subsequently to steve the excuse well the gas company denies the claim that this gets to the range resources corporation but for a counter suit and want a cost effective than concede ground water. it's incredibly difficult to prove. my sauce i as an engineer who worked with the federal environmental protection agency is not surprised that the state oil and gas regulator sided with the gas corporation. the agency that derives its income. for fine wool. from boiling pass protection. it's usually quoted in charge. all fault or rake in the team the protection of groundwater from online as
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well. and there is any inherent conflict of interest it's hard to fight for his holy father police the youth has been shifting fresh water for the city and trucks at a cost of five hundred dollars a month. but the family now faces another blow from the fact the incorporation of four point two mm you mean dollar lawsuit for defamation he flips his greenhouse. and it's a beautiful property has become these nightmare several of his neighbors apparently have the same problem that they are reluctant to speak out after they saw how the gas company went after this lipstick they shouldn't expect much help from washington either for what you saw signs that the environmental protection agency has not put nearly enough resources into studying the effects that frankie has on groundwater but that didn't stop the epa from coming up with a report in favor of the practice the ladies were advice to
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bend the gas constantly to keep it from accumulating under their property as their neighboring gas well continues to crack. we're pretty much standing around the top one hundred years from now when somebody dies becomes in some compound into the quarter in and they are able to trace it. that is cracking. the office who can invest their philosophy. but now it seems that the authorities at all levels are still fired up on tracking potential profits that households likes to meet his family are left to fight alone. to get a healthy environment in their homes get it checked out or keep parker county texas. well tracking trends and to global corporations around the world know when to give oakland a potential money making opportunity. protests is in the uk for them pop and funk feel full companies eager to learn them and despite being banned by european continent from two pm and in the french we'll be in britain stand
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strong. but as they say even pressure there isn't enough fat for the government acknowledged the danger the key from the point is to keep up the precious though the government and that their cronies in big business come get away with posting this on to the british people what we're saying every time this is technology tonnes up from the doorstep of a commute in the uk. the claimant does not want to. i'm fortunate government is preparing legislation of the moment i'm just trying to make him more more difficult for people to to oppose this. this technology. and meanwhile the event it could make it possible for people to part is when phones but no fire this is a myth a highly inconsistent from open ended all corporations are just taking baby steps in you right now but im already draws thousands to protest against the lucrative shale gas extraction process multiple them romanians a stunning the ground command for the next hour the ongoing violence in south sudan is the kind
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thousands of lines the un says it's boosting the peacekeeping mission in the region. will's new estate broke off from the north of the country in twenty eleven taking with it to seventy five percent of the city's oldest is at the same time american corporations have their sights set on oil rich region who sends one of the lake and the dress cost that all doing business the colts one regional affairs expert told me that they believe the us wanted sense of them on the wold not to get a stake in its own industry. in the state line and that's the politically in the republic of south sudan they were the main forces behind encouraging the sudan people's liberation movement to break away from the republican seat. i think they were more interested and we kidding. the republicans to die. to the partition of the gun was the largest geographic nation state in africa. it was also an emerging all producing state to reduce single five hundred thousand barrels of oil per day. eighty percent of the all concessions with
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the republic of sudan in khartoum. when held up by the people's republic of china to stay home. all friends there so it was a concerted move in the united states to weaken the government in khartoum also. to lessen the influence of the people's republic of china. innocent the time and central africa congolese peacekeepers been hunted death. christina nations peacekeepers increase and become the target of private and thirty seven intention of taking sides. around six thousand troops from africa knew them from the bustling two and the christian muslim conflict that thomas' nationals estimated some one thousand people last month of fun. more news in brief the trial of scott former leader for the sheriff has been adjourned to the first to johnny that off explosives were found on the road to the wood that a cubicle. he faces charges of treason the chaps accused of illegally suspended the constitution in two thousand and seven when he declared emergency rule he says the charges the all
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politically motivated. after celebrating christmas something to bring a bit itchy and his christmas along the well but the children adults and some pots will delay celebrating and not forgetting the message of christmas this is the scene in bethlehem west bank the birthplace of jesus christ their government may not last. spot the difficulties of the discontent in the region hundred to two recent joining the fist of it. the story the greenpeace activists not arrested dr tend to scale a russian oil rig in the ot take may be reaching a conclusion tonight. russian authorities began dropping charges against them with one already set free. leading the list does go late the story began in september of this the evidence of the activists on the arctic sunrise us will have a look at where making the rice is lower than i wanted to be pulled down by mexican authorities and were arrested and later imprisoned city where i iced it with piracy because according to russian
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officials of the accidents where in fact putting into the lives of those who are working on the oil rich indians read it with repeat itself leader those charges moore had dropped to two charges of hooliganism the arctic thirty work in jail for some time but were later released on bail however there are no proceedings against him were still going on until the countrywide amnesty of which was announced to him in the middle of december and already saw some high profile releases coming out from under it. and now we're hearing at least one person from the so called security has received favors granted a full amnesty and the rest of the greenpeace activists will receive the same papers and will be able to go home by the end of this week at least this is what their lawyers are telling us. christmas is a popular thing to lose his going home to celebrate today and mocks the mind of course the thousands of homeless people specially in paris the number has been rising in
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bali in fact has already increased by fifty percent since two thousand and one with panache that next meet some of those folds to call the streets the whole christmas. a time of seasonal julie cross the road not for long. these people have no way to sleep and nothing to eat. he loves his sisters too fast in all things sometimes see what's happening why jaundiced weeks. all was going on. the system and beyond is designed so that anybody could do to ensure that the defendant would be to do so structurally hoping to get this going because they can make you want about the news here. economic data and sister. we collapse and no one wants to revise that to this theme songs. europe's second largest economy the number of homeless people has increased by fifty percent since two thousand and one. despite the promises
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of successive matches. it's my two governments to sort it out. a year ago the one hundred and fifty thousand people know when to call home in case among its salts more than six thousand to conclude from today. economic crises is not helping. the family that founded it in sl to see entire families there and the kids the privacy employees or those with too broad to make comics. because prices are in a utility guy because of the prophecies in keeping them in and settled down and read more known universe. dimitri stands eight hours a day on two grounds. he calls this his job. i think the hardest thing is really set me on many but we are alone all by
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ourselves. and i'm guessing little sympathy from his own sees the eye. the salmon to beat into strange all theses trying to read essential to resist me from what i buy a shopkeeper is considered them a lot of their landscape a deficit of seven women are paid. they become reminders of the needle like teeth and it ends up having to disrespect for him and brutality for the homeless for themselves catch me cast in the tin drum for three hits. even the language he speaks is different the college street range got a pretty cool the one whose money it no one has a job and studyingecently from everywhere in europe. if all the way joe was today has nothing to me. they danced it actually takes each of us to eat at. he's won five homeless people and fries the tc painting essential protein called to lead from the streets to raise awareness of the rising numbers of chinese spending christmas on to become. ted
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and i spent the last time instead of society. as soon as sympathetic to have time to speak with the european country. the house because they think that the intent then put the science. among those asking price is right words that change. shall not see the apprentice and france the sun news edmonton's the sun is out of things we witness an exclusive meaningful. but dutiful his time. that is celebrating the christmas daily la brea best wishes to you. of course now off the brake to the story of renowned rifle design a mattel ecological and die one i do the day. is
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you you you you will or will you. the e the chills according to science or a common sight. in japan however the journey that brings the zags the show involves a great deal because it's computerized technology fresh from the exit for spring to remove any surface remove the longest prayer roll is one of the excel coal point in the same direction shower. oh it was so elated you will surface bacteria then i need to teach children are expected to take any remaining. to me to
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re do you want to have a computer science is to identify eggs with the truman show mix the eggs a check for cracks that have small numbers to get to be taken sixteen races as it rolls along the differences in sound between the step stool ninety five percent. due to its fullest invisible to human. chuck is followed by sterilization with ultra parking lot the insides of the six restricted. different like twenty points short foreign substances for spots of blood. he's are rejected its final loss the previous inspections. breaking one of
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the green fields. gina. she says from washington to safety checks of taking just instinct. the eggs away separated into six crates from fourteen seventy six these processors are extremely frosting into meetings with packaging takes me about two minutes the mind to produce the t3 package takes every second the technology more approximate anywhere in the world allows these machines to humble objects of delicately six with amazing speed and precision beating the already mixed in a bowl of steaming rice is very popular in japan. good to be made complete sense. thanks
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to the pumps twenty gb processing technology developed by japanese a point gu and water when will the evil eye. i did. if you want in your grace your life happy winter is coming up in the next thirty minutes. more than eighty thousand people are displaced by the time while fighting in south sudan practice. cable guys at the end of the coptic orthodox christian church constantly. i missed the start of the cities in western europe are severe weather


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