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to the pumps twenty gb processing technology developed by japanese a point gu and water when will the evil eye. i did. if you want in your grace your life happy winter is coming up in the next thirty minutes. more than eighty thousand people are displaced by the time while fighting in south sudan practice. cable guys at the end of the coptic orthodox christian church constantly. i missed the start of the cities in western europe are severe weather and flooding in. i
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know. is ask the lady in south sudan the united nations now says it fears thousands of people have died in over a week of fighting between rival groups the violence has spread to almost half the country displacing up to eighty thousand people. there are also reports of a mass grave with seventy five bunnies in the rebel held town and to the un security council is expected to vote on posting the number of peacekeepers on the ground as the fighting spirals out of control. seven thousand u n peacekeeping troops already in cells and insecure peace support the government and protect the civilian population another three to five hundred looks set to join them. united states is one of many council members. in fact all council members. that fully supports this proposal
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we are eager to work with the secretariat in troop contributing countries in other member states to ensure that the nation has the assets and resources that it needs to fulfill its mandate. diplomatic solution to the country's crisis may be in sight. sausage and former vice president and rebel leader week musharraf says he's open to talks shark a lot of paper was ousted as president of ikea last july the power struggle between the two leaders has divided the country the sectarian violence has uprooted more than ninety thousand people. some twenty thousand of them have fled to this refugee camp outside the capital juba. jim black's basic necessities. makeshift tents provide little more than shade from the song everyday new reports of murdered civilians come in from across the country. a mass grave site in the north has few years of the bloodletting in the world's newest eight
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everyone here hopes for an end to the line once the pool the wind and the bottom of the international community should help the two sides come together. if i didn't once controlled so that everyone can go on and we kind of like these the government said tuesday it had written to show his forces out to bore after rebel forces took to tell me earlier this week. president year says he's prepared to retake all rebel holdings by force. now see egypt were tensions are running high after a suicide bomber killed fifteen people north of cairo early this morning the bomber attacked a police compound in the city of mind soul rap hundreds of people were injured in the interim government is pointing the finger at the muslim brotherhood calling it a organization. but the islamist group denies any involvement. they say the incident is an attack on the unity of the egyptian people. the ouster of president mohamed morrissey
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and the muslim brotherhood in july has left the country deeply divided. raise your voice in favor of the commission and the heavier weight on the cracks. many keep it an eyesore and a city north of kyrie believe instruments carried out this attack anonymous from the law of the one with the lovely gonna scan it and started running when we had a cute guy in the end of the mother we knew it was an explosion. lol it was a terrible sight again as the sentiment of this. each its interior minister and ride to the dodge onto racks to see the aftermath of the bombing and was horrified by the destruction the chance today when rested for islamists indulgence imminent incidents. the islamists know we are taking measures against the diversion and intimidate people ahead of the referendum in january on a new constitution. according to eyewitness reports section
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eighteen onions next six nations that had it made the same time. one in a pot scott and another in a nearby building. the set bond sale to make states. twelve people were killed in more than a hundred in fact he inches many of being treated in hospital. the egyptian government's they any attack on them and send out a hitch the head however has denied responsibility. it is strongly condemned the attacks and is the mounting an investigation the political turmoil and uncertainty in the zip is also affecting the country's minorities ten per cent of the population is christian most are from the orthodox coptic church. a long complained of discrimination and after the colt other dresses i can publicly supported morrison's ulster attacks on them intensify the pump cannabis is now visiting berlin much to the excitement of local coptic community here
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students who before the beginning. the children's choir practice has its own to greet the topic. the game tonight. i'm very excited. we went to see him getting upset so we know him. amanda. this is just to add toasted sick and has an edge on eighteen hundred strong call to community and an end goldman's own have relatives can teach it to demonstrate to them and you would be sentenced to violence against christians that all events of the most evident what is happening in each it is not right i'm gone will protect our family and we are praying for them and we hope that everyone will do this because he did is going through difficult times. we are instead of dancing with the church and a hand in hand but i think we have to say even molds other directly. i
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mean the beach this last visit to germany to be paid to the coptic orthodox church he took office a year ago at at . too much snow was the one he said he's eager to hear it runs today and concerns. muslims are among the majority of egyptians are moderate regardless what they are christians or muslims in the relationship has been basically good. the fourteen centuries. when looking to maintain his good relationship with them the lighthouses as it has given the cops mn tons to me than you. any tips because it is placed at the pain. that same anybody doubts protecting him. jim it's
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different and not a great evening on the relentless off this feeling is hard to just cry. joy is found innocent the cost of the topic comes to visit. perhaps once in ten years her senior. to address his boundless optimism keeps his mouth a great deal of time. two of the harlem all countries in the welfare in the hands of god. egypt is in his cot that's why i'm convinced that things will be better tomorrow. in the book of the sun cops to celebrate christmas until january to six. what does this visit is an early christmas present for the community in that. a three year old palestinian girl has been killed in a series of israeli airstrikes in the gaza strip. the raids were carried out after a palestinian sniper shot dead an israeli civilian doing maintenance work on a border fence tuesday. palestinian officials say there have been since at least sixteen attacks by israeli forces israeli authorities say
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they're targeting sites russia is getting ready to host international talks on friday on eliminating serious chemical weapons. the plants and transport the most critical weapons out of the country by the end of the year. operations are also being made for peace talks in geneva at the end of january but representatives of syria's on this site do not attend the negotiations with government forces continue attacks in the northern city of colombo. human rights activists say over three hundred people and kill american air raids in the past week. analysts believe the regime of president shot on sight is trying to strengthen its position ahead of the peace talks. a powerful story is wreaking havoc here in western europe. four people have died in britain which has been battered by strong winds and heavy rains thousands of travelers trying to make it home for christmas that been stranded at airports and train stations and many more have been ft without power. as
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far as the eye can see england's southern counties took the brunt of the winter storm leaving two people dead one hundred thousand homes without electricity is christmas eve. we thought for a flower gardens is on the ground head for a cruise in other offices supporting it. we call a number of pumps working in placements. we're also working with the residents trying to salvage their profits they made up from the odd placements in ground pool supplies tools. gale force winds and disrupted christmas travel rail and ferry services were canceled. dr is on holiday was stranded for hours on flooded highways the storm also hit northern france leaving two people dead. wade seven meters high count of france's northern coast. units in its day to go outside. ok real estate prices are soaring euro journey will have a business update for you in just a moment but first a look at some other stories making
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news today. sure i got this done the trial of former president have as much time has been postponed until early january after five kilos of explosives were found near the courthouse blears told the court would not appear because the danger service lines. christophe is accused of high treason after a series of posts pharma stocks are now underway in tunisia between the ruling islam as an after party and the opposition to form a new government by mid january. the plan is for attacking credit government to mean to me jump out of its current crisis triggered by the assassination of a left wing opposition leader in july. people were killed and seventeen injured by a turkish maybe ton boat capsized near the port city of izmir. reports say the vessel was just being put back to sea after repairs at the naval shipyard been overturned an investigation is underway. to some business news now and russia has filed its first case with the world trade organization and it's
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directed against the eu the cost of claims. brussels is on sale making it harder for some russian companies to access the european markets the argument is the russian producers of steel and aluminum materials are being honored fairly penalize from us and most messy energy prices. moscow says the main force of hundreds of millions of dollars in import tariffs but they use as their preaching anti dumping rules many stock exchanges are closed today for chris the spot let's have a quick look at in europe stocks fifty. attended christmas eve treating practically un changed there. on wall street there was a short trading day in downtown and in the session slightly higher the euro is currently trading. just slightly down against the dollar. real estate prices in germany rose four per cent in the year compared to last year according to a new study it's great says the price
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increases are especially large in big cities the trend is expected to continue next year because extremely low interest rates mean lower monthly mortgage payments and that makes people willing to pay higher prices for buildings and apartments. germany's central bank says apartments in big cities are already offer price by some twenty five cents. but in the central bank the bonus bank is gradually bringing its gold reserves back home. this year's thirty seven times for brock to frankfurt from new york and paris. germany owns nearly three thousand four hundred metric tonnes of gold listen to the store to overseas that the us central bank. bikes twenty twenty nearly seven hundred tonnes are to be brought back to germany. the past year has seen the beginning of the debate about whether germany's multibillion euro gold treasure is. we are in safe keeping. when his column breaking work upgrading our fox the nazis and his theories laid the foundation for much of the modern
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computing each bought a computer genius alan turing was gay and nineteen fifties britain he was punished for that with a criminal conviction when i nearly half a century after he committed suicide. the queen has shaken the pardon posthumously. here is that the continent and commentary held recently in the second world war cracking germany's commitment to its previously regarded as unbreakable. he was bringing the petition these theories laid the foundation for the computer age. but in nineteen fifty two. i'm tearing was convicted for having with another man was forced to give up his ground breaking work. because it done so much for the second world war in the use of the cold will be seen as the automobile use. yes his life ended in disgrace. in circumstances that a weak lungs. the extraordinary horrible. turing was chemically castrated and two years later he committed suicide. now comes
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the century up to his death britain's queen elizabeth has granted him a pardon. i wouldn't additional one minute break along we come back we visit german troops celebrating christmas in afghanistan. i'll sell you everything you need to know about germany's football ambassador to the light. they are i know none of us think
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we need to get some eats and peanut sauce. i love that what a piece. next time you hear. the eight hundred and sixty munich in the womb. in may the coast of the disease luke two. mm mm he tells current mandate in afghanistan runs out next year and that means its troops are set to come home germany like other members says it's willing to keep forces in the country past twenty fourteen as part of the new mission. but nato is still working out the details that the afghan government with the firm notes that the troops still in afghanistan this will be their last christmas there our next up for texas the german based in the town of miles away sharing for soldiers are trying to make the best of the holiday season it is rooted in more than six thousand km away
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from home. janice college is celebrating christmas as enticing as i studied captain told us that is one of them in a sting in afghanistan since november just chillin and snakes notch in bed head. to get off my tongue into my thoughts with my family my girls back home. despite all that was important to me is that when soldiers he'll get through this difficult time well spent. within that we keep that spirit i'll go with the moon can own. they are as the new afghanistan. many soldiers being stationed here is to take you to try at christmastime. this is the discipline to manage difficult situation we have to deal with here that comes with the job. most of the oldest note that this is all for making the best of it together with our comrades trying to get up a christmas the mood. and in this
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helicopter is a special christmas treat for the soldiers. handled it in bed for him. we christians believe jesus was born and fifty thousand is the top bloggers to be popping those skulls from austria salute to israel and with scandal in bethlehem. it now this light has arrived and was nice to read for all the soldiers here. it's a small miracle fantastic. i owe. it's a good sign that this clean and peaceful buckland has come to us here in afghanistan. this country needs peace. this will probably be the last christmas that german soldiers have to spend in afghanistan away from their families. day says commendation the country will come to an end of the middle of next g a. i also used a memorial for the more than fifty german soldiers who have lost their lives in afghanistan since the mission
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began. the mccloskey the former russian oil tycoon and kremlin critic has applied for a three month visa to enter switzerland to hinterland. a spokesman for pentecost they said the fifty year old plans to travel there early in the next year his two younger sons already attend school in switzerland he came to germany last week after being pardoned by russian president's law to report that he spent the last decade in custody following his two thousandth rewrites on charges of embezzlement and money laundering and tax evasion. she's the former and as a contractor edward snowden has given a possum assessment that this year's events in his first interview since he was granted temporary asylum in prussia speaking to the washington post's knows that mission has been accomplished. i didn't want to change society by making documents about us buying activities by what society decide if it's the change itself. snowden said he was not a traitor or two after us forces in russia
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because the us and you recognize that. eight months since the month plus the fact three clubs in bangladesh killing more than eight thousand people. the factory pre schooling for several major western brands for global retailers have agreed to contribute to a compensation fund for the victim. more than one thousand one hundred people died here on the outskirts of dhaka. when it comes to actually building collapsed in april. the illegally constructed a story around the plaza failed to meet safety standards. now in dublin based i'm not spending stellan in court in days france's bowler shane and canadian chain of iran have agreed to set up a fund to compensate victims and their families. it's with an estimated thirty million units. it's still unclear what the rule twenty nine retailers that some content to play but the site will participate in the front and how much to contribute. then
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today she is the world's second biggest diamond producing country off to china for meeting people would consent to mostly women switching gears now. every year here in germany of football ambassador is nominated by the german football association as an outlet and some other organizations. this hair or next year rather the honor to go to a woman with the very first time one can stop a talented player of international repute. it is currently coaching the national team of a country where soccer is relatively new level the leakage of byzantine this promotion of women's football. stop is the head tend to cut us national team job she's doing that ended in success. now she has been nominated as jam and football ambassador of the year twenty fourteen and stop is making good use of the resulting media attention to for much
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of course. later that it's a game or sport women and men of german football and that's the is like a special report with the one that is until a sentence like that. when in sparkling touch on is in a very early stage of development. building a women's team in the strictly muslim gulf states is a member of the bench top apprentice enthusiasm and attention to detail. a lot sunday trading accounts to save passionate about the game. it sure takes the best thing is to have tentatively team to play with it and couldn't stand up since the end. when having sunny d i jumped at the latter although time has won many international matches against the team is making clear progress stops
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and it stopped being . much of the western world this is a time of christmas cheer people celebrate this festive season by splurging on lavish presents and feasts not everywhere and not everyone. several eurozone countries are still facing financial troubles for example greece when many people are struggling to make ends meet. it's normal for the unemployed. anyway i suspect that some presents for christmas. it increases yet even as with the telco feeling the effects of that country's crisis. that's hardly a friend at that pace christmas presents. business in general has been struck in sixty games. a local expert sales of forty percent down on this time last year the government just playing games with us. it's become much more difficult with the renault west newton everyone is having to try really hard just in order to survive. it worked out before they got christmas two thousand and ten tina's tanning and to be a disappointment for increasing number of weeks. what we
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called tyson asked on the spending that some presents. i just didn't have the money for it four new books today i'll be standing next to him i can feel an ounce. is it the tv stand that's greasy christmas and seek the intercession and the date of things in their recovery in sight. i wailed one final item for you we go to romania where people come to inclined to some very special christmas traditions despite years of political people. but a little warning these traditions are probably not going to be a big hit with the vegetarians out there the sound that can be had through out the maintenance is just before christmas. that's insanity. in two acts and pennsylvania is about to spill into the christmas cake it's something she has done too many hits in the majority eastern orthodox country
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infuriated that he has made plans to give it up the minute. yes the a b as numb as i can remember we have always gone to pay the full christmas got sucked into something unique taste that sacred sentimental mccartney on top of that the team begins even during this process. mulled wine is the best reach of choice. you are formed. cheney. god be with us as topical man. after that it gets killed. it's time to get a chance fifth section on which aside from judaism. even the communists in the way able to spend a great story but christensen this ep panic to set their inmates copy the mountains this tradition is very important to cost that it's on to bond. monday is the future and every time i entered the challenge i think
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about how much spirituality has gathered here and here is how much of any spinach is coming to this challenge each sacred liturgy. uconn can have this chance to one that was built due to the taste of what to do abundantly. taxes are being built in romania today than in any other country in europe. new house is a blessing to everyone. among them is the texas not that i'm excited to come and in the west the top eight teams in transylvania. it has attracted attention for its unusual muffin paintings. a monaro on love. so the stakes ask for the paintings i can say they are unique. i have for example i commissioned a painting of three and the streets as now it is still in welsh politics. when the audience. will you make out of that stuff and george
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to see me and i hate junk all the stockings. i wish communists and twenty three is against this topic and on because romanian sussex a notch and the communists and there is not such a need for new taxes. the orthodox church was impressed to see the town the chiefs and he maintains that reduces fuel based its. the christmas cake is still attends and pictures the fool and much of it is made into sausages space and snakes i will. the islands of the decorations to compete is the christmas festivities can begin. woohoo i die the yen
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thus i asked what it is mentoring. it's that time afterward he said. should
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she. the air. i. company to cover any of the employee read your book among the exclusive. local student like me. the thoughts i will get a good player that didn't like it was totally shocked not actors too. through him it's no sin to screw you who don't know how to be simple several intersections. job
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well done. it also tasted it you knew me and wingman. we do


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