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tv   France 24 News  PBS  December 25, 2013 7:00am-7:31am PST

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you ll will you what will it is a modern london including the bilateral talks during the supreme eurasia economic commission. moscow the lee of context and announce that estimates committee to the process of the racial integration and will continue supporting and promoting the president who sold them to survive being favorably the result of the bilateral cooperation between kazakhstan and russia in the current year. he righted that this year the country signed an agreement on the villainous an alliance in the twenty
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first century to him today we would discuss important issues on the creation of the eurasian economic union the agreement has to be signed in summer of next year the union has to function finely from the first of january two thousand fifteen kazakhstan is absolutely committed to the process and we will promote and support it. opener. today the president of the two countries have signed five documents and wants among them is an agreement on military technical cooperation which was signed personally by the two leaders representatives of the government adopted a rule map on the sheer use a bike a more complex for two thousand fourteen to two thousand sixteen. also the issue on the supply of oil products in kazakhstan was settled. duty free delivery of petroleum products on the territory of stanford domestic consumption will be carried out from the first of january two thousand fourteen. also the agreement for cooperation in the transport of russian oil through kazakhstan to china one side and devoid of the deliveries will make seven million tonnes
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possibly it will be increased to ten million tonnes. the russian president emphasized that the country's minutes to solve all the important issues in a constructive manner it is a great deal of work has been accomplished since our last meeting on a concrete issues concerning ways to broaden our cooperation quite sensitive areas including energy and likeable they go militarization of the eurasian economic community is impossible the task of the eurasian commission is to prevent an inclusion of regulation trees into the project which are out of the economic integrity question. the sultan as a buyer stated that in the acc's heads of state secession in moscow the president of context and acquitted of all stars against the ongoing eec with new powers. work resumed at the moment there's no need for excessive widening of hours. you would be beneficial to give personal responsibilities to the board members for past decisions
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we have a decision to end on the board members by immunity and wide powers of it. do some of them are meant to be sure because of the rest of the proposal before the launch of the trees in terms of the regime's union should not cover the international agreements the customs community colleges associate themselves having with this decision the president of melrose issued a statement about the clear delineation of powers of both the community itself. it's the members what that did not play with the little blue things up but this regard to that some of the positions were not negotiated by experts. thus it makes it difficult to develop according to these belarus is part supports the following factors as the first one our community be an international organization or not. there may be an opinion that is too early to plan organization and to see the results. i am convinced that the community should be in a national organization that will be in doubt with the necessary legal personality. the heads of kyrgyzstan in armenia join the discussion of the three presidents. a question concerning a roadmap of giddy about this issue to the customs union was high on
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the agenda according to the president's army has all the chances to join the economic union. early in the giddiness that this circuit the place. countries that joined the union shall accept all the agreements there are some problems we still consider them together but we shouldn't allow any ascension to the customs union with the preservation of special regimes. i offered to support good use. on the floor addition to a foe in the opening of the week but the wall. the weather this is going to get government topical stuff instead insist on the creation of the special fund to support company was under a one joining the customs union. bishkek also expects to receive financial assistance and a mom of two hundred million dollars to equip the customs and border crossing points of the frontiers. in addition the prime minister of ukraine the kala as otto arrived in moscow to take part in the meeting the leaders of the state also discussed the treaty on the establishment of the eurasian economic union which is expected to be
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signed in may of next year this water shortages income extend more than eight rowing team you will be required this issue was discussed at the meeting of the government the minister of environmental protection and water resources among obama represented the product of a new state program on the management of water resources. the main measures comprise reducing the shortage of water by the way of modernizing infrastructure and industry at the cauldron. also housing in utility of instructions according to the forecast for the specialist by the year two thousand forty the shortage of water in the country will exceed more than twelve billion cubic meters. the minister made a point that a great demand for water will be associated with the growth of the economy according to the minister is necessary to revise the bubble water tariffs. if they are gorgeous. and his team would do the work that it is to resume testing cuts the nets to a water saving the level of tears doesn't attract private investment and doesn't provide a good level water quality. no one is interested in conservation that is why care should be changed but it doesn't mean that they should be increased
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soon we have to bring gradually tears into compliance. a two thousand forty. the corn and some pieces poaching in all of us must go. mr beattie. in accordance with the task of the president he preceded to saudi really strategically important problem overstate the comprises was so quiet in the management of water resources. new possibilities are offered for the employment of the private partnership private initiatives in the attraction investments in the sphere this program is really important for our country which a program now considered to be shallow nevertheless we have possibilities in resources watching last month now it's the only position that samoa will meet the prime minister instructed the governors of all regions to follow food prices at new year holidays. stop and pick him up. first of all it is necessary to control firmly issues which are connected to the price formation for food and essential products on new year holidays. mares have to keep on the constant controlled also vital services. thank you mom. and
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it's the toughest among the political will to schools he's in the stitching the cons on to the national chamber of osbourne there was proposed to introduce amendments to the draft code of administration offenses according to the members of the council its confiscation said the use in specific cases and shouldn't be applied in all cases if the offences committed for the first time there's no intent all require payments made on time or damage the state has not done the national chamber of outdoors offers to exclude such sanctions as property confiscation any number of articles of the draft code instead of this the members of the counts were opposed to significantly increase the fire as a basic measure of punishment. the draft of the new code was sent to the parliament for consideration. all of them still. many articles of the draft code contained the right of competition. i think the confiscation is too strict inadequate unfair and i believe that it should be used only rare cases moreover government agency shall be responsible for cases when the right to opt for nora's are violated. more
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than one hundred thousand vehicles are breaking down due to the use of poor quality gasoline has extended the national consumers league of context and how he studied to find out the main areas where consumer rights infringement takes place the turn of the most complaints on the quality of gasoline school meals in financial services. according to the study gastric ulcers and guest writers were found fifty percent of the students thirty two percent of housing requires major repair disappointing statistics are being observed on the financial services market is well according to the member of the cousin with jill and svetlana romanov sky it is important to improve the consumer literacy among the population michael thompson who won the competition to be effective. normally in full the consumer show realize what he gets. we do not want to punish anyone we just went to put things in order. when we joined in the bt deal the business savvy ready for this governor would never be ready for this unless the witnesses consumer feedback that means that only literate customer to clearly
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know about his preferences in his closet that i am not resist took the stand the test of that. i think the best in you. the european society for quality researchers recognize home up the subway to be the first in the category called best practical application of cody this is the second european or form of dimension two thousand thirteen. this presentation was held at the local illustration on tuesday. the war was won in a competitive environment one hundred and twenty six companies from seventy seven countries claim to be the best. the european society for quality research evaluates quality work of the enterprises in organizations in various fields. moreover the december edition of its magazine was devoted to the subway. though i congratulate you on your success. i wish it to reach great achievements he continued to work as well. he faced the challenges. now we need to maintain this level but the highs evaluation is the evaluation of our passengers in the residence to use the subway. so upset
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about in consequence of the economic crisis in unemployment more and more french families need the christmas day saving more money according to experts this year different spent about five hundred and thirty euros for presents. most of them complained putting up the fact that close to christmas. the deeper feeling of financial difficulties come about. almost everyone who goes shopping past thoughts about the financial crisis although some of them on the way to solve this problem. we really have to save this year because of the current crisis. i think they can be taken into account that i wore too much this summer i have already earned some money so this year i may spend a bit more for the presents. so this will seep into she would find everything in advance that everything is alright. we have not suffered from a crisis too much. in accordance with the inquiry carried out by ipsos institute boston a one percent of the french or the young generation to be aged twenty five one on christmas shop until january which is known to be the time for sales. i consider that christmas is a time for happiness and joy in particular for children is absolutely true that
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the crisis period is the hardest one. but we live only once. sometimes we need to buy presents for ourselves especially in those qualities which happened once the year and still being fought on for the latest news is that three dub you dodge cars out that stevie got kate said and. according to the national bank of the six towns during the first eleven months of twenty thirteen for the kazakhstan national currency fitting gift we can find two percent against the jewish scholar in november the exchange rate of the national conference he was changing in the corridor between one hundred and fifty two point seven two and one hundred and sixty four point three two for one use color as the bank has also reported that in the end of november two thousand and thirteen the exchange rate of the national currency was estimated one hundred and fifty three point six
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the team gets three us dollar and strengthened by zero point four percent in the swans. i cheated though he's old is that presently the regional currency that is isolated from the foreign market and the situation with our car and sees the same detained a strongly dependent on the expert positions talking about export positions and would like to know it's on to the face of development. this is why i would like to know that the rundle korea was its fourth fluctuations of the tangy exchange rate in twenty thirteen. it is in it a school nearby campus the spine to find that from time to time fifteen gidley weakens against the us dollar the majority of exquisite believe that the rundle prerequisites for devaluation and the national bank of kazakhstan conference that to even the word the regulator issued a statement that the national bank would continue to fold the same policy regarding the exchange rate intervention in the foreign exchange market
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will be conducted in order to smooth the sharp changes in getting the exchange rate without affecting the formation of the general trend defined by the expectations in the markets some fundamental factors that determine long term trends in the exchange rate remained almost the same now my own unions will see it. i would like to say that i do not expect any devaluation even this part of the fundamental prices and fundamental development trends also weak and weakness that in twenty seventeen the peso devaluation of the national currency increased slightly. we do not expect any large increase or decrease in twenty fourteen the news. it seems the extensive local knowledge it is cute. he's cute. but seeing this great news and bad he repeats it. i am convinced that all fluctuations will be quite predictable and would like to say that comparing
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the situation in twenty oh nine this year we will see if they are completely different this year we can see that the reason no rush we see in the season begins on page one part of the population clearly understands an adequate to accept all the information we receive from the finance media outlets. national bank of kazakhstan and the financial sector of the country. it took a pic of my ip. i happen to my popsicle stick by it comes to switch to the pope states mean the final market plus the street the november twenty seventeen additionally most all transactions would come and see the kazakhstan stock exchange was estimated at one point four billion us dollars and sees the beginning of the sea of these feeder exceeded fifty one points of the rangers dollars and otc market. the volume of transactions fell to four point five percent to two point one pm in us dollars and reached nineteen point eight billion us dollars since the beginning of the shia in general
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the volume of transactions in the domestic market increased by eight point five percent compared to october twenty thirteen and totaled seven point five billion us dollars and says did you know the cia the speaker was estimated at seventy one billion us dollars specially suffered a head hunter company have decided to find out the changes in style makes stations of caustic some applicants in twenty thirteen by analyzing more than three hundred thousand cds posted on the w h cookies and web site there is also the survey showed that the profiles weeks on expectations of ways than one hundred thousand team did the quiz by six percent compared with twenty twelve in this case the number of applicants asking for the salaries of one hundred thousand team did was find percent higher experts also reported the cds was an expected total three hundred to five hundred thousand to gain more than often meaning to get remain in the level of twenty twelve as the number of applicants was a specified salary from
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five hundred thousand to one point five meaning to get increased by one percent experts believe that these changes are tangible and significant for the label market given the relatively short period of time of just one year the guy the aye aye
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ay. i do. do. and. eye
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the eye. new the air i
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believe the two day visit to switch into things. first it will increase its role in human rights issues especially that quake going
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now with the eu and console and human rights. second thing it wouldn't have to wait several more in the region for more democracy and feed them and want a speech on the question of energy ocean there. utility of the time of reform. it is actually very very critical one of the problems very often when reform movement gets a head of steam and molds. his stand implementing a revolution or an uprising is just an event. what happens after which makes all the difference. and if there's not a sentence civil rights civil government institutions to work with very often it peters out people get the solution and you have a counter revolution so perfected and ceos are multiplying in this region and some of them getting extremely upbeat and strong including the center that we are today. it's all good because the road ahead of modernizing economically and
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politically. twenty long it's going to have some setbacks corn and some unexpected turns of the road. so the stronger the fabric and in the political leadership in this region. more likelihood is that there will be a promising out to be invited to the center is being extremely important to me and to see the time and pioneering. say something caught in the state to try to either axes to the people not to give these television network. and to try to read this post where we had in the internet will we have inside the space to television. i sink is going to be a challenging of ansett and the challenging accomplishment and that perhaps he will be step sons by giving access to people to present their views. and so i rushed back to drop them a
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safeguard in ahmedabad misfortune to go to sheffield moment in the bog oak grove chretien era of corporate and opening up for a loop from the program offers to people for years but reported when you open the dumped awesome print on the beach the name of the us. he's the ideal concept more settled and yet hopeful when the snow religious discourse yen on me the challenge of no school privilege and put them on an easel. and i think this is exactly what that was it like melanie said such a sense that an incentive to mention that because right now and will lie in bed change is taking place and that we don't have institutions that make her on the exchange of money to change and media precise the mega center and at the stall to manage this change. no youtube of them are the most or all the keepers of the condom on crusty outer beauty that we lost a huge amount by
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religion just put the gumption to what's in store them for me in them the commission made the awful want you all know that it might impress anyone up for the disco obama feels kinda difficult for one moment in the digital switch to the orchards and myself and i am patient and i gotta say institute we have been involved in that promoting these gals are and he is now that we don't have any yet we don't need to think people individually in groups of people with students and blotted we do not have such an impact in the media became involved in that said that the impact will team up with the montreal to wear it to disintegrate initiative michael wright true to myself and the two of them and the leaves. from the fortune to be here participating in this bout of local tv stations battle for democracy and freedom. i think is keen to keep the show worldwide because we see that democracy in the nourishing me more good news to be taken
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care of all their wines. we get reversed. when the wet conditions with this new thing i hope and pray to you but they're giving the world the gift of democracy in britain i'm a new zealand i'm also a vice president of the top entrance and we shared a common experience of having to leave its league isn't democracy. yet we owe more on the role of trusted leaders. we understand finds that we also understand the course of freedom that we seeing around the world today and the new media platform and that the shake is starting to unlawfully people can have a voice is of great interest to the madrid. what we want to do is helping the police into a new dialogue. we knew solutions on sheets i tasted the side effects can be the outcome the column and read it wants a sheet societies and she blooms that cites the difference. based on democratic principles. and we understand that the new media is going to be a very
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important concepts so do we i'm very interested in the shake and his mission. we understand the importance of the middle east and the new conversations where i'm sitting there. and so the problem and it tries to bring the moment. and our experience of individually and in some of whom the resolution reads some of whom imports. indigenous peoples rule all women through the society's new ones. and by allowing the tunnel to it and we think that we can be agents for change even though we no longer in office. i think it's been a very important see the conversations we've heard the voice of africa the voice of the middle east we've heard some of the old voice soft america and europe and we have diplomas of discussion around the new the new voices of age. these people are nice the society's sent this normal people who are unable to call telephones the arctic seas to be intimate and they want the police to keep it. i
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think that lead is he an hour of understanding that maybe tomorrow there'll also be followers. and this is the new paradigm shift so that shank convening this conversation in the middle east in this month's when signing the important things happening. it's one of those tipping points in history and the government is pleased to be part of it. it's these conversations here and win or two about the games pointers at the stake through his leadership of opening up new media to many new people who have not had access to it. up until now. we think it will help define the future shape of this region. the band if you do this. he said. hosts it is. he said. leave. it's so. we suggest you. that
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means i don't want to do. we in the global trade in total market. we can see we told him to. because we are out you've experienced. all costs. it's brand new stones you saw the pdf for two years. gutierrez. when you live tv experience political motives. corner to corner when his team. i'll change they ask you to send. that's the guy. santa for. juninho he sure and so on you betcha
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what tradition. you will. it is. session. steve. you knew
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lulu will be when when when when when. i mean the wine cellar prime minister holds online conference with the locality. rival take a look at the opportunities and challenges with the bricks etc


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