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tv   Journal  PBS  December 25, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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you knew we were little. and i can. the u s in the summer i had a lot. francis delivers his first christmas message calling. one is on temperature of three cabinet members resign over international hub for the intense winds and the spiraling violence in south sudan. the where all
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that's what helped francisco court today in his first christmas blessing since taking over as head of the catholic church. the pot to deliver the traditional or be at or via transport to the city and to the world. a stray from his prepared speech and buying non believers to join the prayer for peace. tens of thousands of complex plot dramatic and received his christmas pasta well is the way to jones in peter's square. it's exactly noon and prawns has appeared on the balcony of st peter's basilica pink and blue one day you will read welcome come to room many from his native argentina. in his christmas address. he repeated his message of concern and love sport and weak. we celebrated the birth of christ. he expressed his wish with joy and peace
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installing it on the other children in the old people people young people and nominees for the pool in the marginalized is to knock a bit naughty. all four ounces of gold one and two goals in serie a results of dawn on the central african republic. on the new iam on a guided discontinued on school to spread the love that syrian people from suffering you know. no always updated to enable the parties in conflict. cotton in and told clients. and guarantee access to humanitarian aid you in your money back. if i don't message was unmistakable and the crowd gave him a warm reception. the high point was the papal blessing for the forty five. it's the end it's the time. this in the super bowls in mind and stand there on time. trump
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says blessed people the shooting those watching on tv. as for admission to the punishment for sin. and the new pope is clearly one of the crowd on some pieces class. i think is smaller. we the people that likes to talk to everybody and that's a good thing. his humility brings in class. he makes you feel he's one of us. what has been with me going. in his last christmas message francis has made it clear he sees himself as an advocate of the poll and the marginalized. what of refugees was also the focus of german present you walking down christmas message today the cone germans to open our hearts to refugees around the world and to welcome those who should seek shelter here. but he acknowledged that germany could not take in all who might want to come
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i mentioned getting it since the beginning of time thinking of all refugees have been full of anxiety as they seek the best lines including the refugees coming to us and not coming here expecting to fold into a ready made beds they want to flee from prosecution and poverty. you may want to find a meaningful and fulfilling life the neighborhood. i'm going to let us not narrow our hearts and simply conclude that we cannot accept everyone who comes to our country. i know people that the statement is true. and it becomes true. if we must listen to what our heart tells us when we see the pictures of the hinges and prosecuted. are we really already doing everything we could do it. that message comes as the violence in syria continues. opposition activists say more than four hundred people have died in the syrian government offensive when the city of aleppo. they say many of the dead are children. this
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video report says the government forces on the inside and some of the home of one tuesday the observatory for human rights as the eleven day long government offensive. it was the deadliest so far in the series of conflicts moore also killed in a series of attacks in iraq a car bomb exploded outside a church near the capital baghdad after christmas mass killing at least twenty four and wounding more than thirty earlier car packed with explosives went off the market in the largely christian neighborhood several people were killed in that attack. this is an tax bring the total number of people killed so far this month in iraq. well over four hundred and starting to fall out over a corruption probe continues to deepen three ministers hand in their resignations on wednesday and one of the new race to states he called on prime minister rafik i appear to want to follow suit. it's the first time the premier has faced such a challenge from within his own ruling party. a
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corruption probe comes ahead of crucial local elections in march and presidential elections in august. here's more. times are tough for prime minister richard tired at one. three of his cabinet ministers resigned on wednesday denied any wrongdoing. interior minister moi mcqueen of the environment and urban planning minister and the one by an economy minister has offered to lie and stepped down after the songs were taken into custody in a sweeping corruption investigation two of them are accused of bribing politicians in order to smuggle cool and make illicit money transfers to iran the scandal has triggered a power struggle between the government the courts and the police and the one described the probe as a conspiracy. the flight and the turkish people in the turkish republican facing an attack. it's being presented as a corruption probe. everybody is aware that this is not a corruption
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probe. all these conspiracy the ascent up against turkish politics. on the turkish people it all. it has done the ones government has already dismissed more than two dozen high ranking police officials including mr was chief of police. no the prime minister's controversial response to the scandal threatens to divide his own party. i'm gonna live to istanbul from our correspondent in something called joins us now on the line and to the prime minister with her and then she says this is a conspiracy against turkey was the background to this. well what happened but it did over a week or two of the police of that by the prosecutors raided several wounded enough including the double crap including that of the three of you but that didn't fit now in the tomb of the minister that the minister that the carrier they discovered huge mistake
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to pump it up until the after that i keep him out of the scene the phone with me they did they get the bags president of popup state controlled bank in the wood for the half billion dollars to the shoe box in his studies. the people are saying that the baby. swept the courage to fight them but a decree of corruption in part the ruling party hopping the point of it than that. i want to play. then he went on the offensive he said the total flop in the two workers by turkey enemy that room enough for all of it but today he had to make a confession to me. he laughed for three of them it did famous. and you think you mentioned joining us. we need and thank you for joining us this miserable. the gate. not even for the military backed government haseclared the muslim brotherhd a g. barney's plang thenstruments for tuesday's attack on police headquarters in north ern effechich
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kixteen people and al qaeda linked group has claimed responsibility for them and store a bombing in a statement that has not been independently verified meanwhile egyptian police have also arrested a former prime mister who served in the muslim brotherhood read more see the ship'so interr mistry says at least what i said that he shouted and yelled all he was attempting to escape into neighboring sudan. take that much. thailand's prime minister in books and a lot has proposed a national reform council to seek crisis its grips the country she sai t body would be set up in parallel with general night. one can hear and second the opposition rejected the plan and continued its protest saying they want immediate reforms of thousands tried to force their way into a stadium to try and stop people from registering as candidates for the election. south sudan's
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president is calling for an end to violence in this country in the fighting between his forces and a wattle group is still raging inside like you and welcome the un decisions and to nearly double the number of peacekeeping troops on the ground. the political power struggle has escalated into an epic one is fighting has spread to several parts of south sudan. meanwhile the humanitarian situation is deteriorating each passing day about forty five thousand civilians soul shoot you in places the costs ofaddam as an acute shortage of water medicine and food the violence spread to the un security council has approved a plan to boost its presence with a round six thousand peacekeepers and police. but secretary general ban ki moon warned that the united nations will not be able to protect every civilian in need. i've already read those soaps oices of torque at four peaks. stop the violence stop
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the title. save your pro with a new independent country there's still time troops the fighting began with an alleged coup attempt presence of a key accused his rival former vice president week the shock of attempting to seize power. violence is taking place along ethnic lines between the majority of the tribe to which he belongs in the new us which is much arts community. the town of goal seen heavy fighting the government now says its recapture the area from rebels. oh no. you can go there. and they are. knowing what about the conduct of lawyers. the un estimates that thousands have died already. it also reports of mass graves. globalization spirit humanitarian disaster in the world's newest country
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what's been a stormy christmas in parts of western europe. six people had been killed as gale force winds and heavy rains battered france and britain the county of surrey in southern england is one of the worst hitresidents have become with surging floodwaters and no electricity. on christmas morning. much of the village of broken in southern england was under water. houses were flooded as the river mole burst its banks in several places the nice enough to pay for some steps to help help help. it is sad. the reason i decided i'd seen these times that night and that something was stuck in a white van with ben and sam thought the day came and sat eight it was long time. that driver was only one plucked from christmas eve sitting onnt monday turned roads into one
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two weeks. the ad. with the way we feel we can get rid of it. so what don't know about. much could it be every day. what's with that it was a little seasonal cheer this year. many were trapped in their homes and power outages meant trouble for those with fridge is packed for the holidays the day. the people welcome once again. holiday candles weren't just for decoration russia has formally dropped charges against thirty greenpeace activists under a kremlin backed embassy and the environmentalists were arrested after trying to board a gasp from platform to a protest against russia's exploration. but the arctic waters. they faced a potential seven year sentence on hooliganism charges twenty nine of them are now free to
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leave as soon as it exits the sens are issued. the last act in this case will be reviewed on thursday and help all of them to be home before the end of the year. former nsa contractor average net and has called for an end to mass surveillance in a message broadcast on british television. tim and rats recorded in moscow. so one of the dangers caused by loss of privacy she said that the monitoring by us intelligence services to expose what the un anything imagined by george orwell in his book nineteen eighty four the so called alternative christmas message broadcast on britain's channel four mix the format of the queen's yearly and rescue me. privacy what allows upriver to take a short one minute break but will become active when you are going to take a look at conferences popularity. we know it's been growing all year long and has been attracting new visitors to his hometown. so i assume is about a potential telecom shake up will explain things to come back. i do. i in you
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decide you want to watch the images. programs the whole package. dw the future. media center. dw tell you the eye . ben. as
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well. hall. select group of cardinals with a little known archbishop from argentina to take over the papacy. and that this isn't had huge ramifications for the world's one point two billion catholics in less than in years time. francis out to transform the perception of a church which even abroad by controversy and scandal and his message on humility has earned him the title the people spoke and won him loyal fans around the world so it's no wonder then that is global popularity is rubbing off on his home town ever since the archbishop of
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when a serious way my old erica leo became pope francis won the series has been basking in his glory. fans flock to the city following his footsteps. there even for buses to show tourists where he use to live and work. and locals here in the odd bob hope always follow what he's doing in the vatican from a distance. his port district is located in the south of the argentinian capital the increase in the rally has been living here for five years. what it must mean this is an unwritten what is to sign cause a very receptive to all depends cents. it's the same as what he used to say here. but he was inside famous ten. this is a great source of joy and pride. it's an anemone and we're doing in the middle school. madre a
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non wants to bring in elements of solidarity and humanity into an everyday reality for conditions are particularly tough. he helps violence can be prevented by chalking and football can deter children from turning to drugs. the another priest like him are well respected because they practice what they preach. as does the pope he is mentally and wonder what's new on his ten students not the words the simple gestures that i'm moving to well so much words of becoming actions. it's not enough but out of bowling attack was only interested in why. what used to be missing a real concrete and visible actions. if so then they competed to be seated. coal prices grew up near the hub out of florence and works here. he was also the first person is an increase in city area. adrienne nine is making sure his work continues. he spends all his days giving advice for blessings to locals. mass takes place in
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this small church. he could work in one of the city's glittering barack cathedrals of the city. he prefers to stay here. moreover he says everyone in the area is a believer. there are few social services in the area not much running water or electricity either. half of the population is under eighteen. many don't get much more than primary schooling they're proud of what francis is on the side of the four. did you see when thirties many people are now coming running to the challenge was always here now they say they want to do what the pope is doing the twenty ten season officials are becoming more proactive in ensuring people get to hospital. when federal and state though maintenance instead of raffia. but turn down that and other local priests. it's business as usual your former archbishop as john more attention to poverty in buenos aires and the work is never ending
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according to the biblical story of christmas the three kings arrived bearing gifts for the baby jesus. gold frankincense and myrrh prized for its alluring fragrance. frank is and is still in business today. and the gulf state of oman produces some of the world's finance bubble mm do. can't find the most anti nice hotel mohammed is responsible for returning that block him every morning and evening he plays his two pieces of frankincense on timing tiles the new ball. it's the kind since may to the hotel play in oman been the binding frankincense is good. just about everything. to find out when frankincense comes from the head to the south of the country. sutton house i grew up here in this desert of dupont. his father is around ninety and no one knows his exact age. the sens
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used to live a nomadic life petting goats and sending to friends and they tapped from the frankincense tree. the ao that the sens make cuts in the desert east of different period of months. then harvest the reds and the trees he creates the final harvest in late summer reads them that frankincense. the busted with a few youths frankincense but with that issue the climate many of them died and more animals also. on average frankincense i can produce up to ten kilos of rice in here it used to be blasted its way tango the blue sport that most of them sometimes sells a few secs to gemini. but must now go to korea or japan they have small money sets around seven thousand tonnes of frankincense are connected into phi eta. the sentence father used to bring the incense to the coast by
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camel. now that's a thing of the pops. and driving off road vehicle is better than driving a camel most of them cents. i sat on a port city of one hundred and fifty thousand people. since he and make a living from agriculture tourism costs and fishing frankincense place and that's a row the centers of frankincense have time to chance in the often and it doesn't start getting busy until the evening healing powes of frankincense. she honestly tastes all of a cream spouses and kids. the forty eight year old says it's the frankincense its content looking sent down. truly do you think are important thing
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he says. i know it. and also wants to play. molly m has to salt the frankincense by comma and signs. means i can sense it is the most viable she said. one team that can bring as much as three hundred euros. my aunt keeps us on the frankincense recipes top secret. she tells us frankincense can be changed to disinfect them now used to suppress him to seduce the lava. ford is all to relieve missile threat christians believe that wise men brought baby jesus gold and frankincense. so many around the world. that story has kept the magic of frankincense a lot. that would catch up on business in just a moment news of a potential merger in the telecommunications sector but first a look at these stories making news around
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the world. should the us embassy in kabul has come under fire from taliban insurgents. officials say i do mortars or rockets were fired at the compound just before dawn. the kelvin says they inflicted heavy casualties but the uss no one was hurt. yet hundreds of ukrainian journalists had taken to the streets to denounce an attack on investigative reporter sticky honored to know that was beaten up by unknown attackers hours after she published an article in the absence of government officials. police are now investigating the attack. and unless the supreme court has agreed to review two sets of convictions against kremlin critic and former oil tycoon in the sand but it costs keeping his supporters have long said his trials for fraud had taken any money laundering were politically motivated. it's the latest good news for russia's former richest man after he was released from prison last
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week. business news now and for some time seemed like no need want and timo mild largest telecoms us subsidiary and america's fourth largest wireless provider. but now two companies both have their eye on the telecoms are in us satellite provider dish network has already said it's considering making the bed they could end up in a bidding war which brings one of the largest u s cellphone operators. dueling going to telecom was reading a woman has reason to smile. he may be about to find in the letter t mobile usa sending its american subsidiary could go on and on to telecom fourteen billion euros. the sale of t mobile usa to sprint isn't a done deal. mountain view of the us open market. it does make business sense. a man sprint and team obama being outpaced by their competitors. giants the rise and a tnt dominate the u s cellphone market heat oven to one hundred million
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customers. as adults sprint and t robot have only a fraction of the two subscriber base. but there's no guarantee any screen team while nigel would cause the competition through with flying colors. us regulators might scuttle the deal because it would create such cell phone giants. and corporate is now american express has been ordered to pay more than seventy five million us dollars in fines and compensation for what us regulators called deceptive marketing of credit card add on products. over three hundred thousand consumers were overkill or miss but between two thousand and two thousand while supporting the us consumer protection authority. the string and oversee the men's sixty million us dollars in compensation. american express has agreed to stop the practice. time for a look at the numbers now most the markets were closed for the christmas holiday today but the euro continues to trade and it is slightly up currently trading at one
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dollar. the. here in germany it's definitely not a white christmas. temperatures are unusually mild. or let it sit around ten degrees celsius for some very brave souls taking actually did in berlin's arm and can make it to christmas day tradition that dates back to nineteen eighteen. helen recent years the lake was partially frozen this year the water is about five degrees. the swimmers say they usually like a lot of eyes at this year's christmas when was also quite refreshing. the two refreshing for me gasping. i like my water warm yet meet in the cleanup that like let's all for now thanks for joining us and stay tuned to channel for more. in the air
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why didn't they i'm quite sure. let's hope it's all problems at all. unless some mechanisms to prevent me from now. with. the yours. what
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chore it's a good story each day exclusive amy g networks to top story was the case most intriguing topic as told by nhc premier global content partners back to back in english. it's what they mean washington seeks enlightenment you at a party happening here so it's good to hear. seventeen with me
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thanks to a doting auntie that i can take that stealing is just too new and it makes the networks to work on in each seat. he wrote continue to share with your friends on facebook and twitter the top story on the m a c networks windmill new long with them the link and read a lake in the hunt. welcome to tell the gold tp. the gop been enjoying the christmas festivities on for the evening may have overdone us over the festive season with the race specialist forcing being on the program to date which we hope to be the motivation to


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