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tv   RT News  PBS  December 26, 2013 8:00pm-8:31pm PST

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rio one or two to two thousand there has been the deadliest for iraq since two thousand and eight the wave of bombings. now the us is sending hellfire missiles insurance to help the iraqi government throttle extremists latest on that just up ahead. they neared the city capital building is literally crumbling it's about an hour the first round of renovation since nineteen sixty. this wall americans lose faith in a congress that bitterly divided the route this year will take a deeper walk through the cracks for then dinner with cuts the military budget one american veteran gets
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the send off he deserves an important part of world war two which pilate funeral took place thinks the help of a civilian. more on that later the show am. it's thursday december twenty six bite him in washington dc on same in your watch. rta. and we begin today in iraq mission that's experienced a very bloody two thousand thirteen. and now it's receiving a fresh shipment of american drones and missiles. last week united states should seventy five hellfire missiles to the iraqi government to help deal with increasing extremist violence that is cripple the nation this year and whether the deaths of more than a thousand iraqis the coming months the us will also send text and he'll work on essence terms terrier up. unlike the deadly predator drones the us previously flew over
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the nation this year and to be used to locate targets for the iraqi security forces to attack. as of right now u s government officials say there's been no requests from the iraqi government for u s operated lethal drone strikes in the country due to the unrest in syria al qaeda linked extremists have flooded into iraq the shia are carried out hundreds of suicide bombings against the maliki government the violence has been so severe that last month iraqi prime minister maliki came to the white house to lobby for more military assistance after the november first meeting in a joint statement released by the us and iraq to del additions read. both sides emphasized on an urgent basis. the need for additional equipment for iraqi forces to conduct ongoing operations in remote areas were camps are located but this latest shipment of military equipment is just the tip of the ice berg. for one iraq is set to receive it
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in the coming year including the four dozen more reconnaissance drones and some f sixteen fighter jets also the senate approves of the deal six apache attack helicopters could enter iraq sometime next year now onto another us military hotspot afghanistan specifically barber in prison which is indefinitely detained thousands of individuals arrested by us in afghanistan forces during the nab twelve year war still raging in the country. lee us headed off control the vast majority of other prisoners to afghan security forces earlier this year. the us still controls those prisoners at barbara more foreign nationals in on that dance picked up outside the country. they detained at barber. three this point well the hideous corpus petition to challenge their indefinite detention in us courts. on christmas eve three judges on the u s appeals court here in washington dc rejected the petition arguing that prisoners do not have access to constitutional rights
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mainly because it's impractical in a war zone it's the judge's role united states in afghanistan does not involve nearly in administering occupied territory continue scattered grill grill of fighters but rather in quelling a large scale insurgency against the government to regional ally. orders issued by judges thousands of miles away it would undercut the commanders authority. will the white house pushes for a two thousand fourteen after their withdrawal date. it's like when us forces will still maintain control over the non afghan prisoners at barber indefinitely. until that individuals can do so elsewhere which as we've learned at guantanamo. six years speaking of america's most notorious prison and detention facility at guantanamo bay. i think taking a recent steps toward closing its doors a bit very very small steps. first the main reason we see obama administration has quietly
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released its detainees the first transfers out of the prison year. second when congress passed the national defense dollars asian act this month for the first time restrictions on guantanamo transfers were actually used instead of titans. along with the transfer ban on detainees you've never been charged with a crime and have been cleared to be released. so the summer of hunger striking maybe irresponsible for a winter of releases at the prison. we now go to art he corresponded honest us to church. it takes a closer look at something you might not know about gitmo the sleek misconceptions get goal is not just in jail so he ought not to shout. it's also a forty five square mile military base with no plans of going anywhere. full of signs of established american life is a navy base and we just happen to have that they can send him home so the only mcdonald's on cuban soil subway sandwich shop starbucks and a taco bell you go that's the best financial
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interest in both heats of the new books the books until i'm full of these other places that help to set up a eighty. you just tickle support the troops to go up over that they're about five and half thousand people living and working on the base of the half serve the actual detention center he was the only thing this territories since nineteen oh three for just over forty five hundred dollars curiously that is still the price today but it said that the cuban government has been refusing to accept this money for decades the cast really. the government said here we don't want this piece and when the united states' position was that it's a fine evening we sat in the lisa actually sensed they can't be broken unless both sides both countries agree to that. it strikes me as a very odd contract. so when territory that the us has occupied against cuba's wishes since nineteen fifty nine. most officers come here for short term of up to nine months or longer deployment of two to three years. far from home life is put on hold they can certain people wait for exam
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i have. this is when the air blake can drink so soon bailouts him. there's that don't really see him and open new movie theater playing all the hottest hollywood blockbusters and a cheeky bark to let loose after a hard day's work. even though most say schedules with an intense anyway we actually hit by the time i like to be synonyms at the beach and into the air as activities for people and w r stands for morale welfare and recreation almost every sport known to man is available to teams get well and state of the art facilities. i love it it's done a lot of people think there's not much to deal with is definitely an abundance to do the being in a remote location doesn't even have to affect eating habits and wanted to munch cost just under five bucks and breakfast is at that price the downside though information will not go out a lot of the tv programmes broadcast here are the focus
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internet is almost nonexistent. the beast on mill street to stand by some soldiers even so we told those serving here are banned from looking at websites like twenty weeks for example once classified always classified even if the information has long been made the rather strict regulations in place to fun fact about guantanamo apparently the life of an eagle on the cars here little more than a life of the dt me if you run one of these babies over the fine of ten thousand dollars. there's a very strict and speed limits in guantanamo and it's a very slow speed limits and people say that that's that's all about the one it's somewhat ironic that at least marred by human rights scandals officials make a point of showing journalists home well prisoners to our kept entertained here. also for a client detainee in guantanamo he would be a lot of blokes
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have both feet and the furious and kevin chilton county who does less compliant wants to wear the orange uniforms and get only two books that i was still no sign so you can see the books pt knees kept coming here but the prisoner lie very lovingly displeased the best of their art for tv crews to see a lot of pre selected books to avoid certain topics finance sexual minutes in when the gist of controversy. shelves packed with magazines cds and video games and plenty of ways for legit prisoners of war to pass the indefinite time they are kept here without charges was this teacher can a r t guantanamo bay cuba. there are dubbed into a story we've been covering the case of nicholas george a former college student who is detained for hours at philadelphia international airport. for terry educational arabic language class charts today another christmas caroling the third circuit u s court of appeals ruled in favor of the tsa to be out walking a lawsuit brought by george clooney is
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constitutional rights were violated. the george was studying their bit for a study abroad program. it was detained and questioned the need in handcuffs for several hours after tsa agents concluded. but carrying arabic language flashcards that is suspicious behavior. flashcards had words on them like balm and terrorists vocabulary words like that and cheap. when george was really is but claimed his free speech rights were stepped on by the agents and that he was subject to an improper search and arrest. however chief judge theodore he disagreed and said the agents were justified in their actions pretty on top of the three judge panel which he argued that it's not reasonable to require agents to turn a blind eye to arabic words like bombing terrorism on flashcards. he goes on to say in a world where air passenger safety must contend with such knew once the rats as it tends to convert underwear into bombs and shoes into incendiary devices
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we think that the brief attention that followed the initial administrative search or george was reasonable. benjamin windsor an attorney for this failure representing george criticized the ruling saying were they saying that he knew that this flash card to try to hijack a plane in the air back. george's legal team is considering an appeal the disturbing story coming from the washington d c metro police department. keep that have grown to twenty three year veteran of four who was a detective of the year two thousand twelfth has now played guilty to charges that he was secretly videotaping his adult step daughter in her bedroom and bathroom according to core records to brody was founded is spying on a stepdaughter least fifty times for the course of nine months in two thousand eleven in two thousand twelve years says the five years in prison but that sentence could be waived after it first serves five years of probation brody will not be forced to register as a offender. this is just the latest dental
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heading to washington d c police force where one officer was arrested this month for child prostitution another officer was also arrested this month per child . without officer committed suicide. still ahead here on art in opinion on the us congress is the only thing crumbling. the capitol building left church or work not seen for decades the cracks between party lines will be so easy to repair an indepth look up to the press the new warriors stories. you know. changing the world likes. no pictures
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i don't. the quote for you stay with the story. this year. instead of working for the people politicians the mainstream media. right on it whoo. while. a the body if you don't. the deal but the price is the only industry specifically mentioned that's because a free and open price is critical to our democracy should out of it. oh well in fact the single greatest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government
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so we can hide change my handful of transnational corporations that would profit by destroying the earth. and on the show we repeal the big picture of what's actually going i knew it will be on i'd get up the actual debate no real discussion of critical issues facing. ready to join the movement. walk the beach i was. it's a no win situation is more happiness in two thousand thirteen no
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way than the united states congress are out there under the dome. many are calling for fundamental repairs to our nation's primary law making body. and as repairs are actually coming next year on the way you might think she corresponded with small as this report. it's an architectural marvel in the nation's capital that has come to represent democracy enjoy this island can because the capitol dome is about to look much different well come spring. that iconic dome will be covered in scaffolding. transforming the skyline of the region for at least two years. the dome was built from cast iron hundred and fifty years ago and last repaired in nineteen sixty. topped off with the statue of freedom the dome stands two hundred and eighty eight feet tall inside intricate architecture classic paintings seem to be in prime shape but a closer look shows a damaged over and over thirteen hundred cracks
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another deficiency is according to the architect of the capital. we have no formal rehabilitation on weekends. stitching quilting the ceiling and cold. here's a sketch of what the deal will look like when it's encased in scaffolding. as it undergoes the sixty million dollar repair. torrance will have to view the landmark through the construction. i wouldn't want to be victorious. i'm coming here when that happens it's not the only dc landmark being fixed for months the washington monument has been conquered and scaffolding giving it a modern luck. the washington monument as a scaffolding on right now. since both my trip to. the from the national cathedral in sites scattered around the city. repairs are being made for some it's symbolic of the capital and congress in dire need of repair. just last year the historic government shutdown. i'm going to roll out of the obamacare website
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and extreme partisan gridlock this is a terrible deal. and i urge my colleagues here to oppose it. divisive language on both sides. norma my camera only to face unprecedented destruction and significant delays to some of the nam anything washington is broken. in november approval of congress and to a record low of nine percent it's really frustrating for the american people and for myself seen. our government be so inefficient cars for the downtown seattle to be fully restored and three years. hope an amended congress will be able to function under it. in washington as well. rte earlier i spoke with arches was called just back from counting the cracks on the capitol dome. at first esther about the metaphor she drew between the crumbling capital and are ineffective congress over the past year yes and a lot of people think that congress is broke and one hole after another reaffirms that indeed there
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is of very strong disapproval of the work and waited and then play now inside of that capital building. and that nine percent that is the historical i'll be hopefully can get much lower than that and that is not the only record love sam. you take a look so far there have been fifty seven bills enacted into law in the one hundred and thirteen legislature that is the least productive in the history and snow. a lot of records were sad to see them but not not good ones this year but didn't hear it here just a few weeks here we didn't get a budget deal we have another budget has been in several years is that a sign that things there might be improving their yelling at him props for that right now that was that's an accomplishment that showing some kind of not a sign of being able to work together on something even if it's not that kind of detail and end the year here. um but still we should mention that it's
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by no means that the vendors say it means people out and is definitely some work that needs to be done on non issues that were not addressed in that bill for example i've just touching on some more contentious issues there were benefits for veterans and a lot of benefits and pink eye on federal workers agreed to pay more for their pensions and unemployment benefits while others and to expire in a couple of days sell congress needs to work on time getting to addressing that issue because i like people are panicking. even when you come together and work together a lot of people get left out the unemployed get left out this new military retirees to know they did make sure that doctors cupcake which her doctor suggested you really wonder wat it and wonder why an employed unemployed people don't interact with men this much weight around here just a top lobbyist members of congress journey walking through the dome to work over the next two years is the story on any chance that seeing their home base here did remodeled might inspire sort of re modeling within
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congress. home or away on holiday in kenya have the metaphor continues to work in that way. when it comes to the bunch and that's seen as a hopefully a sign that things are going to turn around by others a lot of work that needs to be done and of the year two thousand fourteen farm bill but they have to take up that's going to keep on the sensitive issues like food stamp benefits and subsidies also a big debt ceiling that's a big one that is going to resurface com this spring the government again on the second people think if they don't come on come to an agreement on that i was in the scene in the past that's been very contentious use as a bargaining chip for the republican bay area now they live in and actually get something out of it before in agreement. icebergs us out that's coming up also inside it's an election year so a lot of times that's not a bad bad bad as in that second visit to the italian bread it's the always choose type times of unrest or instability to rebuild the tone that they built the dome of the ninety six
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are in the eighteen sixties during the civil war the renovated during the nineteen sixties it was kind of time of mold united states and here we are the worst mother in st. let's go to fix the dome. hopefully it's that it's a it'll be a transformation on a lot of this arch is the small things and. well the budget debate in washington dc are normally focused on numbers on the spreadsheet it's important to remember those numbers have real world consequences. discusses veterans who will see their benefits cut. this was what is mentioned as result of the latest budget deal. and there's the story of one highly decorated air force pilot whose post him as owners were away. due to a lack of resources at their force. art is pretty boring post more. the area was a fighter pilot extort me after he shot down nazis and was given one of the most prestigious ceremony at arlington national cemetery of my father served during world war two and that he was stationed in england and down and with the mustang the p fifty one d mustang he was
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even given a second highest award in the air force he was macy had a six aerial kills and one ground kill. i think the most notable victory was his ice sheet down into german in eighteen sixty is in a single. a dogfight. and that was a feat for which many years later he was awarded the air force cross he passed away on a preferred twenty thirteen with applicable for a full honors military funeral at arlington to cover his family had to wait eight months of the service. arlington national cemetery for one to eight thousand fewer of the year. didn't his family's it was well worth the wait was beautiful there. as one of the most decorated war were to elect his friends and family thought it was essential to have a flyover with no higher. salute to a pilot. the no fly over from another aviator. due to budget constraints the airport was not able to provide the service at this time the united states air force was unable to support
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this flyover. it was an active duty air force reserve air national guard resources the senator tom coburn two weeks after congress ordered the air force to purchase four hundred thirty two million dollars worth of cargo plane had been peeking out of service. the air force within allowed to walk tomorrow is adrien a look see at twenty seven days before these aircraft to a single flight. with more to that passing at a rate of almost six hundred a day. there's not many. so tom occur to the civilian pilot to fly his own airplane into our intent to fight restricted so that the owner of ever purvis dwarf or two a fighter bomber into mike and i was able to add something to the ceremony for the air force would not it will be able to do the absence to do a flyover at arlington our nation's sacred ground. in the airplane that he flew forward to. what precise courtney symmetry air combat
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command area of control team and arlington cemetery. it took off from an absence of regional airport in tea with the restricted airspace burlington just that the keys on the honor guard in the end for example i have to admit when andrew flew over india. the p fifty one mustang and give us a way that was. it's pretty special i thought i would appreciate that. and what it likes of don knapp like himself the ceremony also included a firing party and piercings on the us army. following the full military honors in the family was invited back to the masses airport to follow up with one more family tradition to be able to honor him in this type of an airplane rather than the one you know modern day from one short order. i think makes it a little more impactful and introduce the teenager is grandson into the cockpit. a full military honors funeral at arlington and that the case on that score puts you in a casket team a firing party and a
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dealer. fortunately for linton injury to his kin also included a flyover of the p fifty one last thing arlington virginia umpiring and boring. archie then here's a tip when someone says they were to sell you star trek technology. don't get that millions of dollars got it. this week fifty seven year old or how we're to live in hope but guilty to stealing millions of dollars from investors who had climbed into thinking that us inventor of a real world version of the famous star trek try quarter the fictional tv show to try quarter was use the standard mission to determine his or her illnesses. and let him tell convince investors that he had invented something similar called health news mccoy home tabloid. his pitch to investors learned all forged documents to show that the canadian government was on board with this invention and then he checked in more than twenty five million dollars from potential investors. us attorney loreto when she spoke of the crime
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eleven calls world the truth was cloaked by his web of lies and impersonation. his actions were the stuff of fantasy and science fiction valid only in another dimension. an accepted and eleven caller can pitch warp drives to nascar for the new tractor beams to the us military. we honor the year's food ways has become a problem in the us reports have shown how billions of dollars into just ends up in the dumpster. because of this problem is more than just a boarding keys on a dinner plate. presidents laureate are financed with more on that. i knew. and. i miss
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the good stuff. eating fattening foods and are ready to go out tons of leftovers because you see according to new research. i can spell out about forty percent of their food throughout the year. and that number rose even higher during the holidays that we see is horrible for the environment the indictment and waste of resources. lily and disgusting indictment of our throwaway culture. this colossal waste bins for many reasons. don lemon how much it because we're all disappointed in the attic sheeple who blindly no food exploration be legal. i knew more points to the stew been illegally and stands as one of the conference behind our widening wasted food. it's called the dvd. how confusing it with the labels need to do
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with race in america. he describes as a belief system here in the us. in computing in fact a disorienting and in us and he doesn't think much of our system. in other words we see no evil see the gate and came up with producer somehow knew exactly what i was going to fly out and that the food magically end the day. what happens the whole labeling system has no oversight. the federal level nightmare and there is very little consistency every state. the only one cousin in law. most people think the label still even communicate when the phone is spoilt. it's a new guy or that the black and yellow is just meant as a suggestion when the food might be at its peak quality. i found i are many factors suggested when the grocery store and
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might consider to lumber selling the product. i merely because it's on the night. in hero uniform criteria for any of those terms. not that i have a dentist who has actually gone. henley where you don't know when our food goes bad for ourselves because i can't thank you throw away perfectly good mood because of the stupid expiration date label. new line of legal for them we rely on what the food actually tastes or smells like. it's just another example of how weak the two average paper and sound. if anything they need an expiration date in this story is that our practice of blindly finally whatever corporations and government tell us to do. tonight's the night battling and treated as a resident. does it for now. or the stories we covered like the latest weapons shipments to iraq or the fate of detainees at
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guantanamo bay. due to da com slash archie america. check out our website. archie da us a good call me on twitter about same . we'll see you back thirty pm. thanks for walking. i don't i the daddy with us on this edition of the sign it's friday december twenty seven. i think about she and her tail. japanese prime minister she needs a lot that has visited yesterday shrine in tokyo it's the first time an incumbent prime minister has visited the shrine since two thousand six minus tt


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