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tv   Newsline  PBS  December 26, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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guantanamo bay. due to da com slash archie america. check out our website. archie da us a good call me on twitter about same . we'll see you back thirty pm. thanks for walking. i don't i the daddy with us on this edition of the sign it's friday december twenty seven. i think about she and her tail. japanese prime minister she needs a lot that has visited yesterday shrine in tokyo it's the first time an incumbent prime minister has visited the shrine since two thousand six minus two at
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that time wasted gto police in me. they said he paid his respects to those who sacrificed their lives for japan and renewed his commitment to peace. china and south korea and toppings and a sense of them ride the kiddie slide before noon on thursday and offered prayers in the minds one year since he too got this for the second time. yes the shrine honors japan's war dead. the amended to include military and political leaders convicted of war crimes by an international tribunals after world war two they did not visit the shrine during its spring and autumn festival says see it. he also didn't kill one on his fifty. the danger and mike's the end of world war two. people know how many. i showed my nose respects scene and had to ration to those who sacrificed their prices rise but the pounds a week that i also pray that they would rest in peace. he loves it. they also said he visited
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another shrine in the same compound he said he paid his respects to all the people of the world who have died in wars. the leader said that china and south korea did not hesitate to criticize the gazette. chinese foreign minister whiny lodged a protest. sea run china central television a point that wagon called in the japanese ambassador was at that stand out when come to visit a belief in provocation. he won the chinese would fly to the finish. if the japanese continued to challenge the baseline of relations japanese embassy officials in beijing xi'an that's a big step said they did not intend to hurt the feelings of the chinese people. as set out they were trying to build family relations and helps to explain himself directly to chinese leaders. the south korean government also can stand on this visit. global total. oil traded below. we urged the japanese government to correct its perception of history in which it denies
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the past and glorifies its earlier aggression in order for japan to gain trust. it should face up to history and apologize to the people of neighboring countries that suffer under its military aggression and colonial rule milan as high as rapidly deteriorated last year after then president e mail not visit the islands in the sea of japan controlled by south korea and claimed by japan may he became president in steady rain has refused to meet with out that there's a growing feeling cells to me and that japan is shifting to the rights under the outgoing government. is routinely demanded that japan take measures to address such historical issues as the so called comfort women. many of the women were forced to work as prostitutes for japanese soldiers during world war two officials of the us embassy in tokyo express that governance is disappointed that his action and says it will exacerbate tensions with its neighbors and the ceos is
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set in a statement that the us japan and its neighbors will find constructive ways to deal with sensitive issues from the past and tend to revelations of an anti official told nhk that appears to me to visit our confidence over his government's high simple rates. this also suggests because that danny has got the timing for a visit would be better than on on his fifth team. that doesn't make it right. prime minister and deputy on a webcast and tried to allay foreign criticism he's in reactions from some countries appear to reefs like a mis understanding that he was trying to glorify japanese war criminals. to do in each. i believe it is common practice. cody is so around the world to train for the souls of people who died in wars will be done to fit into them i'm a city and new intention of hurting the feelings of the people of south korea and china. i'll
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explain the purpose of my visits with a few minutes they could to see as his sanity and seeks dialogue with them. i miss and leaders in the united states miss understand various aspects of the shiny sheen. he said he wants to take this opportunity to clear out those misunderstandings japanese government officials in boise mixed opinions on the shrine visits some see the understanding of those visits. others are concerned it may affect ties not only with china and south korea but also with the united states. they see the wish that they would focus on economic policies. i senior political commentator months and that they cannot explain the timing of a shrine visits and the possible impact on foreign relations. do you since taking office of the has carefully considered a visit to the shrine. but he has chosen not to. why was no reason he was at this time he's a desire to visit the shrine on the one year on year history of his cabinet
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sitting in duration. it is something he felt the call clinch the first time he held the office. it is believed that he wanted to change the situation where the prime minister last month to visit the shrine for relationships with china and south korea he said that the accused only regrets being only able to visit the shrine during his first tenure. so she probably wanted to change that situation while at the same time reaching the expected giselle his conservative supporters. i don't think there'll be any drinks there is in the near future. china south korea have protested strongly about this visit. so the chances of his meeting with chinese and south korean leaders will be even slimmer. while any form of the magistrates nobody is visiting and bonds. probably hoping to gain understanding for his decision. but some in the government think that at
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the busy mind i do personally object to the summation relations with united states which hopes to attend to improve its ties with china and south korea. well yes and no it is only natural for the un also needed to pray for the souls of those who fought and died for their country. hopefully all he can do now is to continue his enforced again the un and to gain the understanding of other countries. eye. i miss has had a little more like gaining understanding from people and the bike it's his economic policies aim to close at hand out as the years of deflation recent data suggest that now makes maybe working i heard she had chances now from the prison staff side good morning good morning captain and if deflation means the falling prices the opposite of that put the binding prices but that regard i economics has already shown some results prices actually rose for a sixth straight month in
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november and they jumped the most and find the years getting closer to the bank of japan's two percent inflation target. internal affairs ministry officials said the consumer price index rose one point two percent in november from a year ago the index excludes volatile fresh food prices. the jump was due to higher energy prices gasoline was up nearly nine percent while kerosene increase more than twelve percent. price hikes and accommodation in overseas package tours also contributed to the game. now the unemployment rate excuse me for november was unchanged from the previous month but job availability and prove to the highest level in six years. internal affairs officials say the jobless rate was four percent the figure remains unchanged for a third month in a row people without jobs declined to about two point five million while those with jobs were up to more than sixty three point seven million
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meanwhile the ministry officials say job availability improve. they say there were one hundred vacancies for every one hundred job seekers the figure reached one hundred for the first time since october two thousand and seven. let's turn to them like it's now investors remain upbeat. even after the christmas holiday the dow jones extended its record highs for its sixth straight trading day. the key index rose about three quarters of a percent to sixteen thousand four hundred seventy nine and that's after data on weekly u s jobless benefits showed improvement also spending during the holiday season was better than previously reported and the tech heavy nasdaq was up almost three tonnes of a percent to end at four thousand one hundred sixty seven. wellpoint on shares are trading here. it's good to remain oligarchy is that the token stock exchange remain on good morning just a couple of trading days left this year but then i have more japanese economic data for us and that just came out before the open house not
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that the secular them or do you mentioned a couple that i use all five books of the government's us that the cost of production for them but november rose zero point one percent. and to emphasize the third month in a row of cages for industry production. now let's have a look at the house talks are reacting on the back of the selected at that and we're seeing a pretty positive start for both the nikkei and the topics that and again the nikkei continuing above sixteen thousand is shown a pretty good run for the year and it's nice to preach and close above sixteen thousand at this weekend's been up around fifty five percent so far this year far outstripping many of its peers in us and europe at the weaker yen of course has provided a boost to exports of course. and that we've seen favorable earnings and forecasts for many japanese the blue chip companies and more portly share prices of which have hit record highs. so far this year after aggressive cost cutting measures and some managerial shake ups as well
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so to keep a close eye on the japanese corporations having in two thousand and fourteen. i mean on thursday by the grace of the dollar hit its highest level against the gain since october two thousand eight and it's good to go even higher in two thousand fourteen. yet deftly as the economists that we've spoken to over the past weeks i have agreed that they see that all are going higher still. and that really based on our growth and employment issues in the us the world's biggest economy right now it's a hundred forty four four hundred and four point nine two to ninety six when it is very quick to say if it breaks above hundred and five s can be the first time it was in over five years that has hit a hundred and five yen levels of keep a close eye on that. your input and forty people in sixty one a seventy six excuse me however european markets were closed on thursdays and has been very little direction really for the single currency. asian markets some may provide a letter that a guy. however many traders also looking to was the year end holidays as
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the volume has been a little bit less than average up but so far we are speaking up of sixteen thousand for dundee cake. we've hit that level twice so far this week closed above it twice i was seething close up of accepted it and that'll be a good continuation really for a lot of investors looking at the japanese. i share price and the index's was bigger than ak which is really outperformed as if they can see a continuation of that i'm strong momentum heading into two thousand and fourteen at winchelsea. back to what sounds good many things a lot from email a guy from the tokyo stock exchange and with just a few days to go is safe to say that to get stock market showed a strong performance in two thousand thirteen. the nikkei index has risen by more than fifty percent but other asian markets showed volatility the benchmark stock index for the asian pacific region excluding japan moved like this and it's down zero point four percent from the start
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of this here. our market reporter he leaned we spoke to the hill of snow continually come up from diana securities. she asked for his view on the market trend for this year and his outlook for two thousand fourteen. from the beach and this year until now the old world performances. and the police because of tea. to some uncertainty about japanese economy. and so on when in the us. i have decided to pay for his monetary stimulus program. so what if the markets reacted to that so far. i can see civilization want to be good news. it's been discounted the market. while more evil i used to believe me the groucho. go me the units
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it is good for the job market especially if you want to export to us. so the two parties not necessary cool for the job market. what's not all were partying like it's for two thousand fourteen. chris dickson who roamed the dvd to market too greetings to market. just when you try to focus more on the readings these blue teal including improvement. then the beast on earnings growth with. over to the fourteen month grocery. my eyes the authority to rule as i stitch the mix. more importantly. use a color explosion and easy. you'll get is a small gold the japanese economy is also growing. so of oscillations
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he can be cruel. to some extent due to the chorus markets. long i feel wanna cry is the chinese economy color me. maintain the stability of april next year. and up to the holiday sit to cool. next year. most people think that he did china economic growth is home next year. this is the most emotional like that in the sea. speed depending on his own goal in terms of the results x four. two reasons its soul. credit markets and. woohoo it's as good as he was last. that's all for now and this is is
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ollie me with a check on my kits the eye. when streams and rebels in south sudan are keeping up their attacks on each other soldiers loyal to the president are trying to beat a key towns. a un spokesperson in the capital juba told nhk more and more people are fleeing the violence. he was very cool card that has one. julio to prison sullivan care and support as some form of bias present we must all be plenty for all but ten days. a unit
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of the show into the house as the troops and rebels to either pass or pull off the country's ten states. he says more and more citizens are fleeing their home why i continue to rise. it is a source of great concern to the dish. i believe that something of the order of nearly thirty thousand civilians. from sean will it stay. have crossed into a neighboring state. over the past five or six days through it fine. displaced people flooding into using bases across the country japanese and other union peacekeepers of the main town in july. i didn't want to answer the station over fifty thousand civilians. a shelter that we continue to get more people coming up that means
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that the current circumstances feel that only in the compound w and they actually feel they have to protect it. these things to your destination on wednesday and are estimates only to be gone soon it sells says the president is holding his on ice and maths with the stamp before cubicle turns out that old dogs had been in constant contact with the cutie to the country and effort to open a channel dialogue between the two sides. kenyan and ethiopian me is driving in the country to help local talents. union officials say is the result of a new station on time to bring the two sides to the negotiating table before the new year. very cool about it in a ski world. opposition
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figures in each end to asking their fellow citizens to join them in their protests at it this week the leaders of the interim government declared the muslim brotherhood a group. that's done little to stop the term while that's run the country for months. a roadside bomb went off near a bias in the capital cairo including five people. the attack came just days after another outside police headquarters in the northern city of mysore. sixteen people were killed. government leaders say the muslim brotherhood was responsible for that bombing. utilities and started amassing members of the organization. members of the muslim brotherhood say they weren't involved in either bombing. those requests on my knees asking how the egyptians to join them in a week and demonstrations. protesters have clashed repeatedly with security forces. a spokesperson for the interior ministry issued a statement warning that demonstrators
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will be punished according to belmont. protesters in the thai capital bangkok by making sure their voices are heard. they want an election scheduled for february to be postponed. but police want them off the streets and they said the political friday's crowd and says stadium today this event. this is trying to force their way. police responded by firing teargas and rubber bullets. one officer was killed about one hundred people were hurt this is why the lights until eight so that teachers can focus first on political reforms. the card and try to stay and watch it and want to step down and brother also said as protestant. he was overthrown in two thousand six pc tax into the walk continues to wield too much influence the election commission and its government officials to postpone the vote. under these circumstances the election process can become chaotic possibly leading to
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bloodshed the commissioning case given the greatest risk of cancers. the south east asia are looking back and shared tragedy. nine years until an earthquake shook indonesia and sent a tsunami roaring across the indian air shed more than two hundred and twenty thousand people were killed or went missing stuart's competition series at key points the mini shows that about chasing me and it ends up of smoke right on although isaac southern people will still lives in jail. the needs of a state ceremony on to coming to the umno members of the zest of two pray the way. india wasn't snowing also every s themselves the station to east and africa nine years later and it sure was delicious nuts or raisins people possess the mothers and stressed the importance of making great use is
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the star is. only one only we need to think about what we are able to do this for a disaster. it's a slow taken adequate measures to cool down. what you see the stars has hit us in countries owe both of us nine years. best of us typhoon to them was in six of them people use of pps in thailand. here is some tissue from the pope of the dummies interrupted money posting supply chains to life by a loss as industry up affecting areas outside the region as well. some say that the reasonable person could help me with a ghost he'll go for the cia mission held a joint use of the truth and knowing that now. for them to supplement what soap suds firefighters and if there was no point in countries far. they tested mit system said of mr khan's
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help. the system and it was awesome companies to share information on what kind of oz is the unspeakable four the cca shares won't indulge in the stars from last week's does not need an anti from two high tides and frauds they need to have measures in place to deal with his comedies. as the region take some strong role in the global economy. the need for regional cooperation in times of disaster becomes goes the more important the show but he missed two of us. it's an fha am so glad that people in any case essentially you are having a hard time getting amount mine sure she explains in a world class. mining and sell lot of people they in the central parts of europe are dealing with heavy still in a stable conditions. kayla did a video coming out from switzerland today. so this has been dealing with significant amounts of snow more than one meter palms up in less than twelve hours on thursday. many vehicles are stuck in the snow in some areas have been those in
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malay services were disrupted that ten people are having trouble with their bots. till then on the other hand side having five times doing this and snags. i am fully known her back to this outlet the kc a lot of style of clouds. well this is another system still lingering over the central mediterranean nations additional of about fifty centimeters of snow fall could be like lead to the next twenty four hours we kept it more than a hundred kilometers per hour said the combined agreeing to reduce visited the tea very hazardous for driving conditions in the magic system is moving in so that's likely to batter the british isles we got a brainstorm hygienic into the weekend you can see their eyes or by as many currencies to eat and to other hosts overlapping and as can create about a hundred fifty kilometers per hour were danced across the aisle and says can be a very windy weekend ahead of you. another wet and windy area will be here in the scandinavian peninsula. this is actually
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the extra snow storm that moved and still lingering across these areas being unstable conditions. congo in the east you can take the lake at these temperatures mosque no one can follow and it wore so that's six entries it looks like it's going to be very chilly but in fact that's well above the average range and the guillotine date to that double digits in london and in it has been in the second team in packets the thirty carrying in japan well we've got a very typical winter pressure packed and the nets can it be kicking in for the weekend bringing very stormy conditions to the north western flank of japan. that includes the kolkata that it has the storm a warning this post on morning as well as higher place the waves could be as much as eight meters high so nice to not venture out in the seat and it's not about sixty centimeters could be coming up on top of more than a meter that we have already here in that oval could sustain be a very silly event the pacific side but also that add pics to help st
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has petitioned the seat could even turned to snow but as can be pulling all the way into the eye and one and i didn't attend a finance class plus the temperatures will be on bed to rock the comic and these sold minus two lehigh into saturday tokens looking at two degrees for them though. also looking at single digits for the nine taipei and in hong kong where he and his face and to take out your warmest jacket or coat possible. k millar to the americans now we have been talking about amongst them but british columbia in debate i get to do that another round of very heavy mountain snow. i love stella also becoming appear in the great lakes region of the bed main topic here would probably be the key here in the center is in the southwest critical fire weather will still be consistent and that one can of the polling only into the east. this is a big history and theory and the big city such as boston new york and washington d c with the temperatures on the rebound making it into
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the double digits here on your insanity and the seat leaving the pricks and upper caste. i eye the eye. this is
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us in a nice time and counting. as. is it on the beach. you can do the holders. the acoustics the holders. the acoustics of this
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