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was one will or will the news on and on the muslim brotherhood as denounce them really cheap the government's declaration to maine it's a group it said the aim of the decision was to break moves by the people on the ground and cause a civil war in the country not because of cotton he didn't end of the reason is connected to the brotherhood an islamic relate to what the media says the deceased was in the late because of the new vehicle that picks from the justice system. his comments come as the eighteen people were arrested in the continuing crackdown by the authorities
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against the group. i was out with the sweet stuff to the ortho it is accused of carrying out tuesday's attack on the police compound in the nile delta safety of muscle which left sixteen people dead more than the hunted for eighteen inches deep. but mostly is currently facing trial on serious charges up. minister benjamin netanyahu said israel holds hamas responsible for recent attacks emanating from the gaza strip. i will make that area to face the consequences he said israel will not hesitate to start using threaten to damage our existence. he promised to act strongly including using pre emptive methods against any attack against israel. the latest attack took place on thursday evening when a rocket landed in the school region of southern israel do when no injuries or damage in recent days the area has seen heightened tensions between israel and the palestinians with a string of attacks against israeli civilians
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security forces and israeli unit on a tree strikes in gaza that israel still plans to release palestinian prisoners on sunday as part of ongoing peace talks . i knew the routine use of june more in one the it of. eu
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short in the central african republic cite dozens of people died including six peacekeepers from cad in the late is to play for the interfaith violence and kept to a banking the soldiers from chad was ambushed near the airport by christian militia otherwise known as auntie ballot to red cross workers have also recovered before tea parties and the possible dates protocol authorities say they have uncovered another thirty in a must read french and african troops have struggled to contain the violence as muslim summit the ripples a christian militia carry out attacks on one another and to
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ordinary civilians the turmoil was started off with an instantly she'll show toto else to democratically elected from total seats taken him in the tree to the chemo which many christians accused the government and transfer money starting with muslim rebels to you in three pt agency estimates that two hundred thousand people have been displaced. the central african republic has remained an unstable country since it gained independence in nineteen sixty five of the cost for years. french forces have also been deployed to confronts its former colony money to drive out al qaeda militants and in the hypertext to protect civilians court open civil war. colson prawns for intervention in the central african republic has four sharply since the killing of two young soldiers during a patrol prawns has deployed around one thousand six hundred trees to the country in addition to the four thousand troops from the african union ukrainian anti government protesters
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camping in independence square and down to remain there after an attack on an investigative journalist opposition activist and journalist cgi mature mobile would be no pie on non attackers of december twenty pip just hours after she posted pictures of the interior minister's all appealing to residents on our lot. that thirty four year old from an activist quizzed giving speeches at least in anti government protests told police her car was stopped by a vehicle just after midnight a group of unidentified men got out to pembroke to rip into her car. john noble was left with a broken nose concussion and numerous present. anti government protesters in kiev say they will not leave the square now until their demands which include the resignation of president viktor yanukovich on that kid has been gripped by street protests since late november when deanna coaches government refused to sign an association agreement with
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the european union weekend or l a chapter on hundreds of thousands of people the gypsy trimmed oakland has formally to the muslim brotherhood a organization this means the entire group's activities including financing demonstrations and eight the membership by now a criminal offence. the latest attempt to crack down on the islamist group comes days off to the roman bricks through placement courses in than oil filter valley killing sixteen people and wounding more than one hundred deputy prime minister hun sen advice that old egyptian tv the building not a return to the costs and that the its crimes grateful beyond tomorrow religious and human admits this in the light based militant group inspired by now predict claimed responsibility for the attack the muslim brotherhood condemned the bombing saying he was an attack on the unity of the egyptian people
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thousands attended the mass funeral of those killed in tuesday's attack one of the deadliest in recent months. the decision to ban the brotherhood was announced in response to the escalation of violence in egypt residency card ready to be reacting to that decision almost the middle but like doing is making me go to stevie g show people that we will therefore not participate in the referendum but the opposite is true we are now more determined to go out and folks favorite feel good to be pasted in times of the bike doing his own resume since july will see and other top prominent leaders has been tossed with a number of crimes including a jail break during the two thousand and eleven pricey tickets costing them back and conspiring with four organizations to commit acts of terrorism. if found guilty the members could face the death penalty brotherhood was founded in nineteen twenty i was the cheapest most organized political force until this summer's crackdown amazement was banned by the mitre role was in nineteen fifty four during the nineteen eighties
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it attempted once again to return to the political scene and came to prominence again in two thousand and eleven despite repeated reflections that greed has continued to exist throughout the realm placements. i have. in the dishonesty last week as your driver has returned three hundred thousand us dollars in cash to three four hour after trying this on the taxi cabs taxi journey and combined discovered the cache decided i needed to find the center left behind after successful night of gambling. upon discovering the money can count on this dispatch interpret the findings which he later told the local newspaper had been the right thing to do the well. the something good to other people. showed they can be caught. the good. but they showed. they should be
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in for good company. but if i win the piano. and for your show. don't even try to can don't these people in a new respect. the shelter said. he seemed to tell americans the taxi company shut down the passenger who needed the money and promised to send inside a lie. while canberra's unclear who warned him i kidding anyone thousand dollars bonus to dinner at the two canadian companies to either of the year said the sinking sun newspaper loom . the most successful students entering israel appears to be the christian arabs were more likely than any of these are the community to succeed in inextricably to exams good care of statistics has reported that some seventy percent of their christian high school students scored on a contest to enter college even though the christian
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era of community has made substantial gains in education with a larger more whites creek issues remain the quest of impunity in israeli society the current study found out that more is really christians see themselves as arabs. in an effort first earnest in israeli society and political party has been formed to science and the new testament party that calls for arab soldiers in the idf is supposed to help identify the arab christians from tuesday the arab society that is close to ninety percent muslim. the a few. not just any rate cavity has grown from its humble east and creates to becoming one of the most important cavities in the british capital the key says the gallery's director is not only focusing on jewish artists but the greater involvement and twenty century arts as wellibit the vanity gallery up your
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focus is on the first fifty years of british art collective demanding group now in its centennial year for when they were rejected by the british arts establishment in the early twentieth century. it's a similar story with the gallery itself. that area executive chairman david class and explains the long weekend was fun. in nineteen thirteen the century to find a whole makes this an exhibit in. shoot it out of the boxes for the stoppage that we're basically trying to sidestep and of course the new despite the nineteen fifteen by our graduation options because he suffers from which i sliced them too so there really is a great deal of synergy between the both institutions. the band i gather he has ground to be the world's most distinguished body of works by artists of the european jewish descent. they are about thirteen hundred works by three nineteen ninety made it to its artists here although a little bit out of the way critics and our members make the journey to
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north west london of the famous abbey road to see some of the world's best acts like a pro lor. co curator me to read ten says the plaudits for the exhibition are flattering but not surprising i think the lives of saints know that the climate it was an assassination stories and it's it's always like an adult eighteen minutes. you can come here and you can have the experience of traditional wisdom. oh i was the same kind of bite size chunks in a fifty laps the states has urged that all fantastic. what if the work gives you something really exciting thing that is on education as something that's also pretty the county pays its legality is letting office to get the excellent talks about the educational programs in place for children and young adults james wasn't for us and it's about action on exhibitions because it's such a strong
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effects on immigration. that anxiety and sometimes causes of brainy types that takes attention he even put it in comedies while souths at an average attendance. i'm saddened by seeing our own in that hospital staff cuts in the stories and spinach and he is and we had eight kids five and make them feel positive that something this clown masses says as the downy somebody has passed it also has big plans for the future that we were going to develop an eerie and i have been consistently developing venues since the two thousand and one from the relaunch is about migration is about our identity in my kitchen and this is story of migration in this part jeremy and i live in a victory which is german two of them. got any hopes to instill more essential of the location and is biting other and making it easy to tell their own stories in keeping with the kennedys the past of our identity and migration. and cindy martin fridge and one. in london
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and you the more than seventy people have been attacked like watching fish similar to car owners in the river next to a popular beach in argentina according to medical officer don't this will force the posh tmp take a seven year old kills finger and dozens more wounded. so she and annie was swimming in the helena river when the polls the fight to fish stocks it he said he saw cuts that were up to three in the hops into a tizzy and the cases of injury were being reported in several different areas of the beach these photos show the culprits. the panel makes this dish can be aggressive and has teeth and fishman second cup rematch and fishing lines. the attack happened off a popular beach in the rosario three hundred km north of puerto sorry when many allergens hines was seeking relief from the thirty eight degrees with a heat for leading the attacks. local police unlike got to try to prevent
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others didn't ring the walks the greatness kennel club said that the queen's favourite breed of dog is now at the risk of becoming endangered breed is considered endangered when it has fewer than three hundred puppy registrations annually and by early december this year. the pembroke welsh corgi only had three hundred won. that places the breed on the kennel clubs. ad watch list. went to the chairwoman of the mosque where you need the dogs are far from becoming extinct but that readers might need to import scene in or animals from overseas a daunting prospect with the current economy. you can download and keep an account of the soap holder wearing. and we tried to encourage new people to come into the brain. with the economic climate the lane case that has an orphan into pan and bake on complaining in contrast the french bulldog and the smooth coated to allah. the boston terrier
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and upon all increased in popularity between two thousand and three in two thousand and twelve. perhaps due to their fashionable status with celebrities like paris hilton and tv of aunties. as for the cleaning she has owned more than thirty parties over the years but cited to stop breeding in two thousand mine because she didn't want them to suffer the pain of being orphaned if they live here. irish bookmaker paddy power has withdrawn its sponsorship of retired u s basketball player dennis rodman visit to north korea saying it was a result of general condemnation of pyongyang. rodman returned earlier in the week from a four day trip to the reclusive country that was arranged by paddy power and followed in the rare courage of leader kim jong un is powerful. uncle james song say who was executed this month. north korea's economy once larger than south korea's is now a fortieth of the size of its neighbor is
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twenty four million people regularly suffer food shortages the execution reflected and the brutality of the regime and its a low regard for human life. us president ronald thomas press secretary said. rodman has visited pyongyang on two other occasions during which he spent time dining as a guest of camp with whom he says he has a genuine friendship. he did not meet him during his most recent trip and said it was not his place to comment on the regime species. rodney and intends to return to pyongyang in january with a team of fellow former nba stars for a basketball game on kim's birthday. dear sissy stupid tolerance counted by susanna beat on aims to tackle the numerous problems afflicting underprivileged children in casa blanca as close to foster understanding and respect that this
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difference is that anyone spoke to a few board members here in casa blanca to find out what they didn't attack when the future the association for tolerance is one of the only organizations in morocco this board members and staff are present a multi religious composition i think it's those two jewish muslim and christian backgrounds. goose all of the association of moroccan foot soreness and it could be typical of the association of town as the cars always looking at he presented a penalty the organizations focus on underprivileged youth in education centers of the line just to turn into extremism and is seen as the direction of the poverty in a country with the high illiteracy rate in many families living below the poverty line. it influences the means for them to receive. i went to associations and the somewhat utility to scoot back forty and peace to your children you see. so says approaching why so i am keen to win this
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one. try entering the social market. yes folks it was yes we train so. mom was going on. morocco is a country with many different regional customs ethnicities and ninety two and as such multiculturalism is essential aspects were out those long history and had to happen morocco has a long history of welcoming those that are at the korean and just be different which is a tradition that the organization does not want to see the country leading to the tyranny of the moment only do we do not want to use all the old customs. the difference between christian muslim jewish people when there's no difference. we are all equal interest in the closet door of the jewish population of crime there is much less religious diversity and not enough within a generation ago. the association for tolerance intends to show younger generations the moroccans of different religions can foster friendships and work together as founder suzanne at the time and board members bouncy house and the child to use. i found that children whose parents and falling. i
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have no old cds and she knew my time these days. and well designed this and uses an awful word where she works a full days in social services did it. i am just on the scene she was small she was in good one. and she was always a relief. don't call us to help visiting the essence of social work is to be nice to see what happens next tuesday. boston often older people down many many del held on for visiting if the station for london's times times online events in the future it is fiscally instilled in morocco and a pass on the message of tolerance and inspect things in law mrs was summoned in a referendum casa blanca the and mm. i stood with us my answer to the store people on christmas day
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firefighters discovered the body of one person under the decree of destroyed home in western massachusetts after fire broke out in the early hours. in a separate incident three siblings have been killed in the louisiana state overnight after carbon cuts in marginal the home accommodating twelve people spreading fire broke out when the children slept in the living room. her parents were injured while attempting to rescue the children. state fire marshal said the fire started near the area with the three victims slept. investigators determined the cause of the fire . i know. the it's probably the most well known is ready so she liked it she's celebrating forty years under the spotlight she is starting yet another adventure in a very colorful life as a matchmaker. and with the re teach the young being a celebrity to meet is still extremely honored by
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the continuous attention in the area beyond. the people um want to know about me and leave the balcony and an overtime on tv and many many the show was and then. i like show business headlines like to sing like to add and pass on the side of being in business soon as you know and i'm quite pleased with my life i must say it. it's no big secret to true love is hard to come bites of euros and who wants to help when she feels she can contribute because i bought my life made big matches and saw all the problems for my friend that divorce programs in this and with the kiddos something and need different add to the jewish people one of the weldon on sundays when in my way excited to go
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and see the chips and then you have to feel to phone one of our channel and whine about what you want on the other person is sick a cold and i send you a story matching and blue week. you see. i'm mostly next weekend if another plane and then i say black roman polanski told me one day when i mentioned in london from and thinks what he would catch. so i have to be patient because if you catch this one. then you find your love. i was so excited when they approach me from there. the sign she lays down on the jewish people and now. i want to get my way science and would be full of old jewish overwhelmed. i'm only two months the stock and two evenings too long. nobody knows about to bite. it is called the new kid in israel who is not good if he knows colorful the scandalous life
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but she's not at all and it's in the promises to bring it to us at a loss of her own life experience. experience i can i'll buy them by believing in so many places to mass amount and then having more than one or menace in my life the amount by men of both in and get them into ice. i am angered by love. what is good then how can you keep the humanities and i have been known as the snow and easy to be married and it's very important to know how to keep it up in a live band and down. exciting. so i am feeling a lot. of course undulating mistake in my way like him in the body and then today i can really get enough of them fly. the next day you know will be entering the mobile market helping around the world find their
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match in two thousand and fourteen. i went on to condone all the sounds from the snowy on me and want to go on over to will myself but they lack a corporate partner that will help me down because it's difficult for me because i'm here. then i come to america they can look the least and i hadn't been human companions. it really is. it was humid which she would like to devote all her energy to match making. she feels it is her life's mission to put people together. but jane won i won tickets and into monday. an on screen or in the netherlands has come up with the unique business saw a duty to preserve the testes of the dance featured on to helm has about thirty customers already the dirt is partly hidden away in a canal helps in the dutch capital of
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amsterdam. it's not a new idea to give police. says like when i die i want the museum would like to do so with the dalits find a way to see if that can really make a fuss. florists excelled at the portrait of his late mother tattooed onto his back when she died two years ago and he says he hopes his images can be preserved for years to come there are people start losing their homes. we are asking who this year olds to show her toys jar with it especially what would jesus do. it just looks terrible in this way it looks much better looks like the packages are like this yes please. in order for customers to have their taxis maintained up to dance they need to pay a few hundred year in santa clara they will miss can donate it to the town to shop. died the proteas will check your body. and he will be asked to move to. this game which
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the two imported onslaught lives better or for that reason. once the scheme is to make it is sent to him of our tree for twelve weeks with the extra support to replaced with silicon as the custom of course has failed. he's still yet to find anyone to inherit his skin while most families tend to have a creek and says with each other around the dinner table but christmas this is helping indigenous community in for it deals with disputes. in the festival nine as attack on the key which means that when the blood is boiling many essential schools using then of course the event allows people to take out the snow and the economic problems and to be an in between a tea before the start of the new year some women and children also take cos the local authorities and the referee was shown to show the fight he's fat and doesn't get out some pants. although it might look for a tilt towards designing usually come away with a few bumps and bruises in most cases the fight scene
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ends with hugs and smiles this official says the fourteen shows the strength talent and coverage of the community once told that much is said to the di is wrapped up with a celebratory dollars will you. do. will be. in the room to me. who are it will
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the tsar. a day. it's good. i know i know. he did it all
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as you is you. since. i want i wanna catch on. i just had to assist military rank control ceremony. president mahinda reaffirmed his commitment to the implementation of all all all volunteer military. ma for this that the minister of national defense was just the structure of the program as needed in


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