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tv   The Debate  PBS  December 27, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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holds up enough good things sports this is somebody who isn't. you knew you will. six dead in downtown beirut a car bomb kills for western sydney politician to taka former prime minister sought to re read it says may well be the what if hezbollah the push for peace regional leaders gather in the kenyan capital migrated to try to carve out a negotiated end to that deadly violence in south saddam. kentucky gripped by political tub while a senior prosecutor accused the police of obstructing his probe into corruption case which lingers
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the senior members of the cup. i welcome but if i can use toronto motorsports we begin in the lebanese capital larry how awful call home school st on the city's downtown area only on today killing a prominent politician least five dollars the homemade choc top and former finance minister and senior aide to son grady was amongst the dead missile he was the target of attack for strikeouts and i am sometimes the boy getting off the las night. as emergency workers can still be dead and wounded to hospital. after i come home to me today breaks these nasty streak. during the morning rush. security sources say a stolen vehicle was made that up to sixty kilograms of explosives and remotely detonate it. leaving behind the screen to in the middle of the streets with it and soak them in
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the desk of them. the looks of that stuff so that's when we knew it had all gone the bonus trac its target sunni opposition leader mohammad top. on his way to much fourteen police in the team when he's called lee was hit by the deadly toons a former finance minister said that was an outspoken critique of the sea remains demon and its ally hezbollah and declares aide to former prime minister saad and heidi be. his assassination comes as yet another politically motivated stride. in a country deeply divided over the war in neighboring syria from dara to end up going to damascus to this area. the st kilda is targeting the high rates of eleven on from oaks a thousand and four. then till today movies. daniel mike's a new round of the month fourteen lee lewis has hinted at his last
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involvement. i retreat to his suspicions saying those who assassinated mohamad to town on those who assassinated the honeybee. it's not as the line strongly denounced the attack saying it has the most easy it is time it is one of a series of crimes and loves painted devastating the country said tom skilling comes less than a month before the special tribunals eleven on me is that i love paul has got us some steaks and that the two thousand and five assassination of former prime minister the honeybee see the egyptian capital weapon the souls is a saying that three people have been killed and two under sixty five a rested. falling prices in cairo while out on a dress which was limited to the egyptian capital broke out on friday president was amazed by the government to brown the muslim brotherhood policy as a organization both the nearly two weeks of heavy fighting with the rebels the government of south saddam has agreed to an immediate ceasefire. that's according to east african leaders have been gathering in the kenyan capital
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the town rest of the world's newest nation for about two weeks ago off the country's ousted vice president was accused of attempting to post my cats and she has seen the reports now on the outcome of today's talks the inquiry rebel leader weekly chart is given an ultimatum. after meeting in the ruby on friday easter african leaders said the key didn't agree to an immediate truce. they would consider taking further action against him. throwing their weight behind south sudan's president topic here the mood of the meeting and by the government of thirty five because of saddam. one immediate cessation of hostilities. and call that pare cinema. call me two months they've posted it just looks he is always in four days of discovering a kid. the senate when it closed in the taking for the majors. celtic here says his former vice
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president treatments are attentive to again stand on december the team. to which he says sparked unrest across the land locked country and divided the population along ethnic lines. rebel forces to the strategic town of warren last week leading to thousands of refugees seeking sanctuary in the u n compound the government to treat turkey earlier this week western powers and regional governments fear the need to let letting could lead to a full blown civil war in south sea done. it's still unclear whether star will accept a truce. he had previously said he was open to talks. but on one condition that it has detained political allies are freed yesterday. will you all in the neighboring central african republic fight in the capital bondi has the kind the lives of at least two peacekeepers. thus according to a slight buzz of the african union says the two kobe soldiers were
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killed in an attack on a human toll french and african union forces are deployed throughout the sixty four strikeouts and customize then the capital he tells us more now about the reports of dozens of audi's been discovered in bondi. many of them in a mass grave. you're sure to manipulate the legal called the killer but i'm involved in. i'm not going to take it they found the king of clothing to show that some of the body to look like ducks to get up about some of the body of the torch on them each of the biggest dutch men and two kids weren't in uniform. an investigation being carried out the course each block of concrete but i'm not lacking including the fiction story really about the tension that in
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the concrete bomb going off by the looks of the white thing. she told it could have broad appeal were killed. i can see the show. reporting from home. there's still no end in sight to the political turmoil gripping techie where senior prosecutors accusing police of obstructing his crew into high level corruption allegations against the government's prime minister race that i've no one is on the mounting pressure over the case which is the raid resulted in the resignation of a number of filmmakers for strikeouts in gsc to school. judiciary deadlock. prob obstructed prosecutor in new. opinion is announcing against prime minister era chillin in his government. this friday turkish newspapers headlines on the high level corruption case. get sick then. we are really shocked that we didn't expect this. shame on them all the myth that you'll probably like it. will these incidents are linked to within fifteen minutes the sun sun the same. we're shocked union leaders developing and ensemble prosecutor was from the attorney investigation
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after accusing the government of interfering with the case by means of the police force a gg sherry was subjected to put pressure on the execution of court orders was obstructed. suspect to be done i'll take proportions the tamper with the evidence they cannot produce officials and policemen investigated for bribery and smuggling called to the ron. on wednesday three ministers were forced to resign after their sons were questioned we are now asking for prime minister eric going to be seen. he sent it to be drawn into the new investigation he suspected of being involved in a multibillion dollar corruption case involving scary to him and to see in the dining area are going east facing the biggest crisis of his eleven year tenure. a high level corruption case comes less than three months. four local elections like that. not in use the comp on isaac's good in the southern russian city of tempe course killing at least three people must
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according to security source quoted by regional news services. will this area becomes his cousin caucuses were in such a foolish regular socks as they seek to establish an islamic republic will no one is to file claims responsibility for today's attack. just before we go in to check in with out a space to see the progress of two russian crew members although the international space station here as we speak are on a seven out on a space walk. that job is to install two cameras on the hall the space station they can be used for commercial operation to ab's of canada from office space for women leave you with those pictures. thanks four c to sixteen strikeouts. radio welcome to show that we're calling the world next year on fawcett the del joining us
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christopher dickey to the stars. also with us patrick smith of the africa report is received. greetings and welcome the new jacinto a false and carrots dot com and craig to keep its quirks in the morning and get it before the fencing at the end of the leftist thing he says. for the french kiss her big open our eyes on now look at france's expectations of two thousand fourteen well he turns on a dime. last month. that's thanks to an all likely to recall come from the non performance to beat ukraine in their world cup qualifying play offs. pens didn't know it yet. they had double reason to celebrate. citroen brazil. the men in this prospective viewers from honduras ecuador in switzerland. communing with critics are calling for troop of life. patrick smith
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england. many in your hand finds itself with the lead in euro twenty oh one and a team that sununu year to year are gone and he is most content in germany portugal and the united states. he's been fixed and bonds as always stand in the low costs and you believe it since it's all absolutely does thousand conspiracies that but it basically centered on denying a gun and in the new school will instead the natural place which would be laying off in the final against each other in continuing to fall asleep and says he knows that the beach and there is some speculation that does you might do quite well. then nana has been one of the up and then have to say is to be rooted in him and that experience i think it's brazil's the loose and among his most resigned to that. so listen of hanky panky with the drone all the rest of it whatever really happened. i think is brazil's to loosen and into a three month rates of jewelry with recessed faces an election defeat brazil win the world cup. i think she may find it's going to be much tougher struggle
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and she would find otherwise turn. the and it is happening where else did in the midst of what they call the beautiful game. brazil but it's not all summer and sunshine to recent rain collapse of the stadium in sao paolo just the latest incidents in the fall preparations. back in june the biggest demonstrations brazil has seen since the fall the military. angry citizens fed up with high prices and corruption. some horror of hearts even protesting the fact that the world's premier sporting event is being staged on their home soil. um when you think about it. you mentioned there the game. the outgoing giving comments. present during the recess finds herself having to play both sides against him in on this i didn't get to the people who will be on the spot
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thereupon they carried the state government of a comic ordinated action to attack the most serious problems that we have in our largest cities. one of weeks is urban until it seemed out of the united love the way of recognizing that this is a problem should not discourage us. but on the contrary so that's increasingly the authorities in our country a conference aimed to make it common diagnosis last bite. if you don't mind that can last for more. or to use those whose genes. protests call a lot of people off guard for use at the sign of an emerging giants rising aspirations or has it the south american giant usual. use a little bit of both. this would happen in brazil with the world cup is the brazilian scientists are much bigger than their stomachs remember the brazilian people wanted the world cup. this is their sport they wanted to enjoy it in the eye. and then they discovered what was going to
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cost them. which includes building sometimes stadium now it's like a robber barons once built the upper house so there's that. it was dilapidated bomb. in this painting each one has to question the wisdom of a government that allows people to get so excited about a sporting event like this and spend billions and billions of dollars on stadiums that will not relieve the years to any martial extent afterwards at the expense of education and development countries or country. the four dollars in rio on. i think it most significant and frightening for a fee for the world organizing body of football is that you saw these brazilian fans on the street saying. nolan were spending too much money. much to scare the be jesus out of beef in the organizers brazilians don't do that that that's that's a major takeaway from all this time beating just until your thoughts too. i'd
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say definitely ask patients often in nineteen twenty. i'm the inactivity as i was actually surprised by this but as someone who always things that stuart is my job and a tiny extremely happy to see. you know what but i think is really a priority to you you cannot have had a dance again i had to be the kind that you haven't visited cities and the thought of what you want to put the brakes and the nineteen nineties and how much he starts is none can see people as the majority does it still seemed happy to have the world cup. at home and if they win in this project was suggesting all will be forgotten. what if they lose. no the real trial guaranteed. tanaka was actually you know he was a common use much less the most was conditioned and brazil and includes inequalities are even higher than brazil people were very happy a wonderful yet you know we can do this pride in hosting the event. it is very very quickly turned to sound it's against the government. you know what about corruption
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and what about that but i think there's also a lesson in this the fee for its about time making the organization is really an outrage that we acted on organization its unaccountable. it's let's face it with several investigations have proof of corruption within the highest ranks of the organization and what is being done about it and uphold the western countries subscribe to this anti corruption road trip nothing is ever done about the unknown because they want they want to be playing on the high table they wanted to be. the reason fee for even continues to exist. has nothing to do with the world cup but what has everything to do with the owners of the major various premier division team spirit. stand in the middle east and africa and asia. chores as long as those owners. keep playing ball with the award as he could do for them to organize a world cup. it supplies referees. two professional soccer games and the last
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week and it's on it's own spot. i wanted this will ensure that i dislike feeling it yet but there was a time when a number of radical were discussed back in the nineties the number of of rebel owners through a number that seems unduly in the uk water dish away from people create their own. television networks broadcast sponsorship deals and fever came down on them like a ton of bricks the nominees of this the lid on it. did he win the bid was. moore won by brazil. it was lou the president. his illness and this is rising giant really i mean i think the core problem that we haven't actually mentioned is that when they won the bid they were the rising giant they had a very high growth rate everybody thought this is the common country brazil was a brick is lila mention one of these countries was going to shape the twenty first century. and now it's a growth rate is much lower than that of the united
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states is in its stall. and it's and it's not doing very well and that shows in the street had chosen the full balance where people are losing hope that shows in the street where people are saying that the new world cup is going to be too expensive you know. i'm not a huge believer in all these macro economic trends and lots of things that are kinda countervailing forces in this case. brazil is stalled. and that what looked like a reward for their growth and prowess as a rising power now just looks like a burden they look like they bought a car they can afford the course. he's calm before the world cup in june is another major sporting event that's happening. for the winter olympics and is taking place in the russian resort to such a hindustan such is not ready yet. while this close to eighty olympic games. historically there are always say. an avalanche of reports that say. the host city is not ready to do it
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every single item in there this week. this means nothing. other staff whose them so cheap. quite frankly i don't think so. not with the in charge. iran is going around with military precision in the name even manufactured snow. to put on the mountain shift at the snow. it doesn't come everything you hear out of saatchi over the buildings are going to collapse look there's a flaw in this waterway. this happens at every olympics. something else report on saturday at the peak you can time and actually like clockwork everyone will be talking about all of this and corruption that the ioc and gay rights problem in russia up until the opening ceremony and then the world's attention immediately turns to the sports show the window through this ancillary cover just maybe twenty now the opening term to cricket
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is a tradition that says it will have a pool of beastly have an even better two thousand fourteen many had in two thousand thirteen. past you have seen a lot of high points for the russian presence in the one hosting the g twenty summit in his hometown of st peter's burn we had the pleasure of seeing barack obama is call for a coalition of bomb syria fizzle miserably. he got ukraine to back out of the last minute treaty with the european union. he even got to lecture washington on human rights. that's right it all started with the flight of us intelligence whistleblower edwards noted four after leading the massive extent of the anc's covert rolling of personal data. cell phones in the internet. he wanted given asylum in moscow. i'm a teensy bit of good year for my dinner cooking unquestionably come on this note an issue i think of what some of most of the vote is what i want it to me
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the most valuable things you just how many people it in the commercialized world of ultra secret intelligence have access to our date. you kind of expect intelligence agencies to have access to date. but the idea that i think it's a haunting thousand people had access to this. of all always knew nothing to do the will resume on bells sounded on the thing about snowdon and the russians on. what i was understood run stand to be in the case is the left or is hard drives with these bodies and when you go to most and with all the routines able to come in. this time of loss of a russian steel whatever i'm kind of hard drive but he left the hard drive in. with these friends who'd gone off to south america. so i am i to know quite what putin smoot it was for chris and wendy said that is in today's usage the valley of left wing now picturing america for once. it is. you saw ms
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christopher dickey. well you know i think it was and still get something from snowed and i'm sure that the fsb the successor to the kgb the written extensively on they probably learned a few things they did no day for our country with a human rights record and for roller with a human rights record like wilson. it's great to be able to say it's the i'm standing up for freedom of speech on friday standing up for the independence of thought everybody especially everybody in russia knows that that's crap but he can play that game it's a little bit embarrassing for united states and snowed and revelations of an embarrassing embarrassing for the united states. the guy feel sorry for is jillian the sun. remember him. i don't phase me. i mean he's totally forgotten. holden has announced that it is fun and i was in ecuador. it snowed
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and snowed and one fell swoop and its engine to yesterday's news my handling the neighbors and visitors today. you were mentioning one hundred thousand people you say you have access to it is being bandied around you didn't it seem quite credible way to describe the way of private contractors and sub contract is involved in fighting is just a wakeup call to lose out in our own intelligence works says he will weeks in the last week that he is the privatization of state intelligence and what that means smerdon who described to the guardian had his job as a private sub contractor for that and say it all seems so normal for the longest time. over time that awareness of ongoing troop build up and you feel compelled to talk about in the more you talk about it the more you're ignoring the more you told it's a problem the solution when you realize that. these things need to be determined by the cannot isolate was hired by the government. the ttc was
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the outsourcing of the war in iraq you might say to private sub contractors there and it backfired miserably when they were people killed in the streets of baghdad as a result. it has its. is it a second blow against that the concept of outsourcing things for me from government agencies. hrc is ancient. it goes back to roman times in the united states during the civil war they were called socrates river camp followers who provided all carolyn was always done because the government did not have the money or the resources to. to do this it's become much more prevalent now. because of of of them. shrinking budgets on hand. a lot of what's known patch. talk about has opened up now. a window into how. going private i've seen this type of this type of operation can lead to massive
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problems for countries that have control over. the action is a book about a lot of this it came out in two thousand nine by james bamford called the shadow factory barriers it's not a great book money he has great details and and and in fact it tells you almost everything that we've learned from snow the next episode of the code names for some of these operations it's interesting that snowden really got into the eye he really well and bamford did up to a point but because they didn't have the documents any hadn't been an employee that it was a different level of credibility. one thing the bamford talks about in this book is the extent to which that the machines that filter all this information come from israel. so you have to israel which is actually look that often by american intelligence has a competing ntt. and yet it's applying the filters that are going through all this information and finding my phone number among the millions that their money. we also found in the past year that
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the friendship last. i'm sold those kinds of that kind of hardware in the past to places like libya so it is a very cynical game. i mean it with every advance in technology there's a huge advance in the money making possibilities of breaking that brings us to israel to reopen its net debt of gratitude. you know i'm glad that he got this out in the open. i think that the way it's been played has often been misrepresented in the media i mean often we see that x million phone calls were monitored by the nsa. as if there's still a little little drones sitting around listening to the concrete smoltz. yes i know none of those pretty interesting to me i just assumed sometimes living overseas and talking to people connected in various ways when political dissidents and terrorism that i've been listened to for a very long time that you see outrage that the cat in during the pentagon papers there was a great outcry
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outrage. but what the government was doing. my pri sch known here not sheen i'm outraged it's going to lead any change. i think the thing is enough outrage to lead to some change a thing when obama says we gotta have tighter rules and to keep a close released on these guys and i think is probably true because what happens with any intelligence agents and these if they keep getting more and more and more because they can never have enough information and entry is eight thousand zero lead to possible sees as its last fourteen months more to come in the show. stay with us who wanted to spend. i was
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reporters in two thousand thirty one side chapel jim johnson's only to reports the rebel forces in the room to that is asked of course quite right too high. well the new nationalist in trials to violence against women in india. we're in the end of two thousand thirty. really two thousand thirty two biggest news stories. but to go. look much like john hughes remote religious law school etc my novella top stories. six dead in the halls of beirut's the car bomb kills the pro western sunni politician. the attack which the former prime minister's son henry reeve says may have been what hezbollah. the push for peace
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over easily gets caught in the kenyan capital migrating to try to carve outs negotiated end to the deadly violence in self seed on. xd quick swipe of mystical palm oil a senior prosecutor accuses the police of obstructing his heart into a corruption case which is lingering over senior members of the turkish government. a car bomb explodes in the southern russian city of just two goals to killing at least three people. according to security souls being courted by regional news services. no one has so far claimed responsibility for today starting at six. i did notice a few russian crew members of the international space station as we speak are on a seven hour space walk david shaw. to install two cameras on the hull of the space station. and goes all the top stories. thanks
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for watching. what the world miss you just joining us this is the world's next year with this. let's talk about it is christopher dickey of the daily beast. patrick smith of the africa report unusual primer and they brought with us here africa in two thousand fourteen all you need to know in two hundred and twenty one on the pages on the news stands now six tongue. camille jacinto france twenty four adopts the com and click a piece of quartz and the pats lancet two thousand fourteen were mentioned in part one of our discussion of brazil's autonomy of the year for another emerging china in august. turkish hopes for the first time will directly elect their president charismatic prime minister has been in power for decades ratchet i appear to want the pier is going to
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the issue. although he's coming off the stitches challenge to his ten year reign with mass protests that started the demolition of the park and the stomping then spread to others the goal of going overseas and trying to leave and the majority of the privilege to try to tell mummy takes his nap times they are trying to regain their privileges we know what's really behind these dusty games they played in the state and scattered trees. the environment is the part of it. it's huge and conspiracy theories about the world cup draw here is a conspiracy that. there is a sinister plot behind all those who wanted to see taxing. well you know of there probably was some kind of crummy encouragement while the protests after a while but that like many things the i think the protests began in earnest earnestly and seriously for the purpose of saving that are coming in
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to go to istanbul. any major city in ankara the girl in the sense of urban blight closing in on you is enormous and i think that. the i think that that was probably genuine. the problem everyone is going to face is that he's just been in power a very long time. you know after while. no matter how much you can say you offered to people and good for the people and can prove it and turning the economy in turkey. does that tell a lot better off now than it was before he came in. people just get tired of it. and i think that that was partly reflected in those protests and he may well win these ladies presidential elections. i think he's gonna find themselves facing much more of an uncle battle in the near future that the ever anticipated you'll agree the cookies they really will be an awful mom. the itch. it will be a boy. what i'm interested to see it if you will be clinically diagnosed with a case of ml got
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the likes of which seems to be the trend these days the young people of turkey the engine of the growth in the future would like to see him go on. was it the case of cricket the thing that the country's much better off going with this iranian people there. he's the finishing line was opened in twenty twenty three is the finishing line and that's a hundred years of the turkish republic the post often on the new settlement if you like. that's what he's aiming to buy a bottle in concert with the turkish opposition say. unfortunately for them that additional position pretty weak and divided so then all i need to put up much. much of it and i think his problem is how he deals with gold because goal is the fall will help you not love those friends you have to go on and given the likelihood is they may well change places to look kind of. it seems small but this time it may be that the current president's goal when taken over the awful job
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of prime minister and keep a constraint on any slower then he made when he's betting that to win the presidential election and a silly kid you not the police that he wanted to keep the exchange add to that the u s die that on face and he did not get that because he didn't eliminate the opposition is fat chance i'd be did not manage to pass the unity of the events of today that's not to change the constitution. a school needs to get the constitution and if he wants to be the president that he wants to be back and have two weeks or twenty fifteen in the ep by the day in our orphanage ideal environment for the bike just changed the constitution say here domestically. it does not do as strong as we thought it would be nice to us. i could send the international and domestic. and on the domestic front is a spicy incident extremely unpopular. they've picked up pizza on population and new city at a sitting
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right at dances like a can do attitude you know we've been busy and sick situation looking like that is meaningless to you since i began to speak i have no stomach for this so i don't think of you know that stephanie and off to istanbul you you know gets into a twenty fourteen as strong as strongly as he gave it to the ipo for yet you know her to one store has a lot a car bomb on his face for not winning the olympics. on that was used that as you pointed out they wanted those olympics to celebrate as a celebratory thing show for the under ottoman rule. and they were counting on it because the snuggly was their fifth attempt to get to get the olympics and they thought they were gone when a man and from what i hear from people inside the eye as she has terrible to recently and when it was because of what occurred one given that park they were shoo in. trevor mentioning voter fatigue on this old continent. we call europe. with growth. it's in
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the may unemployment high it seems though most incumbents are having a tough time that all of them. uncle merkel uncharacteristically cheerful on election night back in september. and why not receiving garnering a whopping forty two percent of the vote now and getting twice the elected despite the financial crisis. i don't have much to say i'm simply saying things you again. i wish everyone a beautiful evening. today we're going to party and from tomorrow it's back to work again. it fits back to work again she will continue through to practice for no surprises brand of centrist politics in a grand coalition with the social democrats. contrast that if you will with a rude shock that could jolt europe on the morning of may to twenty six two thousand fourteen countries like france could
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awaken to nukes. the far right national front has polled tops of the elections to the european parliament even though its leader in attendances to stay longer extreme right well. habits die hard. back in october when french hostages were released through three year old ordeal in the sahara he is innocent am and i felt uncomfortable when i saw these images. i don't think i was the only one. mr you did people do not bow to the two of them with unusual games that seem to know does it need be. they were strangely dressed the capacity of the items in the hall stage his face was confident the silly paper hats need to provide an explanation because i think all of this has left french people feeling very un ec to climb the pre show the cause of christ. he yielded or whistle messages you jacinto up to you seen the unit and as some polls suggest. finishing top
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defence ministers european elections come. btw investment was an insane all in a class yet so i mean we just have to eat and watch it it's the early ninety connolly likely to increase it again i notice you're sporting a beard to. in the hospital on time these two teams people. but you sense the history is that morris has spent time in france. do you sense the tone of the conversation france has changed over the last few years. i mean i think what's happened is the marine and has taken the national front and moved it a bit toward the center. but in the right wing parties sarkozy's party the ump move very far to the right in fact and on some issues to the right the money the pen and they started to make her look good. she's a much more pleasant face in canada from her father was and let's let's also remember that her father made it into the second round of
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the presidential elections in two thousand to. it's not like totally unprecedented the people vote for the front of the national front. so i let you know i would not be surprised if they had the gains in the snow in these elections for the european parliament but what is the european parliament mean it's just it's just basically one invents a foretaste of what's to come in the question is will she have the party organization will the socialists be soo weak will you when peavy said ump be subdivided. that and the unknown. twenty seventeen she'll really have a shot of the present. it's not that i doubt it's not just france this year was the foreign desk is from st yes it's true you're keen on is the institution they are very much. beneath it and doesn't she says she will. and that is to say forges an alliance in the european parliament with a dutch far right leader and computers. that means to become. look at the european
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parliament is going once institution that has the shelf life of the esperanto language. it's a waste of money. it's a waste of time what. when pan is hoping for here is that she can use this is a spring board has crashed correctly pointed out whether this can help or garner votes. back home here. the organization and then the organization and i believe the jury the proverbial jury is out on that question. question right now on. i don't think she can i hope she can. also i think that this whole game and people in the wilderness. he is going to hurt her. she's trying to position himself for the mother mold. builders is a very strange dude. i think being associated with them is problematic than being associated with the other far right parties in europe would be completely poisonous for her. it is a great barbara. builders to
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entice is there and all the identified arrested grecian formula the protests with no real point. her comments aside my doubts that i'm sensitive about here. it's about the hair. about the fact that he would make her look that is cheesy see if she's painted with these people still say they are right on. the touches of europe just you know who to read you can contend with and that's the problem anymore it is contended that it is christmas and you know you and pay some stretching and out of its innocence gone for most of queensland picking sides of the other problem i think it is strongly in the uk these pretty substantial precious son. no votes. it is not the frauds
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and the individuals would go down to is of little britain is to distribute the national front around and it's a no on one of tony's cassidy disgusting these people are in boxes in a week and possibly vote for them when in favor of the resistance and son. and then you find a good thirty percent on that so i want is very disturbing about this all this is the discourse is getting the freshest a moment to treasure this racially prejudiced. and the whole set of punishment of votes in the far right politics is is diminishing and i think so the atmosphere in the conduct of european politics is shifting. we thought it quite often it's the right noises and on a personal basis do you feel as though it's become acceptable to be to openly say on foreign the cta united union eu has seen the coverage yet fallen when the then have them in your collection if that makes yet and that you have. even you wouldn't imagine seeing outward infant son ash and i in the playoffs if i'd known that seeking including scenes of who leaked the uncounted saying that i'll be working
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from your right and in part of this i believe over what we're going to see more of is this the conventional wisdom of political correctness in europe. here is an amazing event by my mind's eye a few days ago in london were a shopkeeper what is holding him. and held in police custody for twelve hours. as always computers taken. tom jailed him and it was all because he mentioned in a shop that he called his computer nelson mandela because it took so long to cut down. this is a big story in english. and all of these right wing people. we had to rally behind this guy who didn't want them rallying behind them. it begs the question what if you call this computer fidel castro omg it causes some of them are some of the law and war or of francisco franco. on the dearest is that there's this new sense of political correctness a lot of it coming out of the european parliament about what people
7:44 pm
are supposed to say and what they're supposed to do. in this. this is a lot of folks off. so i think that's helping engender in this frightening trend. note that the cia needed to use. there is a significant bloc of this extreme far right. in the european parliament and the really the unifying force among them is that they hate europe. mainly i am. this is the uniting issue and nobody says no we we've all gotten together to the races together yet though as we hate him. of course as any politics is always for reading and sometimes the nationalist movements that are pro the euro catalonia comes to mind flanders and next september eighteen scots go to the pool to answer the following question. scotland the independent country. i made. exercise its right to self determination to issues of warmed up. the bill sewing
7:45 pm
them a special new pope will grab the opportunity with both associate so we set them all. is alex salmond the scottish national party going to get his wish nothing is going to be no closer than people expect i'm at and it frightens both political parties actually need them to be political parties in britain in equal measure. the conservatives because if they presided over a referendum which effectively cuts the union hof enough to last the whole point of the conservative pundits the conservative and unionist proxy and the seats in minsk on the huge months to come the little puppies in a season to question his little potty without scotland would be on able by all means i'm standing to win another national election in england doesn't have the votes in england right now based on historical trends the last thirty forty years so it's a pretty big deal for both parties. so with me that both trying to sort of get moscow
7:46 pm
forces against it and what is a klutz. was it close because of scott's it's a sign of moral issue. an issue of national sovereignty. getting back to the ga seeing a couple easy it is something told him not to kill us may be owed to identify with and the scots in sydney. a very keen on the desk of a scottish friends here in paris in the state of ei in awe. aha say yes to both their independence and wee wee wee wee look at the economics of it and we say no i'd say definitely not so i think it is going to be concerning to me about leaving the house and it's time for in september over in india. identity politics of difference or will come to a head. the world's largest democracy has loopholes and spring. after a decade of economic boom growth has tapered inflation soared and the hindu nationalist bjp led by the charismatic cover of gujarat narendra modi is
7:47 pm
eyeing a return to . head. in twenty fourteen the need to dream team. the country needs a dream team. most dutch team listen brothers and sisters when the dream team to holland twenty fourteen inside the country progress i don't know. to prove to be drawn into conversation between europe and the conversations going on in june. i don't see any negatives not so much to identify it takes as much as the fatigue in indio connection and if the deal with the pecan least ninety new book bees on me and ash to buy seeds and add new ones one is just big giants that he's trying to bring art to me and not the insane stuff
7:48 pm
again i'm not the end of their neighbors and the ttc and it's just not working the new identity would come and meet out with in the deal isn't a backroom dealings with the senate by a decent pass by. he's been due to a big day eyes on the scene and try this election that very much. nationally panties. we talked about it being acceptable. it is to say far right things and france. here you've got. the major canning is very popular one is walked back in two thousand to preside over the massacre of muslims. it's new to me and for the international community and for the synod nights and movements in human rights groups. this is going to be you get into something that they would not have imagined and nottingham would be as attentive and you as you cannot get it he said to the us because of these days he's even bothering to read that the jet mexico that was documented by human rights groups. aiden is the high was busy tuition aid in congress right now due to extend the ban. i doubt that's going
7:49 pm
to happen i doubt the us is going to be agreed to a stop in the future. panini style of india from traveling back to you you know for people who have been incidents society. this is going to be of any weekend doubt i'll come right there could be two spoons in politics we are in control of the song in the local elections and delhi his new anti corruption party there. of all the surprise the second. to lindsay and i beat id which means the common man and that's a great need to have to see you i had dinner and did surprisingly bland and remember this is just new day this is a five d that is just a u of o week as the units and definitely kids un has kept the old in our imagination but you need as a conduit seventy percent. i mean including atheists so jim is no single blocks on earth as standing in what is his base outside of
7:50 pm
the outing and it's you know i think maybe we have to watch when they spied even get into a clinician. if he gets into coalition with the bjp. i'm not a people are going to be put off and that on the other hand he's an anti corruption and he's got some sense a connection he cannot possibly go into coalition with the promise that as yet despite he's not on the national mainstream the new year. your topic your identity of politics. reese is another issue that will i believe become a major issue the coming year. it has to do it. individuals don't like being born. don't want to be born where they're supposed to be born in a number of industries are grown up. up right now in the united states there somewhere in the neighborhood of four million more people actually travel to the united states every year. to be born there and get the passport. and there's businesses that are started in california and
7:51 pm
other parts united states to bring people over so their children can be born there for some cracking down on this but legally they can't and i strive to use mortars a few days ago in a word they were telling me that this is now happening in other parts of the world as well where were those with me each time by china chinese means they will fly to the united states and have a child. so it's a story of globalization liberalization kind of people searching for the residents are now before we go. hope is here with their suggestion of one to arm ourselves with you become religious. as of the book. i recommend. i have to admit this is a facebook but i know i'll end any honest about when to my friends and i could go tonight. idc is a book by the cleveland and i it's it's it's guide the odyssey of in game chat and bag i attend i do. she is an indo canadian a ball in indiana and she
7:52 pm
actually he chases and great grandmother who died in that they just called me to write in the nineties synthesis just asked at the evolution of stephen b wayne intends to lead the team in hand at all and if any had a viewing the information they had once been a bandana and nights ago when the ship a single woman thinks i'm silly and at unison tickets and a companion study unit study of inventions eve. i wasn't told me about winning and in time in the new atlantic season of the just concluded woman is the new book this finicky you recommend a movie. i knew one of the most touching stories last year was the whole story of the cashew of artwork found in munich which is just a little fraction of the artwork that was looted by the nazis is a movie called the monuments men. it is about the true story of the people in the american army whose business it was to try and
7:53 pm
find a poll worker lisa sponges they could all of the artworks of europe that have been looted by the nazis i think it's gonna be a good a good thriller. it's got a great cast matt damon. and that means i'm bummed after looking for two is coming out of view. josh smith well i would recommend. on the loose go back to nineteen century that is pretty good book written by a robot parents called an officer in the spine is about the dreyfus affair and so for instance need no introduction to that some of us up and it sucks to be rusty on the history but paris tells it absolutely compelling a sense it is a political thriller which it is and what strikes me is just that so many commonalities. you've got this one whistleblower who wants to expose who all of us is right in favor of the prosecution of texas and drag strip was in front of the generals. and then suddenly realizes it's all a
7:54 pm
lie. ollie get on until the implications of manifestations of that and and fights through the french bureaucracy and a great thing is that as we all know he eventually proves the line to be just that and dreyfus says he's confident he doesn t want is ranked at the top is the visit but it's just me a wonderful story about a whistle blowing it's in a tunnel a tunnel to see it and of course in the build up to him that is taking place one hundred years ago this year and computers. world war one the aptly named book to sleep walkers how you're going to war nineteen fourteen by the cambridge historian christopher clark of absolute must reading. um this is the story of how multi polar problems that political leaders say they have a handle on. we ran the cheddar. have a way of analyzing and one violent
7:55 pm
eruption. and the sleep walkers to get the aptly named sleep walkers is. a parable for what might also happen. for the next guns of august. let's hope it's a cautionary tale cricket peters said wanna thank don't think patrick smith christopher dickey religious and to thank you for joining us for this edition of the world next year. he wants to stay with us for him osmond. i don't know artists and writers seek the word falls and gets called to show takes you beyond the headlines to the crossroads with the arts we can use any date with what's happening in our lives
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today. it's like that. looks like at the helm. ew. we were and. and. i was. win. and
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can. it is. sells. steve
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the unit. yours. you long
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