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really. it's the lowest in the you got its first journey to japan and is under way. don't forget to visit the meet and speak website for exciting additional cost to cost you a stupid st kitts was a weekday. cos breaking news called what. so much theodore six plates. stocks good news you. un troops
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reinforcements arrived in south sudan this as i travel the derby at my chart puts the brakes on a possible cease fire. president some ikea. the international community condemned the killing of former lebanese minister and opposition figure muhammad talk to says accusations and denials their exchange over who's to blame. as a major reform underway in china the same ease as the three decade old one child policy scraps of controversial the education labor camps this is the headline star prospect of things for joining us. he began in south sudan in the first un peacekeeping reinforcements have arrived in the country becomes as regional leaders announced the presidents of the cures government has agreed to an immediate ceasefire. this after nearly two weeks of heavy fighting
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with rebels. bob or rebel leader if a child who did not take part negotiations says conditions fortunes are not in place. hawkins has the details holidays to end hostilities. the summit in nairobi east africa need is at scrabble come unto thee at the time to make the same commitment is his rightful president celtic at accepting an immediate ceasefire and the state is in the prodigal son to die. we're going to the amusement by the government of the time of such a dumb to lie in the immediate cessation of hostilities i'm calling no wonder the city and much of it and not that hard just to make it silly to call me months if austin is two months he is always in four days of disco reading it the senate where the coral sea to taking her to
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the measures. it's the same entity with the bbc and mentally that did not specify what they can accept the case the request to delay the fountain right to a ceasefire. he can fend teen political prisoners had been freed and demanded the release about this. since the fifteenth of december south sudan has been torn apart by intense i think the concrete is sensitive and too many presidents of the key at a key says his former vice president react which i tend to do. it's a common struggle which has resulted in him to take clients to keep with the influx of refugees and to protect civilians. the ninety nations decide to speed up the declining to five thousand extra treats the first reinforcements are kind of tasty piece of writing keep on friday. on the ground fighting is now fake it and i counted and tea two northern towns eighteen y o. it is still in rebel hands. the neighboring the central african republic the united nations is to speed up planning for an extended at peacekeeping force. it comes after french president francois long
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called on the role to play a bigger role in ending the sectarian violence french and african union au forces are struggling to contain the unrest. the past three weeks more than one thousand people are believed to have been killed in the capital alone cost and cats at legal action as on the bed and he has the latest from the capital monday. well you have in our camp. don't try to win a one hundred thousand people living around it yet feel i have attempted to treat people of one hundred thousand people they have to go on between me and keep the laughter and the political rebels for them instead to pretty up in that time because you have no running or walking in oregon you have one makes it so the pool. are we so long she has been recovered and taken to the doctor. one of the grand theater care of without borders. the critical need for much more humanitarian aid. i'm going
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to double the cutting of what has been chalking up here the fact that they could not account which is very hard to make of it. the arctic and currently the peak of the camp is right next to the apple macbook and capital reporting. and the international community has come out in condemnation of friday's deadly car bombing in beirut. six people were killed in the blast including senior opposition figure muhammad taught to us calling the attack of orange by the eu has called on lebanon's leaders to join together to restore security husband had to keep me report on the accusations and denials of irresponsibility also on a charge card for you and lets the others on the route. the aftermath a car bomb that ripped through the drinks business district on friday morning. security sources say stolen vehicle the street and sixty kilograms of explosives and detonated the bombs struck its target to reduce the opposition on the chart that. former finance minister sure it was a close aide to the hariri family. a member of the opposition march
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fourteen coalition and an outspoken critic of the syrian regime and its ally hezbollah. some of the supporters say his death was connected to the upcoming trial of five physically suspects accused of involvement to two thousand five assassination of former minister refused hariri trials to begin his special tribunal in january that the kid is that in them and the accused is the one who's going to be. on the right tune in to pay next month's meeting as well. such dreary also tweeted his suspicion is saying goes precisely the comic shop. this was fascinated. my father. hariri hezbollah itself has denounced the attack and night. standing firm turkey's prime minister says he will not step down amid a corruption scandal that's rocking his government on friday case brought the protests and assembles tax and square the demonstrators angry over
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red to tie it at once handling of the crisis calling for his resignation the right of wide ranging graft probe has prompted government resignations and a cabinet reshuffle. those are just for mortimer reports some people are growing tired of the prime minister's defiance. that is totally sweet. first there was increasing recognition within the alliance. the justice and development policy. what's the harm themselves. one can see indications of this visit last week he isn't used to never grow old bookcase the prosecutors who issued a summons to arkansas. ditto with the law. so because the government. remove from the case. garbage is
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prosecuted for being the last sheet of justice. there is a pretty hostile judges and prosecutors the secret designs a government decree that impeded the investigation into corruption. q does the supreme council of judges and prosecutors of committing a fraud. last night told the top of that supports this is awful doubtful. according to the corruption inquiry on the rocks themselves. seated in a two weeks off to this crisis broke. still refuses to re ignites. roxanne has a cold. jasper mortimer therein and crew will use another world news in brief the fire on board a train in indiana state then on top of ashes cause of these twenty three people. the overnight express the sunroof fundamental art in the dead. officials say most of the victims died of smoke inhalation. because the fire not yet known. any tips five people were killed in a nationwide protests on friday. please clashed with the muslim brotherhood supporters of the unrest in response to the government leaving the party a
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organization. the crackdown has increased tensions in the breakup of the army's the position of business because of muhammad more c in july. an unidentified gunmen opened fire on opposition supporters in the thai capital this saturday. one person was killed and several others wounded. she follows weeks of mass anti government protests seeking to topple prime minister again election a lot. she's called elections for february in a bid to stem the crisis. her opponents about to clock the votes after thirty years on the books china has officially eased their one child policy. starting today chinese parents can now have two children. neither one of them has siblings or if the first part where brawl couple is the girl was spent at such an event and has more now on the government's changes to the controversial policy. i was facing a lot of the major demographic challenges like twenty fifty nearly a quarter of the population will be held any population is aging very
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rapidly. this was the intent of having huge economic impact on china is already reducing the country's labor force increased china's economy as is based on manufacturing so that demographic change could really change its economy and it's also creating a very large bird and for china's health care system which is on the process of development so there's any nice to believe that this reverse on the one child policy which allows couples to either parent is an only child out more than one child is an attempt to reverse that demographic trends. this was true and a taxi stands a sense rising dissent about an hour in tissues including the one child policy. and fennel am not sure but you but i always had a decent end of the year actually need to get the new year started on the right thing that's exactly what some priests and japan are giving clean up is underway at the custom hygiene to shrine in nara that's the ancient capital of japan the fifties and the priests in shrine maidens using bamboo branches to clean the temple. as twenty
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fourteen in the year before cement chinese astrological calendar a wooden boat to have a toddler with horse illustrations what's been set up a shrine where the open for worshipers for the new year holidays. nearly one million people are expected to visit and leave you with those images to teach him how the headlines coming out again. a man like i'm actually a plate of milling point three on the richter scale. suddenly hitting two hundred and fifty thousand inhabitants at the end of the sea in town. just apply to talk in front of some beck december the twenty sixth two thousand and four. few buildings have been built to
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resist such a shock to rescue service is the best they could but that was already many victims in a more calm soon onto its the sea began to rise. time away from blackpool to sweeping away the rubble left by the crate just twenty minutes and the air. yes we sent all of sumatra closing the most devastating tsunami awards mine across the indian ocean around two hundred and eighteen thousand people were killed eighty percent of the victims here in northern indonesia. i'm now known. you see the real sticking out of the van. outside my house was i looked out i just came back to see get my bike home it is. mostly for children who would get that looks like no other way. you can do it
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this is the land they own the sea front of and actually making some spots likely to drop taken before i know this is not the real id in its magnitude and unrecognizable and sky all areas inaccessible. massey but criticizes disorderly international aid operation helicopters months. very soon. he is later than that she has been rebuilt around the launch mode to rescue nestle makes the untapped cc took refuge in religion the coastal strip still plenty meat is back from where it was. well first i passed him back to band actually jerusalem drag in pain stress. this report i know i know well i will be honored. the children of bounds and say this is no routine twice a year every school in the province holds seen on the trail the eye. it
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is close of eleven year olds were in each instance when the boxing day tsunami struck too young to remember them the scale is more like a game. he led exactly what to do he is also strikes again my no they lament the state and survival techniques. oh and. children and the campground called in our often ask me to get to higher grounds. just need to wait the eye. don't let me. this time of our deacons hand down a big disaster. consider
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the latest information tsunami. at that. today it was just a simulation. for the young generation. take the lessons of two thousand and four on the mound according to me that was a hoax and ninety the old times themselves to the mountains get it that evening and we realized there was always the victims of tsunami concept of god. cheney will be reduced if the tenants that indicates that hurts now. and he's glad that it got better at it. knowing and since the tsunami the cause me is gone. bustling city has
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sprung up from a deadly and devastation. with billions of dollars that eight hundred and thirty thousand new houses have been built. this entirely new neighborhood is known by everyone as jackie chan hill. bill thanks to donations from it comes to stomp and of the chinese accents. it was here that the tree and have the money started a new line off to the tsunami. among the estimated when construction finished in two thousand and seven. yes grace please give the motorbike outs. it's six thirty am the nominee is getting ready to leave for the day. hahas enjoyment of buying her husband's already at work the happy with the new delhi i know the situation is very comfortable here. i didn't even that is very nice. we are helpless and out of one on one of the people here at
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that. this totem a shack is now a promising young business woman. she sells cars and enhance that time studies in the shooting of the city. ha the tsunami is a distant memory. some anyone but to be lucky. you also find too that our old house and all that the awnings were washed away. and i was down tremendously. i mean i can. i never know why ruin my day as soon as the all black. i think we misled. on the phone we don't have to pull weeds tessa was closed because of when i go on from my house and i understand me. these days of re shaped coming to work hard and keep improving the quality of life. she's got a well paid job thirty minutes away in the city center. in a new concession
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citing japanese cars business is booming. last month gracious old seven cars and then to have a very nice i'm going to buy. i love that man that is only right that she will be the molds and sissy like to come to it and it'll continue to have good economic rights. myself i'd like and so i can change my life. the rich woman and then you see me. well done that she is developing false some have been on the cycling squad still struggling to move on and off to the scene only the station an hour and sometimes as in only a day the seats on the mound to see ground zero of the disaster. the area was completely flat since. today much of it remains on toward town. dean lost everything
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that day. he survived a new because he was far from the show he needs it. many of them by the earthquake hit we felt it. we felt the shaking. we didn't know about the way to look so normal that will. when we arrived home and it was so shocked that the state's case i sorta abilities everywhere i confine my house that was too small to add to them the first thing i did was search for my wife my son we did go the final round and i try to connect some of them together in one place that we try to identify them that we could like is the corpses was badly damaged. it was impossible to know a thing of the mother of the summer layout. on the globe. i want to watch. he was still just a baby with the tsunami came
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ten years to heal the first time in my life and in the quincy liking i didn't want to go back to seattle it i don't get me. all the fisherman lost loved ones that some unease with typos not they simply know no other way of life saver eventually went back to work today they're in a rich pickings that many call it a few small bait fish and squid he has since that is asked a common theme has suddenly being rebuilt in his line he's mean that need to pass up a young family. it was. i will. chalmers it needs to find and two. now the baby on
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the way. the room. i don't ha love life is far from easy the sa money still a victim and emergency shelter built by the n g o box from following the tsunami. one can hearts of just ten square meters. they will get your hands. stunned living in the shelter anyway. hunting doesn't want to either in a day and his fishing pole. he was baptized in your time on jackie chan hill. but it's twenty km away to soften him and now it's too late the stock. eleven the government tells us the tsunami is in the hostel the a's finished in an even looser there are no more housing. with big teams everybody in the world needs that need to watch it. why do we have a house and emma. yes
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the medical community down house been lucky to find a solution for the twenty fisherman's nominees started in the aging cabins that safe on my success i am ready to see what the two allies had either a people dog houses attack each on a hill. stayed back for money the democratic felt so isolated. and so decided to come back here to nominate them and they didn't want to stay up that fisherman. it's too far from the sea of dough i was just how long the tsunami hit these neighborhoods. his team takes us to relate hayes memorial musgrave sweat more than fourteen thousand victims of their reach. today at griffith patients from um that's a psychiatric hospital is visiting this site. then i bent the window from the victims of the tsunami that day. yes me i was inedible. what's that say
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tomato i knew. me and i am not. now i'm an old friend aiden have a father and mother anymore i see. they say the handgun. this is the mass graves were victims of the tsunami with batteries the stations are extreme cases to a lesser extent the tsunami left its mark on thousands of others in a chain. many which all went on east depression anxiety life a memorial sites like this would make it to how i'm doing it the bottom line as noted above. people come to pray and more society members who were killed in a tsunami coming into the eu to get people from china or japan it's an important site for religious course she was about his youth. drinking and people around me. islam has become an even deeper the chain life. mosques would be a new buildings to imagine state from the tsunami. seen by many as a sign and is now
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still as divine punishment this friday a huge crowd gathered to hear adults taken a mom from the capital jakarta. convince the tsunami struck. because locals was singing. a and b the historic peaks things were very free the two men and women everybody says that's what tsunami came. it was a warning from ana. and at the time before people were doing bad things and not give this a signal to become bitter people. another chance to live our lives in a better way. he got to visit a new mommy still in the use of sharia rule introduced in a city in two thousand and two it's now become a key pair of life given sorry at all and it must be obeyed. every
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time and a bit less. we were up there. it was seen on each of real easy to goldstein and east. she now has a special but they don't ship via the east river thousand office as he checked me one is drinking gambling old committing adultery. in an anti carney j said before remember don't be i can still find good people and don't the repressive. this is the oldest female surely ask well it's chilling to see the old bounce and seam and attending friday press. they tell us they came to be checked yes to this weight robinson forced people to debate the rules. ok please gentlemen it's prayer time the persistent offenders to face corporal punishment it's an obligation for men
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not women chose from and so on and i singing it or not at the mosques to get the morning. we find the same month three times not preying on a friday you'll be changed three times as a punishment maximum were jailed for six months. mom and dad and family. the strategy is clearly working. it's midday the shops to shops and streets have emptied. she becomes a ghost town. many men still outside of publicly shamed. so i stopped running inside the mosque now. you don't end up in prison or ice shh i don't want to. but it's there and soon we can
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talk to him. religious roles taken extremely seriously he and bonds that doesn't mean oppression in all areas of mine. the beach for example i'm liking town winning enough to let sales. they show the call saleswoman is keen to show us a new hobby she's dating something for atm. told to ride the waves behind matt watson to waste i know the south the heat here. i saw. lincoln. the ca they should feel springy and
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optimistic. like many young people here. the tsunami devastated and stay the course painful memories linger. not knowing is on the safety house or on tv every village. citizens' confidence in the ac in the future. he is all the people and actually rebuilding their lives for the diesel from today's revisited more editions of course coming up at him. it began to stink the eyeer. i
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know. moon. and when. at all
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and. the anti government protests as violently dispersed by riot police and a sample after a corruption scandal shakes out. turkey's ruling elite. a federal judge in new york declares the nsa is bulk collection of found out that the lawful directing directly contradicting a court opinion from washington dc at mass surveillance violates the constitution the reporter who broke the edwards noted least lunches out at fellow journalists a


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