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sources said. you knew no one will will will. i first was and i will look into this cd tin of european saddle from the heart of brussels the complex. this black is considered one of the most beautiful in there. in this christmas and they soon will be sending you some of the favored reports from this yet. i think to seek self that far away from home is the central elements of the nativity story. jesus was born in a stable offer thousands of refugees trying to get to get this yet and many of them was separated from their relatives on
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the way. increase we visit it and often it's red silk and loss that patents on the jetty find shelter and protection. new psyches coming artist makes his living in one of the most beautiful conservation areas in the balkans. the astros river delta is home to countless real bird species but it's also part of the border between greece and turkey. it's the dangers transit zone for people fleeing to europe. yet what the pool. welcome to the masses today. these are remnants of the boat refugees use to try to come over from the other side. the gifted young apparently the weather was bad and the people drown only the vote remains below there's a headdress river and beyond that is turkey but also to the orders just fifty meters wide. he had been burned at the crossing is
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dangerous because the current very strong and so those who can swing it around a fury of the local bubble. miners who survived the treacherous crossing end up in this house on the outskirts of the border town of lake central committee. if they're lucky. children from around the world ranging in age from two to sixteen live here they've lost their parents some for good. because they died trying to get here the others were separated from their families on the way and we had to be re united with them. that group includes twelve year old returned from afghanistan and i knew it we came here to greece together. but then my mother went ahead to germany to see if it was safe there. we're waiting to see if we can join her. an animal and. the parents have been located outside of greece the children can only see them on intended to be
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attacked. even within the eu the hurdles for re uniting refugee families are very high. carrying asylum procedures in different countries aren't difficult to reconcile. even when leaders are involved. the home's workers look for foster parents around the world for the orphan children. for the director and is home the greatest reward comes when the children are re united with their mothers but when refugees died. each entry when your heart. greece has no clothes most of the gaps in the border with countless chances in the eu border control authority contacts. oh well. in future refugees entering via turkey will be sent back there. but some experts think the new policy is only a qualified success. the proto much. part of the problem has simply shifted to the greek islands in the aegean. and they're
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not as easy to control me but you shouldn't forget that the ambrose was previously the easiest entry point in the eu until last year ninety five percent of the illegal refugees entered europe through greece now it's only thirty percent that's a huge drop in on the bed. meantime in the other children here on lucky. after thousands of kilometers on the rhine and separation from their parents be found helping greece and they have renewed hope. as the finest opera want to get to germany as soon as possible and live with my mother. i'm just waiting for permission from the authorities. i don't wanna go back to afghanistan i haven't forgotten the war their sister then nadia. such he's cutting the aris can't forget the night. he seemed too many bodies floating in the interest downtown. and too much indifference to the refugees plight but when
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i was glad that i cried alot i sympathize with these people posted it here. my grandparents when they stumbled and had to start a new life in greece with us together. i heard similar horror stories from my grandparents about how they got here what is evil. so i see these refugees his people others don't care about them give the one who give the un a fisherman and a children's aid project boasts trying to make a difference on greece's fortified border. as of brussels up in my guest here in the town hall on the com bust the centuries. the cell walls are also the best place in belgium as we know today for this distance here often have a hard time trying to bridge the divide between france and the flemish speaking communities living in belgium bringing different nations together is a color
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idea behind the european union. the cf try to set was welcomed into the not so long ago just over twenty years ago to the small country on the eight to sixteen were still pockets and dystopia i'm excited them are just arriving home to home deep in the countryside in the history and peninsula the restaurant owner has been out buying flour in a neighboring town. he is one of the twenty five residents of the smallest town in the world. as much as i stood near the top and i'm really glad to live in a place to a specialist cool him down for i know these two people from all over the world want to miss is key to it. johnny who was first mentioned in a document from the twelfth century. with its walls towering church. it has all the trappings of a medieval city. to this day the people of whom who are catholics
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still practice of age old rituals. tally sticks are used in the mayoral elections held once a year. each voter cards a notch on his chosen candidate stick. only men can vote or be elected the presence of some of which we also wonder why only men can evoke but that's the tradition though the fear the book. no need of blood on each sees no reason to get worked up about it. at eighty she is holmes oldest resident and has seen lots of mayo all actions. if this area. i told mike and his granddaughters he should run for mayor. she has the right character for the job but she does love me and that. home is very popular with tourists from germany and austria. not everyone is crazy about history is typical called red wine soup but most are thrilled by the town's medieval charm. these new michelin the whole thing
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these piles of snow men make up the home are still authentic. and that's what's so fascinating. we don't have anything like it magical don't get it over. home is taking croatia's eu accession in stride. in the last century the town first belong to italy then yugoslavia and some people here have bad memories of the communist era now the worries are a big difference in the senate is afraid home could lose its unique character. to be in the process of attracting more people more money to build structures that are mature enough to. in harmony in brief thursday situation he says in the first place a truck and people. so the new destroyed the favourites there is this true and living room. the tourists would no longer find the things that have always attracted them to come. in a referendum in twenty twelve two thirds of coalition voters said yes to joining the european union
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for the sudden loss of. back then by voted to join too because i thought it would be best for croatia. but now when i see prices and how things are developing. i've grown a bit skeptical that is what. once again people here have to get use to new structures and implement laws divine step in faraway places this time in brussels the world's smallest town has always been pragmatic perhaps that's the legacy of the giants' new legend says he'll come from the stone is left over from other towns down below. history is in the valley welcome back to this christmas edition of european settlers from the contest in brussels. this copy of this woman is breaks in history. it was here that some hundred and sixty years ago com box for tastings communist manifesto. maybe at this very table. his
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criticism of the capitalist system went home to inspire labor movements around the well. his writings were also well received in profits hence today states strikes and small scale rebellion is common in the country the dead sea and the quality of high into the cockpit instead of paying states more resolutions if they can seep into his lap. now i still hold any deal. see themselves as a band of merry men signing him during a jump of the barriers to get a free ride on the commuter train they know they're risking a fine. so they take precautions. no will of the home but most people go through the barriers here in the hall. we don't want to draw attention to ourselves we're better off going around to the upside. one option among us. my parents
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would be in the paris with it costs one hundred thirteen euros per month. that's more than these young men are willing to pay. but no mug of water i don't think it's great you should have to be so much for transit he said it should be free each week we paid for with taxpayers' money to meet riding without a ticket is an act of civil disobedience missiles the trains in the french capital. around one thirty passengers are traveling without a valid ticket. yet come to houston to me are of a town outside paris and spent years trying to tackle the problem. key says bringing back station staff instead of ticket machines would help people in a cassette. he then people who are paying for tickets to see all these people jumping over the barrier. oh well additional teeth and it makes them wonder why they're
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paying people. and today known as the new normal phenomenal. it's no longer normal day in mind that it's normal not to say. what use to be a bit of provocation has become a sport and its ticket inspectors who are bearing the brunt. some young fare dodgers travel in groups intend to get aggressive inspectors tactic is to deflect attention by showing the trust the. even when you're dealing with obvious offenders. with that. i see i'm on the abc's left her monthly concert hall it is up for the sentinel. they're dodgers our customers. out of it. so my job is to make sure they become good customers french people don't just village fairs because they don't want to pay its own national tradition. even former president shot she got
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one slept over the barriers with obvious enjoyment. some of the pompous to see i wasn't shocked by and then returned to his good barrier was broken but still it's too soon and he just goes to show how meticulous. close up photo comes from. she might not have been deliberately are daunting but instead it is a legendary nonetheless an illegal student insurance scheme for fare dodgers even references the photo its ad campaign. armed with a hidden camera wi fi and is into its office in the end. in northern france. i did though. go google it the top. it's at this time
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distance key to saving the money that otherwise has been on a monthly pass as well as any fines incurred by fear god too. the numbers add up. it's not really above board but journalists only teaches them all believe that there are core french values underpinning this team even though he wanted equality when it comes to transportation. that means that if one neighborhood gets a new bus route and every neighborhood wants one. and people want liberty they want to be free to get around to it if i'm broke i shouldn't have to stay at home the mentor was going to run whether or not i'm on it and see. this is the source the dodgers caused the french transport system an estimated four hundred million euros each year and that figure is rising. it is fair enough when young people are broke but they just shouldn't get caught. they're dodgers have to be ready to take the rough which is to
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torment and his friends had been caught. but they usually get away with it. besides i like feeling that i've stuck to them again. but i could almost hear and friends refusing to pay for transport is almost considered a political statement. yes honey up on the balcony off the old bridge so he gets the best viewed on to the complex and brussels were teasing him eskimos heritage sites list of the buildings here. ah but that killed thousands. that freaks out when he left the house and to be in ruins and makes it that but since the contest was once an important trading. straight laced and saw still important in europe. but in summary my data and spend a few jokes at least an eagle and six. in the mountains of southern albania and in tiger and its
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has been sliced into my room on the production. some of the european settler canteen was the sense that many take the promise of peace. there's a strong smell came over this village in southern albania the smell is certainly not set out is a hobby marijuana growing practically the entire community earn their living from it. yet the private farming the marijuana is legal in albania. usually the villagers themselves. we are the first team that has been allowed into film. he started growing the drug were the guests of the family will call the dish to speak to me or our heads the family business which produces around one thousand kilos of marijuana each year union address we sow the seeds then we did hold him. we have to keep watering the plants every other day in the harvesting and trimming of the crop is also very difficult. we do it ourselves. in that. stating i
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know. the but it's a lucrative business. the dish whose don't like to talk money. but the harvest and see that the rewards are sizeable three hundred heroes freaky though marijuana. here in about six times as much as the wooden other jobs the marijuana farmers have been in healing this heady scents for the past fourteen years. some look as if they've taken up the habit themselves. it seems difficult to find online to solicit business has been able to go on for so long reporters tell miss gucci has had his eye known as the top three years but investigating this story can be very dangerous. so today there's a kind of no go area where no one is allowed in some people tried it they came under fire for what they
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didn't come back. will schools and the team is in my budget the judge who's been involved in the business for almost ten years. they were fearful for us. when the southern neighbors harvesting a rich coffee they decided that they'd like a piece of the time it's going to be. we couldn't survive without his it up. we used to be the poorest villages albania we didn't even have any wiser. we were always that off. under the communist regime and afterwards too. at any time into making the new hanging out. these days lm are not set out seems to enjoy the special status there have been no arrests year up to now. according to locals. this is a place where the law doesn't apply. we only heard about police checks in neighboring village
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authorities compounded for tons of marijuana last year a fraction of the total amount smuggled into the eu. stuart she suspects wanted the authorities turn a blind eye. he thinks they tolerate what is going on in the sun out because drug barons from italy greece and germany are involved. and there is substance to that theory the farmers in the us iraq to get their seats for the marijuana plants exclusively from italy the key to steal of the drug production and the mass his earnings. italian tax investigators had that surveillance planes fly over the plantations. they estimate that the farmers in the setup crawl around nine hundred tonnes of marijuana a year. estimated market value of four point five billion euro is. the albanian authorities and some high ranking politicians are also reputed to be profiting from the tree. many lecturing hotels on the coast are
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allegedly drug laundering operations and intelligence agency report about the links between mafia bosses and politicians has been under lock and key for the last three years on the orders of the former government. many marijuana farmers in the surat see the government is complicit in trying to hush things up. the moment if the government had wanted to stop the drug the season you would have done so it is inherent to screw expects demand for marijuana to rise she's had a bumper harvest this year. like other farmers here. and here and as i not been determined to defend the croft twenty four hours a day by any means necessary portable. we were wet aerial ball for steyn are welcome here. the locals are determined to defend what it's one of albanians most flourishing businesses. not
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since the society depend on solidarity and compassion from up is that we overlook the needs of all to often christmas is different than many of us it's also time to practise tax. but as one has seen here in brussels he doesn't like christmas to come rounds before he opens his toes to homeless people a cup of coffee a piece of bread. the list as you need nothing more than that to make it to human in equal among equals. there is actually homeless on the edge of society with no documents and new prospects. so sometimes a simple breakfast in the new world. these two moments it's an enormous pleasure in home an enormous satisfaction to be able to benefit from a stoned and solidarity with. the everyone calls him the sword and or just plain band. in fact his
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name is clamping down on him he comes from morocco. he opened his hotel in brussels nineteen years ago and called its mozart's his oriental dream come true. three star hotel as colorful as missing band's own story. the topical pain. the hotels are and always full of water especially in winter one who's who in january instead during one is very cold and i let people in the ecu. myself and the airplanes giuliani look at me. gratitude in their eyes. joining us too you are the job and opens his doors to people in need everyone gets breakfast here and on to rome where they can pay your knowledge. and so far none of the guests have complained. on the contrary
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located in the way we like these and he won't leave my kids something to be happy about it. there's so much misery in the way. i'm saying here. calm and doesn't talk much about life on the streets and when he does he avoid speaking about himself he only talks about other homeless people and life on the street in general here the high street in central brussels. he had a place to sleep for many months. it was a dangerous life. those assaults in two weeks the sea when there are seven or eight would run together anything can happen and it is suppose to go deserve this and more a male violence. the model everything and everybody will be cool. they don't care at all the lines of people who sleep here and missouri to build from. sleeping quarters are immaculately clean and tidy. cornell says the people who speak their own trucks no drugs no alcohol. just bad luck in life. all good
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she listens to people lying on the other side of the church. those whose lives have been destroyed by alcohol. things were different there. seven months ago on the main band. since then he's lived in the hotel with a roof over his head proper band and a clean shower. for now we'll never forget the moment he rides you live. she knew she was better than in my own home with the shooting to the man's room and a tv. when i came in here and saw the picture of a soldier i thought of what was up that's what i have to do to keep fighting over. so he sets out armed with these documents he wants to talk to the president of the belgian senate. the police officer at the entrance to us and sent him away. instead i politely explained how to get to
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the visitor's entrance the goal. now once again has to do with so many in hotel mozart to wheat for an answer from the senate panel that something in his life will finally improve. when he says his works hardest. the rest of these visitors in a statement of intent from home from the busy and happy holiday seems nineteen twenty until then i'll be happy. i
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was. the rewrite. specialist utilize the political economic social and cultural issues of korean society korea us relations is the most important religious agree with any country sunday at twelve pm. the so it means so it's i would say that it was a pain in the news media's radar. think also
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it's when you see a darkened street. pupils are dust. so the formation of his days being silent does he do that basically what we do is to rescue the neglected dogs and dogs roam the streets of bristol all the dogs we have more than three hundred which opened the door so it's no future because i really really big. we're hearing of faith. we have a huge therefore iran that had been with me. i was horny and that was yours. where people create. events for fun race could be a party. we are going to be a dozen meetings with dogs you can see it given efficient treatment and four. brendon. for less malaysia is awesome. i'm so sensitive that they are continually twenty. well that's great because we can say. the flight from la do it
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i am i. this documentary series from which it though captivating documentary said reports covers business and selling its alternative teaching historical and present day events as well as sports and leisure. in focus saturdays and sundays at four thirty pm. sells. says. only
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one side i wanna know. as far as i said good evening is now
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six pm the time you're watching it to you. the city with the stereo. bob. you knew you when will the will the while sean waved and walked him to after ten. you see these three dogs on many locales especially during this time of the year. well it's one of the biggest symbols of national didn't want to gaze at it and we explored donation culture in korea stay with us. this past august twenty first thirty four weeks and three donors to put sharing and community


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