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tv   Newsline  PBS  December 28, 2013 11:30pm-11:41pm PST

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ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay. in june. in it. the eye. or the dna to a new start and get it out of mind to go with the latest piece on. i'll be building diaz emerging on pico robson on the concrete he was sworn in as chief minister of delhi on sunday night. robson is one of the most serious problems in india. in any case the wild the lead of the on on the funeral home and danced the night this coming the next day the renewed hopes for the fifteen million people that usually come together. we can cope with
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the weight of correction elite in this country. a new one along with the consent of the capitalist assembly seats in an election held in december. it became the second largest continent to holland with the support of the closets. the emergence of the eighty eight and we transform the body is expected to affect the jubilee election due by next may. he spoke about on the album middle class and young people. i miss the moment seems governing congress party is facing the criticism that the surge in prices. turkey's current c has hit a record low meet the country's continuing political ounce cup of tea county government protesters clashed with while police in istanbul on friday the protesters demanded the resignation of prime minister a red jacket i failed the law in all the high level corruption scam we're on our gang decline in during foreign exchange and trading on
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friday. this came after the resignation of three cabinet minister due to the rest of family members on allegations of corruption. in response to the political turmoil elbow on reshuffle the cabinet for placing almost time for the minutes passed. in the sky is also buying back of the law following the us rivalries of the system last week to stop tapering off its easy money policy. while iraq has weakened by more than five percent against the us the long haul for the past two weeks. turkey's main stock index the best one hundred continues to fall while palms of the soul not the fastest pace in two yes china's common cause of golf for the resolution now polishing the wee educational emphasis to. the standing committee of the national people's congress most of them i decided that those detained in labor camps full re education campuses will be released when the resolution goes to the fact the penal
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system introduced in the nineteen fifties was muddled up to one in the form of soviet union. the system police can arrest people living for myself and says and can find them for opted for yes and forced labor camps without the due process chinese all for the zapping criticized for its role using the system to deal with those who are critical of the commoners body on the government. human rights activist invasion food she says. abolishing the re education labor system means nothing because the legal camp still exist across china he says. please continue to use existing criminal laws to detain people who oppose the government. gunmen opened fire on anti government demonstrators in the thai capital bangkok on the loose top of a killing one man and wounding three of us the shooting to replace other on the three am local
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time. the protest signs have been trying to block candidate registration functionally section chisel full figure a second. ali on demonstrators clashed with riot police leaving a police officer and the contestant that. mobil one hundred and fifty people love with john did a frustration began in areas outside and call comes off of a process of suspended the process and seeks out on the cropping season. likes to sleep and train in southern indiana called on all the sound of a morning killing at least twenty six thousand jobs. in one of sixteen passenger cars while traveling through the allan cup pool on the district of them throughout the day indian gray whales for the center twenty six people including two children were killed in a divestment her the claim was bound for the central city of non data from the animal will the country's leading ninety cents. the victims are
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believed to have been asleep when fire broke out. in july of last year up twenty two people died in a single off while i was going on from the bench expect and i know him. the new york times has carried the article expressing concern about the negative impact the japanese prime minister has received is that the ghastly shrine might have all my us regional diplomacy the article says prime minister shinzo on his visit on the sunny with some well last week japan's ties with china and south korea. he asked me shrine known as japan's war dead. those remain pending through the ministry in a political leader was convicted of war crimes while international tribunals off the wall cool too. the article expresses concern about the visits effect on the u s diplomacy in asia. it says japan has become another nation problem rather than the stable call rifle american officials
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because of its tense relations with china the article also says the band around the fruit of thy at millwall to strengthen the protection of state secrets. despite criticism from political opponents on the news media he says these auctions sale of the bay's willing to take the political risks tuesday of the country away from its postwar pacifism. the japanese government is planning to use these requirements goal for the stalling sample level of assets allowing them to stay in japan for up to. move is aimed at attracting wealthy foreign tourists and a realistic and the stars tourism has long been promoted as part of the government's growth strategy. a new measure will likely extend the maximum period of study for four and doesn't cause who meets at the conditions from ninety days to one yet. australia allows people aged fifty five then hold on to staple for we
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ask if they fulfill requirements such as having assets totalling more than six hundred and sixty seven thousand us dollars. people sixty six old i can say new zealand apple to yes on the south and conditions including having walls on three hundred and ninety thousand dollars in assets government officials sunnyvale wanting to set new requirements such as the jazz age of six and i knew he'd gone by the middle of next year. up next the wild weather forecast. your ruler the new luna and i i i
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the eye. i can. you are the us. i knew old california boy has become the youngest person to reach the summit of a compound bow
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of the tallest mountain in the antarctic outs. time and strong to scale the argentine emp come tuesday when his father kevin that the definition of the mountains than six thousand nine hundred and fifty nine meters high the youngest thousand she had previously calm down the mountain was ten years old at the time. thousands union also easily allow people fourteen old to climb the mountain. but time has finally persuaded them to grow and punishing. me my daddy diary has had to get a cell that marrying. idk is me my dad built it together the boy has already scaled mount kilimanjaro africa's tallest mountain. and next plans to tackle mount mckinley the highest in north america. i found that concludes this edition of
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news like mine. do. i don't i am. ch ch some of the blooms. the highest peak in the green theme descendants of the case the sentence which he said still when traditional costumes. people treat return of the stuttgart based costume


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