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tv   RT News  PBS  December 29, 2013 7:30am-8:01am PST

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news now seems an optional a suspected the mouse is sign the letter kills up to eighteen people in southern russia. an explosion at three three the main railway station of all the way
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the greek in my mouth welcome to the problem and the fast of the suspected terror trudging some fun lunch at twelve to eighteen people and dead and dozens more injured in the assault had been assistant bombing of the main railway station to see snowfall go blind. pc garbage can on physical as far as to who was known about that nonsense. although it is amazing that we have right now is up to eighteen people are believed to be in to have been killed. inxplosive up to s are believed to have been injured. i know the president has been notified about the situation and he sends his representative to hold a grudge if we are on his way to control the situation there on the spot the emergencies ministry is also on standby to deploy aircraft to hold a grudge. to provide medical help to be injured and possibly to evacuees goals in need of more sophisticated medical assistance to moscow now the national anti terror committee said that to
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the blast may have been caused by fuel suicide bomber although right now. no one's taken the responsibility of four of this attack. it is known that to the blast happened near the entrance to the train station near the security checkpoint where the metal detectors are doing all that so one policeman is a hmong been killed and three other policemen were injured they were working. at this checkpoint checking out the luggage off of passengers also witnesses say that the blast was so powerful that it gets even the cost will wash damage to the building off the train station itself. the kids been cruelly of a lockdown because of an investigation is currently underway. when all that to the first second and third of january has been announced. they'll be basal morning. you are at once just two days after enough explosion in southern russia isn't a tennis ball. right well just a few days ago. of
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cours quoted in the southern city of keyboards killing three people and just only the four were a few more suicide bombers detonated an explosives belt inside of what's killing herself and six others and injury within the other passengers all fo the boston which just proves again that somewhat seven he was appalled. this difficulty joseph. this could open my front entry will scare you or thank you very much attached to it. and daddy's arms i could make all the high minded fold line railway station within minutes of the explosion killed a small piece of. cried. he noted was hers. i was going to be left lying on the ground nutrients teaching in to police and rescuers were working at the site. oh and you losers. the blouse was
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very powerful book guests to the securities of the building or more if i weren't here with them the explosive july insisted that the men to offset that old people standing around were doing. it was just as a normal day. dear use common people entering the station the industry whom were walking around the children i think the world for two hundred dollars but the political will to sneak in and around the station eighty two to three hundred people. after the buzzer to listen to people here in the white deer hunter considering that it's a little seasoned than you think people are going to relax at the end of london for which complete. this is another attack coming again i knocked and knocked in by a senior lecturer and this chap into operations and security studies at most this taking of the state is to provide a welcome to our scheme to national ads in acts in two days. anger has soft and d expense. here's his two naps to be over onto
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that. well thank you for adding me. ma. certainly security has been in a hiking the condition. regarding the threat of attacks. for the last year as we approach a countdown to the sochi olympic games. um the and the federal services and russia have already announced that they can't stop the large large number of incidents on throughout the last year. um and are constantly in reporting on a number of militants they have skill. however them. this obviously it only takes one to get through them and this is what we've made threes. in a category sky and now i will regret. i'm in the western portion that had ended and trends. i was stationed know what is heavy security wind using the tunnel is a topic that. the terminal and mass transport has always been a target of these islamic
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attacks in russia. we've seen several attacks on trains previously as well as on a mattress stations within moscow over the last decade plus i think they calculate this as it is extremely disruptive to the fabric of russian society creates a true atmosphere of terror when any average citizen can be affected who uses transportation which is the majority of the population. this proves that santa was at the mouse is simple not it'll be the second subject ensemble the ground as his accent that why is this a scene five ks will was already is the principal focus simply because it's an easy and kohl's card. to the south of the caucasus. um just the yesterday. there are a team of russian security services reported that the principle he. to the self
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styled muir of the caucus is no kumar of principle it is in lompoc tf was killed in august on by security forces after a siege of his house it is suspected that he then blew himself up rather than accept capture. um i think we can look at this time today as far more than likely a very rapid reaction. revenge attack for the killing of the seed of local arts. and no one to get with the intention that the driving force of the terror threats that jared is a threats ri he loved loosely based coalition that is often called the islamic caliphate. and that is centered around opal and morals of cool whip them has taken over several years ago. of the larger of the chechen caucuses it's a
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groups. um until cool. omar has taken these groups in a much more strictly islamic fundamentalist action ever has been before. oh my they have largely been displaced from church. it's self to the security measures there over the last decade of bullets. they still exist in the fringes in the hills of august on a round of men have support from outside the country. they cannot operate until the turkey in saudi arabia. many keep getting no support which keeps them going despite their small lumps what do you think needs to be done to prevent such attacks in the future. it's a complicated question i don't think any government in the world is quite recognize how to stop. terrorism particularly terrorism inspired by the fundamentalist visions of islam. this is especially more difficult than russia because it is a homegrown
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albeit ones from a very rich st the southern area of the country. um i think the combination of what has worked best in chechnya which is a combination of large amounts of federal aid to restart the economy restart employment cooperation with low or moderate so us to be islamic. mosques in institutions. along with a firm hand of security such as rams are the deer off shunning church. i think this model needs to be extended. as will. two daughters donna home and the negotiation and that this is that the best chance of love combating out of a problem that has no easy solution. as well as security forces them to partake in enrolling trying to make cities more secure people were talking to the general such is the bulldog or adware that the act incidents
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happened. no i don't i don't think that a heightened state of citizen alert. it can really help matters that one can help ease of weeks in the islamic group the islamic majority republics of the russian federation such as darkness than in english it yet. of that. if the citizenry can be brought up closer to the government and the best way to do this is with showing concern for them. education programs of bringing employment jobs economy. if you give the citizens of this region where unemployment is rife of may and anti government sentiment is high. if you give them a reason to support the state of the arab citizens of that will be the best way for it to see a reduction in such a high incidence of terrorism from within the citizenry
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themselves. not that a senior lecturer and versace and catch our nation's a secure system as it was just a few nasty computer and watching these clips. thank you. under a mind of the breaking news and i seem to not call from someone rush back to eighteen people have died and dozens more wounded in an explosion of the main railway station and assess your blog or grunt pieces and that a female suicide bomb and designated a divine say that mess with taxes. the station entrance eyewitnesses described as very powerful blahs. they also claimed a momentary the device as nine th is the same cca which as a terrorism nuggets had that one of the mouse is mindful of the southbound on abbas and the same cca can lead to six and injuring fifty seven ounces. without seem to not shop for more developments on the day he tries to live on a railway station which has killed eighteen people and you can also get the race has not called by phoning awesome toys. the air. two new name
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a beginning. six minutes most cities. so my drawings and the island of temptation so six months. hope all of this people. and it is easy to run as gifts. i bet because eleven distance principle. indigenous people well it's going to change their screams. it's good to read about. if you're welcome the kicks. it is a secret laboratory to her he was able to build the world's most
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sophisticated world. when sean fortunately it doesn't do it all done anything since mission to teach creation wanted to care about humans and the us. this is why you should care. watch only on auntie don't tell. the some seem to mind sending me stories which to make the good news this week striking nice to know is deepening can watch the scandal with more transparency. according to chris and european officials the crowd for their rates of twenty four people including the sons of two ministers and the government reshuffle is seen as prime minister atal is the biggest challenge since coming to town wanted to take it out. meanwhile some four thousand people gathered again in front of mom didn't have the piano steps down south as has been following the posts. new
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the new the site's list of those streets. it is the marked by widespread flight tests. this time the body is taking place in the wake of the coup. will the government. next apply to the hairdo and yell come to the streets of madrid has a policy. now for the devastation was significantly smaller than that seen this summer nonetheless that the cost to break out between the three contestants. so inclined instead the country. right now does it look good to us
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he descended. this is. two seconds. he opted to protest the planned this day remains fully and will continue to plague the corruption prayed the foreign conspiracy and secondly that the tensions may still be possible to be the point being that the openings that the police the key to the cheap seats going for things that he knew the government took its first easing to a decision to carry out more wasteful government officials and the family coolidge on the continued strong close. arguably the biggest test now facing the eventful played against a delight to have it in the match with governments in the midst of elections will be passed through this email them. you never know where the election as mayor of istanbul be extremely crucial when the advocacy. the grad student with as it says read that bad. the future that will continue its good news is that good. if people think that the ed made it difficult we can serve the wealthy that what they think
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the elections take place the full impact of the corruption scheduled between the two thousand. he stumbled. torn nations profess a saint and she told is that they cover up the scandal is not going to just about that. the gist of total production in our history and that if it is the case it does more than one hundred million euro. as the some sources say i can get to pitch the government is the having difficulties too. the sun and the undecided so little time flew by this and that i think he can come home to the auction cent of the most from abroad devil them all strong positions and that the turkish government the good news some of the fight to defend the emails them to fit it in the eyes of traditional trades and doubles and the international opinion now i don't mind telling everything is falling on our
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team to national from southern russia not up to eighteen people have died and dozens moment there's an expression of the main railway station this is him off the ground. they suspect that if the miles since i don't like to change it defines handedness of the taxes. the station entrance on witnesses described a very powerful las feel something simple and carried the devices in the gauge is the same since there were some for terrorism about one of the nelson side beloved itself on one of the servicing so sickening six and injuring thirty seven not this time the county town for more developments on the data tragedy enameled the ground. was just a few days left of twenty cents he was looking beyond the bounds which i began. been. tyson harry only be generated from the global headlines than any art that was a previously unknown and police he whack at the united states one on a job and the c i a he didn't
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like what he sold sadness madden went on attending the wild just how fine when america's electronic surveillance revealed plans for the trip consequences and hh accountable style and how the nsa whistleblower i've joined a list of those persecuted for exposing government secrets. it was still this is george orwell's because his big brother he's no match for the us national security agency designer's collection boom microphone you can rest easy that losses are nothing compared to what we do today. till then revealed that a secret court rubber stamps warrants for telecommunication companies to hand out the duty of new means of their customers. he also leads the programs that the government uses to track virtually anything anybody dies on the internet and also store that information. and he showed how the us government had lied about mass surveillance. does
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the nsa to collect any type of data at all. and millions or hundreds of millions of americans. no storm. while most americans think dad would still attend the u s government activists this body and a traitor united states government classifies it's evidence of its own criminal misconduct. it's its violations of the bill of rights were doing is advocating totalitarian procedures which is gathering information about all the individuals in the world the foreign intelligence contractor is now in but knowing for certain that he'd go to jail. he returned to the us. like bradley and now chelsea manning who was sentenced to thirty five years in jail. this office so we can be swinging through these many thousands of diplomatic. the deal proof of what got into context another man who found himself in jail this year was john to be awful. the first u s official confirmed
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the government's use of waterboarding to interrogate terror suspects. i caught up with him shortly before she went to serve his torn a half year sentence. i've never believed that my case was about a week. i've always believed that my case is about torture. in the hunt for whistleblowers journeys have been targeted as well us authorities secretly tapped the phones of dozens of associated press journalist. the partner of going greenwald who broke the story about the nsa surveillance was detained in london while carrying materials from edward still good. the british authorities to closely cooperate with washington now accuse him of course carries. aaron swartz was neither a whistleblower nor a journalist who was a champion of the free internet fighting against censorship builds and advocating the online release of as much information as possible on the government. on january eleven to twenty six year old
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committed suicide prosecutors wanted to put him in jail for up to thirty five years for downloading academic articles from a subscription based research website at his university with the intends to make them available to the this was somebody who was pushed to the edge by what i think of as a kind of bullying by our government a government that treated him as if you are nine eleven terrorists and muslims revelation help with that kind of surveillance the government said doing. i received on the window. this year will also learn what happens to those who fully embrace this new age of openness and accessibility of information is told that while governments and the us government first and foremost one of their populations to be open and transparent they themselves become increasingly secretive. in washington and then instead of art. the box to the suspected terror try using some brown chalk up to eighteen people and dead and
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dozens more injured and was understood to have the necessary belonging and the main railway station besieged above the ground as number ten to appease evil is going over the line people it's not about the last twelve to eighteen people dead and up to fifty others injured these are the latest figures that would have right now we know that the president has been notified about the situation he said his representative to vote or drive directly to control solution that up on the spot. the emergencies ministry is clearly on standby ready to deploy aircraft will arrive to provide medical help to those injured and possibly to back three goals in need of more sophisticated medical assistance oh two moscow authorities believe that the blast was conducted by female suicide bomber although no one's yet taken the responsibility for this attack. it did the blast took place near the entrance to the train station where the story checkpoint. it is located and so one policeman was killed three others were injured and we're getting reports that said the policeman who died. i
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keep. tried stopping for the funeral suicide bomber from conducting her up for attack. i know wilson or that the first second and third of january will be days of mourning. in the wilderness region the train station is still shut down an investigation is underway you were thinking very much indeed for that update all the tokens in a scam and daddy's arms and conduct of the rind of one railway station within minutes of exposure he told us what he said. cried through to see note it was hers. more than i was going to be left lying on the ground. get the nutrients teaching in to police and rescuers were working at the site. oh and you losers the blouse was very powerful book guests to the securities of the building or more if i weren't here with them
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the explosive devices. then tom said that older people standing around were doing it was just as a normal day here use common people entering the station the industry whom were walking around the children i think the world for two hundred or so. the political will to sneak in and around the station eighty two to three hundred people at the hospital. the six ozs and people here were quite carefully considering that it's the holiday season. i think people go to the new relaxed at the end of london one for which complete. this is another attack coming again. and airlines now the breaking news story on our team comes from southern russia. after eighteen people have died and dozens were wounded in an expansion of the main railway station this is no political front pieces and that of the well since i'm home i just needed to find stand the mess with taxes. the station entrance eyewitnesses described a very powerful las villas something people might carry the device is the gauge is the same cca which suffered terrorism and said that when
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the mouse isn't until monday herself up on abbas in the same city killing six and injuring thirty seven years stay with us people more developments on the day of the tragedy at google and railway station which has killed eighteen people and also that the nation said auntie got caught on fire on in this country to adopt mix add the star of dancing classifying documents into the covington name proved more tricky than obtained them in the past nights the air. to noon. room although i'm going to come a few times i've never seen the doc dynasty tv show but gosh i heard about the scandal involving one of the stars of the show phil robertson who got suspended for making what many consider anti homeless actual comments in an interview. the slippery scandal is creating a lot of arguments about freedom of speech on social networks many people who believe that
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roberts and deserve to be booted from the show for what he said argue that freedom of speech means that roberts and get the rest by the government for he said but the eighty tv channel has the right to fire pool they like the thing is that if the situation were reversed and robertson was fired for making pro lgbt statements that people who are currently defending he's retired fire escape least what all the bashing the tv show from filing the stars freedom of speech think why the firing it would violate his rights. i'm sure some websites with bacon into hero or demand a boycott because of a candy wrapper. very few people actually believe in freedom of speech for all they just believe in freedom of speech for people who agree with them. fascist. i am. you see it. little. it is
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little. it is. low. it is
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ch ch. when we were little
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you try to catch the lead because breaking the all white. lights the eagles to play. stock. while. good news


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