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tv   The Afghan Report  PBS  December 29, 2013 6:50pm-7:01pm PST

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purist on its. on top of the mermaid at the moment it's the most intimate though the thought of fossil been out in a subtle form of bed at about the cover of the director of the one in the middle money for the fact that tomorrow when the defendant. he owns on the side of some new stuff when the tuna so my dad owns those awful lot of on the form of the muslims the mom of the cinemas but for the moment so that the summons. the nice it's like your style. she's soo when he speaks pushing up prices for essential items such as fines would cause the beast and cooking gas by at least eighty five percent when even one it she just moved to london. so both lola could go bust of the month either the shots. the little clothes on when he doesn't run the cables was a bonus and one. tomlinson your shopping center is to write seek the next six to reach that point. it boasts a three d santa monica a stunning born under this law morgantown and sixty shops but still fun when you give blood in the phillies have tenants. i don't know about
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it. the blood of those daughters and they did not make a back paddock as spanish to go to the doctor doesn't establish missions to chew up the weekly awesome you trust me it's time to get this album of the mob was the annual best of active sonar them on the coast and on. the guy wanted some for the show as did the assault on the bike without the specter that the net. yes monday i cashed out of the battle of akron. yes by cherry is the man then all of the bottom. she sees the country then i was on forty eight. and i wrote economy is exactly relate to tp for me it's the money which is coming out. and the last ten fifteen years we were neighbors too. two belts and it infrastructure and economy. top. and it's very important for us because the pcs also means greek economy. rough chance. good security for afghans. and
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then think we can own a bar and it is a ticket to get bright future for afghanistan the key concessions to the moon said that billions of dollars in foreign aid is moving to plant a blast the troops completed that clark went out from his gun province to whether he has up to the bus to the eleventh of august on defense all system down the street and died at the ready and caught these on to seven fifteen. upstream defence minister said that at the johnston. that said twenty five cars in the street in question and had stuffed in the fun is done with them not one to one in three to fifteen hundred in his death at one point twenty four hundred lesson and that remaining in the goddess in training and advice because what the security forces. you know learning. the forty killed in action. we will bring. time not just down the snow but we will bring on the lessons
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learned the cost for the government now. he's too this is what we've been doing for the last ten years from the perspective. all the white forth to stern defence. all foreign troops raises issues about to catching up to walk on concrete but business and cannot women's prison are terrified about their future article. she flew to london in sixteen nineteen the use of guns done seeking not just business funding. the was eighteen and eighteen. i hate you still fall since this painting from my dear teacher in the race. kidnappings running of the fumble and one kinds. making money and fourteen i knew mom whose young daughter has been kayaking team. she was told my dad has been a chai chee two nights. i see on the phone a citizen
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the students. a baby the road. the nice side dish of the sixty s in gains after she was accused of killing has to do now. on monday was sentenced to eight units the next. one night the door and so. the free screening due to the nation computers can squirt of these inmates gt fifteen and he was sent off for strategies might never otherwise have the quiet. the present receive support from anti acne and reconstruction aid station and the media. made the dough in the sand they
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had to take the risk and that she was tossing around six fifteen and i'm keeping my eye on the hustings on sunday one i missed the fbi's interest in layton ut discs and imprisoned in flight attendant identity. even if they can squeeze in explaining to do. take ten satellites and routinely chief was in town and mr gets life in prison. kenzie be spent on and he died from nc the cia and morgan said in the ongoing up behind times i had seen the bustling head on the head attorney steve sees actually won two more men in each eye off with a chance to improve in all it took classes in the tracy and cockpit keeping score it's an antidote to the teens. yes he does have gone on in our identities. anna. those of you responding in an unconvincing. a home. i slept
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in went into effect in that event. that is. we see list of wanted to cheat off of constance been in business as for him to stitch on an international treaty she's fine now. support cheesecake and if need be commended this brightness to david cameron and frolicking in football like a dove and visit the troops had found basking on and on its content province on december sixteen the biggest brightest of excellence as kumble be of god not tsunami and the british on the east and the british troops adding in a contest on and pulled their heads up high. on the country and providing training for the of god not on he added police force. the staff has visited troops nothing in the country every christmas since taking office in two cars and dead british combat false sense of duty vocalist on india. as fodder to test routes and times of a national army. the nikkei to that seat in the house in trading a large number of cadets from the country fifty
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two cadets will fall the second largest batch of councillors has completed the training and graduated from the indian military academy are eyeing me understand before tea. let's take a look. he was nice but senior officers into the new wood and sixteen. can you beat the nineteen seventy four and nineteen eighty two neil and the accompanying idea sites and today. these officers into work and share content based on that now govern. ghazni province and the aberdeen stop the government of the south why shouldn't the camp though i admit but reading god is up hiking in the day's end of this. it echoed in it and i said additional bids in indiana on the sun is via a friend in addition to think these two countries. we have been chosen to commit to attending. i mean say that from nineteen seventy four to nineteen eighty two. as many
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as twenty seven have constant and taking funny actually it's an eye in the us to training for the us and nasty defence academy on the east room. then off to. i mean was suspended due to the fight to the condiment empty and isolde. don't ever seem strange and resumed at the national defence academy in two parts and seven. and then i needed to go into debt in other news not slim enough even the officers have you seen it. many officers with ascot nine ninety two to achieve tridentine talks. i mean i'm coming into the offices. the premise that they would be nice to get this number is together we had because the dvd and from many countries. this is the best. i mean. they can use it alot on me or twenty four but the ending. i am in da office is also there have
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been an undead to be named by the army of india and give it a go at it when he was tackled to the kingdom coming up. yesterday me and one each to just use different establishments you. a bit but soon i'm going to the shiites courses and on tv. in making a speech on tv it's an interesting too and the inside teaspoon remove god from the eye in the nt what that may come to the end of this week's episode of god is not what i was not seeking to leave we will be back next week with one new ad deals for both got it done. right now the inhale. yours
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the rushed into hospital retired for one legend michael schumacher suffer this was despite the serious head injury while skiing in the french alps a suicide bombing in southern russia sixteen people killed in schools mortgages from railway stations talk to him his gift from god. the swift response a pair of rocket strike in northern israeli town. and so on


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