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tv   RT News  PBS  December 29, 2013 8:00pm-8:31pm PST

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it is the fall of a terror attack in the russian city of all the products would have been carried out by a man fifteen were killed by a suicide bomber targeting of the city's main railway station. and this week's the top of the music in turkey riot police crackdown on protesters demanding the government to step down after a high ranking corruption scandal. rt loss of events that shaped the world in two thousand and thirteen overview of the revelations by former nsa contractor edwards noted which exposed america's
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massive surveillance. the old media organizations often we are friends with both his own we also hear from the tweed civic center joined a staunch about the state of journalism today and his new media center road movie where he and others offer of secret documents to various media outlets . i just want to read from our studios in moscow this is our team and john thomas let's get right to our top stories. investigators say they're looking at a number of possibilities of who carried out a suicide bomb attack in the southern russian city of bogota. some evidence now suggests a man may have been involved in the first report said it was the lone female suicide bomber. it has been confirmed fifteen people were killed in the attack which targeted
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the city's central wales railway station. the speedy nicholas has details the pollen off just before one pm the train station the destination of rain for an area around security checkpoints. as unsuspecting passengers in places for their luggage to be inspected i bent down to collect made all commands when i saw a flash of light. oh no was a blast. i was thrown back by the explosion. when i came to my senses the man was scaring me now she only held signs was i able to get a reprimand and sought to understand what was happening. i was inside in the way to home. i heard an explosion. i didn't realize what had happened and i saw the giant engines to was completely ruined and people are coming out to hand fighting. all those who died in the scene was a police officer who was reportedly turned to the point is a serious commitment from carrying out from interest
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groups. i was with a child cannot walk away. the blast happened. i saw and lots of chances last night i pushed it out to cool and calm but one that might not see it this way. officials say the bomb was equivalent to at least ten kilos of tnt in sd was supported by its devastation. the security checkpoints prevented this from who like sports. let's quickly responded this is the last and now investigators are looking at what their second home where was involved. this is the second time in just a few months at the southern russian city has only to terrorists. plus a passenger bus to school work is still growing menace of people here and it was a female suicide bomber. she kills six and injured over thirty others the first three days of january had been declared days of mourning that are present in those days are the very heart of nurses and your holiday celebrations but this year authorities have decided perhaps
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understandably. it is to be canceled. in coastal parts in moscow. several people injured in the terror attack ads all the bronze railway station are on board a plane heading to moscow to undergo medical treatment in the capital's hospitals meanwhile people are crowded in boulder bronze hospitals as well awaiting news about the condition of their relatives and friends or even looking for them she's not on the list. my daughter emily for my daughter. she was at the train station my son bought a nice green science train station and costly all they all intensive care and now they're badly in june they would have if we train to moscow but never made it there's been a lot of reaction to the events unfolded right on social media. on the twitter eyewitnesses have been posting their reports from the scene let's take a look at some of them. photographer who lives nearby treated the blast was so powerful
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that the doors of the railway station were made of oak or even higher than they were completely torn away another witness reports that immediately. arrived at the scene to help victims while the deputy head of the city tweeted that although the gunds top officials are at the sight of the incident. we spoke to senior lecturer at moscow state university. marcus limbaugh that he explained what he believes the city came under attack. red is the principal focus of that because it's easy and close heart. to the south of the cost of just the yesterday there the russian security services report added that the principal duties to the celts title of the year of the caucasus tofu far off but was killed in the august on by security forces. i think we can look at this the fact that day. as for more than likely a very rapid reaction. redbacks attack it's worth it to this e book arts. already listed on
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the bar believes that the international community should bring to account the state actors that enable such attacks. people on the ground and do this perhaps. maybe you know anonymous players just individuals who are excited one way or another. but he did not move. what the guys explosives into a major city without the aid of up to very powerful forces state actors usually happy so i think that the focus should be for the entire international community to take a look already. for the state actors that are enabling these things. saudi arabia comes to mind. for example had to get them the international pariah is that they should be to impose criminal sanctions on those responsible with in those governments. we will be closely following the developments and will bring you all the details as soon as we get them you can also log on to our t dot com for a minute by minute
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timeline of events in the pulpit. does the week's top stories with our weekly program we start in turkey which has seen a wave of massive anti government protests reminiscent of last summer's demonstrations. this time anger was sparked by a corruption scandal gets on twenty officials and businessmen. a rested then led into a major cabinet reshuffle. the situation escalated on friday when police launched a violent crackdown on protesters calling on the government to step down. teases her first reports the new. corbin sites and douglas streets in the u fifteen bucks by whites but pretense. this time the batting taking place in the wake of the pullout the government. next apply to the hairdo and yell come to
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the streets of madrid in concrete. now for the devastation was significantly smaller than that seen this summer nonetheless that the us to break out between the contestants. i will find isn't that a lot of good things that the country right now does it for protests in december. this is to stop this. he opted to protest the plan is to remain away and continued to plague the corruption prayed with a foreign conspiracy i speculate that the texans may still be possible. the point being that goal remains incomplete. the key to the cheap seats going for things that we get the government took it easy to cook decision to carry out more weight than sufficient
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for the family. good job and continues to impose arguably the biggest test now facing the above photo evidence that the line to have it in french with an image in the midst of elections will be passed close to seven am. you never know when to let us know that this movie is extremely crucial. when the advocacy i've been a grad student with as it says read that bad and a future that will continue its good news instead of the other people think that ed made it very difficult but we can serve the wealthier than what they think the elections take place. the full impact of the coma since getting it completely. see if the boat would you like to know a secret course we all do later in the program we look back at the impact edwards note in the security of revelations have on the world well we keep its founder doing this on she tells rt about his road movie. he pitched secret to the media
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around the world of adding just a few minutes here on our team to match the eye. if any of these. when asked how long i forgot that we all sang night at the traffic light thingy the house. guru what kennedy. your teens
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today are little research the eye. the after watching the arch is a weekly program now two thousand and thirteen is almost in the books were looking back at the most important stories of the year nsa whistleblower edward snowed and became one of the world's biggest names this year. his us security lead to reveal just how much everyone is being spied on america says the fugitive former contractor is a traitor and wants to try him for espionage. but as art is gonna kick and reports of the whistleblowers have already paid the price for
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lifting the veil of secrecy edwards notice as george orwell speak with his big brother he's no match for the u s national security can see the kinds of collections boom microphone you can rest easy that losses are nothing compared to what we do today till then revealed that a secret court rubber stamps warrants for telecommunication companies to hand out the data from unions of their customers. he also leads the programs that the government uses to track virtually anything anybody dies on the internet and also store that information. and he showed how the us government had lied about that surveillance. does the nsa to collect any type of data at all. and millions or hundreds of millions of americans. no sir. while most americans think deadwood snowed and the us government acted as a spy and a traitor united states government
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classifies. it's evidence of its own criminal misconduct it's its violations of the bill of rights were doing is advocating totalitarian procedures which is gathering information about all the individuals in the world the foreign intelligence contractor is now in knowing for certain that he go to jail should be returned to the us. like bradley and now chelsea manning who was sentenced to thirty five years in jail this august. so weekend weeks many released many thousands of diplomatic cables. the deal proof of us not into context. another man who found himself in jail this year was john can be awful. the first u s official confirmed the government's use of waterboarding to interrogate terror suspects i caught up with him shortly before she went to serve his torn a half year sentence i've never believed that my case was about who he. i've always believed that my case is about torture. in the hunt
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for whistleblowers journeys have been targeted as well us authorities secretly tapped the phones of dozens of associated press journalist. the partner of going green wall who broke the story about the nsa surveillance was detained i london while carrying aterls edward still good. the british authorities closely cooperate with washington now accuse him of course carries aaron swartz was neither a whistleblower ignore the journalist who was a champion of the free internet fighting against censorship builds and advocating the online release of as much information as possible on the government on january eleven the twenty six year old committed suicide prosecutors wanted to put him in jail for up to thirty five years for downloading acadec articles from subscription based research website at his university with the intends to make them available to the. this was somebody who was pushed
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to the edge by what i think of as a kind of bullying by our government a govnment that treated him as if you are nine eleven terrorists and muslims revelation help with that kind of surveillance the government saidoin. i received on the window. this year will also learn what happens to those who fully embrace this new age of openness and accessibility of information howed tt while governments and the us government first and foremost one of their populations to be open and transparent they themselves become increasingly secretive in washington pentagon art police have been released to constantly since june. now let's take a look at the most important ones. the world learned that the national security agency is collecting millions of us phone records daily and it seems that that data from some of the world's biggest internet companies isn't out of the essays read either british and german intelligence apparently helped us gather all of this
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data. and even told us his allies with the eu states that didn't stop america from wiretapping european leaders either. i love american government and businesses were also under the watchful eye of the nsa us intelligence actually seems to have most of the globe cover. snowden revealed that the tap beer straight from the fiber optic cake balls which carry most of the world's online traffic former c i a officer ray mcgovern thinks those of violating privacy should face justice and not the lakers. i am delighted to hear that it snowed in on his desk in honolulu had a copy of the constitution united states. all dog years because he used it to argue with this is a patriot spirit of the state as to whether what they were doing was illegal weather was constitutional the question should be why those who are aided and abetted this know whether they should be brought to
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trial for the use of gross violations of their solemn oath to support and defend the constitution the united states. now what would it media outlets do if they were given some secret documents. the media's down a road movie answers that question will be highlighting in here on our team a team of the wiki links journalists travels across the central asia and then the leader to britain and us offering up classified cables to the press. the film's creator join us on a ship and one of his companions and spoke to our keys in the finale. make starving. this dough can be so interesting. is that we have a different year over nine stations in different countries. goals are to have the same votes from al and journalist come today. often in the same type of material you're still interested in reading tables. and to receive with responses published authors processes
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some things aren't going to visit him. as a joint and in most cases of their off as very significant risk of the constraints of a car spaces. resulting from the republican party organizations concerned with all of his office the materials. office. do you still like the missing year documented in media staff was a success there were a lot of reactions i remember in tajikistan with people saying you can make a difference nothing will really change it was to devote to making a difference or if the commission in itself was a success. obviously anyone who regards to the church and giving the material published in the various media is that good old days it's a great success because they were actually quite good. love that man needs a new citizen either inside the door for them after hearing united states that has to be getting interested in publishing for material has been a big off axis to love respect and awe
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was a success. going from abroad or in respect of course we can see that in that it knew its releases have made the large impact saying that they changed the way that we interact with them with media since then and i think that if we just look at the year. the whole band is named after him which has been going on for the last three or so. they represent a direct consequence of that ultimately to the city's identity card. nowadays there is no direct censorship which is usable but that the community has been huge. the two countries in different places where it is possible for them to come soon enough that the bombing said the risks are out. a whole different kind of miss there are you going to continue your work to try to keep revealing the truth this isn't our responsibility is to miss two and then reveal what's happening behind the scenes in within the government and the human will as well as a national level. so have i been what he has done since two thousand six and
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afghanistan. and the risks to the gunners in afghanistan is too high. it sends to you since eighty eight cents to eighty two thousand and two team that has sixty cases against. the john wesley mission. boylan son. many of the cases against illness and afghanistan. so they've got is a high risk and to be a generous in afghanistan. but this is our spouse but its multitude of and continue to work. thomas edward snowed and use the media and not wiki links to channel his revelations done to think that's a good sign that he was able to do it through the media. boy the kids. it's quite sad actually. it was good and didn't care too. in fact the media. he went to someone's closely associated with austin specific term was quivering role. and i was visiting journalists or fortress. fear of the most
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prominently. a couple journalists don't you wish to meet sisters. greenwald. his cough was then working with italian has with god. as a result of all the censorship by the guardian or the eternal. today less than two point five percent of the spirit and i think the chances of being published. the men started the media are still reluctant to challenge the government like you said in speaking of glenn greenwald recently he reprimanded journalists across the globe for not standing up to the government websites i have a listen to what the angry mob had to say at a recent ninety conference in hamburg. what is that we were targeting isn't that the leader of the media over the past six months the revelations have emerged almost entirely with now and despite the wall of the us media and their british counterparts is to be voices for those with the greatest power and to protect their interests and serve them what i ask you isn't as bad
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as greenwald is saying generally speaking if you just understand that in that powerful media institutions are parts that aren't of power rather than being there and being so to speak to me the tears off information. it gives us understand the very idea. then obviously you will search you can add to meat and consumption of news information and different in different respects. yes of course is that it is not met if you look at an institution such as the head of the washington post which was one of the persons have access to a mt snow than simply miss the documents they decided not to publish them. and i mean practically jennifer's and do what we can understand and that says that there is a rich relationship between rides between the different power institutions in our society is indeed it is most definitely one of the most important power institutions that we have endorsed figo and some other stories making headlines around the world at
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this hour. just him schumacher michael schumacher seven time formula one world champion is in a coma after a skiing accident in france. schumacher was skiing with his fourteen year old son and an off pieced area between two mark runs he suffered severe head trauma and is now in critical condition he was taken by helicopter to hospital violence continues to rage across south sudan reports indicate that thousands of south sudanese youths supporters of rebel forces were armed and marchant was one of the country's strategic towns. the oil rich state has been in turmoil since two thousand and eleven when it gained independence in this month alone at least one thousand people have died in south sudan in a fighter a recap of our breaking news it has been confirmed that fifteen people have been killed in a bomb blast in russia's southern city of boulder god. dozens. i made
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all comments when i saw flashing lights and analysis allows. i was thrown out by the explosive when i came to my senses them and was scaring me out. only downside was i able to get a breath of managed and started to understand what was happening dozens were injured by the blast at the city's central railway station the expulsion was extremely powerful causing the doors and windows to be blown out completely. some evidence now suggests he was a man who carried out the blast initial reports had said that it was a lone female suicide bomber camille about to break its own worlds apart would post some of what to do with the washing machine. ay ay ay ay ay the it is. this is
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to costs. saatchi. i'm a sahm he's a symbol of some rowing coach. during the coming festival. mounted on tuesday summer i hunt in costumes demonstrate traditional skills with the owner the city sons to the joker achievement. this was the stage for political and ceremonial activities as well as the religious center of the samurai government. i i was coming for a summary of this is the balm for e paper lantern festival the phone or e license law in the approach to the main shrine. decorated with old pictures and messages from local cultural thing. ceremony is held here to ward off some of disease
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into the chino while purification rites. a maniacal she doubts before going to meet coach roy made eye. semiconductors is held each august. to commemorate the history of the memo to most tomato. chemically show scholes crammed together to enjoy the paper lanterns with erin and nineteen pitches and on the guy was japan's political center for about one hundred and fifteen the legacy left by the unique culture develops here includes many magnificent runs and ten. mark is the story books. all great sports. i want. seven points
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we need to talk bronze statue was of the achievements of the mental comes to technology stocks. the duty to protect the stomach. so we can see expressed both the strength to move into the samurai culture. i will the court's oldest wooden structure. and you try. he did this summer i've been reading called the blue the unit will the rule georgie was japan's first zen buddhists. i do. a major role in teaching and spending designed to steer a tee
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simplicity and regress meditation. j simpson. makes me second on the thirteenth century. always welcome you to take teams and meditation practice. training has found effect in shaping the spirit of december. it expresses the distinctive send you one landscaped around an actual reform the eye. she's among its unity. the case. the old capital of chemical representatives to this day much of the legacy of the samurai culture and tradition. you knew and grew
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what was what was i. and while cantonese line it's not a diss and thirty s and catherine comanche and telltale. investigators in russia are looking into a second deadly attack in three days. the suspected suicide bomber was responsible for an explosion at a train station in the southern city of belgrade got to at least sixteen people were killed more than forty wounded the attackers and security officials with another challenge as russians prepare to host the winter olympics investigators say the attacker detonated the bomb


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