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tv   France 24 News  PBS  December 30, 2013 6:30am-7:01am PST

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in good time. from the latest in its latest technology to explore the whole history and beauty of the corner of hitler. it wasn't for him the europeans and the costs and you pay to get stray cats was an everyday. cos breaking news caught one. so much the doors to play. the stock while. well strokes
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the russian city of all the bread is one killing at least fourteen people it's the second such attack in twenty four hours. no one has claimed responsibility but attention is turning toward the islamist insurgents that are put in one security tightened across the country that rate him a deal to boost the lebanese army might react provides the cash to the tune of three billion dollars parents provided the new trick with its announcement made this french president swollen visit saudi arabia for the second time his presence. michael schumacher is still in critical condition after a ski accident in france. when chicken is being treated for severe brain trauma. it was said to be in a coma brought to us. a watching world news on for the cast was first go
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to this rapidly developing story in kinshasa the capital of the democratic republic of congo gunfire is broken into several parts of the city the airport has been attacked shots of the attack shots were heard that an army camp and armed assailants stormed state television headquarters where they're currently holding journalists hostage soldiers are deployed around the area that television and radio went off the air. we'll bring you regular updates on this rapidly developing story as soon as we get information a few hours ago bomb exploded on a trolley bus in the russian city of baltimore at possibly a suicide bomber according to russian authorities. the current death toll stands at fourteen people killed the bus was packed to the early morning commute is that it comes less than twenty four hours after the explosion in the city's main train station killed seventeen people investigators say the attacks may be linked to raising concerns over security in the country ahead of the sochi olympics games
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scheduled start and federer who spoke to jessica dollar in moscow with the latest on the investigations. federal investigators he get to know that they email me if you attack yesterday treated at the ball around three a day to catch. like we are. every entertaining viewing. last night to day yesterday confusion over yesterday. we are one entity. yesterday we heard other media. the couple
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working again today to get a bite to eat a huge painting of the korean market with andy and forty eight trolley bus that morning. a bearded baby control are being decimated. at the tweed river our pick up the trolley back when kennedy at buildings in the area. last day. born in sin chew in the restive province of change in the people were killed on monday authorities say they were attacking a police station and were armed with knives and explosives. muslim weavers in the province frequently clashed with security forces. the week the group in describes the events as a massacre of the family preparing for a wedding. anti government protests in kiev appeared to be losing steam to two hundred thousand people gathered on independence square on sunday. a lower turnout than previous weeks demonstrators to the streets more than a month ago after president leonid covert refused to sign a trade deal that would have clicked and links with the european union can't go to prac reports this is what is it a nice demonstration from week to week it didn't seem to be falling slightly to the protest is the easy to me
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that's just because it's holiday season and people will be back up to the orthodox christmas on the seventh of january and that he said there was still tens of thousands of people yesterday on independence reminiscent of gym class. but still all kitties. the whole area and says no signs of needing a win for the senses than that just got upgraded it wasn't loud enough already the president introduced doesn't seem to be willing to make any concessions and he knows that he's sitting on the few times that he obtained from russia in this month's latino this will improve economic conditions in ukraine at least in the short time. even the most expats that they seem to agree that this one so the trends. and on to something even among the candidates isn't. as the people who see that it's going to be tougher than seek
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to fight this battle right now because the candidate is to know this because in his hands. two days after the assassination of a prominent anti syrian figure eleven on its natural allies are looking for ways to boost the lebanese military saudi arabia has pledged three billion dollars the money will likely serve to buy a french meal or treat equipment. the announcements came to a state visit saudi arabia by french president also today soul stirred to sunday or a gifted still numb precedents and financial assistance package to lebanon also the region has decided to walk the streets the installers and eight. on the image you can go to strengthen it. and acquire more than what marie sauce up and it is a student lending that saves it to the senior is for them in a tree which is struggling to contain the rising tide in finance and to the civil war in neighboring syria. inflame sectarian tensions across lebanon and treats and the country's stability. on
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the ground from sound you've read here is far from being in one tank from should be supplying lebanon with them in a tree equipment they need to. the french president was in riyadh on something that made comment on the try and get their agreements. still it was short lived opposite the relationship between saudi arabia are not on his bones of two sovereign states and people call it the fault of the year. the lebanese army for a while. this demo up until recently the many requests interest to us. gao we will be a good business district in the school to visit. sunday review has once again confirmed its position as france's number one commercial partner in the middle east. trade between three and in paris is doubled in the last ten years now reaching billion here a cd. israel is set to release twenty six palestinians late today the third act released as part of the deal between israel and palestinian leadership for the peace process previous groups were released in august and october each time the israeli
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government also provoked palestinian anger by nancy new settlements in the occupied west bank. syria is unlikely to meet the deadline to get rid of its most critical chemical weapons damascus by the end of the year to check them out to the country that target will not be built according to the un which calls on the serene regime to intensify its efforts deal backed by russia in the us aims to destroy serious chemical stockpile by the middle of next. and if those homeless targeted by recruiters to go and clean up near new clear the toothbrush and people living rough in focus the night train stations say they have been offered up to windows update to help clear debris around the damage. no michael short fur is currently in critical condition was good the latest updates on his health or the former formula one champion suffered a ski accident yesterday. in the upscale resorts ski resort of marrickville confirms he's being treated in some piece of prose in
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grenoble and a religious word we have on his health is the press conference that is being held by his doctors they said it's too early to say what will become of michael schumacher. this exact words used by the doctors we cannot predict the future for michael schumacher suffered an eight inch the steam mill keystone sunday morning. formula one legend michael schumacher the island has his hands dismissal in the french alps the forty four year old german was airlifted to a local hospital before being transferred to another facility without examination mr schumacher was admitted to the kala not going to steal schools and turned twelve forty pm and seven prince of the cree neutral arm was in a claim when he arrived which was near a surgical intervention remains in a critical condition. it was just too picky the former mitchell racing world champion was with his teenage son explained that the accident. specialists
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you're a surgeon professor jim hahn cyclists union from congress to assess the treatment. he previously operated on schumacher following a serious accident at the preschool pre nineteen ninety million the colts into his hometown where she will confess developed a passion for racing. nicholas was switched to react to the news it has turned russell korea which is higher risk everything went well the mountain skiing accident fortune the lightly regarded as one of the gracious for me to want only to support our aim. she and uncle one record ninety one victories before retiring from the school in twenty twelve. then just before iraq at this edition of world news pictures of the annual elephants of connection that said that if one national park. that's in nepal. openness to the soccer field on sunday and showed off their skills so sure they missed some of their intense that they didn't score several posts. the delights of locals and tourists. we're
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becoming more and more numerous to attend this annual soccer elephant soccer match. mr throws with nineteen fifteen minutes more useful. welcome back to this special edition of europe now what we say the fruit of press reports and interviews to deal not to be in the eu that's the question all day become one's mind the british prime minister has bouts to renegotiate britain's eu membership. he says and put the final results to an in out
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referendum in two thousand and seventeen. what would happen if the majority of british voters chose to leave the european union. all reports is bring you a fictional scenario when british politicians and business leaders. imagine wall that country would look like the dl for it said goodbye to europe the door scenes of euphoria in the euro skeptic town the majority of british birds and outs of the european union. this is the last time in history among the state's use of school safety in the lisbon treaty to call it quits. six years off to david cameron announced person would get to put some ski jump. nigel for rush. the firebrand anti brussels mep savor the victory of a lifetime ask the european parliament's moby of all the merriment. and from excitement and box numbers of young people because what we're winning. is it that a
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democracy the ability to govern ourselves to the milestones of our own destiny with kissing goodbye to form a coma this bureaucrats in brussels to be running our country with a fall too long said with a sense of what was the sense of national real weight when it suddenly. we are who we are. we haven't gone out with two kiddos tossed by an obama loss in the further you count many of mourning the end of the common european history among some students and young graduates like joan. he believes people will soon become disillusioned. is it a tragedy and sense of national identity with the boss of the financial services industry may be to dump an affront bucks. the loss of the myth that manufactures or maybe it's the consonants is well on the cots in the manufacture and supply chains to get him into the straight. um it's not such a bright future. and yes as early as may twenty thirteen us president's birthday ball a couple of
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words in it that is as much influence. if it's left the eu. the index had its a strikingly quite as convinced the cake will be cut said it's fine. sometimes it's to political power. uk derives the power that it has in part from its history and from what it is so forth. but it also drives a great deal of power from two special relationships one with the united states which it recognizes and exaggerates and secondly its special relationship with the continent which of course it sometimes doesn't recognize and likes to pretend doesn't exist. in front of westminster. many precious gem. he's dependable sleeping isn't achievements wilcox was the one who convinced mum is off the conservative party to run it together and support of the welts from the eu. he says britain is call from isolates it. we are trading off the bench for the world we have go next and business
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regulation which is destroying all small and medium size businesses. we are rules that must fail in terms of our government the purchase will lose access to the single european markets and its flight hundred million consumers. as a result the states will need to re negotiate trade agreements with its former european partners from scratch and it would be for free. business leaders like hadn't alexandre of concerns about the future the estimates that single roughly between two and six percent of each household income is related to the eu i think the whole notion of being an active next door to the largest market in the wild. i'm not joining it to his madness. diana outlets agrees. they then he campaigns for them and applied it cites enough coffee to stay within the eu she plays the british media
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this is what leads to the european union is of muscle bomb making use of the groups i'm too less than that as i steered him. i forgot to put the k it's my message to british people is lost in going to regret this quilt good to see it please call me grateful because it is awesome. but probably jealous stunned by the black they campaigned against brussels for years and contains the british people made the right choice some go as far as saying of the eu member states of saint paul and his footsteps. it was raised on snow. other european countries. many of whom were given a reason to invade the dawn of the country had to have an image is taken away by both countries have been so willing to sacrifice the palm
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to rule themselves. today we note with interest from european countries. see how much longer they'll have to put up with his far away from the city of business is the one time a historic johnson dockyard was the largest in the wells in two thousand won the european union finance its rehabilitation to the tune of hundreds of thousands of your a's without european funds which it holds with praise for the survival of the cultural sector in this country. he has a role to play in and co present the bill for governments to its very easy for uncle which is to be one of the first things that gets caught in times of economic hardship it's twenty eighteen as the united kingdom has an eye on deposit the eu. a dream to some lights mess for others the donor this was a fictional story of course i'm back to reality back to two
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thousand the team to meet else that might be the mum of the european palm and from london. it all seemed to see not report on the fictional is all still reads you believe that by two thousand eighteen your country will have left european union identity dustin indeed the case but it could happen there's been a referendum by definition we cannot know the outcome of a referendum until the results is published. i'm icing the day of exam will be successful in achieving a package of re negotiated cost of a new relationship with the owner of a reformed relationship i'm bring powers back them with dots of the british people and seventy if we have that kind of crocodile be campaign say. what you links the welts post you can all make how small and medium size companies as he hits every hearts by the economic crisis. for those lucky ones who continue to make profits restricted access to credit is undermining growth. but as
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we found out there's no shortage of successful stories across europe has had two more cia in the south east of spain way you're addicted to christine edwards dennis took this to one of europe's largest. i'm back and. we are. this is yet while the other. what we are finding that the effect not to judge the water. the body the best we can feast on its part. of course. the forty
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mark prices. the company was that he floated in on the minds and twenty. and if you look at the name hot people. it's that it missed its real power the huns need it so that the student is his first name last name on high heat and the ball in her name for this one and on comes from creditors with them and can sometimes be the one in front on these tests are on to the corner the factory as well and he can go and see it it was a very concrete example of germany's strong that it was good as sydney's that is to win he says small and medium size companies are leading to the back going off for the german economy this is where most of the people and some new look this is the most of the people of trains and businessmen many of our exports come from he's the machines machine tools specialty chemicals costume a product so that you
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know even fun stuff like like like a humble gold bears and people around the boat buying these products and that creates a cause an enormous wealth during summer. with its silence a proper cup but not so bad that the small traditional fall to spot them and that's what the producers who sell their produce directly to consumers. and you like it. yes i do like it oh and don't these products are not simply fight this meal difficulties that the ibo in the sense of power will be our cookie baking and i made a much read somewhere that to conceal my skin on convening can see how the farmers in fact speaks instead that the products the edict of contact between the consumers and the farmers which i think is very good because we import a lot
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the few who came to our kids or my kid to not give a good seat. a lot of wonderful products but then question how can he do yet. two thousand and thirteen was a good year for europe's bees as of december posts fathers in the eu are no longer allowed to use pesticides suspected of dancing eighteen beat colonies. the ban was approved by the eu commission in a totally targets. three chemicals believed to be disrupting the sense of orientation and immune system the next story will take this to slovenia. a country with a long tradition in beekeeping. as you will see slovenian follows that all spent time in saving the bees actually a sign that despite the crisis some green priorities are not being neglected. these days when mary anna comes up behind in the morning in days to find happy healthy bees and trends
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in evidence that the neocon three types of pesticides that are widely believed to be harmful to bees. if obama was asked in iran's production in it by force he said the protective effect in two thousand and six forty five percent of all articles or have been destroyed. you're almost half of them. he started the more we are voting for someone to gather pollen in the fields it never came by today. we sat down at the fashion one day i found a whole pile of dead bees on the ground. when hinds with beets lettuce the site in jail is with three types of incense the signs containing unique to know it's a highly poisonous substance of these slitting is the best country in the european union to ban its use on all types of vegetation. now from a slight bend your knees or thrice week of the songs for the whole scottish school photo to prove that the program has included we noticed a downturn in production of one pope of office with the ones they found these past two stories especially the one that reads
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her stories. to make them all i can feel but why don't we have a way of living all these insects are known as the fifth set. but this wedding. when you grow so why read to daniel but he knows that without the bees agricultural output would not be viable as they fly from one house the next incentives meant to appease transferred grains of pollen and allowing for the first was a chinook second thoughts. it's a fine cooper's sense without the honey bees that wouldn't be any malice nor fruit bearing trees there even some vegetables that would be able to cry when she is the nature of everything in fact been using pesticides has been swimming around but this does have the will may have been the european commission has decided to confront the problem head on. from december this year the use of the specific test sites will be suspended for four major crops corn rolls and some prawns and cook. the city the national insult the commission of an environment system i stood above the nave. there were no
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dead. what a nation of that this is something for which we have a major economic advantage. tempted to give you clues as to make it with you over the forty nation and a daughter to bed for the nation needs to be sporting nation. yet to sign says this measure is not enough minister and professor those agencies other issues come into play. these may not be going in each of the history section is the best that endangered even buy or thrice substances. a lot of recent publications from all around the war showed that this open at the fx study. you see the lifespan of the beast and you seem to be morning tea honey bee pollination is responsible for seventy percent of global agricultural output. if these insects were to disappear and tidy bacon also went on human beings as an expense but he would anyone else find is on the planet without them saying goodbye is always in
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motion. this year on gas surprises with that farewell let's take a look. buy. he said. they were going the ballot themselves portuguese cops. it took us all of which he said that this time of crisis. people need things at that. and we read and they can disappear for a get rid of the emotions and are overcome. we had. we
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handled the seventh but you know. although the lack of it it all up been busy. most deadly these troubled times was to maxis field. my message is that money is not routine it and it's not enough for what we need to use a bit of atmosphere. i'm trying to improve we live by playing two pm on the old overjoyed. the in it. it is
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read time to say adios. hope he does it all. why do these songs show in january will be heading to latvia. meanwhile you can find all the programs allow what scientists call the cast of calm. bye for now and when. it is. is this. it
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is. it is. the steelers usual
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spot in the system claiming its inspections of registration of private businesses since jamie moyer first of two thousand fourteen the program will completely eliminate the possibility of illegal inspections developers are confident that the son of supervisors will fail to find a new poll. this is the airline's request that on the subject from the supervisory authorities and apparently if the system finds a violation he will refuse to authorize inspection domestic prosecutors havlr


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