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tv   China Price Watch  PBS  December 30, 2013 8:30am-9:01am PST

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do they. a a. we move mung will. week. the mall the economics of everyday life in china. one documentary on the last week of the dangers of too big for that of the more bitter was the feeling that the team the money matters with corruption caused her to
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the question today what thinking is that often cause or prevent it into a corner paris hilton to a chinese dinner due to apathy about it finally the debate with the actress did a provincial government officials on before all that would take a look at the top rest of my peers china we're upgrading boarding call. the present difficult steamboat restaurant. got battered indian and chinese president hu ping had lunch and expect we had a pretty normal steamboat restaurant in pj to be the way to unwind when bill and terry his own trip or meal. what regular people the choice of steamed buns are bound to include pork and onion green vegetable and cute pig liver the cop and twenty one year and around three dollars and ten. working as normal people eat like a normal person people stood next to him and took photos. the deer camp and became super popular online or printed by many chinese sources. people started ordering the same usc played with some kind of tourist attraction. at this
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hour. one of more than four hundred identical store to get the present appeal and had to wait in line for hours many offered to take photos complete worry that. not everyone would help me kill time job and all that changed towards holding the visit next up until monday clinical teaching how to get married first to complete thousand us dollars. shanghai the posting them and get woman buried it deep in the school for training he promises that people took the class. the thing related to find a three hundred and ninety date. according to a tuesday thursday class than one year. people have to attend classes in shanghai not much different. mainly depend on the requirements for future husband. the total price range. not to dump it on her to almost fifty six thousand us dollars each year data showed that the end of the year. there are more than one hundred eighty million people male and female in china. the first tier cities like beijing shanghai and
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want to know the number of cool people and temporal large part on the total school population. a survey showed that more than one to pick up eleven percent of china's total ordinary population. i know it from beijing morning post. robert and you'll be invited to for shares to the government's anti corruption campaign the federal government on an anti corruption campaign have turned it into the deep diving during the festival however chinese goods that have already picked out a way to get around it. i need all my gift stores are from different years and haven't yet. with the kids are bought to write correctly the housework. drivers pay between two hundred and ten two thousand the renminbi for online account and password in the web that will deliver for sure. the counting permission to bribie the right you can choose any of the product would for sure put decaf in the visible but with that. the bride to be going shopping spree the gifted and head directly to their home which makes it harder for police to track
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china's traditional didn't even do that. what is built into the government's anti corruption campaign the online store to get pressures have been affected at all. don't go away because of that money matters which of the production called mission. they can. education for them to know the rigorous hundred and one. students are awarded for the tactical ability and not much else with capital that the primary measures to cut school bolted in their preparation to propel the intent of course and the pound trivial knowledge into their brain. but unlike the altar not. the bride were to define. in december second twenty six universities in china including two on the dock. not to build toward accepting applications. devil his due process for the school has included an interview. it really all that important in regard to personality dreams or motivation. he actually does very little to do that
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nevertheless they can drive the mission doctor. we're coming to them using interviews is actually functional for certain majors the permit went camping singing performing arts sport universal could be entered into the majors but not for others. that became an eye opener and china chinese media has painted the main reason why the top in the interview and corruption with the corruption scandal in the universe. the former director of enrollment. in november that year. i've been telling the former director of the never ending adversely effect of corruption. in the whole time the tone is different on a report that i was under investigation. i've been on the exact amount of pride money hasn't been released. does that but the more than one hundred million yuan worth sixty million us dollars are involved in the corruption case. actually the corruption case did not come up with strings of tiny people. but it did get them talking the chinese independent occurred to them. and recruitment. here is a big step for reforms in china to call attention to them. it
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carried onto the tree was trying to revive more choices for diversity. wonder who actually didn't report to the wintery to call attention to them was the only way for chinese universities. her current student. and turned to her passport. only we get into a top college. knowing that can cook and eat and good cheer. although the number decreased the past two years. the large number of students taking part in the exam. of course the chinese government into the thirteen more than nine point two million students attended the exam. the cole report the gap between latter two thousand. many chinese educated pointed out the cold and rude to them should not only be away for universities to recruit students. critics of the tech pointed out the many limitations of the kal kal. these include stories of those just performed poorly on one day and kept away on a whole year to retake it. the biggest concern is the high level pressure prompted for the opec. don't go with the other token taylor corruption caused emissions they can. welcome back to
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china for clubs in today's money matters or talk about corruption college admission into the appropriate number of chinese colleges or take a different protocol dimension you wanna find a way to judge him. other than the nation not to call attention to them. the chosen due to abuse report to give the student. the interview to bully me a minute to look back on a mission. if we don't put a bra the new system. but to make a perp walk the cold and damp however many chinese people were in my pre more opportunity for corruption that. china business news the financial newspaper release. the interview to become a tricky way for admissions officers to pocket money. in a monopoly and three colleges. on the powerful position the new convert those that i can to bribe the people in universities to get the kids in one hundred of you and what not to puke out the mckellar complete no big dumb for brian. an email to
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be higher than that. one hugely publicized broderick and with that of using chalk the story broke in two thousand ten. you see thomas the former head of the education department did you think rock. the bride totaling about one hundred ninety dollars us dollars. he is able to view the position of power from two down from five to two thousand and eight. finally kind of life in jail. chinese media but the interview that given the official the chance to exploit the damage it did according to the role the end of an ever present to that special talent. i can't even think they can also apply to top universities. even if their grades are not very good. due to attend interviews the more difficult to evaluate an interview is going to become a prime opportunity for bribery. the competition is not the people get desperate they're all with the input right recap in china. it is a viable option. according to poll the number of total can ditch the two hundred percent of those expected. data showed the speed of thirty one to build one thousand nine hundred in court that
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the independent recruitment that didn't apply for it though. it even tougher for those who apply to college without being recommended by the high school. i flew to la to pick up the numbers didn't recommend. commuters he said the plan but it felt good helper ninety percent of total output. the only campers didn't make it a primer on an interview. with careful look at the thrift no wonder that dr printer looking to bribe the cave in the bribery case any case there isn't much oversight the interview process is highly doubt it doesn't affect the wreck is very much did you hear that accepting bribes with that issue became that led to the change the well known chinese educators to lead the team put up an independent recruitment is not true or not it has a contemptible corruption. those reputed universities often decide which team would be recruited and they could use that anyone knowing about it. sure that the universe to make more permission about the candy during
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the recruitment keeping to the student rate increase to an abuse court to be made and did not kill me to wear that many people don't want all their personal information available to the world. to think the backing information the fractured prepared to them. and you can think is justified in violation of privacy. in interviews and ballistic if that's a pretty strong leaders in college admissions. tie the education system would be completely different. that could change the industries in china are more people. as of now two very heavily favoring quantitative skills the corrupt organization might be taking the narrow minded to them from being effective in its own right coco went to outback for question the day where they stood up and getting into tiny college and they can and now time for question today. they didn't get their take on issues affecting their lives. today we have people mistreat about their proper application for college. but to people talk about the current situation
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it was mostly due to conflict to the students get to the problem to call attention to timing. when one exam result of such future however the russian problems with the policy. without. we committed to keeping people carnegie. in view of the linking that to happen. i need i do believe that don't know the best way for a student he didn't call it was not the only way these colleges evaluate the overall
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performance as a student but i've heard stories that people with bad grades to get into good colleges because they paid money to certain people. on the back. actually getting to get comics i was pretty hard to get a kick or a second family had money and certainly would help. i don't think. he kept hidden. on the country in helping each other. going on. think what you should check to the issue no date for camp i was only due to the main point. it's no picnic lunch. so into you on how to knit the husband and two cents. anyway can get into the carnage. like the way the company needed you can. we take a wicket record above the one time. on today's tool that can help me kill a chicken with electronic scale in china many of those who opted by the families of the day from open air farmer's market
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the apartment we were ready to meet the product comes with the farm. there's no middle man. the prices are cheaper. the formidable what the can therefore make the eight years ago shipwreck and down with them the cheaper price. like many tiny applied for the market that sort. with the formal do what they can to bring home the bacon. men who have only one electronic kilr the ardrgumt abt weit and keep the line moving quickly. it can keep the game the former court of appeal to complete the deal their favor. don't bring their own killed the market to me don't realize that she didn't only get home recently in one bill government office crackdown on to local factories produce illegal it on sale. more than one thousand altered to look for the new factory to compute the details. mr of the way. the gift and kills one at thirty percent of the original weight. this is the one telling them that we're at twelve point three kilograms. it's pretty easy for the farmers achieve with
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the scale. the defeated push a button. the buttons are specially designed the deal by the doctor. they're a lot of blood and fire wouldn't notice. even on packard dell to get upright. i can the one that would have occurred. and especially that give more profit numbers. tilting the practice of providing them wi the actors that all t way that was due to cope with that technically the market managers. many net uses discuss how to avoid being cheated by the late one night in a row quo. the best way to remember the weight of your phone and put on the dl before weighing it. by doing that you can open dollars each. you are not. the hunter eighty five grams. sometimes it a ritual to buy them from the delta free market the silk market. the story came out about a restaurant by katherine when you are the price of gas was cheaper than the competition to have to buy from him. after cooking to realize they were short on gas. the gap of life turning up that you're cheating them the sound of
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the wire to keep warm in his pocket that would change what the scale read one review said quote if the manufacturer so y'all can still pitch shifter energy input into scientific research. the more patented noble prize winner to china other veggies is recommended that more supervision than providing the market. woodrow call it a common thing propelled is too short to wait until the very hard for consumers to get police commanders in the farmer's market the annual call one two three one five. a complete online. for some cabbage and carrot. i can do that we should use more health the market. we couldn't wait to buy or sell it's not that small band of electronic delta two computers. with the famous restaurant ain knownor low cost and liked it earlier this year is more to discover that it is a man to man the son of each incline from the wing and he didn't bother to prove it. tamil controlled jail. nearly fifty thousand dollars for illegally by this restaurant many never felt bad about that in the long held
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reputation. can you be disappointed by the entire situation. one girl quo the deal the supermarket or more credible. deprived of work to theirdvantage line we communicated me out of money of the k to achieng vendorsill kind of world of livingthe pride that uses are ticked off by farmers to use them. the most is the well enough to own a car for more computer for the making comment. many farmers are extremely poor and could really use the extra renminbi. of course that doesn't mean it's reaching the people whose money to live off of. moving on now to get the price. we find out all the singers understand the cost of living today we have people the street. they can get him out of college admissions officers are brought. but the look of the guests they can make tens of thousands of euros dollars plant open and portland is intended to commit to misbehavior
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expensive but don't rise above twenty. students should rely and hope to get into good colleges. mummy he had to pee. i do if the jury. for more. it's possible that the professor can take millions of dollars otherwise he would not have been charged. a common thing in china the rich heritage of their way into good colleges for their children. conduct a structural between paul and i don't think it's going to happen at all. i have come up on. the committee to make you must be a money making business of life. that does its thing. however i believe that. people came that we can
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get a chance. it was rough maybe the profession sixteen thousand us dollars on the mountain. rough chance to eat. so much more it's cute. education is corrupted. also striking is doomed. i didn't think i can i can't. stephen moore didn't help the more money to make. the no limit on how much money. and character actor and people to make things happen how close the gap that. i can get to college professor responsible for treating giving and dom your help every student however the amount of money held up and will conduct its behavior. in two thousand ten that's responsible for recruiting student was convicted of having taken a total two million dollars to twenty one in the hope we get into college. and now it's
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time for the building today we didn't get it on the question shaping the future empress of china today was the two chinese experts debating the potential to reach allow local government is to belong china's local government three different everyday time to ptty stern report the national audit office to china would soon publish a local government to honor brazil. before the final report came out of government officials mr pyne told the journal of the first time this year. local government debt to nearly three trillion us dollars. the official claimed the total debt under control. he pointed out the rapidly increasing debt cannot be ignored. accord to the result of an audit by the end it doesn't add a ton of local government debt with one point seven six trillion dollars. this event during the past two years while the government not giving tree. a percent. what's more noticeable than you he added and the future will contain two large total now. china's central government applied to be of the country's
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arbitration process the china development bank have made the process might require planting. four trillion dollars. at that time the total overs haven't really gotten to become a heavy financial burden from local government. reduce the debt burden the federal government plan to implement a wonderful bought a little bundle up to the doctor and his general fiscal revenue that is packed with repeat that. these bonds are mainly due to the development to the instruction. the court that on a budget law government cannot give to local treasury bonds and sell fo local government to bypass the center covers regulation to get well unofficial channel. the only way to repay debt the getting more than today when interviewed by fighting magazine. china's central bank governor joe shots one expected to pour for having the vision of bach. they quote. if you've already seen people attacking or poulter window for back to where you better open the front door and shut the window back door to make me hate her more formal. economics phd dotcom
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boom in issue by and support to the idea. doctor that the three municipal bond okok of the more time to find a sufficient capital that would help fill the money shortage of local government trying to build a giant infrastructure program not by a mob of local government is to bond and using the general fiscal revenue to repay debt. they can help to ensure that they can transfer some form of the debt to more transparent informal market. it all with that. mike replied every payment to help investors of the new product red peppers to debt recovery. article posted by on dumping take to the port of medea the article that the chinese central government still has a lot of work to do before implementing it on coffee the article point out the most urgent thing to do is to amend the current budget law. the cordial lot local government are not allowed to issue any bond individually. they can only be done in the central government. the government officials and the sheer fact that he meant it would be refused by the state council
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before march of next year. if it doesn't pass. in addition to hold on to become impossible. apart from that nothing that article it is the stench of garbage clear fight over steaming hot the actor who will still be monitored by the national people's congress. with a needle be checked by provincial people's congress they also compared how to get checked and local government petition for justin to take apart the pink ink pad until now none of it has been clarified ha municipal bond. yep that can build credit for future spending. dr mapp about them now which made it difficult to focus on spending money on local projects. don't tell dumb puppy raising money to wait too long ways away. okay that's all we have time for today at the time when structure. i can't believe that the cost of living in china. until that you can view any bread that all my nephew when the pdc. i'm not
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ch. east africa has always been about you the beaches great rift valley was like gt h the cradle of humanity john bolton is like this one the men in my crate and social content. rearrange geology top of the flora and fauna that the few hundred units. the new and rejuvenation occurred again in east africa this time through technology. some say the internet revolution is underway in africa as its coal is a broadband internet than centered on kenya. i
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know. ms joker fee places but the stuff because broadband them. it's indian ocean city of mombasa. his links to the various submarine internet cables that connect africa to europe and asia. the johannesburg based development bank of southern africa specializes in financing africa's information communications technology sector. memphis old as the ict sector the cables and does dishes and devices that connect people to the internet and tv that the us we are out of box experience that admission that the next six. if one looks at the underwater sea cables sequel money to ease
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the table and east coasts of africa. and the envisaged that includes mental cable she makes is that exists for that occasional of ict products the bed as a result of the set and watch the sea cables and the auntie and set to rights arguments and if they meet the cats in the next two years the african continent will change. change is already underway in kenya where it tries to establish the government is moving whole sectors of national administration online the cost of his old mobile phone for investment in the new government but that was going on in prospect. we have up a video box in front of a mile. we didn't ever do without what you would not comment on the one which is a total confusion. a muscle that in this. then we have done. i must buy bubble tea which links to this form of a calm peace. it's just
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the beginning. kenyans could soon skip a whole generation of standing in line filling in forms and mailing in checks. kenya is aiming to kill them one mobile phone what's weird is doing well he said he did this or that the distance with the makeup and the muscle to stick with stuffed with grapes. we want the kitchen's moresby from when the mall buying for the course teaches you to access the test will come away get to sport within the comp. as governments use the continent's whitening internet access to increase efficiency. so does comments which has tossed forces starting pocahontas girl bands to business how do we promised the crisis using it using asp internet and phones. we have the thing except that in this program
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transfers are next to the will of its well established in east africa especially in kenya. it's been such is providing up to date global real time. this crisis should be shown. and then today so that they understand the market and its daily basis. development experts say it's well worth african countries investing in broadband infrastructure as a top priority the ferment of roads railways and utilities that's because information communications technology ict will ultimately power and enable the other investments in one of those bullets into rail system so so nice to be good to see ict infrastructure so touching hee hee hee enabling the interest expense. she has other sectors. it was in twenty oh six and has been on crutches. with such interesting. a simple
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individual. this fifty five i think need to move with the bill and more. but you can get significant number of fixes. a week or so. easy of use to promote this infinity soon. that entice you to use it at the same time you can do better to own when you open. it is. or. to do. and
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it is. i see. thus twenty eight the deal in paris those are headlines for you this hour. every hour on the l twenty four received a lot from friends twenty four news from headline news updated every fifteen minutes in the morning and evening prime time on it makes a thirty point seven and on the way france twenty four
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got caught. you knew you when you who will the owner welcome to your world your slide in share prices in tokyo. i'll perform those on other major markets in the world this year the benchmark nikkei index surged fifty six percent for the entire year of two thousand and thirteen dollars the biggest yearly gain and forty one ayers are around the melody of reports on how the last trading day of the year went in tokyo


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