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tv   CCTV News  PBS  December 31, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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steve. you long lulu woo hoo the us the sea. the other wants to visit the point is to sell out by the yasukuni war shrine. but you get the youth icon. her
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expressive. my tight security well if he wants to return ryo three point six while the kids perform well. why are you with the creation of a steering group headed by a president who can pay the citizens of the economy politics the environment. one member of our baking a variable welcome to the thirty minute update on cctv news. chinese ambassador to japan chung yong spot as boston japanese funded assistance of a visit to the controversy oh yes it could be trying. which all those war criminals from world war two. in a signed article titled wrong place to make a pledge against war published in the japanese newspaper. maybe she should win. chung slams ave is the argument that the shrine
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visit was a place that japan would never go to war again as unconvincing. he says ave chose the wrong place to be clear this play. chung rights of a visit to the us economy shrine is by no means just a matter of the mystical press unless there is the ambassador says it is definitely a political and diplomatic issue. the article reaffirms that china genes of a shrine visit on acceptable and calls on japanese leaders to truly commit to peaceful development and live in peace with neighboring countries the majority of japanese but this one chance of eight to heed the diplomatic fallout after his controversial visit in a survey taken by icky other news on seven i and some guy nearly seventy percent of respondents said the conservative leader should pay attention to the implications of his recent surprise visit to
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the shrine. it also showed that about forty seven percent said that it was not a good bit of a visit to the shrine. that's four percent higher than the ones who supported me while most of the opposition supported suppose the blaze visit to the shrine. more than eighty six percent of japanese communist party supporters apart is the visit. the poll also showed about fourteen percent didn't support of maize cabinet in terms of diplomacy. and that's ten percent higher than the previous poll the approval rating from a bevy of this time to drop to more than forty seven aka his approval all the secrecy law and that was the most striking since he took office mafia. chinese americans chinese nationals and its goods in new york of held a seminar condemning kids the bases as i say it was a provocation to the international justice and the tramp playing on
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the conscience of humankind they're calling on the ave government to acknowledge and correct the mistake and take measures to eliminate the damage. this visit to the us increased run has a restitution and indignation of overseas chinese are the bits of holding such as salmon eyes to show i was stunned some the most support the attitude of the chinese government and people on the two minute tourism is a common enemy of the chinese and american people will say it the event is the time the japanese fleet services in the us could teach drawing means the recalls cause any war criminals as heroes. it also means they think japanese aggression that glorious thing. but can also agree with them china has expressed confidence that russia will host a safe and successful winter olympics pa ministry spokeswoman on training made the comment as a routine news briefing in beijing. it came out to two suicide bombings killed
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thirty three people in the russian city of boulder rock. the new place is set to reject all forms of activities. we have kept close contact with russia and anti efforts. i hope that russia would have a safe olympics. turn is also actively cooperation with russia to make sure that happens. and we can give you the very latest film the investigation is continuing up the bees boss in russia were joined by our correspondent audio book the trip. in moscow. i welcome daria. what have you heard of the house to ours what's the mood in boulder grad announced the investigation going. well the blue lotus. the sad news came from all the knots in the hospital the night. one of the victims of the blasts die so gross. the death toll
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all of these twin blasts even further to thirty four people and i we know that this is a sad day for many of people then multiply this is the day the first three noodles begin. and of course town for the people than for russians across the country this is a sad new years eve and down the stairs effect is of course a lot of people on the thames and that he knew this is it is difficult to celebrate when you know that this tragedy has happened and of course and russians out this is a full sleeve ninety moment for many people that will not be celebrating tonight but thinking in the hearts and minds on the voucher they have relatives on the victims who felt i had the two cities and double tragedy on and now the authorities on the house um. it launched a three day mourning mother cried out that will last until next year and of course be multiplied vision has been put on the two week long legs and ten other top and that
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and i'm the new security measures have been stepped up across the country an animal that my vision of course in particular calm. to prevent any possible for the attack scene of russians is that ict it's out a succession by salsa on new year's eve is a time when families get together and people caught on and off to new dc is that they single out two squares and get that together and an industry needs to celebrate a crew of around the new history so this year with the steel would if need be different from many people in nashville. daria this is obviously focusing on the upcoming games in sochi what's. the you know the feeling i get somewhat of a meal once the media citing a bye really are concerned about any possible further attacks. in the lead up to the sochi winter olympics
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well i can set the security measures have been stepped up a little evil that my vision but olsen in the dream republics in the south of russia on an across the country in the major transfer thomas the train stations airports up police presence has been on the postage and down into the authorities have sat down one of the omni. one of the oven. when dan and amanda percentage of the most possible for the touch it except that the security measures on for such easily be understood and six. andy and i need is difficult to imagine to do something else to make it even stronger on the cd you may have found some leaders may have already known those who are buying tickets for the selection and it's on to the visitors who looked after by an online tickets and provide that cost twenty tales on to get up to get a visitor's pass. so on in order so the police will know who was attending
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the building takes out the way in advance and will be able to check documents on blue of the passengers on the writing too so she went on to cds in law sent me these people will be attending on this though such eon and the games will be manning to russian security services as well if there any other suspects or rainy people that don't move me down. you know that police will be questioning them if if they have many uses suspicions about them. so on gosh a nice house has introduced interested in the manager's office security for the upcoming olympics and espresso to set the west they will be keeping them tight and will be watching on the older test for talks on its own land routes idols that is about four ft chance with the trust which i personally did the job transferred to an end to and check the zone of the leaves begin smile this and i will be to do well in advance of the game so there's also that
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sam and it reduces the risk of any possible outcome all means i need a tax on using vehicles home. there's a number of measures that the government has developed a town and of course the authorities have pledged that they will be down resulting his case of the tip of the team bus specialty or i carry many thanks indeed the best i have wanted to cut costs for the reporting to us from moscow. the united states as a train carrying crude oil has collided with another trying and d y o b the state of north dakota. as many as ten out of more than one hundred cars court file and about i feel the movement away from the site you can see that the spectacular flames up to the explosion paul thought he's pitched the twenty four hundred residents nearby to speculate this mortal because it on top was series of explosions that said flames and black smoke into the sky and the shelter has been set up for them about forty kilometers away
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there'll be no reports of any injuries heal because respond to a shale oil boom that produce nearly nine hundred and fifty thousand barrels of oil in a dye be an all timer. it also is a major grain producer and long accustomed to a high volume ofx world powers of told to get in geneva that enron's nuclear progress. the latest negotiations the man to translate the interim deal struck in november into a d style plan. according to iranian media. the teams have until the end of january to write up a concrete plan that all parties can agree to cctv is that leadership has this report from geneva the distance from the bond and fined hyman and members of the human security council plus germany inked an agreement to many coupons you get the. it was a landmark
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thursday. but the technique of the squad left to experts from each country to hammer out to the director level officials from avon and the p five plus one never officially late on monday in the hotel by calling me to discuss how to implement the joint plan of action was based on the twenty fourth of november. this round of negotiations expected to miss the media attention the importance of these talks and not to be underestimated. the joint plan of action for a period of six months it will purify uranium ore to a concentration of no more than five percent year to three from life. the degree of purity necessary passivity use it on also agreed to neutralize its existing stock on the ukrainian enriched to twenty percent that i have so far away from the kerry team needed for what is he said in return the west will lift sanctions on oil exports imports of composites and
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trade in precious metals. i'm on the measures iran continues to stress that you can say is focused on the development of clean energy and medical applications. insisting that has no interest in building nuclear weapon. iran supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei warned his country will not back down one aisle and it's trying to maintain some new clean facilities including its head he wanted the accent according to the vine speak in tongues parliament. i mean he has characterized the negotiations as a full scale will take place at the diplomatic front. despite the management and such with mom thinks i continue to express optimism that this plant will make progress three in a hostile consultation on monday morning with the eu also shows the head of the iranian indication in the next in the mood. it's that i can because hello this is
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the distance is the best suited to the us to continue i was closer to a deal. i do hope that we have the deal at the end of today. the autumn your options. the target date for implementation is genuine twenty s the toll hike piece declaring bearing tend to result being constantly upon sleepy and grant her peace on the issue nation. mission am reporting to us from geneva this trial has said freeing twenty six long serving palestinian prisoners as part of the u s brokered peace deal to resume peace talks between israel and palestine the release of the prisoners who have said sentences of between nineteen and twenty ideas comes despite protests from benefits of the victims is rylan palestine resume peace talks in july under heavy pressure from the us as a precondition the palestinians were forced
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to drop of the month for a whole in israeli settlement construction in the occupied west bank and east jerusalem in exchange israel agreed to release one hundred and four of the longest serving palestinian prisoners it holds. this week's bullies will be the third off or land prices. the release of the president has sparked anger inside israel correspondent stephanie free that explains why it from some of. the one of the controversy is really over the fact that the israeli give families of these victims of these prisoners are saying these people hold citizenship they have benefits they can move about freely within israel they're absolutely at times they're absolutely a feeling that it is a slap in the face and added to their families than a memory of the people on who were victims of the palestinian prisoners. it is so certainly the eia israel's prime minister to attend now he said that this is a difficult decision. this
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was a difficult not to move to make it with another release on and that's what he's referring to the backlash from these families. certainly the families as i said the appeal they wanted it overturned. regardless of whether this move the larger picture could mean peace with the palestinians in the long run to the families that doesn't matter. the united nations security council has met once again to discuss reports of human rights abuse in south sudan. violence is continuing more than two weeks off for a final coup attempt. however the un is still trying to get additional peacekeepers to the country to almost double the size of the un mission in south sudan. cctv stick up a report from un headquarters in new york. one hundred and eighteen sales and accounting the number of people living in camps the conflict at
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least once but that day the stylist the number children in some leeds united nations compound. it's now estimated that seventy falling tiles the fighting the second life. and because of a pair that i can. people who are. the fall winter he and other emergency session to the security council its presence but calls to its stuttering to it as a court's new crisis meeting education of the women in white suits he's also. thanks you wearing. there are reports of torturing cheating. dip your friends. and up on that a new kitty don't get to the violence. seventy three international police officers from the un has no rolling since the seagull. additional fifty toys hundred peacekeepers still made it to the un mission in south sea
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don't all on its finger on any telling them the next three weeks. as many coming from other un missions. it makes for a difficult balancing act. it's a matter of very fine judgment beef between good and needs to strengthen on this. it's also done. and indeed not to risk knew a sing song wrong and some advantage that we have been able to gain in the neighboring bishops. un exhausting soul than two hundred million dollars to help families of the next three months. so far it's received less than a quilt for that. the un says at this stage it's impossible to assess the exact number of casualties that suggests the death toll will be much higher than the estimate to one files. it says it will investigate all reports of human rights abuses. security council president but it is hoped will be some quotes accountability at the end of this tragedy. like all the cctv of the united nations in new york. a new
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high powered group is being established here in china to steer the country is a liberal reforms president eugene kane will have the group. the reform blueprint was put forward at the third plenary session of the icing cpc central committee in november profess a kitchen towel with the party school of the cpc central committee said the high level of leadership is needed as reform this time will be but the unprecedented in scale and degree. the main cost of the group is to research and decide major policies for reforms across sectors including the economy politics culture environment as well as the party system it will grind and supervise the implementation of these policies ago has been said to achieve decisive results in the reform of key sectors by twenty twenty. the party will also step up its anti
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corruption efforts in twenty fourteen and stricter criteria will be implemented in the selection of government officials. china's national board of office as china's national debt is growing but says it remains within control of all levels it grew by eight point six percent or one point six three trillion yuan between the end of twenty twelve and june twenty thirteen governments at various levels in the country when liable for a typhoon to record as of twenty point seven trillion yuan by the end of june. breaking it down debts owed by the central government store that mine point one trillion yuan while the remaining ten point eight nine trillion was done by local governments by the end of twenty twelve china's government debt to gdp ratio stood at around thirty nine percent. it is lower than the international red line up sixty percent while state borders is say
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that this level is controllable. there are some risks in some places the mumbai said that this was mainly used for special undertaking. you'll note that in all government debt has been mainly used for the promotion of social and economic development board and eighty five cents has been used for infrastructure agriculture police station it was affordable homes and trends will be. don't show all the offing a major pastime among affluent americans and europeans. this file is gaining traction among china's nouveau reach the super reaches place for luck story office and private planes is feeling a brooding new market here in china johnny that he has that story. silly lucy is a border looked read up with friends and family. not so long ago chinese people can only contemplate the idyllic scene in on their tv sets. now
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however it's increasingly become reality for a portion of the population. china's new world which has swelled in numbers and still has their appetite for big and shiny toys. this and that's when gordo china's economy is developing its own wisdom even stand up and super rich are now looking for new alias to spend their money often shouts and private planes one option then pt huddled in the private jet market has yet to take flight. that is picking up speed fast. in the southern city of some and a massive harbour project is under construction which was served as a staging area for both private gaps and points showtime. yesterday's deal he's thirty est is a merry ca is going to lock in about fifty helicopters take off any minute. we applaud the nineteenth which means there's a ten shelf and did not. she has for us to surrender. and with a country civil aviation administration for their opening of the skies to private jets
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the coast is clear for the sector. look for yes and private plane to really take off. johnny late cctv. if you're on the outside of the international by clients of mine is the knights the world unites to ring in the new year. i'm one of the first places in touch with the pope some bubbly and welcome twenty fourteen is the tiny island country of thirty months in the pacific ocean for aus like the twenty fourteen lives here in china which will celebrate the year of the force. twelve hours on the baking celebrates the new year. the countdown to the dropping of new york's iconic syllable bowl begins in times square the day the day the iconic pull the switch is made up of more than two thousand six hundred waterfalls crystals and thirty two thousand l e d s
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is programmed to be made about sixteen mil and different color combinations is scheduled to be hoisted of the forty metre pole at all times square in just over an hour. an estimated one hundred thousand people are expected on times square watched the ball drop during the last ten seconds of twenty thirty. this is really just to make sure that everything's working we get our confetti as a test yesterday and made sure that the confetti was shopping so it's it's all about just getting ready for big show is when you have a billion people acting in one of extreme together. gilliam plus travelers are expected to flood the whole bottom on the beach to brasil to bring in the new year and with the spirit de janeiro smudged three fireworks show fireworks will be loaded onto barges at fighting the morning there would be in place of the core part of on the beach quite knew what to prepare for the fireworks at me now. different celebrations in different regions all celebrating the new year. johnny makes cctv. certainly his own now
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the countdown and the omaha for the cc tv news team we would like to wish you a very happy new year and hope that twenty fourteen will indeed be happy and also it will be peaceful and healthy. i made one of ageing and till we meet again next year. so i guess the eye. sch the city
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i'm signing of a hike in with another edition of destination was the be all the time ago that in our refrigerators in japan that's what they invented something called cc. most people don't know about this in theory must be ncc. so i had sticky rice to find out one morning when i order sushi. i'm here with bryan was a sushi roll here at skippy right mind what kinds of sushi. they did it look different. her defenders out there is not the woods is brought up that seem seaweed nori and out of their sauces that she knew it was pretty much just lays there is between slice of a number of ways. i then there's the year with his eyes as he slid over to us. now it's all wrong or is that. it's all probably gotten a lot of it yet there's also a lot of things lead me that i didn't hear
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voices heard in her heart was boiled with smoked salmon. so let's make some sushi body is starting to get this at home yet we can go and get started i would like. surprise surprise they wanted to start with maki which is like the most typical. one or more of that one of the unit. it's literal in jeopardy as they prepare their case would it be of some certain process that no one and two. it's pretty much a form of preservation. they put on race and he was in the fist of fun in and out. to preserve and make it so they keep the agreement anytime anywhere you know what it was done they would take it in the race was discarded and run away and eventually insert activity adding vinegar to it not been kind of life added to the a's in everything they did so. that was the devil's tool and the kind of treated to a new and interesting talk to you fleet street soothing. it was nice to garnish it with the cc when we ordered it. we had a softening which is what i saw it as a little bit of
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time. did a good kick to it which is a very refreshing since then the pickled. with this as acts as a helpless what about the sushi that looks like just a place with a piece of fish on top one is that all that is called the eerie calm. i'd say that enough. so here is our second only to kick the person who suffers. you laid across molded into bed sheet. we all know what you don't purport sales associate and eva is that the way it looks so is the extravagant living in a lot of fun and they can and that is the new. any other shades or visitation styles that we should know about seizing on the others i've seen. when we meet in assessing its three pieces one. fun things to do here so take it. to me. the states to pull things out of the concert with this aisle
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a song like they are. i was in fall and so it's to be a lot of fun. so you actually get them to making it in presenting its almost like you wanna make art you make it so people. still when he did a mix between now and that's the kind of how evelyn so that i forgive them for one suspect was the main and only ways that have entered actually. so there's some great legs and property into a kind of yourself. they tell you the covers three hours lots of art. hey that looks good enough. what a lot. when its installation in one bite
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and when you read here. your soy sauce based site down also a no no don't mix of salty soy sauce. i know what you're eating really tasty next time our destination busy. i'm sucking my the route. up. i kept expecting us twenty eight the deal in paris and those are headlines for you this hour. every hour of latino officials say tensions in south sudan remain high with no sign of a cease fire inside the un security council held an unofficial meeting to discuss the latest developments fighting across the african country continues to spread. different ambassador to the un security council present year round our role expressed great crn


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