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and silver salmon. you and knew wounding will. and when i fear that morning was awesome to watch the city oval. which was one point is this i blossomed into a skating fast forward lines and injuring thousands. also the sign on the machines of all changs and seventy three posts in intercepting the talks. i just don't want him to still spreading my wet before they reach that destinations. did he ever of relations and breakthroughs and crash has had its not
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just please go a long awaited me to deal with iran double the easy gains gym pants and the stories that shaped twenty cents. the welcome to our team to national plan to find these lines from the sky and the addition of a top top story. families in the emergency to build a grindhouse times in the area that are the ones who are killed in two successive suicide bombings at times within twenty finalists of each that time. this is his main train station and a common bond as the number of dead forming the town tonks has risen to test for thousands more still in hospital. he's not great how long season. it is tense it's also very somber and traffic seems to me moving more slowly and i was able to
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catch up with. um some of the family members of people who have died. namely the father of the security guard. here is their story it's been one more than an easy night for residents of russia's southern city of gold but god loved ones of the injured into terror attacks your home business and households while others moorings the company. he was a good man a good father son and grandson. they're not so many of such good ones around the good ones die first they say. with barely contained tears gluttony or nellie bly co clutches to the memory of his son who was the victim of sunday's attack at the train station. sergei was a security guard there this job for about a year the video footage. he was standing by the railing during the security check and then there was this man coming in and she just barely made it towards him and then
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there was a blast and it was over. and no more footage to stop a man who was trying to get through the security gate as he had to. yes that's what the camera showed. i saw him doing his job smiling. he did what he had to do. that was his duty. sergei is family mourned monday night with only the conviction that he carried out his responsibilities to bring them any small comfort for others involved cried the night brought front of relief in the knowledge that loved ones were spared. they woke up the next morning to a second suicide bomber. this time on the city trolley bus i cannot remember anything i was deaf and by the blast we had almost reached the bus stop when the explosion went off. it was like an electric shock of my ability. a common end. i didn't see anyone i was sitting and drinking out of the window when it happened i think i was the last to be carried out of the trolley bus. no doubt any of
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the people of the southern russian city expected to have two suicide bombers factored into their new year's eve celebration. shopping and travel plans. polka dot is still reeling after two terror attacks within the span of twenty four hours when we met that ali in his home just hours after his friend was killed in monday's attack in full. i was shown to have a family a young life in a small child. it's very sad to realize that the young men died in such a tragic incident. stories like these two you are pouring over all the great city limits with the residents they are hoping for more time to mourn their family and friends and rebuild their lives in a bowl of god. margaret howell our teeth. ellison told the driver came just months before the winter games in sochi is sparking speculation that times can they when they said to them in bags will go on in sochi on the same region at around six hundred and fifty planning to
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separate. they separated this is his thing to ashland to cami says he's confident lunch out what to leave a safe and secure games. time to seek years he has been ordered or cause much time in the wake of the bombings just as calamitous the retreat of these russian intelligence has extensive experience in dealing with these two actions. what we're going to see is certainly a very crackdown one that was intended to send a message but likely the real machinations are going to happen in private as the russian intelligence services in the various other relevant agencies do their work behind the scenes remember that this is precisely the kind of work that the russian intelligence services were doing in in the aftermath of the boston bombing here in the united states which according to the narrative also emanates from that very same region so we'll see much of the same and hopefully at least from the perspective of russian society will see an improvement in this situation as the service's attempt to
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read out the terrorists. lori and shannon on us as alcatraz day as well as the latest updates on the investigation has so what's on tap. the yet process which countries while lying to him to make using it as an effective method of gas and that message across to the source these buttons aunties were anti military force is kind of freedom of expression is now under threat in some states which claim to leave the skins of democracy. from the us the receivers. it's time to time. most of europe basically these large group of protesters. two to include tax. if you use tweezers to return policies in europe the nsa surveillance drones in america and a wide range of concerns like freedom of
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press and the most of the simplest thing in taking the kids who tend to disagree and i'm desperate to be heard when they go through the usual channels of electoral democracy. they just have a feeling that the governments are representing their interests so they feel they have no alternative but to take to the streets and express themselves in a way that the governments cannot ignore them. kevin has happened to you. the second from the new the rankings seem to care the clean up your feet and wake up and cheer. protests from different continents and in different countries these here clashes between protesters and authorities the greatest fear the government pass is that people will feel protest is fashionable to the people will feel that democracy is fashionable. some decide to use them to protect themselves from these priests
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to come true. just need to consist mostly of the signs of leaving jail sentence needs to demonstrate to the disappointing end to the violent protests. jess it is also being able to fix it mason to incorporate many different ways. it seems that democracies are going to france. what's being passed off to representative democracy which is actually governed by corporate just globalist they make some minor concessions hoping that the protests would dissipate and then they can continue business as usual. just now becoming a mold for reform of dollars that the authorities to halt the peonies. they protested for things to protest what they say is that the persecution of kosovo at
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the lido. one day. meet jo sharp aunty. and the sims two when skittish troops in france and toxic ali's hasn't exactly gone to plan the chinese ice breakers cent of the case the russian vessel containing tchaikovsky is no cops say. previously ms tran icebreaker failed to reach the ship which comes as qantas is christmas because of poor weather conditions china's of the soul of the few known as the ascent it was then sent to our lives trying to frantically call to attack has finally made it fun day and is waiting for the way to improve. an american ice break at the palace on the steering geometry from seattle to me that for another week to seventy four signs his tourists and her unborn baby and are in no danger and or the need to welcome in the news and ink amazing enough on east but the drinks polo tee tee on your laptop because the nhs for vacations
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or myspace finding suggests that american spellings may be noting and three keystroke you make the skill and the germans ashby go magazine claims the agency still has to read scandals allowing it to see everything displayed on the pc monitors that plugs into most boat is going to the nines didn't want him to places also allegedly sent and received eight to using radio waves. chinese david seaman believes the seven nations will bonk final global tech company my understanding of the disease this is extremely widespread but is not so much the company is cooperating with the nsa as it is the nsa pouring tremendous amounts of money and talent into developing these hacks were talking about complete orwellian control of innocent people's phones and innocent people's computers and laptops and i think that it undermines the basic faith and confidence in american tech companies this can lead to a massive loss of revenue technology has the power to lift all the subs provide more innovation in
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transparency than ever before in human history. and that's the path that the internet was already on the cd explosion in online media either but he has a voice that opinion in this global society. but the nsa has destroyed a lot of edits undermines basic faith in the internet. and to have the honesty international bond discoveries and other nations which swings has seen how the nsa how wild and raucous call status doesn't expose it as well as the winds of change in iran no one thought that i need a breakthrough deal and a historic resolution c react and munch home right away the eye the eu. the beginning of the unknown sickness. most cities. so why the employees
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the island of temptation. so six months. hope all of this people. and it is easy to fire away as gifts. i bet it was eleven so it is discipline. indigenous people well it's going to change things for his new life. or this could be read about. if you're welcome. the kicks. it is a secret laboratory to kersley was able to build the world's most sophisticated world. when sean fortunately it doesn't do it all done anything since mission to teach creation wanted to care about humans and the us. this is why you should care watch only on auntie dawn tall . the some
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seem to show some teeth as he can stand and a wing and taught history will remember from the nuance to twelve months. the scandals and breakthroughs in international diplomacy try and conquer fantasies and compete at freight elevator up spraying on skis and he's now in truth he's the biggest stories of the town the serviceman as an american hero as you'll soon be zero. the whistleblower sent a world wind wake up call that the ultimate revelation of twenty thirteen the former nsa analyst told that all america i was spying on citizens world leaders friends and foes alike were never broken the laws may damage the country. he's a traitor. stoning quickly became the most wanted man of the year. the u s ready to stop and search a president's
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plane just in case we need to mail my first cold one on the folsom and was held in european countries and play the winner for us. i imagine these nations were defenders of democracy. snowden made moscow's airport is home for weeks before finding a way out the nose eyes and end up here the united states made of stainless by revoking s passport. and russia to its credit archer recognized international law and grand temples. the whistleblower remains an undisclosed location in the russian capital. and it is a us has long been lost. scientists lying to congress the us. i know curse. the truth. the it promises to keep the leaks coming through twenty fourteen. together we can find a better house. and mass
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surveillance. why the government really wants to know how we feel. asking is always cheaper than spine i was government surrendered and whale shot down. he came to a standstill for over two weeks in what's becoming an annual tradition. oh and of america took a beating here lawmakers couldn't agree on raising the debt ceiling and came very close to defaulting on some seventeen trillion dollars into it. the market's going to say we don't play this game even more when i can only give money at any price. the imf and world bank warned of dire consequences of china called for the world's de america nine's nation. given that that was in time and time again these political crisis appear in the us. i think they would be more calls for episode of trying to reduce dependence in america. eventually a deal
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and thousands of federal employees can go back to work parks and war memorials reopened and protests died down. but the shot down side effects lingered on. this was really a spectacle. following a series of spectacles that is downgraded. america is in the age worldwide to levels i've never seen so alone the new president and new moon. a bronze dishonor upon the broke the ice on over thirty years of frozen ties between tehran and washington it is nicknamed the chefs diplomat he would not be the one to back up from the car seat. first a phone call with obama won his maiden visit to the un and the nuclear deal of that decade. the iranians have shown time after time that there's no evidence that he was in your program is anything but peaceful. it's something that has been ignored by the western media and western governments but that this despite all that he
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runs resilience has forced these countries to accept enrichment and again the russians and the chinese have played a very constructive role. iran agreed to restrict and regulate its nuclear program to maintain the right to peaceful energy in return sanctions and rhetoric east preston held diplomacy for sealing the deal the west said its heart sinks and secured the breakthrough. ten years on and iraq steel wheels from violence. a decade since the us led invasion by twenty thirteen was also one of the bloodiest years the united states employ the classic divide and rule strategy qasim people of different sects against each other. and he and inciting violence that that is completely unprecedented in the country to civilian
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deaths continue to mount. at this time of the occupation the us occupiers. favored certain groups in the population against others demolished the state that existed inside and then put in its place we're going to give you something new and better democratic and wonderful. the message to the side is dead. he has the most from a low amount of blood on his hands as i didn't know nor did the red bull. meantime the syrian civil war reached a hundred thousand deaths. well it's still not resolved as to who was behind august chemical attack which killed some fifteen hundred people. here i come into our investigation that day said atlas that you must buys the openings anybody who reads the facts that puts the dots together which is easy to do and they made it easy to do
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understands what those facts being the stacks more trivial yet brought obama very close to direct military action against damascus. he was a little awe bombing campaign but then a breakthrough season started the resolution is so full i still hope for you loose on cd on in the coming rise in the us lead to deal with sarcasm in oz and agreed to give up serious chemical weapons. as the disarmament process began but still no sign from the fractured rebel factions of the willingness to unite for peace. the arab spring is still not blooming. i actually quite shameful to see countries in need is of western governments can handle themselves beacons of democracy supporting the school to democracy and supports isn't into it the name and pulled the trigger yes that was the west that it did become muhammad more see in the muslim brotherhood didn't survive long at the helm of
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egypt he spent most of twenty thirteen behind bars when he was removed by the military after mass protests he kept me here again. he is legitimately elected democratic government overthrown his eyes and shameful and western years of our seeds floating around the room color. this is an old fashioned military coup in tunisia and libya the chaos continues with a desperate dad to try and put a comma on the what is being created by the libyans is often forget that. guantanamo is not going. the guards strapped into a dental chair and put a mask over his face so that didn't intend for my horse bit then there's snakes the feeding tube into nasal cavity. a mass hunger strike me focus global attention on the prison at one point most inmates were refusing food
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the prisoners. with one another and the us because we just keep saying the same thing that we were told to refuse. they found items to charity shop alone makes to the ground today with a strap across the tasman forced into a tube into our noses for said twice daily routine for many of the prison. president obama plans to close over five years ago. joe is targeting terrorists but killing more civilians. how many people are weakening have to kill. before we can finally say ok that said the objective achieved moreover we can call the sing off. terrorists in yemen and pakistan but also wedding parties and family dinners entire communities that have been shunted to man one or two will pre intended targets being killed. the bad guys then you have. on day two on a tree and it completely innocent people can think of america does not take
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strikes to punish individuals we act against terrorists who pose a continuing an imminent threat to the american people the eye. per inch is back mass protests returned to kiev almost a decade after the orange revolution because ukraine dropped out of the eu trade deal. and plenty of politicians from around the world joined in the us and eu talk a lot about european values and western values which is in a western value to allow a foreign country to come in in and to ensure local process to influence politics on the streets of course is not the swans to go east to west winds to look relaxed and everyone in between one to say. lola to the registry that was emanating from brussels and washington. when ukraine failed to sign it became clear that it was very much directed against russia that it was open for the ukrainian people. space
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rocks. proponents of flaming years straight across the sky and slam into two mountains in central russia with a sock weight equal to twenty nuclear bombs. those of the rulers from a jet which lead down to a satellite anyone to start off the ends of the world. the damaged dozens of buildings injured hundreds of people but took everyone by surprise no one saw coming. cause i really use of its final moments held thirty two billion views on youtube. the first new scandal ever to do so you might get hit or miss and online gold mine. they call and has the absolute triumph as the dollar has crashed ninety per cent against the bechtel and as the filling is set to take down the world andrew doubts the bank's tears the world's most popular digital currency stirred and
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supporters and say next cyber criminals robbing drug dealers use that area so that the name to it. the riffs are clear but declined snapping up the dollars heels and the banks are getting nervous if they were pleased with the mullet the racist them if they felt was fair then they wouldn't be looking for an option like that point. it's a sign of with this society is going i told marty that troubled greets anti austerity crowds we are yet to use the financial life support from abroad. but the government cracked down on the rising writes citing the openly passes golden dawn party which was connected to the killing of an anti right wing wrapper people are ready to go after goliath. chemical companies are feeding us fans now sort of black stories the table rather than farm to table a protest against food giant monsanto peaked in twenty thirteen with activists trying to spread awareness about what they say
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are the dangers of genetically modified foods monsanto has been continuously though it is the most emo company on the twenty year after year with stiff competition. most media outlets to cover this growing global movement are the one gathering steam to fight the likes of sen brown and the energy giant's tracking projects the controversial causes to release oil and gas deep underground ignited global campaigns against its damning environmental potential irrefutable evidence of contamination air pollution water contamination back to work and big business and the interests of the people putin proves hard to predict but you don't know what to call steve recently wrote a petition on skin needs a partner in the spindle in ten years in prison. this is a serious punishment. he cites humanitarian reasons saying his mother is sick. my belief
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take into account of all the circumstances. it's possible to take a respected decision and in the near future i will sign a decree to pardon him. details of their cost he was released along with members of missy ryan and greenpeace activists in the nationwide amnesty leslie their relations with the rest the well had been deteriorating rapidly into giving us the west and perhaps fits in with this is trying to put a stop to the vermont for him to slow down the prices but inside grass out there remain questions about whether called speak and the fall of the oil giant yukos the russian people want to know where is the money. only around twelve. i rushed to the court case in the field of course he got his ear the move has been called everything from pre olympic pr to simple logic and continues to puzzle many in and outside of russia. most are waiting to see what mediocre their course he will do with his freedom in twenty fourteen and beyond. mm mm
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he is just around the corner surely it would seem to notch up from seven pm gmt file special coverage to welcome in twenty four twelve months in jail. to lose weight really didn't mind the world we live in archie was there to bring you the full picture i took these and poised to close the camp is a dark spot on and then built the barricades in the forties and take it down on new year's eve but mobile team of reporters to the contributors revisit the key events of twenty thirteen and applying what to expect next. showing and he said now we and given all in for our annual too aren't you special. by twenty fourteen with archie. or had the inside line phone number might know which items during
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the would i the room. an old school kind of guy i like tradition and heritage and all that stuff. well the past two there's a lot we can learn from our ancestors however one that we don't need from them are debtors prisons which according to a fox news reports are somehow on the rise in united states in the twenty first century the aclu and the brennan center for justice claimed that the local courts have been sending individuals with unpaid fines and fees jail which the courts may not even realize it is illegal. these courts are lacking of people with fines that have exploded in size due to interest impose additional now head for the representation they had won the award for which i always thought was supposed to be free. but worst of all some are still in prison for fees they occurred while being in prison like having the audacity to use toilet
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paper pay the tax payer money down the toilet. the kicker to this all is that drawing people in prison for their debts costs more than that gets the prisoners have to pay off. that's right that local governments will lose money doing this. someone please refer to founding fathers america is plenty of time if you are worried about this comeback of debtors prison for using those rednecks deserve it. let me ask you something. how's it going with paying off all your loans and bills for your sake you don't miss a payment of cash just my opinion i room the news. thus i. i mean
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huge. yours. is you . the new zealand chile and more israel has released twenty six palestinian prisoners for years he has borne u s brokered peace efforts after pledging to press ahead with plans to build more homes in jewish settlements. us secretary of state john kerry in shuttle diplomacy with two resumption of negotiations in july after a three year break was due to return in january second to seek a re working with intel i


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