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huge. yours. is you . the new zealand chile and more israel has released twenty six palestinian prisoners for years he has borne u s brokered peace efforts after pledging to press ahead with plans to build more homes in jewish settlements. us secretary of state john kerry in shuttle diplomacy with two resumption of negotiations in july after a three year break was due to return in january second to seek a re working with intel is the picture and
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use its progress. israel agreed to his hundred in portland stupid palestinian prisoners which is the third of portugal for re export the us led efforts to push palestinian president not to cross back to the negotiations after a review for it. as you. twin suicide attacks the studio will be presented the challenge to flatten it and at the twenty fourteen stocks which are olympics. mr indicated that the kremlin's attempt to grasp of the north caucasus has failed to receive questions of security for the canes russian media reports that the bomber who blew himself up in the box was an epic match. the two year old convert to islam. it demanded an increase in security amid fears that foreign guests can before i can do if he keeps from last fall it was his charm offensive seemingly kerry at the olympics in mind that saw the release of toilet iq outward proves to be members of the post he writes in the arctic thirty through
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the greenpeace ship arctic sunrise . i the intended on him more. been in. the it is it was the eye. thus
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the xian. i went to post on nicholas anelka has to like making anti semitic jokes to minors from now on to score going into the weekend mr combet to milk a kind gesture he made was anti establishment and that is not an anti semite or a cyst fool around madrid star and no i did the senior teammate was just a dedication to my canadian friend to donate controversial french meat into donated recognizes popularizing the canal a ruthless style adjusted viewed as a mechanism to taunt european anti hate speech those two don't weigh in on holocaust denial was recently convicted for incitement against and given that the six thousand dollars fine. the style salute to be made by french tourists while visiting sensitive locations such as the auschwitz death
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camp in part in the anne frank house in the netherlands and jerusalem's western wall many jewish groups have condemned the nokia's goal celebration. he says. when the last group to present my eyes. so go on for years i had soaked through and then turns to want to only use the grumpy side. it is dry it asks you to eat some promotions to sing the governing body in english football has launched an investigation into the conduct of western striker known to and he could now face a long time for english premier league football. french president francois alone has pledged to introduce legislation to ban the obscene sleeps while the french sports minister accused in ochre make you disgusting anti semitic just a the female suicide bomber
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who killed at least sixteen people in the train station in the southern russian city of the drug has been identified and six on the islam of the blast was captured on film is thought to be the worker bees those rebels in africa drawing attention to their costs and of the winter olympics that will kick off in six weeks the bomber suicide vest was packed with twenty pounds of explosives wrapped in old city hall parents has reported that she said doctors police officers approach to hear security checkpoints russian president's letter to respond within immediate security clampdown. female suicide bombers made it through the windows are sisters of rebels have met numerous attacks in russia had been referred to by so it's like when it's in october the female suicide bomber killed six people when she attacked the bus to arrive islam was a close friend of hers told her i was the closest major city to saatchi this attack from several months after taking the reader to iraq called for strikes on civilian targets throughout russia including
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the sun to go to the gates government has deployed tens of thousands of security personnel to protect the olympics but repeated his pledge to make this much again to see this olympics in history. i eye. nm the streets of florida to read more please for violating its airspace over the northeast border town of urself reportedly for the first time. lebanese officials said the military fired anti aircraft guns into syrian helicopters after the fight for ms styles into the mountainous area in the past year in government forces are fighting to live in now targeting rebels sheltering across the border the lebanese military previously had not responded militarily in order to keep that of the conflicts. our cell has a sunni majority and its residents have been heavily supported sunni rebels uprising against syrian president charles blow to the only true enough she did she is on
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the northeastern town has recently taken in large amounts of syrian repeat it some twenty thousand have settled there in makeshift camps. lebanese president michel suleiman recently announced that saudi arabia created three billion us dollars. lebanon's army the president made the announcement after the funeral of senior lebanese politician mohamad said top was killed in a car bomb attack to tell was a critic of both syrian president al assad and the lebanese militant group that backs and no one has claimed responsibility for the bombing which to us allies blamed iranian proxy hezbollah saudi arabia and hezbollah are putting on opposite sides of this to mean conflict. saudi arabia's aid to the lebanese army is seen as an attempt to capture or its impact in lebanon which employs two has a lot ip. so the review is to get lebanon's military three billion dollars in a lebanese president michel sweeney made the announcement after the funeral of senior lebanese politician muhammad should cop who was killed in
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a car bomb attack that i was a critic of books sitting president to charlotte's out in the lebanese militant group hezbollah attacks. no one has claimed responsibility for the bombing which it as allies claim iranian proxy hezbollah. saudi arabia and hezbollah are fighting on opposite sides in this serene conflict. saudi arabia's it to the lebanese army is seen as an attempt to counter iran's impact in lebanon which employs the law were in syria and its spillover into lebanon has created the regional proxy war. as far as was involved in the syrian war has resulted in the deaths of some three hundred organizations operate it. the dutch armed forces are under equipped to face multiple security challenges challenges that have been underlined by the blast that killed two top former finance minister and close aide to an ex premier who was the key saudi al i understood angry mourners shouted anti hezbollah slogans was coughing was being brought into the box. israeli border
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is on high alert after two rockets were fired into northern israel from southern lebanon the israeli military responded with some twenty or two the ratio is aimed at the area where the projectiles were fired from israeli prime that israel will not tolerate such incidents and heals the lebanese government and hezbollah are responsible for fire coming from their territory. then the new pledges that israel will continue to respond quickly and forcefully so far no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. the un peacekeeping force in southern lebanon vows to ctr and apprehend those responsible for the incident you are contacted officials from both sides immediately after the attack calling for israelis and lebanese to exercise restraint the israel lebanon border has remained mostly quiet since the monthlong war in december twenty oh six between israel and iranian backed hezbollah which of the debts are some twelve hundred lebanese in a hundred and sixty israelis have been
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occasional outbursts of violence the most recent occurred in mid december with lebanese troops shot dead an israeli soldier driving near the border. also in december hezbollah claimed one of its top officials have been killed near beirut blaming israel for his murder charge which israel than that . a tradition of getting it bites and the band have turned their talents into a career primarily by stalin's for jewish immigrants to more contemporary names like ann landers and washington may get miss manners herself judith martin. she's been waiting for the key column since nineteen seventy dispensing pithy and proper guidelines for social behavior in she's come to the jewish community center of greater washington to share some of her wisdom. now if you yearn for the days
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when everybody behaved well just tell me when at once her column isn't the only place to find her thoughts ms martin has also authored a series of books. the latest isn't going to kick off is called miss manners minds your business which he co authored with her sign. it's wonderful i have written a book that my daughter before and i wrote this in with my son. and we made love getting into it. and of course they were extremely well brought up as you can imagine. and this isn't the first chinese market has come to the jewish community center. this local audience is receptive to her rules. many have been reading her column for years and they always have lots of questions barbara when he cut the gcc explains. i believe that she use to take yearly are interested in doing the right thing. both on an ethical level and a moral level. and
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i are now manners level the jewish daily forward speech or brief was to one hour early jewish american envoys column. the jewish diaspora left use trying to learn how to fit in in coulter's although for the world. when people come to a new culture. they must learn the language. that culture. an end to his cheque spread the love of the world and beyond. yes i think it actually is a connection but some say to these rules and medicaid are as old as judaism itself. corus. um teaches us ways to live not just from an historical praise from the perspective but also how he should live that life is our laws animal eats dinner was from the beginning of time. how we should eat how we should dress how we should worship and is martin agrees that moves and they can have featured in a plethora of jewish texts. obviously there is in an. a jewish literature
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along religious literature a long tradition of tying in surface behavior with and morality. this man aires has rolls for every occasion and our dedicated readers are looking foward to many more years of her wisdom to come i'm rebecca foster for j and windy in washington. she's the baby escort vessels which have been preparing to transport serious chemical weapons away from the war torn country have returned to cyprus. forty shaken by the norwegian armed forces shows the one ship carrying out training exercises in preparation for transporting a toxic material spills her conduct involving scenarios such as the rescue in the contamination of a ji members. we are fully mission capable and we are ready to commence operations sons and
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when the euro and the obc to be get this they got to go ahead to proceed in this area the two cargo ships will transfer one thousand tonnes of chemical agents. the ships are to call it in italian ports where they will remove the toxins out of the dealership which is equipped with the hydraulics a system which is intended to process the poisonous chemicals that will be destroyed in the open sea as the operations looked after by a russian warship escorts the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons in the un recently announced that the deadline for december thirty first will not be met. eye . twenty two team is coming too close we went to tok to settle the leading business to officials in israel. then they predict twenty fourteen will look like. chat she is
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i believe that there is a part because we have no choice. palestinians have been from the east and south of us and we are here to stay home from gaza the west bank we will have to learn to live with anyone. i feel time just doing his job so i filled the young generation is bringing a new way with facebook youtube twitter at the end of the day people want to live to make a living as a result we already see today very positive things in the west bank but significantly less. i really want to hope that this treatment will prevail and debris people will become both sides of the conflict you won't be overnight. you won't be easy that we want to watch because we have no choice. lebanon. i teach is destined for tea may well be
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the year of peace between israel the palestinians because it is so clearly in the interests of palestinians to make peace now and it is clearly i believe the interest of israel as well. there's never been a week of hamas has never been less stability to the north there's never been a better potential for creating relations in the sal with saudi arabia the emirates this is a pro patience and perfect time for beans the dollar the vw till i'm pretty skillful tap into realistic to remain still immediately took a book to potential because of the huge percentage of people who buy the potential of its their investment. once he's such a high percentage of people by the listed to be canceled for investment. it's written on the wall that something big is going to happen. it's got me to the dance of the dog in commercial property. i think huge oversupply in the fuel
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it be a reduction in prices of commercial real estate the day. officer in them this guy makes spring. with the city of reach all those sorts of evidence that instead. and that people are more exposed out to the possibilities. and because they know that it's possible they will not sound activate the triggers and the weapons so quickly. so yes i'm optimistic about the middle east. the only thing i'm not optimistic is the cost of living in the state of israel. i don't see any live in the near future. the solution for housing. or at the medical into stocks and i think the gaps between four and the rich it is a very clean
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skin. eight years of folks my new dish but my industry and and and and i think it is fifty two people holding the thing about great things are coming out of his own now he spent the day to secure the third generation of internet companies not reading much more mature than the ones that go with it before. my teacher and very optimistic said the acb cannot exceed state and city to the west to st. plans are similar to what we had before we could have a civic group week we've been having doubts that the performance and then there are a waste of time space and i think we will continue its a tenth of august the major difference that in two thousand i know it's good to be a year of
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consolidation of holiday le i'm getting on with it. you never know the extraneous ex ingenious shops that consists of me come out and take everybody with them but at the moment. it's a yes of mole potluck and you know you're a middle school reports for use against the teacher would always post code to back to. that's what it's going to be in twenty fourteen with two backs. i was so much positive to put twenty fourteen one wants to know that at least some of it will come to putting one on one jacobson in israel . this leads into two g network as one of the most honest man of the year nastiest be entitled to a traffic officer in me this award has been the traffic police officer for almost twenty years working twelve to sixteen
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hours a day and threats. it's taking place and time he supports the family of seven with the timely. like others he never took advantage of his position to make use of this money. the skyway gigantic said. i would like to find ways to stretch out the money although wages not enough rather than to take my word for people to give me money it's not in the interests of students in afghanistan to take bribes to two to reach its executive director of afghanistan's into corruption network believes the common people should stand up to the anti corruption . groups using the great east of the land has increased slightly from eighteen thousand one hundred and fourteen twenty twelve to twenty thousand two hundred in twenty thirteen according to the jewish agency for israel. the increase came
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despite jewish and its main stakes dropping from three thousand and seventy two thousandsix hundred and eighteen point one twenty seven percent from the united kingdom the numbers from strongest jump sixty three percent to three thousand one hundred and twenty in twenty thirteen pitcher beat it to widespread reports of anti semitism in the country there was also fifty seven percent increase in jewish migration from the netherlands to israel and the role that was thirty five percent rise in migration from western europe into israel. much of the elliott came from full mostly be its tight stifling some seven thousand five hundred and twenty in twenty thirteen a figure roughly the same as in the previous year with the majority coming from russia to reduce the baltic states and ukraine. in. assailants fired on the home with your easy and faster to
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athens in the pre dawn attack that saw zero injury speaking to his residence was sprayed with bullets from ak forty seven assault rifles authorities say they recovered more than sixty bullets new group has claimed responsibility. police closed off a large area in forensic specialist police evidence markers in st kilda reportedly thinks the government for the police's quick response the greek government contended the institute's inclusive was intended to damage the country's image and six will take over the presidency of the european union as greece's largest bailout lived in germany is often the subject of harsh criticism within the country races in year six of recession and austerity measures included is a condition of its rescue loans many struggling greeks to injury for their economic hardships i. beginning on january for its to residents
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of colorado who are twenty one or older will be able to buy up to an ounce of marijuana from state licensed retail stores for recreational use in the capital denver marijuana dispensary owners lined up with the city's license bureau to get permits that would allow them to sell recreational pot. we've been training their staff we've been a human chain or staff on fake id is because you know before with medical marijuana he needed the medical card and a colorado idea now lead by the look and ideas from all over the country. so we've been trained staff for that we've been that you no good getting ready and working eighteen hours a day and a third of five days ago and you will be here. colorado along with washington became the first eu states to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes last year following a voter approved constitutional amendment in november twenty twelve elections in colorado only business is already licensed to sell medical marijuana will be allowed to sell recreational pot. some forty two licences were issued in denver with nearly three hundred fifty given out
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statewide. recreational users will not be able to use marijuana in . dr under the influence for taking out the states although out of steam buyers can purchase up to a quarter ounce opening up the possibility of kennedy's tourism. marijuana has in recent years been gaining popularity for medicinal use with a growing number of countries allowing doctors to prescribe it. the drive to legalize and regulate its use for recreational purposes is due in part to the failure of governments to effectively combat its illicit use fuelling a rise in organized criminals who supply contracts. apart from amsterdam netherlands which has long allowed the use of candidates in so called pot cafes this year he outlined it in the first country in the world to fully legalize and regulate the production sale and use of marijuana its moslem and one that will come into force in april. is you
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and actually cake looks into a true georgia has said the new record with this unusual ability to attract real objects to his body the forty one year old became aware of his style and a few years ago he said the new world record for body attraction by holding fifty three spoons on his back and chest. he also surprising the audience were pulling the mercedes with the rope connected to a metal sheet attached to his chest people the car for over thirty seconds with a teenage boys sitting on top of the actor a short break he went on to place a metal sheet loaded with clay tiles on its chest is too was assistant to the house with a big hammer in the magnetism is attributed by some to either science or supernatural powers but skeptics say the ability comes from the stickiness of the person's skin. i hundreds of new yorkers have
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gathered a beach reading sure they're all unwanted memories of twenty thirteen at the new year's eve. i am it is. i am. the coffee johnson's then who is the winner of the putrid state contest which was organized but since it's done in the trading company to install the mobile trading track in time square units it's an odd day it's a scandal. that means. seeing we're going to see if it was
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inspired by a black american tradition in which new years party you are stuffed dolls with items representing the years. bad memories before setting them on fire as i eye is you competitors had gathered for the twenty thirteen car jumping title under chris disguise with the combination of flights and flair. paramedics were on the scene well aware that the event can be very dangerous. seven drivers advance their cars over a brick intending to fly over a line of eighteen old wrecked vehicles that she didn't make it fashionable to crash into the rec centers a large red of the pull ups. each attempt was judged on elevation of the crowd response and distance. the winner is shorted in the eighteen year old office cleaner from west sussex jordan has been racing bangers for just two months was thrilled to take his title especially since it was his nineteenth birthday in the last minute entry. well one of the law but that does something to remember. it's
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what did you know it's a holiday. yet when he is not awarded with the winner gets bragging rights a trophy in the large red the urge strikes. i. the i will. i will. do. will be. i mean. to me. will. or do. will. goons
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yes . more and more . hee hee. it was the issue. it is
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you. i know. since. eight are new to us like taiwan on melbourne can do its television interview premier tony vaughan said there are currently no plans to reshuffle the cabinet. off to the current legislative session ends however personnel changes may take place


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