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the thus the morning and ball over on the last few days and major russian city has seen a series of bombings as the funeral began for the victims present the landing of the house to annihilate the halls of the attacks. the latest from the scene had. and what other than this for a few minutes and twenty thirteen from friendly manning to get well cards he has covered many of the stories that other news networks seem to overlap coming up will break down this year's most under reported news. and couldn't find mayor bloomberg new york's nanny state mayor will soon be out of office. i will not need but not in pain or should i say am banned from e cigarettes disagreed big gulps will take a look at the bands that will define his decade in office. it's
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easy to read thirty per cent on year and a bit in washington dc and you're watching our tea. and we begin this hour with the glass and have dropped although dr just ahead of the twenty fourteen olympic games set to take place in russia. police have detained dozens of people lining the anti terrorism operation and although crime the southern city where two suspected suicide bombings killed more than thirty people and injured over a hundred more. the death toll of the attacks has been increasing after some of those who were wounded and died from their injuries the two deadly attacks involve a bride have intensified fears over the threat of terrorism in russia which coincides with the threat earlier this year from a chechen extremists grail quest plans to wreak havoc in the country. our t's margaret howell is and all the grime and has the latest on this tragedy. his hands it's also very summer traffic seems to me moving more slowly and i was able to catch up with and some of
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the family members and people who have died mainly the father of the security guard. here is their story it's been one more than an easy night for residents of russia's southern city of gold that god loved ones of the injured into terror attacks here households while others more. i mean. he was a good man good father son and grandson. they're not so many of such good ones around the good ones die first they say with barely contained here is a lot in the air yelling buy co clutches to the memory of the son who was the victim of sunday's attack at the train station. sergei was a security guard hair this job for about a year. so how it all happened on the video footage. he was standing by the railing during the security check and then there was this man coming in and he just barely made it towards him and then there was a blast and it was over said his family mourned
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monday night with only the conviction that he carried out his responsibilities to bring them any small comfort for others involve the private midnight broad front on her lead in the knowledge that loved ones were spared. they woke up the next morning to a second suicide bomber. this time on the city trolley bus i cannot remember anything i was deaf and by the blast we had almost reached the bus stop when the explosion went off. it was like an electric shock of the mind body will go god is still reeling after two terror attacks within the span of twenty four hours when we met that ali is home just hours after his friend was killed in monday's town folk. i was shown to have a family you want in a small child when she gets very sad to realize that these young men died in such a tragic incident mentioned it stories like these two you are pouring over all the great city limits with the residents here hoping for more time to mourn their family and friends and
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rebuild their lives in boulder god. margaret howell our team. and following the blast russian president vladimir putin has responded he's not too cold and nine only referring of course to those who were castrated two bomb attacks in the country in less than twenty four hours. his new year's eve our marks for the first comments he's made since a suicide attack that took place on sunday. rtc for this cannot pass more. the president changed his traditional new year's address location from the clement to the blast in the russian far east where he's currently on an unexpected visit. we knew we are with those affected by major floods which happens in the region. last summer what's important. the more things to talk about us spoke about the challenges at work after facing two thousand and thirteen including the two way this is their attacks to be little doubt that the president listens with its condolences to
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the families of victims of white people white all the necessary support and help and also promised to continue fighting terrorists until they are completely defeated. ninety percent the friends school in the mallow hands into the ceilings of these atrocious acts of terror will he tell that we can listen to messages and points against terrorists that is until they often lead to the beach. what clinched it the statement was made it seven hours before the new era in moscow last time difference between the capital and the brightest and while traditionally the president say new year's addresses are watched by the majority of the population. now as rtc corpus enough reporting. and while some stories this year got quite a bit of attention there are others that most news outlets simply left out just because they were let down doesn't mean they're not in court. and that's why our cheese was molly's taking a look back at some of the most significant under reported stories beef covered this year. with your top stories get the heart of critical issues like privacy
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government transparency and government overreach as two thousand thirteen comes to a close one to take a look back now at seven of the most important stories we covered that others have under apartheid or missed altogether. we started with a tragic story of an internet icon was late and didn't wait to see it. aaron swartz was a renowned computer programmer and internet rights and that was a frequent guest on rt where he shared his vision for a free open internet. so what if this is a suburb of detroit on the internet that allows the government and other providers like facebook and google and so on and off them for dinner without a warrant was freezing as does the oval was unclear you may be breaking forward to this rule shall see is all they shut the entire website take all your money. the decision about whether what you could easily go or not. last january for its stock is owned by half the time he
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faces federal charges for hacking into an admiralty computer network and allegedly stealing millions of academic documents the charges carry a possible sentence of thirty five years when hearing. eighty four early you're it and criminal law called him eight dangerous criminal. common sense. and conscience knows better. and we are going to change this time jobs law family member than elite sports a facing federal charges contributed to his apt. his suicide. i deleted the issue of prosecutorial overreach. it now. long trial of chelsea man formerly known as bradley. the army of private was accused of the largest leak of classified information in military history. he was found guilty of leaking hundreds of thousands of secret miles to go with
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the ball and website rickie weeks the mainstream media coverage of the trial was sparse but our team was out for me merrill and where the court martialed clean out every step of the way. eight presidential or drill a charge which was aiding the enemy. for a simple act of providing information to u turn. the military judge found many non guilty of aiding the enemy charge of a guilty on most other charges he is now serving a sentence of thirty five years. and speaking on internet freedom it. our next hot news maker continues to play for jillian us on to the co founder of the twenty weeks remains holed up in the ecuadorian and to see him monday. this december marks three years since he's been detained in the uk. if he steps flight outside of that and it seemed a likely be extradited to sweden where he faces questions over alleged sexual misconduct. my piano
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supporters fear he'll ultimately be extradited to the united states and charged under the espionage act for publishing government secrets on his website. onto our next top story be an expanded use of drums and the wars abroad back in may president obama addressed the secret john campaign. for any strike at stake. there must be near certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured the highest standard we can set. monday here on president in spring and how well over the attacks and innocent civilians being killed and german strength in yemen and pakistan and questions over the program doing more harm then guide as people demand interest in accountability and speaking of secretive program is a large scale hunger strike at guantanamo bay. my intention to apply to prisoners had been detained there indefinitely. i didn't
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strike over a hundred inmates refused through to protest u s policies that kept them behind bars. i have for health deteriorated. many of them were forced back. she is passed down to a person's nostril and pushed all the way down to their stomach before it passed on the news we lubricated. can we give the patient choice. they want help liking. which is the engine. you will. numb the area or if they want olive oil to lubricated the two the military now be and of the hunger strike in september. the six month protests led to a human mind to global focus on closing the base of the past era when concedes he needs have been transferred out. president obama has renewed his mouth to shut it down. but how and when that'll happen is unclear. now during the tragedy in boston in april the boston marathon turned into a damping
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massacre when two bombs exploded near the finish line killing three people and injuring thousands of others one suspect was killed in an employee share down the other captured the beast and the death penalty. there's a cure placed in a story that has done very little coverage a friend of the boston bomber give the team to dash out when shot to death by authorities in florida. he was being questioned over his religion his relationship to the bombing suspects. rt caught up with the grieving father then said his side had no ties to the cry the pictures you're seeing are disturbing. she is sixty four or five shots written to the heart. i've never seen things like this city even in the movies is it none the less heat than on russia is nowhere that way. such violence from one four seven nowhere have i seen anything like this it usually ends that. and rounding out our top stories we turn to
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the fund out of genetically modified foods agricultural giants like monsanto affect everything from the hood of the units to where our tax dollars go to the ethics and or demise of local farmers if you're me some strong opposition to genetically modified foods are not strong enough to beat the massive lobbying dollars behind corporations like monsanto and a lot initiative to get gm owes labeled failed in washington. the labeling and the kids sing in the fight is not over in the coming year will fly to get gm owes labeled in other states and eventually on the federal level. so there you have incentive to read to me followed up close and in doubt. we'll be sure to keep an eye and how they developed in twenty fourteen and washington was along rte much of the news that dominated the latter half of twenty thirteen down with one hand and one agency. of course i were first seen former government contractor adverts known and in the national security agency twenty thirteen will
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forevermore the year that snowden unleashed massive amounts of information regarding the nsa is controversial surveillance programs. all with the hope of initiating a very important debate in this country. rt political commentators and zack's takes a look back on the year of snowdon. june fifth a bombshell report the gardens glenn greenwald has secret documents revealing of the nsa is clicking the phone records of millions of verizon customers. today's liturgy and seven the washington post martin jol been working with filmmaker more portraits. it follows up with another cute story. three top secret program known as president the us is also deeply into the internet data repositories at major tech companies in a scissor billing both our telephone and internet communications on a scale unimaginable before this directly contradicts the claim eight months earlier under oath by the director of national intelligence. james clap or does the nsa collecting any type of data at all. and millions or hundreds of
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millions of americans. no storm. two days later and you know i'm a former nsa contractor edwards noted comes forward as the source of the reason nsa stories he's left the united states and is in hong kong. he says is a whistleblower is handed over its trove of evidence to journalists the needs to decide whether these programs and policies are right or wrong. snowden is later forced to hide out in russia as over the next six months of the world's newspapers began publishing the nsa is and use the excuse most closely guarded secrets dragnet surveillance on entire foreign populations targeted surveillance on diplomats and world leaders including key allies the black budget of the u s intelligence agencies to deliver tapping of undersea fiber optic cables a commitment to break the encryption standards. we also learned that the nsa has secretly hacked into group will in yahoo's data links are good omen calls this the most explosive story. as it was breaking into the data
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links the private leone to links between for example to remove data centers one in finland and one in. i'm gonna end of their intercepting the data as it crosses their their intercepting that in very large numbers to collecting personal hundreds of millions of e mail address books. i was a shocker for me and them very much for the industry. and despite repeated assurances from the white house despite its internal industry documents and pfizer court documents reveal. again as they broke privacy rules. thousands of times every year in congress there is a revolt against the spy agency. we're here to answer one question for the people we represent. do we oppose the suspicion this collection of every american's phone records in the summer the house of representatives comes within just a few votes of de funding the essays ball records collection program despite the defeat nsa reformers are in bold in a flurry of legislation drops to rein in unison as powers the court its limit lawsuits from groups like the aclu an
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foundation. one federal judge calls the program likely unconstitutional. but less than two weeks later another federal judge upholds the program. the supreme court. whew it's been in the white house in its present borders an independent review panel which litter comes out with forty six specific recommendations to reform the nsa. if you'd asked me six months ago we were about to launch into this enterprise. the weather after half a year there would still be an intense global conversation that was picking up momentum as the year and that i would have said probably not been so heading into twenty fourteen changes some form is almost certainly come in indiana said. with all three branches of government now weighing and enjoy similar conclusions of the nsa has overstepped its bounds. edward soon becomes the whistleblower who said he was all off. six months ago he took on the most powerful office in the land. and as the year winds down he is declaring victory saying he's already won. who knows
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the starting letter via believe russia. but certain ever worn the store to be about him. he wanted it to be about the anna said. when it comes to that story snowden is no longer in control the journalists are in their promising more revelations edward snowden is not guiding the stories he handed over a certain number of documents needed to other reporters six months ago and he told us the hope that we would use around dutchman has not tried and would not succeed in telling us what to publish when not hopeless and dom in a week ago for one of the top of dough instead. in washington dc sent stocks artsy. believe it or not here now at the end of twenty thirteen it's been a monumental year to say the least. this year we saw huge advancements in the play for same marriage in the aftermath of the chemical gas attack with sa president obama in a us strike on syria most recently was on the death of former south african president and international icon nelson mandela. well it's important to reflect on the events that
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have defined it this past year in history. it's equally important to look forward so that i pull out what we can expect next year and twenty fourteen are cheese on the stasi a church and sat down with gerald soul and take. he's the publisher of the trends journal and the founder of the trends research institute to collect twisting them and that turns casting carroll twenty eight to discuss the year ahead twenty four t know what lays ahead socially economically politically i don't think you very much fodder for having us today. well you are saying in your forecast that twenty fourteen is going to be year of extremes. from what i've read that kind of tough hard ships walking hand in hand with more time. inner enlightenment of sorts so let's talk a little about that. what do you mean how is this going to have represented something real and will look at the team's going on right now who would of thought was going on in time it would be going on they continue to go on. as hundreds of thousands of people around the streets. go
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to the ukraine. go to romania take a look what's going on over in syria and in living look at the unrest going on throughout italy with the pitchfork movements. in spain. around t thehehehehehehe different way. and then you start looking in you pile on the economic means. it's not getting any better anywhere the only thing is got better for is that one percent of tons of people are talking about including yourself. i in terms of what to expect in the nearest future is another huge wayne of an economic mess. exactly when the economic still in rehab was where is this coming from this time and how can people just preparing themselves for having what do we do run in the you know me happy i
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would've thought it would happen before. as interest rates go up. if the economy goes down. you know you look like the kind of person you can use the new board of appeal. well you don't have any credit. don't worry that he called this number. i have a deal to you within a given tube is zero percent. that's right step right up no money down to zero percent. you don't have to worry about anything. started doing it they created another ball ball. yes that shouldn't people be ye not surprised because this is exactly what happened in two thousand and eight. did you think people are falling into the same exact wrapping and delight think they are falling into it. look at automobile that it's almost a trillion to help us. of course been flowing into it again. it's the same scare you you mentioned people taking governments back. will people ever be able to take their privacy back or in that state in this teenage we just accept it move on and this is something that would have
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thought that was to come back who these people say that they should be taking away from us everything. that the republicans and democrats are doing in the united states is diametrically opposed to everything that his country was founded upon but how does one fix that. i mean with such a scope and such unprecedented information coming out that all of this is going on. how do people move forward everybody is upset but what will and it's very simple you seen in country if the country. to me the monolith exists that everyone nepali have to look at the sea. if you want to see something work. you look at the fall of the roman wall the people in. way down a nemo map. i have a slogan stay home go up. why would i want to vote for one of the core employees. i'm
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getting more excited about the upcoming elections will appeal in re clinton when will it increase we will be flying with the drawing the larry moe and curly but the added costs down while what self respecting person can look up to eat. they're a lot of people that are ready for a change to happen. and i believe it's starting to happen. when people lose everything and have nothing left to lose they lose tells us that in your eye forecasts for next year. are you also talk about the wakeup call for politicians. so who is going to be that person or that's going to deal with that voice that brings about the change which uses really radical and germanic. direct democracy like they have over this one too. he wanted go to war. but the people. you want your money go in foreign countries let the people vote. he
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wanted bail out banks and financial institutions who led the people of. it's direct democracy and the nice people say the first reaction why we have long roll. yet we can he died. wanna talk about a mom. when a gang of five hundred and thirty five senators and congressmen kellen three hundred and fifty million people how to tie the shoes. the direct democracy work. anything's better than the corrupt system the ad. that was gerald soul and a publisher of the trends journal. and mayor michael bloomberg will officially leave office today after more than a decade as mayor of new york city. even now he's on his way down he will be when the meeting without a legacy and one part of that legacy will be defined by his reputation as the key of big bands bloomberg initiated bans on everything from cigarettes to big gulp so that's our look
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back on more of those blacklisted dense here's our t's kerry and boring. new york city mayor michael bloomberg is shopping and office door in city hall for the last time today. the sun and their legacy will be remembered as an advocate for help other thing you want an attack on civil liberty. take a look back at some of the major black with pink highlights. in two thousand to causing massive for mayor bloomberg told everyone to put her bike out for god and restaurants and bars. during the third term had been extended to most outdoor areas and building entrances this year we were gone so became the first major city to forbid the sale of tobacco to anyone under twenty one continuing with this friend of the freedom to smoke electronic cigarettes and on up in flames to the mayor and men in the smokefree air and on monday stating that any of their traditional cigarette smoking is banned. you can read the article well. his last few days then on to the bloomberg also placed inflatable plastic polystyrene on the health
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blacklist is now illegal to sell or provide styrofoam products including restaurant to go containers and packing peanuts. christmas will never be the theme for this project can you turn of the devastating collected into a holiday camp ready for decoration. bloomberg's bay and stretch from that container is kinda bad feeling about john's put in them. in two thousand fixed and the appellant venetian and doing away with artificial trans fats in november that the name drug administration followed suit announcing requirements to eventually fade out transplants nice to know why and we would be remiss if we didn't highlight the mayor's attempt to maneuver. mig also has a play on the mountain thirsty new york about the dance the lounge. just think about what you think. a court ruled that the putting comp already exceeded its rights but this patent. so for now anyway you can still buy your bagel and to bring details. one fight michael
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bloomberg and brandon was back in two thousand eight when required of restaurants to include how we camped on their menus. no longer the new yorker is consuming enter into the lance. and jousting in sydney and handmade anyone crazy. mayor bloomberg on sunday and the sale of assault rifles and a banana clips during his time in office. and just a brief summary of mayor bloomberg's black listing highlights and opponents say he ran and nanny state with the mindset of the paying health workers. does knowing whether you agreed or disagreed with me. alice made decisions based on the merits and we always put the needs of future generations ahead of the demands of today's special interest groups either way below where it is out today and a fountain built in audio to regulate the new york to dysentery. in washington d c perry and boring rte. science residents face a look at how and ninety researchers are developing a drug to combat ptsd. however
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while the side effects is that this drug and mass of germans who lives and injured thinking to collect me the driver to steer the us and the whole researchers at mit are working on and went to a vaccine to prevent most dramatic stress disorder or ptsd. that's the way to raise the memories of the traumatic events. we just got vaccinated. that's how the facts almost two hundred and fifty thousand soldiers have been affected by ptsd from fighting in afghanistan iraq since two thousand and one solid reason for thinking that the vaccine would be great to get two soldiers so they won't develop ptsd after piano. hands on. the way the vaccine works by messing around with the hormone produced in this town called growl and get a shot i even
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sat with lower your blood levels. and that the experiments the researchers noted that with a blouse that was used for ground feeder with you that's the last well in a while and turn black pants and a person's susceptibility to develop ptsd when the experienced round. his name used on the trees and well written. ferrari is that he acts as a narrow minded leader and stimulate appetite author and hands as aspects of cognitive function according to the director of the euro and the idea that the rockefeller university. i could make the land access the presence of the allergy into some of the twenty third of the team might possibly blocking from getting ptsd it wouldn't blow someone had off not only mexican metabolism and your pinky in other words another example of a tree in the case in the potentially great side effects. another
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example was treated to another medication designed to treat its the exams. from the root of the problem is out. meditation is designed to deal with the feelings you had a dramatic events in the deal with stopping the dramatic events in the first place. which is perfect because in america well other people's heads off. so we won't be traumatized by it. he badly needed ministry. here in america. sigh rest of the world where could we not already been killed with a stack of getting your head blown off by our soldiers the night. that my family and later at the residence matt does it for now my men year and even have a very happy and safe new year
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welcome to new star in its wednesday january for a stunt casting comanche and ten camp japanese prime minister sheens the may release his new year's message he says his government would do everything they can to overcome deflation and revitalize the economy at a loss of the stated his help to amend the constitution china sees as the government is still halfway toward overcoming twenty years of deflation. he says the gun they will continue its efforts to bring back a strong economy. on the diplomatic and security fronts at this as japan will play a more aggressive role in maintaining stability around the world he says japan should follow active passive isn't in the twenty first century ad that says it's necessary to deepen national discussions on revising the constitution establish thomas sixty eight years agoth


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