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tv   Kazakh TV News  PBS  January 2, 2014 3:30am-4:01am PST

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the wall he knew knew you. he tears as he pulled god according to the investigating authorities least fourteen people were killed in over twenty were injured. the bomb exploded on the number fifteen trolley bus near his ears keep the streak in full garb the blast blew out the windows and neighboring houses the crowded trolley bus travel during rush hour of the residential district of the city center. but it did not reach nearly fifty meters to stop by preliminary data the trolley came by the hospital with the injured people were placed after yesterday's half backs in places cordoned off
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the criminal case has been open under the article attack. it is rumored that abbas device was put inside the trolley bus. the number of exposing victims of the railway station of all the greeks seventeen fourteen people died at the place of accident in three of them died in hospitals reported interfax. most of the dead victims have already beaten them by more than thirty people have been taken to local hospitals in accordance with the ministry of health care. some of the people were seriously injured an american company to a plate with doctors' fees geologist and medical equipment to walk with god from moscow to assist in this situation investigators are still continuing to work at the accident place due to the blast long distance trains will depart and arrive at a suburban station bought about three days of mourning was declared in full cry of russia's investigative committee opened a criminal case into the blast. this is not the first last and vocal crowd this year at the end of october a suicide bomber detonated a bomb in a bus as a result seven people were killed and dozens were injured. according to ria know steve news agency least
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eighteen people were killed in a road accident in the eastern part of the island of java the pickup with thirty passengers collided with a truck the collision occurred at the moment when the pickup truck tried to run three cars going in front of him on the oncoming traffic lane eighteen people died including the driver and two girls aged five and two years old the state of emergency has a posting bonus there was new to the power outages caused by the blazing record breaking heat. the mayor the city monies to mark the urge the government to provide support and assistance to miss a ball authorities sent to argentina has been suffering from a heat wave for almost two weeks as a result of the heat energy system when this ep cologne and has undergone great sailors in the supply of electricity in the metropolitan area as was and so other provinces outraged residents of the capital in suburbs last major urban streets and highways at the same time authorities blame electricity supply is the exact number of injuries was not recorded according to forecasters the stem of the thermometer repeatedly reached cost thirty eight degrees over the past ten days. you
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noticed the news agency reported that al solid or liquid in the evacuation of the population due to the top honesty to volcano eruption the ministry of environment and the republican reported that up honesty key located in the east of the country not to giant columns of scorching lava and ash into the sky what the height of about five kilometers the divisions of the red cross have already arrived in the area of the volcano to provide assistance to local residents. the last eruption of top honesty case occurred on december nineteen seventy six the protests against governance terrorists taking place in the center of kiev opposition activists accuse the president and the government to intimidate people who disagree with the policies. she is. the car assembly solidarity against terror as i begin scare when the government attack and be happier to go. recalling that the armenian activists who is better known for revolution the article is a journalist at the end of chernobyl was attacked on the highway have cute boys school on wednesday
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night the woman was taken to intensive care with a broken nose a concussion and multiple bruises the opposition believes that she suffered for protest activities in an article about government officials the minister of internal affairs of ukraine to the investigation into the attack of chernobyl under their control saying that he could be a publication after the attack at the end of chernobyl protests broke out in the center of kiev with the renewed vigor the ukrainians are united to stand for truth and justice not for the money nor for any privileges for ourselves before our family we stand today on the media for feature. extreme sport hundreds of automobile estates a run to the ukrainian president's residence demanding the resignation of the unocal which the residents territory was surrounded with police cordon. more than one point three million us citizens lost their additional unemployment benefits because of the termination of the state program for the assistance of the unemployed. as bloomberg reports which in this program
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the usa an employee can expect to receive about twelve hundred dollars per month until recent times the united states congress could not agree with the extension of the program before leaving the christmas holidays. in particular the members of the republican party consider that the program budget that amounts to almost twenty five billion dollars is too excessive. by the same token democrats believe that the measures to help the unemployed did not allow over one million families to face poverty. the presenter of the united states brock obama and his supporters from the democratic party intend to continue efforts to resume the program after the members of the legislative body re convened to discuss the issue in january regarding the data november unemployment rate in the usa stands at seven percent. the united nations and organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons to emission confirm that syria is unlikely to meet the december thirty first deadline to move its most dangerous chemical arms of the country. a number of other factors affected the schedule including security issues logistical problems in weather conditions. the u n and o p c dub you are making every effort to remove the most
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dangerous chemical materials from syria as soon as possible. executive council is scheduled to meet next on the eighth of january two thousand fourteen to review the progress. michael schumacher is in critical condition after striking his head in a ski accident that took place amid a resort in the french alps. according to doctors the seven time would chip in forty four you a michael schumacher suffered a serious head trauma. at that time he was brought to the hospital he was already in a coma he really was taken in for operation and now he's in critical condition still in a research institute will open in kazakhstan soon it will conduct research on the properties of whom is in the methods of course processing the german businessmen and comic scientists agreed to establish an institute the german businessman has time and a drink of the copics as it was announced before he has registered his own german trade mark owners according to the experts both countries like research studies a larger market and international registration of the brain coolness for mass production and trade around the world. the new
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institutional also deal with the question of private time in kazakhstan coolness and camel milk are considered as dairy products. the project percussive and say that cuz it's knee deep and comb is using european technologies that get home open to full effect of the prophet before trying to export. we must examine the products they commence the one of its eight years of consumption the joint research institute will compare masters and doctors in this field and certify the products in the future the institute wish you a franchise to manufacture coolness. it is only inherited the business from his grandfather who half a century ago had tuberculosis. at that time the cause of shepherd told him about the properties of coolness. the whole world knows the coolest belongs to kazakhstan. i produced it for over twenty years my three daughters and seven grandchildren can call was to be healthy. i'm immensely grateful for this discovery and i am happy that today we agree to work with the cosmic scientists to him. a historical museum in the motel held an exhibition of the new year celebration after beads used in the seventies and eighties this is a collection of
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the soviet postcards and unbearable things for the wooden recreation like waltz like skis and skates christmas decorations of the soviet era as well as gives the children received at the holidays are present here too. the exhibition also features a workshop of santa claus is this nobody tells the children how their mothers and fathers made christmas ornaments with their hands. secondly some of his past. there is a large collection of christmas toys it was a soviet period. i like the children to see other moms dads and grandparents celebrated new year in japan and the coptic stitch and look mom laugh about it. the thing is he. i do know that santa claus hat such places where he keeps old toys and put in tune with such vintage clothes i like the exhibition displays in this house that pulls me that the tastiest that i can still move the latest news is that three w dodge cars out that stevie got kate said. and
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for one year in the context on mortgage market has increased by nine percent or seventy three b the team did according to previous reports the mortgage market in the country has dropped and lost two percent in august in addition the mortgage market in kazakhstan becomes an outside them and the country's lending markets however more than fifty per cent of deals was primaries second tree housing are implemented was borrowed money experts advice goes these mortgage loans to be prepared for additional spending. apart from the actual interest rate loans the most significant expenses are connected was the payment of a long time before the insurance of the mortgage though. tomorrow work them out of commission and different banks is different and the most common greek these one percent of loan at will for limited by the upper and lower limits first award these necessary to find out the lending
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conditions in addition to these necessary to pay attention both to the interest rates and the lawn some peace. he remained in the job they sell the mortgage loan the loan agreement is a document which will largely determine the state of the family onto for years to come. this is not that person needs to pay out for walks in addition it is necessary to pay attention to the terms of insurance in case supports major. while consulting and bank it is necessary to find out all necessary information about the interest rate lumps on fees and insurance is necessary to assess all possible situations in life for example today your child is a pupil and three years after he or she will enter a university and you will need to pay for education and your spending will increase you need to assess the situation and decide if you are able to pay the bank. it predicted
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that the government which can deny that this is the most important seniors and the fact that you purchase something which becomes colder in five years and falls into the spanning many years and mortgages the long term loan eighties necessary to urge is applied to make your family grow and to be able to sell the squad in the future. with that. or you're working with her but before signing a loan agreement is necessary to assess the costs of the quiet housing knowledge of its overseas put a certification of documents required for painting it won't be pleased to be forgiving and loneliness and it is necessary to spend some money due to the widely advertised though most people think that binds the money out to everyone. i told her to cook it with calum and particulates life will be attractive people should understand all that financial liabilities the undertaking is necessary to reach an agreement attentively to find out all new insists he's very dangerous to take a mortgage flat for speculation. while
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holding up a mortgage is necessary to proceed from the average income. what a great big grin and generally provide some chance for any breach of agreement between the bank and the boiler santa claus has been named is the most recognizable international brand which costs ten times more than such brands as apple coca cola and google according to lynn the book are you the most popular brand in the world is a source of good income for guzman lecturers retailers and even countries see some pickles easy way to attract suitors in europe and america the popularity of some of these expressed primarily in sales before christmas and new year the spirit during black friday and the following weekend. us residents spent more than fifty seven billion us dollars and elise was bored to death in the uk during the so called manic monday. people had to spend two point six million pounds per minute to be able to buy gifts for the holiday. last
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month left before the opening ceremony of the switch to the games cause extensive national team will be fun the form and ginny were nineteen. the main cast for the sportsman is to go to the olympics without injury texans team has obtained the license is to buy a fleet of one ten licences for the first time ever dentist and absolve rockabilly of four present context and figure skating. at the two women. sportsman prepare for the olympic games have no time to relax you're simply working hard every hour every minute is precious for them now it is necessary to strengthen training efforts to achieve the best results we're committed to another level opens to the roof skaters have summarized the results of comic sans classical off the awful watching pictured at the end of so typical and moxie my class can show the best
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results. as a result of the championship a national speed skating team has been formed effects of a question in the leader of the national team to meet the mob in cork will go to the asian championship in a squeezy and roman correct and yet at the height of one participate in the war championship in japan or the stops. who would try to show good results in japan is good for us that many sportsmen are preparing for the olympics and favorites will come to japan will get was to be a chance to win but finished with us for our family but it is kinda dumb. article is a cousin scorpio dc have organized a charity campaign facing the new year the christmas holidays together kits for children living in orphanages and foster homes and cream of course players and the club leadership called the supporters to show concern for the children and took part in the campaign the uniqueness of the campaign is that every child may ask whats with the drinks fans come to the matches with toys residents of the city have already bought a few thousand toys of the past three matches. and of the five but
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it does in scorpio acts as a group of santa clauses in fact all people pay much attention to our children to get the models in malaysia the above is also stuck. eye i am. eye. it's sth. i am
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i don't. i own. it's a huge
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it's off to the end of the state. it will. she is all took the view that god is to get wet. to celebrate this event. the gp group feel it yet and the historic center of the problem. we discussed the bulk of the portico and economic situation of the car tpg group chairman said dole in his opening address underlined that it takes energy determination and belief in the future to go with less than one generation state of war to being a fully fledged member of the biggest club but the bumper six. we admire everything has been the context. and he added that the ppp group has always supported cr which its european ambitions. our supporters constant and other wavering because we are convinced that we are destined to belong to
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the same community of values we welcome you with open arms is a partner. they're very much looking forward to working with youocratic union t you must love come on go. it was party played a catalyst role in pushing for the eu accession. what is there an hour or an opposition is today addressed the meeting by underlining the importance of eu membership. the first of july twenty thirteen croatia is returning home to the u word belongs as a central european country. he was much more than a common market is a community of free nations for which it wishes to contribute to this community we will support a strong euro and a strong for which a change of economic policies required for which to enjoy real benefits for the membership info to the european elections is a vote for that change. during the second day of the meeting participants discussed the prospects of promoting sustainable growth and jobs to you which is tightly linked to the ongoing budget debate. the optional but hey that's cool. ppp group vice
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chairman responsible for budget and structural policies explain the framework of the debate don't send jokes. the main unit. and unless you get in the european parliament. so this is that the girl at the discussions. he got to the budget the budget tells you something today tokyo but it is the thirty five percent this might have discussed it won't mean an addiction. way to the superdome and so cheap alicia forty six who was given. for that. for the increasingly choose to cling to these talks and jokes. he says what ppp would it would go. support for
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the student addiction the talks and jokes. no i actually went to. the what don't compete but it's pretty important. she had to cope with the auction page. saved by a succession of may holds the whole whether west about the companies which order gets quite enjoyed. following the fall of the taleban in afghanistan woman have been finding ways to express themselves. some have been succesful the media the buckeyes the first human baby stationed in afghanistan it looks it up in that office epo was oh he's a canadian team deal in two thousand and three. will be the same to them patience runs the station. she saves much if its programming is out of the gigantic moment thus the need to cut off. he picks up a couple at the hospital's twenty oh six due to the front sidewalk the museum closes on the pasta but the son of the presenters had often discussed the problems faced a woman in laws are
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the topics could be delayed due to family marriage custom or social issues. i get it after that i have of it. at last. i think that they can he said abhishek essential up the daisies gave all of the cameras had been at many adults coast lot of laughs. a bomb it was so ill but none of that neon red setting tough that i added the scotia lot of that they shut down and shut the subtle social sciences and the city is just a few station has attracted lots of listeners not just women but also men who take it in turns to dj at the site of an idea took off of the savannah. at that time but you have any of those
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last sunday said it was this beautiful beach i've almost got. afghanistan is that it means to be the conservative society. the folders have got access to the gk to tell but have recently for some girls schools to close those women who do manage to choose given that in life have had to work hard for it. that was off the condiment of the pack i did have a bottle a day at school means mileage in china but ffa. i caught a fish bite of fish when the shuttles post. i don't check the sake of a contract with the tunnel at lake at evening's end of this the buffet that is the content that santa had come economy club level but a second identical but it's an emotion love. you try getting more than just arrived they're getting an education thanks to an initiative of the hebrew university of jerusalem and israel railways train passengers are treated to a lecture but some of
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the universe is but i didn't have . he says. joe interested in what was coming in so little. we don't we'll just have fun. with that the trade the series develops its leader but at the university themselves up in one of the card at passengers are invited to join for free. i was dead. i did that stop sign still celebrated in einstein's birthday honor his contribution to the country a member of the early zionist movement. i extend whatever happens the hebrew university and the creatures intellectual property to the institution. besides the senate race series the unique way to reach out to the and allow them to experience firsthand the benefits of research and education. upon investigation linked office look that i give on debate. india is expected to visit the wedding
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she is going on for automobiles. i can teach me and i watched it all off i met up with the prompt was thinking that if the sake of it all before but its market by two thousand and six. by that of what you've done overnight see's with the local fight to get to see shared office and all that i saw this and just as i'm out tonight that is what the conflict than fifty percent and twenty five. but since this pic is me. that was fine in his credentials in the union also got to talk to god and the process of setting up manufacturing units and that the fox the president. the royal borough of kensington and chelsea constituency phallic say. and by the royal which the cultural society the event will celebrate its one hundredth anniversary disney. tory labour hundred and sixty thousand bees that
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is the shame is that the will of god. meanwhile it. to see the queen is in you make your visit at the da's. joseph our cities or so from day to showcase new congress in twenty twelve to celebrate the queen's sixty eight summit friend. a special dining tv friends with some details. days five hundred exhibit a space that is entering sunday's day stretching the imagination and inspiring one and i wanted to i offered him a treat since seen here with that the structure of current sales. most discussed in captures the essence of happy accidents. the event a sensory delights with colors and text is combine to produce breath taking patients. that takes place at the former head of king henry the eighth. who has a stylish
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as it is not just in a while britain has a week scouting heritage gardens with all the news. cc has cost of god intends us to history which stretches back to the city in iraq. i did stop crime trust did project in cornwall is to paste a futuristic by humans. this is the gateway to the royal botanical gardens. the units can well as heritage sites. it's beautiful victorian palm house was built in eighteen forty eight she's a dorm the gardens. the ten storey chinese and that was built in seventeen sixty one. he who holds the nazis connection of comics in the mountains. i want also on the head. and they've seen the torrens title. is use. a boy whom
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them aye aye aye. i have shaped hill. it's a good piece to jump shot. they resembled the saddle so that locals who decides savvy town it was reportedly so much of a toy or two from the ninth century


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