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that i can take that stealing is just too new and it makes the networks to work on in each seat. he wrote continue to share with your friends on facebook and twitter the top story on the m a c networks windmill new long you. we were. the us. dairy dairy first ever uk study of culture. also ahead we'll keep you up to date with all the topping arsenic and lead
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you with all of the give and to be a factor in or your celebrations. the very second largest city in north london the fourth largest of them sexy ended on the banks of the river for you to create a sandy area has a population of two hundred and thirty seven fires and the little kid in the north and identity the city itself is on the border into display in looks to me and said the survey the entire northwest of baghdad. there is a city steeped in history according to legend on field agents and die for no loss to hear five for friday. it's a walled city the wall store in the heart of the city will
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see him as he looked in the seventeenth century this will so many fun things and just like the troubles of our more recent past. remainder of our events often divisive twice the peacemaker between the divine union organizing what were people crying for young people like all couples and patience and a positive vision for future. in recent years the setting is intense forms of regeneration programme on the likes of before it's all in the docklands developed cycle paths will please oh please post the real infrastructure conference and developed into crime and off the tee pee straight and everton development coordination with the best and really shown lots of world peace one day concert on the city boasted that the firm won the world got it. the success of the trade of the year teddy for the talented uk city of culture two thousand and thirteen. here's a call to live by to watch out. i am
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the war the city. due to be tried with all the stuff that was the last week. that is for this moment. bonds. in his closet. i'm just so that
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together that everybody from the port city. i was though i said the us. that post this is due to the city. he told mrs to get out. a few weeks and that the city. this week where you can see the future. it's a tasteful but the deal was it worth it because he had been over the course of the last two years to locate the peace bridge but hope that it was or wasn't leaving the door that leads the stepping stone a performance with which it doesn't feel the miserable from all parts of the city of course this up the muddy just go read this somewhat
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entertained. this is the springboard with it. all that day visitors. it took me to stay for the great taste experience the band. they spend the whole towns in the bars and restaurants that we hope that this gonna be a button band. all of the key in all sin city center but for this opportunity to debate a good man to put a bomb that's probably the most of the semester but the rest of the most avid and seven at a number of people that shallots. this is like a mom my holiday says but the studies invites you know what's definitely turned a corner has been fast again they gave the money last
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tomorrow will too. he did read about. forest the oakland festival still willing to take advantage of the river foyle was one of our best natural assets the grandson of former army base has been transformed into massive arena were soldiers once left a nice sense of purpose built venue for rock concerts and spectacular dance skills. but that can generate the first
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event in the venue harks back to the down scoldings. new new. it's just good to know eye. the orders to stop though it was nuts. on that
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i dont think ill go with this but hey it's me and i stayed at. things are. it's done. the blitz. as new year's eve fireworks. but this is what was really a bike. it was sunday and the venue here just about to haul themselves off the atmosphere is phenomenal if the video. pavel. i was it's a bit crowded at that the first song but at the top speller. i just think so important and the first events in this august that seventh day of nine hundred people. they are all from the seventies like the consummate sis. i love
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so he is. the snow. i did on the third placed old with more meaning. he played on stage. the committee did on twenty one. it's here. bonds but once a week. four years ago. he is the and . whether or not the eye. it is the bats. it's a dream anymore when the home the glass were still lenient with james's street has been in church later in the house what if every intimate venue was a perfect seven for our
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t's imagining the ritual or voices which ms today from its home sign and tingle of clay to kauai for the first time. well something special from the show they are on the first sco when towing when things look in the day i knew i. i home. hee hee mm mm yes. this is chiefly due at the default key. it's a gift. video this is the coleman medal for the export side bolsters of
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the baby off to get a single and moved in. like strangle thistles this first in all places this list. the move from big to wear. it has taken place from the students in years and was almost of awesome at sixty two. like jerry. it was a peach. you can start posting has been in touch. all of what was shooting it into two very dirty and again they proved to be stupid. with reappear over the summer as what our tv. colorful its assessment of my favorite. there was a nice touch to it are still too many and resistance bands it sits. kathleen bergen. so what's real. you do
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the toxins in the elements of the slices cooked. white said about them than the extent of ice local pounds pounds as a justice on the pitch and they take ads on the states of all the vices about their vices tears. i know. medan. these i so soon. we are. you see the artist may even the babies that you hear that they are wet and older are for you. then in the field it's sad news for music that they would be that circle what steps we did we'd all discernment in any joint venture away since the last four weeks to go to sleep the whole event if you want to just a little bit more work opportunities. all are ahh ahh ahh. you award for
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its uk. this meeting was set in the film. another document the team back seats in front of me in and see. isn't it i'm the woods it is not mutants. the city of festivals to work with the same thing often singled out at sea by the consultants and the music network of autism years and three daughters but excess of seven something happens to be tested very well. before the balls of those candidates is itself a deal that sends another advance as yourself
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the cheese is usually lose you. a new one soon. oh sure i do it justice. it's true and. it is. he changed
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unfortunately i believe that authority to his reach. and even american. to me. he will the eye the air. fixing. mr miller said he holds the record for the largest gathering of scientists in one place. it is not a record breaker in two tries in seven inspired local woman sandra bubble to combine her two great loves of musical theater at her native city to stage the largest choreographed song and dance routine ever writes here in evanston square at the hard knock life the day. in.
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ipod i've been teaching for twenty two years i wanted to be. the ball. the event of the second half at . it's amazing i didn't. to that extent. lots of guns attempts at its most people gathered in one case a segment on snow and it's not like that at
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that moment the sport i'm not counting on them. we need for sites that want people to break their neck. the act high. so excited. dave jones the effect. it is not the radio. bush said that his great form. it now. it was and me the test. this old woman said. i have lots of prominent americans to go with it. we did. a water bowl so they were debated. he did
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it. what yet it has the last beatles days . you will the goldfields. it's understandable. i knew in the city walls overlooking the field goal. built in
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eighteen eighty has curly label an extensive refurbishment will reopen in june. the whole is famous for hosting the ideal day fish which the muscles of dollars in the city like donna and phil coulter called thirty stuart mill visage is i know causal competition and fair trade competitors came from all over ireland to compete the miller seventeen finals at the venue the new the state's peak but let us step out of our recall and i think the plants. it's a good sunday. suzanne. i could see
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it. i stopped. it spends its contents outside so excited about that. and the namesake recitation of the offence and today it's bad for seventeen year olds on their behalf for her bent on top bands of all those events it hard to get out of the spotlight. what therefore to what your balance. in other words it was pretty sad that it's more of what i think because they represented their dogs in the end of the state. and so easy to conceive for them for their. just kidding i suppose the time. i could just magically connected to it stayed dry. we told her we
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couldn't score. it's like years and years and years it's the first part and in it's first come off the bark of a competition like this it was in office. it's not so with sustenance and for all this with its expanded for the chicken to experience the different parts to this i wonder what they are daring ulster. this is just one of several events at several sites of fifty eight which was part of the city of culture on the tummy said it believes are central to seventy them up after me and outfield progress at the lead up races here much so i say this is the first pta sites listed company. bands like scored the city of culture gives special meaning to some of those events that happen
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every year. it's generates honey festival and the words people celebrate the life and works gospel is not the parents. here i'm cultured and more sinister celebrating a sculpture. they don't answer the needs and patties on of course a wee drama fussy. i know. today's celebration. what's actually began the latest trends office deficit to beat in using minced meat dairy and foremost there's a big storm listeners that attended the scene sort of structure frozen at the most important to be in it the haggis the poetry and of course the tournament and was keen to honor a steely to use them somehow. sport and sport the people of the arts. force
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the worlds. this is a good one there. hope blurs well much money changer care. some lay people off and all scotland once the stinkin way jokes and movies but if you wish are grateful prayer. i sang i noticed today that is my son the messiah and the greatest finds a place and all. you will. they feel their practices act. to sum it up. it should be. so then this other cultures. all cultures due to discuss
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the eighties so. perspectives the bbc to go to the culture i think. the shallots and people are so wonderful that you don't it will be meeting soon. the asu. a state. so on you will soon books. it's a pity you. all that really was brilliant. it's called ceylon was. yes if you're visiting us today you'll find amazing hospitality. i'm a great choice in cafes and restaurants but this one in pacific. nothing comes of it and still it's a great talent and yet but some of the events coming up on second thoughts accountant julius caesar internal kong killed. the sheer joy when their eyes and weaving studio artist or if bomb killed seven others for help since his departure by force and navy. still no parent homes north of the order for the first time ever in august the largest festival of the snow i just was a staple
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for the second stanza license expected to attend and october the first birthday on monday as the world's most prestigious award for contemporary art. the turner prize has helped with setting for the first time. thanks to dr and a pampered like the designs of many it will transform the city using a light has been made and the city as the us the uk city of coulter has gone off to great start to kick out of course find it more but everything on her website said if costs are twenty thirty talk on wednesday evening and special treats from other places this is me and some nights until next time i thought. you lol ninemsn. as well. and as a stand and eight. its. it's
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it's it's it's it's you. it's murder. and you in. and and it is. it is. it's a. i am mii and stir. if you have been. is it. yes. it's cool
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though. on the go if you care is it. they ate on . i am
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i knew that in. a student the us. a goof ball. be it a new tooth. we eat it carrying. it's a. it's in they insist on. this time it's a bit. it exists. in it
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been. using. or the other the air. cheney long long
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long long will i. i bought the job. yet other top story the back to korea tested a second job. this new government


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