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tv   RT News  PBS  January 3, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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prevent me from now. with it you knew we wouldn't want one will open. our teams are witnessing the forties the streets. the day of the central african republic that was on the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe and respected member of doctors without borders has told the commons to build the country is far different than the treatment. also the legal struggle to save a three month old baby girl and give it one of those that didn't last that the russians to be able to grab before it could regulate this on the life and death bathroom
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holding a moscow hospital for government troops on qa'ida battle for control of the two cities in central iraq the un report confirms twenty thirteen as the deadliest day for the country since two thousand. the call. might be on tv since the mid nineties pivotal into the fabric of the complete story skyrocketing violent dissent that the republicans forced the international medical group doctors without borders have to was told to say to the country's much refugee camp. fighting in the spike in december with doctors themselves known to threat the un is also urging the unknown ringing the alarm bell of the humanitarian catastrophe in the aging helpers will that cost a million people facing starvation. what disease is rampant in the overcrowded camps. an email from says deployed of manatee contingent the troops of so far failed to bring peace to
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the country. the sufi smith an option offender. less than a year off to france moods marched into money. bronze age and the spiking in another of its former colonies in africa. as you chat show also the situation in the central african republic and on the door for you. harris received a green light from the un security council to these new chief forced to leave school with that. often they're the pecans in the country and secondly to . i decided to act immediately or more precisely this very evening if the eight hundred french soldiers who stands with limestone country to join the six hundred already deployed there. fold the front was no are the most of them to save human lives monthly turn undermines this to be mostly old signs. price is sixteen hundred strong force the needle too cute and
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good intentions. they came back to the central african republic's independence in nineteen sixteen. the colt is wrong it's a full moon nobody is responsible for helping to create in africa. a number of takes the all sufficient states. mike see a lot. and now they jump in with this operation which is stupid militarily economically and politically tinged with sadness from a human perspective lead to zero results. see your results if we're talking drinking stability to the country crazy impressive enterprises news and to counter response he believes there is mold to qantas's decision to intervene. i will kill off with crosby's the pretense of human rights. the fact it was anger protecting its economic in texas to see a light to reach ms knowles his demise he has found the key to its strategic location in the center of a possum each area say it's eventually all about dominating and
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controlling the entire region others see the african country central location on the continent as the key to fulfill the stated goals of the french connection of securing the entire region dana got to meet friends in other european countries are threatened by islamic radical and groups that are now de centralized in developing the belt from the merchant kenyan coast of somalia french troops teacher these dangers forces and also prevent pirates and drug traffickers from uniting all this. three takes on the case of infringement the operation in the central african republic. equally the green on is that no matter what the intentions are behind france's authority's decision to get to vote. it's the french people for real. that was. he built the operation lead the team needed as there was a failure of diplomacy and politics in the ca are a failure of the un and african union economic community of
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central african states and eu but who pays for this pricey campaign old french taxpayers surveys showed less than hop of the french population support the country's league test match expedition to africa. wishful with high prices the least popular president in common history while all the thousand french soldiers on all of the central african republic the confederates intervention into the country's former colony still that's a mixed reaction was really sure if it's an act of goodwill. or a calculated move to benefit funds. as he could proceed from parents. we still are becoming planned emergency manager of delta's in the borders this is what you'd say that the situation on the ground then. we see more than six hundred thousand people displaced bolts but only two hundred thousand in the capital and the titans its continuing our teams are witnessing get
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goodies on the streets and three days. yesterday in that camp close to the airport where more than one hundred thousand people are at this moment looking for safety windows xp shooting in the camp and the shooting is so bad that even our puny cannot continue in its normal way to the canal in which the mother tish and yet still bother to doctors in the can just a day care often have to be injured people that it's almost impossible for couples his outboard is to continue its work at this moment of the bcs that the hospitals in bondi the old site also an arrest of the central african republic car or if they hit by a man that he had people this creates in the hospital who came there to attack patients inside of us did so so yes you it's a big problem inside hospitals despite its the biggest concern is that today since i lost the hospital's these people not being able to access medical care because they're too scared to go to posted too scared to go to hospitals outside the body our estimation is that more than six hundred thousand
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people are getting in the bush years. i mean that then i tasted them in the bushes. people are mothers in the films the excess of four different access to health care aid agency that day but getting extremely poor conditions that it's the lifting and of course pissed that their notes which are more in its tracks and some people it already since april last year in the course. crews rescued from east timor and languages and civilizations but it was that of peace and stability was never the actual goal of the french intervention in the first place. the focus and thrown out the guy was them. under french influence in the state became independent in london for this time french armies in central africa sticking point is is that the former presenter of african president was expelled from parliament. just a moment when he signed an agreement with chinese that it need
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only look on meetings of the conference did in the us it is very important tool you will still got chinese economy is growing on me and keeps and a mic on the meaning much more active in africa i've done that who told us to be formed his own. i think that's one of the basic needs and focal piece and not the kind of its decomposition between western powers and shine. the band have two lists or even falling close to going on to the last few days the ongoing find the life of the three month old baby girl injured in one of the two recent terror attacks in the russian city will go grab the latest is that doctors say a condition remains critical of the seed is stable. a crisp autumn over how cool. mika is just three months old and she's the life can be hard and unjust. she was badly injured and terrible terror attack. she is now in an induced coma in intensive
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care. clinging onto mine. he was a baby killed remains an economy that we are on a ventilator in intensive care will say she sustained sunlight gets serious brain damage. the condition is very serious odds we got it under control. on the dreadful morning of december thirty and he caught a fever. was on route to hospital with her mother and grandmother powerful explosion rocked your trolley bus. three happened to be in the very epicenter. the win tonight the infant's survives. blind luck. the clink and she was wrapped and saved her from life threatening burns. she was pulled from the wreckage in critical condition. only two days ago doctors allow her to be airlifted to moscow's children's hospital to live here in this hospital where a baby that is receiving treatment for those entering summer fall and her lungs she received in that
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blast. the family and friends will be to have left are torn between two for miraculous recovery and grieve for their dad. global build their defensive work and very grateful to everyone who took part in the risk you're my girl to hold over our hospital doctors performed a miracle. it's been my goal to form the dead. thanks to all who helped transfer them onto her to know so little. i hope alive to see now that was what kind of a human being can see a new born child on the bus to conceal carry out such an atrocity. with that and now it's time to feed off rehabilitation of it so that you can leave it lying there in the book but there is a china still others in our family and i hope she will grow up and become a doctor too. i knew her mother since she was a child she was a very talented creative and it's very sad people die in such sudden and violent acts like this. she had big plans the kenyan mother. i believe the comedian will grow up mentally if they will be helping her. his mother and
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grandmother of the stasi and twenty on the part just two of the thirty four people who fall victim to teach their attacks on the railing station and trying times more than sixty injured are still in hospital. the city remains in mourning. in moscow. margaret howell. rte besides says the remote into the football league has some politicians and cool to bring about the death penalty the center isn't even of their opponents say that the current deal was far enough. hold on to aussie film called the concealed going on there. to my two cities the west of baghdad in the grip of intense fight to deny according to latest reports the iraqi army's killed an al qaeda commander in a monday which the governments said that it into a haven for insurgents the coffin escalate the daily this week when to trade and anti regime protests come either the citadel in true that the rebels regain control of the year again. putting on friday kind of one hundred
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lives said of them civilians he comes up feelin reports confirming that last year was the bloodiest for iraq since two thousand and a defense consultant complete and the smaller group believes the roofs of the crisis though. oh well outside iraq but security is nonexistent in iraq the situation is made to create it on a division among the sectarian communities. armed bands of what's taken place is the gift fall into the xi up on and of no apologies this sunday so the city of fighting for a place in society and the gulf the holidays are also sponsoring the omaha bistro that the terrorists to create chaos in the country. um simply to eliminate the shia influence noble oval. overall he would continue unless the world recognizes that the sala de arabian what hobbies ideology of financing this gal who needs to stop
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screaming to install and told in no uncertain terms that they need to rein in the aloha this to terrorists and unless this happens i'm afraid to see more of this humanity the way some time but the most pressure on the project about iraq's arab flight who won a catchy to lead you through the course of twenty thirty with plenty of the sad days tells analysis of the comics that continues to grip the country things to do this. kevin and mike the frosting it well it seems the brunt of the light what is the fifth. it also doing to the door. clever little i did it cost it was all but one uk health club helping the environment on getting him to study to find out more on food fun and festivity also had we let go of the russian defeat to the assault she has to offer to those smoking ban. in fact
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the eye. a. it was going to the forty one for good pictures from the corner close to home city is still cheap compared to accommodate thousands of sports fans the beginning that will be coming for the game to coles was also plenty of other stuff does well in the city isn't it. q what are taking day thousands of kilometers from all causes of the day and not human psyche of the twenty fourteen winter games said when not watching this team hockey all state team. what else is a td. let the press of a wintry games and such she is a tropical coastline on the black sea beaches and parks along fine monuments and museums i like taking a bit of history and experience the lifestyle the bees front line to local shops. so read this even yell i'm enjoying the views of a back seat. that night
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the joke auntie shoes on because one day me and my son hates the bars and clubs come along. the ski resort is lying to the european hotels restaurants and shops. he's the one luxury hotel office by stock on the day she just stepped from the states. yes it was stunning mountain views design innings. and on site spine help i went to see the text that money can buy what they need to know fussing if the person in the photo above they wanted to know first two years. he was difficult to hook up when you feel warm and relaxing the finger took the can offer your gift. we have stayed a few not so sweet instead of the art equipment connection infrastructures i think for four steals it's just the perfect spot to choose stop busy with a twist of the restaurant looking to russian offering while law and from today. the site monday called dishes like box you don't hear his duty to
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go the same as the key is to do his duty and a bit of a way to come outside to pee pee in. they say in front well i think the inbox that we say. it was not. the nanny some restoration the spa treatment is a temptation for the east tn visiting the black sea resort to lying and is just the place rochelle fall on that inevitably get into a russian buying apple was also known as the russians the map the main salty and the world we would congregate to get to the wind to get to that thought why not give it a try traditional and bloodshed let's see if the brits is by me and is using. likely the week went into a tricky spot them by the experience is usually completed and a disposable pad stop on the journey to discover russian culture. when you
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first so why is a sense of the routine yet. incense for any meditation music in the background. a couple table teams in the mining town new belt actually letting out the hats seventy one to protect the heat from this intense heat of the song lulu to see some friends the aches pains and say some health tips about what the rush of buying a dance of the body from the aches pains gracie. i also had one more treatment to test out the top file. this will become one of the spring fair bit of the state into the nice one one two day events. no not that i find myself in the dying thoughts. but in this part will be nothing one can fit me. on wednesday. so let's see what's new. read more portion didn't exceed
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the recovery crazy or not sochi. on the twenty fourteen on its west is fleece lining. and why is it so special. as the russian resort prepares to welcome the world. however the team sheet the city's present and future. what an off site seo will bring you this is the bomb every part of the recall the snowy windy mountain and stopped yet beyond the olympics. one might say. rte. but more serious matters are under the cement with news headlines theme fiscal pressure to stay put. rather than critique it resulted in clashes with the least eleven people have been killed so far. almost daily demonstrations were posted by that decision the country's interim government to grab the button with a organization. the movement also called for more money said the next wednesday's resumption of trauma is
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comprised of mostly enjoyed the psychic bond. will people be killed and several inches of the police opened fire on textile workers in the pool peter rohde said that cambodia's capital of the reason they're on strike only full of doubling the minimum wage two hundred and sixty dollars a month the government doesn't even offer them a hundred. take some industries a key source of income from cambodia the voice of the self million people the rebels two thousand and reporting of the civilians know that as a civil complaint so far and there i am on film the country's capital juba that said made peace told to start seeds in ethiopia in the last twenty four hours and the hopeless by the buyer of abundance the united states is mealtime announced a reduction in its diplomatic mission because of lack of security there. clashes between government and rebel forces of so far leftover thousand and ten. weather update. he envisages of both the northeast us close to towns will collapse and it's also be blamed for nine pence to sixty centimeters of snow fell overnight in some areas jfk airport in new york
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remained closed hundreds of flights of the thames coast region as well. schools in new york new jersey and told steve to stay home for state of emergency was declared i'm deborah not escaping into west said though he and mike tice said. for hundreds of people to be evacuated from the homes in south wales to click. greco look like tides had the rate of powerful winds and caused flooding in seaside towns in the lying areas. the buyer of an agency that has also issued flood warnings many areas least emergency workers the front of the thousands have died to protect the teeth and protecting vulnerable. some people call the store elsa from the uk never this what customers that they had a health club beating the city of bristol west country managing to generate an itchy like training and it's not just think how great that in fact even the lights on. he's legally commit to this latest run country. the most any areas in doubt last count the cost of a slicing and this crystal gem on just
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putting calories and generating electricity at the same time. thanks to meet the new equipment. i heard the news that last time these are servants here. palin faced in the fray by using the fight. the anticipated this. graves the lights on health. this is my thing. it helps to keep the music playing. derry city said late on to the effect just one day cricket minute extra hasn't raced at this gym is pioneering it's an anti press the button yet. the keys in on this done enough the energy produced. i'm human based missions you've avoided. be an easier for jason as well say you can see when you what can i do what you're actually tiring. here i am trying to pala excuse me can. in light of my fitness levels. many managing to sound like he's not the best
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traditional antique this place is helping to save the environment and the signs at the gym is great in ca that is i have sent to the energy saving system this is the artists would support this is wet or iam stored energy from the machines anything that is not used to go back into the switchboard and beat the streets leading to the other machines and up to this is not santa. yet this is that this is the up and says what's that is my baby this day. to the gym and it is arms usually tend to beatings for the fuse box could be to deal with how much money saving hand are like us to seek bail. i am for example is that i as in panama. and with the new equipment has come and receive ninety five at fifteen and i'm a mom already safe routes to spot a significant saving the four gentlemen that is helping me to save energy and helps me keep my season the uk has been racing safe honest it's prompted national debate on
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how to keep us electricity supply is in tact. but thanks to the power of the people jason spotted source text have you had a custom is leaving the late news that might try this treadmill gathered a total blog stuff them into the tree will be open. then we wait for twenty years ago to say that it would be nice to see him and generates as the custom as her a happy bunch of women in our dependency on winning the next time. don't say anything thus far. so what to do this to really be his boykin itself it. you also doing the lead on just couldn't you put something back in. looks like tiny tough to find the funding fossil fuels has given a whole new meaning to exercising pala. played like an auntie still. the one who knows one of the floor of the infill online by don't come cover stories in my interest she supports of a handful of the defenders of women's rights in saudi
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arabia is going up the mileage they can excel so the first female wolf and the women who fly by. if it threatened the rest it wasn't a dead male domination kingdom is about to go home also to use scientists in the omnibus that it made a breakthrough and moving on to suggest the use of sound waves to the gulf within the fund is to be used to come from the effects of gravity. was actually use it for me kevin owen in just over thirty minutes on my next fill up the great legendary kings of this again falling out with a rebuke old ball completely. i knew the uh. the it's nice to get the latest release moisten it with the stitches for the two
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styles. nineteen sixty four the shinkansen bullet train was will's first place people it's technology that allowed these trains to run it up to two hundred and ten km run attracted attention worldwide she celebrates at the maximum speed of two hundred and seventy km making the one hundred and fifty kilo with the tiff between tokyo osaka and just two hours and twenty five should you frequency of these core speed trains also continues to increase. during the tour to russia no one train that leaves every two minutes. the news every two
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minutes thirty seconds. we strain to bottle some reputation for safety to believe tone in his tube and it was between zero cost to retell it unique japanese teachers to improve passenger comfort. you can see that sweet little treats the direction in which the stream became first to leave. to increase. various new technologies were developed to combat this the train passes through a tunnel. it pushes the call over there in front which makes a very loud noise when it emerges from the opening to reduce this effect should the trains moment such sweetness. this runs smoothly over long been streamlined
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it should say resistance by thirty percent significantly reducing the leaves the major source of noise is friction between we listened to. pulling we'll cover that will post the pics. when speed rail technology continues to make the stripes march two thousand and eleven. to do them and teaching dance. i have this state of the art technology allows this new train to operate at speeds of three hundred and twenty kilometers per hour. statistically teaching dancing. the ways this was achieved was to redesign the campgrounds. no
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pics. six in between. poland has always been a significant source of billings. she contends that simple. perhaps one to two dollars and three you say uses just two. one of the season. police told them just to keep the home the secret to the new design the prices on the lawn shaped like a canopy has pushed points ministry to retain constitutional context the single. i can only chew on a trip to town with kiwi juice and sensible. the air
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we saw the sign. we start making the passage of the train much point. i am liam has a resource for students to treat you the new blossom street on the trading tuesday. team spokesman point six. one of its extended itself is passages considered the greatest things. due to take the magnitude that he takes two tickets to a more practical study its critics i strained when he reported the maximum speed on a company to one kilo which is corrupt. tokyo the tenth. i mean safe. extremely focused
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the bond streets be drilled into it continues to lead. i did. when you will or will they will. aye aye. meets the eye. in the show. is ticking as the us secretary of state continues his negotiations in the middle east will get the latest from our correspondent in jerusalem. deadly turn of the struggle for the survival salary in cambodia police shoot dead actually striking gorman. the show. i gather outside the hospital to m


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