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tv   RT News  PBS  January 4, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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morning iraqi troops fired on tight to make mittens for the safety of the liturgy while another branch of the tatar is that what bush is a deadly strike in yemen we find out what is the proof of this to be thriving despite being hounded by governments around the world. try to understand how the group's been able to carry out large scale devastating attacks in the one memory that right here. trying to wind up like that again. this view what's truly understands what's
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going on in this country also loving too much a hero in the face of terror she was so grateful she didn't even drop the dough was talking to all who saw it on tv in a statement the youngest victims of the recent bombings and vocal crowd the russian city remains on high alert wash institute egyptian police and supporters of the muslim brotherhood linked seventeen dead as the islamist movement about the boycott of the upcoming referendum on a new constitution the am. now what should you not to wear red light. the company our top story this morning was just mentioned. iraqi security forces say that killed fifty five all kind of fun tuesday the city of the meantime find it continues for the nearby city
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for nugent say the three it was occupied by melancholy it in the group that dictate an islamic state. then on friday even though the almond eyes to kill a militant commander regretting them regain control of several districts the main part of the new jew is still in the hands of extremists. the jihadist guns comes off the days of fierce battles in the region between the al qaeda backed sunni rebels travel issues on the on the ground hundred people been killed in inflation so far that the civilians of it not been for the campaign grouto form policy told this the steps of the government paved the way from qaeda's success. but it does and doesn't establish itself be a functioning democracies where there's a broad social consensus that steve is legitimate is down but this isn't in countries where there's a breakdown of central government authority and conditions of us to war with a large part of the population sees the government as illegitimate. it can
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afghanistan is the start of this union and uses it in and somalia. so interesting in iraq you know the degree is part of the reason that china has bases in iraq is because a large part of the sunni arab population sees the maliki government as discriminatory towards the sunni turnout others such as toorak or al qaeda still managed to challenge the government in yemen that enters into waging a full scale guerrilla war for sixteen years that despite intense efforts to begin that assassinations bombings and attacks them and if the target to become an everyday reality for the population that up to his calf no next of sin why al qaeda that is flourishing despite all the continent bone chilling video the man driving his suv is on a mission to kill. the truck and carol's into an army base and then his child while province a sickening act of terror was captured on film
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mom bought a bottle of wine more than fifty soldiers during the day. plato went beyond simply claiming responsibility. it released this video showing computer generated maps preparation for the attack an interview with a bomb or even included english subtitles. now finally there is then shown tiny group of captured soldiers. unknown to you and the americans are in the same trench. the american drones are in the sky. i'm due on the ground. in the arabian peninsula was formed in two thousand and nine. ringo week stay in toronto meeting ground for some of the most high profile plans to attack the united states. in response us that the number on each of the us hellfire missiles at the shamu attack with the older group that still both organized and deadly. the problem with drones critics say is that they don't just kill terrorists. aaron strike reportedly hit a wedding party in the central city of
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ryde on tribal leaders from the airy nc mistakes like that help boost al qaeda ranks. dunedin the end of the doubt and other times initially unite to defend against al qaeda and the muscles of drone strikes with killing innocent people just push to try to sympathize with the mountains and support them correctly the trials of extremist groups here in yemen is also related to the country's scarce resources water. being a perfect example. now some parts of yemen. they've been able to come and improve the infrastructure as well as result of disputes over water but during the function of the states in the state's absence . the take the advantage of the chaos following the overthrow of yemen's president ali until a silent plea deal was able to seize large swaths of land in twenty eleven under the name honors are all surely the rebranded oakley offshoot for more than just done is aiming to win over locals with basic services it is propaganda video that
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will be shown its true meaning of power in the long neglected beyond province although western efforts to crack down on traditional funding sources have been successful the hygienist and turned to a different lucrative trade. over the last two years out friday in the arabian peninsula has started some twenty million dollars worth of ransom money according to some estimates kidnapping has become the group's single largest source of funds. foreigners can bring in multimillion dollar branson's in a country where nearly half the population lives below the poverty line. twenty million bucks can go on very long way. putin cousin is getting married you. and sometimes one hundred of the day off a few hundred of the davos a mum. this is smaller than what the indiana job can provide training in the new citizen has the benefit of business and do not necessarily because they believe in the high dimensional and objectives of the biggest of these groups
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of justice. a business. and how great a campaign for hearts and minds the sound goes on. but experts warn it's in danger as tactical shift. it appears that they have stopped. focusing on trying to attack united states and the west. they're focusing on building the presence in yemen. and the astonishing. that amounts to local communities so that when the us and the yemeni government after time to come the common good to them. or it isn't so awful i owe the government offensive eventually dislodge on some chilean from seized lands that doesn't mean the group is on the rhine. this man spent years as a recruiter agreed to speak to me on camera without hiding his identity. in fact he now works as an accountant for the government. the menu joined us willingly because
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they were looking for freedom justice and the abdication of cereal in it they saw the outside syria for natural wellness is a myth that the yemeni jail. maureen future the present is any indication. the group stage and breezy top defence ministry heart in yemen's capital at fifty six people dead more than a hundred sixty wounded. it's a bloody reminder that violence remains a key weapon against arsenal. reporting in yemen for our team and he says photo credit remains online and off to the two suicide police to stop the russian city a week ago. funerals for the victims continue meantime and some of the sixteen were injured in folsom and thrown into moscow. one of them a nine year old pill was cold in the first class. it was just an everyday for unity and other threats main train station. the seventy s always
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change. i couldn't summon the closest of which there was a loud clap. the force of it was so strong that it smashed the windows and doors of a what the truth. i got up and rushed in to help people it was the first of two explosions that rocked this it's tuesdays before the new year. the glass at the station was set up by a suicide bomber. when we are not adhering to the entrance campus includes the solution to this post as soon as i do until then i noticed a man and a girl. i ran towards the girl asked her whether she could breathe. she was losing consciousness. i picked her up and carried out of the stations of the eu the scene and nine year old all got falling and i are riding trains to faint. she was there with her family to return train tickets as they decided to travel by plane means that i can do is go motives. she was still great she didn't even cry or i was talking to her all the time she kept saying that she wanted to sleep but she was just losing consciousness and i was telling her just don't sleep on it don't sleep
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there was tiny and more investment to please some time to claim ambulance quicker. that's the political sport or i rushed to the ambulances that they told me the only tea grown ups and that i have to wait for the children's emergency to arrive. i apologize now but that time i broke down. i started yelling and swearing and finally the toll currently addicted to assist transportation was possible the youngest victims of the vodka right terry tax which in the fridge here the skeletons cleaning hospital in moscow and currently doctors are baffling to see if their nights. dr see the girl has damage to her lungs her mother is with her at the hospital and her condition as the film that cvs. the free shot of what happened the day. all this period starting to look for dear daughter's rescue. he even posted a call for help on a social network. please help us identify the man who
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carried our boy to go to the train station after the bombing of december twenty nine twenty two eighteen. he told her not to fall asleep. they don't remember his name has been asking about him for two days straight. we really want to tell u think u. to produce goods that meant that we will meet again. definitely i will wait for her recovery and will keep in touch stuff. i didn't push the haaretz he must go. meet online the tragic events will grow to more survival stories to live online from the stupidity of story to the younger the team's only three months old. to most of my buddies who lost a grandmother to the trolley bus that i can find out what saved her life. i don t go oh and thanks to win this news continues just millwood of the break with how the key ingredient of those winter games is being prepared for the soul tune in next the eye around afternoon light to
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the program blue shield those with mitchell rather than what they said no let up fornt either the eye. i do. he gazed at the lake. when that problem was that. we all sang night at the traffic light thingy. it really helped me to do with them. what are these. you know. your aunties
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today. however research . due to the seventeen people being killed more than fifty wounded in the nationwide with a rope attached to the police and was the brother that opens up the spell true. but these days passes that brought the nation came off the supporters of muhammad north sea crude for protests in the lead up to a referendum on egypt's new constitution on the fourteenth and eighteenth january and in this and the other hand in the support isn't that what the anti kerry ninety days. he's a cool mom and mostly on boycotting this referendum is easy the constitution is
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anxiousness and they are taking the demonstrations as they carry three nineteen fourteen the eighteenth of january. it is very much bracing itself for more finance house of authority being shot dead today in the human in that series analysts say i cry every time sonic sundry a number of protest isn't with the students have been killed she was here he sits out very much in the vanguard of the current hosting the next day detentions in the killings is barking in the midst of getting fatter people are very angry with him is about as well a very angry because the government's housing force in ukrainian go at the protest two weeks these demonstrations house to get permission from police before they can get ahead. in addition is asking a kid on christmas day when the authorities decided to take landon is about a organization. anyone here helps them isn't motherhood in and watches or even constitute acts of causing them to get find a jail sentences. organizers of these demonstrations could face execution. and on the streets and on the haunted suppose
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the mohamad nor seek healing is going to try on the eighth of january. this is another evidence on the right thing and during these protests is on the streets and making each is quite abundant of place. the lady with a second season recommend and endorse eight at the trial horizon we expect this to get plants in the coming days. award winning freelance journalist north a few miles beneath the chips in them for a prolonged period of islands too. i really desire be the tivo. it is gone. though we grow. and they fell to his very own. meanwhile the other side of the most devoted supporters are able to get off the one sitting the tiara she is that pre date
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the second of the role of opposition to teach it to the people who do. both into gaza. in office. on saturday this is the only inhabitant our government has the museum has been increasingly from the zeppelin will go well with it. the event will be back with the nazis. today those levels last fall. they have a mountainside. over a website that is impressive but moms to taunt the storm force wind. four ounces so he go home and going on with us to have some pictures from a woman with severe storm hit the island and he is also the two ic idea that ship sent to rescue the imps but investment on topics from wolves. it comes as welcome as foreman said and track the track it's a very minimal progress about to go well stadiums hotels recreation zone for what it will come from some athletes the southern russian city so
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keep that going for new pics and if there's one thing missing. because none of us is good about that with all know that's not of it is no reason to be worried to hear refundable. i think is tenants facing thought she'd open eyes and making sure that plenty of the one thing the games hunting without saying. the new draws up with the alpine resort to reaches up to the five thousand feet making it one of the big is this the mountains in the world. concerns about a snare definitely twelve race aptitude test events in sight yet to be canceled last entry becoz still wasn't enough yet reading the full speedo freezing but said the ninety fifth top six million cubic feet of snow had been stolen and europe's biggest name a consistent even play. when the station is make sure the other night the midwest they going to have to act as mother nature themselves
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acknowledged a foe of the field of play almost done so it's more than one meter of the snoring on the slopes so this this is the main is the main cause. the full depth and full use of technology that the news to ensure all night. as soon a vault has been stalling state owned land down under special blanket keeping it from the frosting the effects of snake and is expected among the slaves. use water from mountain lakes to make the official said the kindest a salt is also being used as a teenager. my aim is to stand now. i was fine in the mounting deficits he sometimes will get this name floating at the highest peaks transported onto the slaves way to get an acceptance. it is still snowing. of cos technology is also being utilized by the compact it is going for gold. we had to chose. i'm in charge of ski lubricants including solid and liquid one. we're basically trying
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to figure out which lubricants would provide the maximum acceleration in this auction snowing so then later we could share our findings with the services that are supposed to prepare the equipment russians the athletes the limit the easiest estimates will be made to maximize performance initially taken to the exact needs. the russian team uses e specifically defined and shaped the copy machine around twenty two and what that meant. what a time the inside and to wait. to the west to the soul of the flight also banned in pakistan. we even got naked like this on hand to tell what we see nothing but go through the process of getting into a knot the final state of the state with a tacky what things when you think likes as well as high tide and all you really have the gene is this not what this does is add the cutlets the holes that out on the board and once those
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holes. i covered with wax you then slides. the hottie and favorite is the kind of like finding out the snail board added this is done for performance twice when you are out on the status. even in the process. with a little bit of code. every country has a steeper than made up of the exodus to help the athletes fun at the highest level. yes it's top secret spot too technical for the likes of me. stunted as of the trip made at this may the official snow dots seem different in texture and the nineteen tens the performance the difference is minimal but then again i'm not trying to win a medal. none of the dodo around that the problem on fog then fine wound in her element the meantime the enemy to fight for getting a high
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profile look over to president putin tested this leads to hit the slopes together with a private estate to meet him and that the president take the ice talking to one side. think positive for the not to question the stuff i used to call the dentist. the great even more was said. he says he's going to school for its many guests here on out. so if she was the twenty fourteen olympics. what's this please lar. and why is it so special. as the russian resort prepares to welcome the world's power the kitchen shaking the city's present and future. what an all star team will bring you this is the bomb every part of the recall the saudi wing of the mountain and stopped yet beyond the olympics. one might say. rte. news of the day no one is serious not just opposition groups is retreat once again it will
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take up to the pond to be the two peas come for the states in the national council planned that manga mom to this ad just add that hasn't been fulfilled. final decision about whether the opposition in each of the formal type of comfort so it will be decided in istanbul on sunday. syrian didn't want to miss them alot to tell me he thinks my position to fit the good news the less appalled if she needed to take place. we need to give the opposition has not completely independent of the opposition forces that actions are not competing and in some of the end of the npt by the governments in the teen who actually supported him from day one and if they are sick and governments and everything and do not want this geneva and then proceeds to be successful one game. you know they will push forward and the opposition figures to withdrawal. then you have to stay in the shul the opposition beginners creepy feeling that all being fearful of losing. the earth
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being represented so that they feel that the goals of the media gone so far in promising them all sorts of time and the duties in unity government is going forward in between. an ideal weekend shakedown cruise. none of this sort of democracy in islam. these will be with you then the only people who have to say whatever. it's small fraction of people still believe in them critically. there was a you know you're not good enough and off you go up so that probably define for themselves here. more news in brief and fourteen people been killed in the south they can go up. and the collapse of the building was under construction that dozens of feet up in the troubled authorities say at least fourteen people told to be on the site of the time of the incident the problems confronting that today's attack on a minute the convoy in kabul to promote equal to that and
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just dial is often said to sicily to the joint afghan made to place this that one soldier and six and said that the last week tell about militants launched a suicide that i couldn't make them that the convoy in the afghan capital of ten that killed three soldiers. opposition activists bangladesh and torched dozens of polling stations and clashed with police ahead of sunday's parliamentary elections three people are now reportedly killed a member asked us to say the polls for the greek myth among the new crew can think of it this way can include the state of crisis but the government refused to drink the opposition called for a boycott of elections and as promised more round. russian fishing trawlers been seized by seven goals may be off the coast of guinea peace out one person was reportedly injured when the vessel was boarded cynical ease officials said the was detained for illegal fishing of the chip which has nothing to school to the seminoles capital dhaka as a crew sixty two russians and twenty others from getting to sow
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it's a dog's life is a major police killed because when the services of the most animals mainly that officials of all the features and an older that's why that one uk force has decided to pay pension but they were tied for making agents. an initiative that promotes a meal the night is out the center for. i bought they might be man's best friend that the rules say an expense that he simply takes my mouth and at that time in the uk and one police officer decided that that pretty stoked to be awarded pensions when they retire. under the plan is nothing in shipley still to receive that call sent out to fight hundred pounds again the factory is often the thing that holds around twenty six films currently in so this morning that i do add tofu of the preschools for six to seven years when they responded. the statement that don't come close to
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the police officer who left alone. also the family and the crucial phase of his old expenses. an anonymous comment or e fine tuned to the police office with the scum that paid the price for the trees. at the time when cuts to seven states that the police offices of supply. the taxpayer funded scheme has been receiving mixed responses. it is a strange one and an on site but your think it probably does look a bit don't you know in these times when the body. everything is being cut back in the service it just seems a bit strange that these forces pain about this amount of money for films bring to a very special functions. they're pretty important when it comes to searching the cream for when it comes to order offence that's very important in the applicant's trumps. i'm actually what i am the greatest. the feature races that there are very visible form of racing and the. reading i like seeing the sources on horses like seeing the stones to tour with the weighty important
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than in tabletop out that each single practice the acetate that defended the scheme say this is right and prop back to the heart like that that the east coast is acknowledged in his second save in the uk is a nation that i will add this to some content from the last in the scheme saying it to a wall of dogs pension assets the tape is quite thin trade mil is coming. documents arafat on three london. wolf wolf. next onto the national gold mining giant comes up against going to resistance from villages in guatemala if you are what status in the uk that if a program few empty of stuff going on to grab the few times they are staying at my twitter buddies decide is becoming more racially divided two great programs lined up in the eye
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i am an old school kind of guy i like tradition and heritage and all that stuff well the past is that there's a lot that we can learn from our ancestors however while that we don't need from them are debtors prisons which according to a fox news reports are somehow on the rise in united states in the twenty first century the aclu and the brennan center for justice claimed that the local courts have been sending individuals with unpaid fines and fees jail which the courts may not even realize it is illegal. these courts are lacking of people with fines that have exploded in size due to interest impose additional now head for the representation they had won the award for which i always thought was supposed to be free. but worst of all some are still in prison for fees they occurred while being in prison like having the audacity to use toilet paper pay the tax payer money down the toilet. the kicker to this all is that drawing people in prison for their debts costs more than that gets the prisoners have to pay off. that's right that
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local governments to lose money doing this. someone please refer to founding fathers america is plenty of time if you are worried about this comeback of debtors prison for using those rednecks deserve it. let me ask you something. how's it going with paying off all your loans and bills for your sake you don't miss a payment of cash just my opinion in the room. he said. six. i know. back then. come back at the offer. watching. why are
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all out. will. every year you would when will you will. and eye. the anaheim. bonds i'll send out a boring party in pieces on ethiopia and did two and three weeks the conflict. a severe snowstorm causes chaos in the northeastern united states. and that was cut short before it kills the job it was. to


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