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tv   Journal  PBS  January 5, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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you will. it is you. the well well here. here's a look. at least eighteen people killed across the verse. with al qaeda fighters gaining ground against government troops in western trough the data transfer. and forcing teams
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to play on tuesday the one that suffers. this led to an astonishing seventy four the eye. eighteen people have been killed in election related violence. obama backs protesters fire bombed more than one hundred polling stations as bangladesh's main opposition party boycotted the vote calling it a farce they've now announced a forty eight hour general strike starting monday morning to demand that the results be avoided soldiers being deployed to provide security the widespread violence still not the elections. anti government activists use all possible means to talk to stop the polls from going ahead. in this district north of dhaka ballot boxes were destroyed and got access to lines. many polling stations never even opened. i got a laugh. i was in the middle of
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the route. a bone when sophie in front of me injuring my list link. i still can't hear properly. many people stayed home on polling day cream a women being intimidated by the surge in violence in recent weeks. nineteen in december. one of the main reasons for the boycott was a twenty eleven decision by becoming alarmingly to scrap the practice of having a caretaker administration and to see elections. i knew the opposition bnp and its approaches. they also accuse the election commission of ireland to do its job. this is totally done the absolute is eyeing this is love but never got out of mind. it's the opposite of the border to build on. so the big top is totally not acceptable results are expected on monday. but the boy caught means the result is a full grown completion. another ten to the law meaning the prime minister shaikh casino. so
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what's behind this buildup of tension ahead of the poll. we spoke earlier to ground will concede of the south asia expert he gave us his analysis of last year's development and on the bench well the twenty thirteen is in the west wave of violence in bangladesh for many years of a five hundred people are believed to have lost their lives. i'm on the one hand it started. it kicked off early in the year when liberty and liberty minded dog has triggered a violent response from islamists with what islam is regarded as blasphemous comments about islam and the second wave of violence cake tin shortly off to that. in response to the deliberations of the so called international war crimes tribunals set up in twenty ten to try people accused of war crimes. back in nineteen seventy one when bangladesh fought for independence from pakistan and this trial is in the view of western human rights organizations deeply flawed and does not meet international standards and
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most of the accused are right that is then it's all members of the main opposition party bnp and stiff sentences handed down including the death sentence the trigger ongoing violence in the streets of the country hubby's relatives back home on things that much. a spate of bomb attacks in the iraqi capital baghdad has killed at least nineteen people and wounded dozens more. at least four separate lines occurred on sunday in different parts of the city. all were shiite areas. officials have blamed the attacks on sunni militants. they've been fighting iraqi security forces and allied tribes in the western cities of falluja and the money. washington has pledged support to back down but as will now send our troops on the clowns. iraqi officials say they're currently planning a major attack to retake the cities of collusion and parts of money. it is only to find internet video in a tv series
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al qaeda linked sunni and the city of sydney to them and save it said several government vehicle was the night. in the background don't find it. twenty years or so the raging in the nearby city of ramadi iraq the ami is carrying out an strikes and ground assaults to try to push them to turn back. this notice is that when the sentiment of interstate day. it's unclear who control was reminded that the men intent on making advances in western iraq the sunni populations and give it the country's mainly shiite government has tasted the menace and support the government is confident that it was seen reassert control of the region. a lovely on me and my ctc she will be resulted in one or two days. once we'd still be on grapes on top of him and walk. iraqi army is said to be planning a night stay in
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the census. this footage days and andrei don't actually allegedly controlled by men distance. so it is that going around to the gym and there are reports that they've urged residents to leave the united nations report released last month found out the authorities have neglected to prosecute those who commit crimes against women. this despite laws for the belmont oaks for four years protecting women against forced marriages domestic violence and . but as many afghan women are finding the walls are useless if they're not enforced many women simply don't supply of others. the riot mains in afghanistan's hospitals likes it on a dvd in december the culprit was her own husbands. and like all the survivors of domestic abuse here. she will be stigmatized the line domestic abuse and sexual violence exists the world of a boss a recent surge in attacks against women in afghanistan has choked
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expense. b the program is the bush. the dt of the violence against women was was really shocking to see it and could be the cutting off the nose and lips off of torment and crew team can from my state. human rights activists say that while violence against women existed both before and during the war the withdrawal of western troops is creating a dangerous power vacuum in there and since no one has the will to implement rules protecting women making them worthless the snakes. on high he said. ya it's an easy pace well by us. don't try to do that. it is no punishment when zach says to the justice system is still severely limited and some opal for a desperate last resort to escape abuse cases of self inhalation have
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spiked recently indicating the sorry state of women's rights in afghanistan. us secretary of state john kerry is urging israeli and palestinian leaders to compromise in the search for peace one day for mr to the middle east. kerry met with leaders in jordan and saudi arabia before returning to jerusalem. there he conceded there is a chance this mission could fail. but he refused to name the remaining stumbling blocks at the talks. when you lay oh one particular example or another except to say de that the path is becoming clearer. the puzzle is becoming more defined. and it is becoming much more apparent to everybody. what the remaining top choices are and oh no what the options are with respect to those choices also in israel as many as thirty thousand african migrants turned out for a peaceful demonstration
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and tell of. men even enter the country illegally and are protesting israel's refusal to give them refugee status as well as the detention of hundreds of asylum seekers legislation passed last month allows israeli authorities detain illegal immigrants entering the country for up to a year without trial. here's more many families connected essential tool of the three israel's migrant protests some estimates a one in three of unauthorized immigrants in israel showed up. many are from every trader ethiopia and sudan their protest was peaceful but spirited. it was a government rethink things. it doesn't then you know what is funny but it was the reason that i needed to step outside to read but when a famine of one point. israel should respect migrants human rights he added. this protest comes in response to a new law detaining some migrants
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indefinitely. benjamin netanyahu's government says large numbers of african immigrants are a threat to israel's social fabric. since two thousand six about fifty thousand have made it to israel. most trekking across the sinai desert. stop the flow of immigrants the government has stepped up border security. it is build a wall that stretches hundreds of kilometers across the sinai. it was completed last year and so far it has reduced the number of arrivals. discourse now and soccer fans are hit with some tough news today that one of the sport's greatest legends in cabo has died at the age of seventy one. nicknamed the black panther ears and tail is one the world's top strikers during the nineteen sixties and seventies. among his plans was helping portugal take third place in nineteen sixty six world cup here's a look at some of his defining moment. the city
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agency or the ferry road was one of the mines produced a ghost stories in history. his smile and some updates will be remanded for a long time he hoped his team then think it is going to win the national championships ten times in the nineteen sixties and seventies you may know what days we can pay to ronaldo and you know missy bank of the noble that school was a bad use a b o and kailey let me use a b o is still the best. the city and scored forty one dollars and sixty four games before to go. he was the nineteen sixty five european footballer of the yet. and yet in a chair in nineteen sixty six his nine dollars helpful to those who finished third in the world cup in england. in mitigation my generation during the sixties soccer was really late from the hearts and it was that weightless of the wo. today soccer is nothing but a commercial enterprise
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they're awesome good players but essentially the show is a business so what's the point of sale. many portuguese man such as former wing and every speaker and striker cristiano renowned then reacted by a trip to granada telling him rest in peace. he can quote his death a great loss to everyone while the one displayed as deadliest strike as well i love and honesty is leaving the lessons are meant for arch rival by a munich his five year contract was signed after he passed a medical check in munich on saturday. he will join the merry now at the end the season. he currently co leads the one displayed in scoring with eleven goals in seventeen games. millie is adding to concerns about fire and growing dominance in german soccer. the world famous dakar rally now held in south america and got underway today when state line snaking from rosario to
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sound the least in argentina on the radio was fastest in the bike section while carlos says that means the car standings. last year's winner stefan is the handset was among the fastest finishers in the mini designed by germany's stefan not take a look the customized media celebrated their first success in the run up to the famous rally. the cars developed and built by spain from company x rayed but now receive bmw is officially supports dozens of concern here for being recognized is of course a triumphant we fought for it long enough miley by the mossad and if iggy pop is always a way to achieve something. if you have the stamina because ginny to the desert again in the nineteen nineties when spins of the havoc on skull and bmw. at that time span was on the bulletin that reproduce of us up and was also a regular drive there in the dakar rally. in two thousand and one hispanic
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sons had the idea that was to change his life he says about modifying bmw models to fit them for the race. os detainees of development stefan gates on sale won the rally twice in the midi the cia the cars biggest brain tease the buggy which has one hundred more holes now on. and it isn't the most potential but both have advantages to have a good chance of winning. it's now the question is whether the striptease. this is a sense of biodiesel all terrain vehicles. now and knowing thousand km long jewel of a completely new terrain will determine with the state run success story continues. and drivers in new york city got quite a surprise this weekend after a small plane landed on a busy expressway. the pilot and another out to connecticut when he was forced to land after experiencing engine problems. emergency crews were quick to bring the situation under control neither the climate nor his
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two passengers were badly hurt. but traffic was snarled in all directions for hours that's all for the journal the next day at the top of the hour we decided to get into watching. the air. and me and as usual. usually i realize because he gets a real tough because there's no rushing about. everyone writes that the team on their income in the meantime. i know all the great is the reason their names the us. to study in germany and you still have lots of
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questions. you'll find all you need to know about studying in germany here. dw dawn to study in germany the first port of call for anyone interested in studying in germany. such. the week began with news that sporting legend john schumacher was in a critical condition in a french hospital after a skiing accident. the seven time formula one champion was in innings his coma with severe head injuries a day earlier schumacher had been skiing with his son in the french alps result of maryville seen kieran file footage. schumacher was skiing golf pieced in deep snow if we fail and keep his head on a roll. he was wearing a helmet but that wasn't enough to fully protect him from the impact
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delta said he had suffered severe brain trauma. it is one book going at first he was conscious but he couldn't answer questions get uncontrolled reactions and was unresponsive. the main entries to the right side of the scale. ethan and his will known. there was a massive al pouring of support from friends of friends and colleagues will which is also a gathered outside the hospital in grenoble later in the week on she met his forty fifth birthday friends held a silent vigil for their heroes. a suicide bombing brought the russian city of boca grande early monday morning. at least eighteen people were killed and as a seventeen mo injured when a suicide bomber blew up a crowded house. it was the second such attack in boca grande within twenty four hours. russian authorities believe is the mist medicines from the north caucasus are
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responsible. minutes into the distance out to disrupt the winton in peaks and salty with maximum force. late in the league russian president that a man putin visited poltergeist. he met with some binders of the attacks goals to lead the cool part is to discuss security measures new this is the new ruthlessness of the crimes committed here and vocal crowd. it needs no additional comment. whatever the motives of the criminals are there is no excusing crimes against civilians especially women and children. q would you do is use to be speaking in the region promise to our investigation and define terrorism and ten it is completely wiped out. russian police arrested as the seven hundred people in the first week of investigations. in the greek capital athens on the lingam and find dozens of rounds at the residence of the german ambassador by witnesses say full quoted named finalists in antique weapons that the house the ambassador and his family when all seems it's so fun that group has taken
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responsibility for the attack in the democratic republic of congo security forces repelled coordinated attacks on the airport in kinshasa the state ten division headquarters to the ministry based open seventy attackers were reported killed in the cold to be followers of the pasta who opposes the country's president in a head of. the on tuesday people around the world celebrated new year's eve. as always australians were among the first to rename the new year. cp wilkins twenty fourteen with a massive fireworks display over the city's problem. although chinese new year is two weeks off millions of chinese to leave the rest of the wo celebrations. i love that would you explain to the team. i graduated from school and have a job which
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was the fed stepped in my life. in twenty fourteen i wanted and to be grateful content and happy. come on now. in germany policy gill is crowded into the capital we'll even puts on one of the world's biggest opening of the seas around the city's historic brandenburg gate and the medial the traditional sparkling crystal hold talks with the times square around a billion people saying oh please sign in freezing temperatures the folks struck midnight. one of the adjournment on sunday the medical made out to a political agenda for the coming year and a traditional new year's address. it also called on everyone in gemini to pull together to get involved. if he isn't going as i love to do to make any strong for the future. my approach is into getting our finances in
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order before we pass them onto the next generation successfully transitioning our energy policy and maintaining include working and social climate in our country. especially because the society is getting older and morgan says. it's what you think the camera palestinians celebrated its twenty six prisoners released by israel arrived early on tuesday in in the west bank palestinian president mahmoud abbas welcomed them and made a promise. i hope we will not sign a final peace deal with israel until all the prisoners are released the boat near. the piece tool to reply if the sum of money us secretary of state john kerry the seats sold. kerry is due in jerusalem for more cool slice or in the week to press but signs to agree on a framework peace deal. boss a major sticking point remains
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israel's plans to build more funds. the setlist in the west bank and in east jerusalem a on the first and twenty fourteen ninety and became the eighteenth country to join the eurozone. his prime minister vowed this number of skaters was the fast with a lot of friends tenure and then from a nasty an atm. twenty fourteen is a really historic year for that. when we take the next important step in our development becoming an eighteen member of the eurozone. it's a path that started probably ten years ago when the kid join the eu. european leaders and video messages to congratulate the cia. but many napkins away every opinion condensate and angry about the fees austerity measures that government imposed in response to the debt crisis of two thousand and eight. and in order to qualify to join the euro. financial experts however remain optimistic full cost aggressive of a full percent this year. i
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call a rather it was already celebrating at the start of the new year he was the second countdown. did i say in when the first legal sale of recreational marijuana took place. but it is legal and policy in a referendum in november two thousand and twelve colorado's like many other states had already legalized medical marijuana. corus has and is designed to twenty one now no longer require a prescription just cash and a photo id. bought marijuana may still be legal and the us federal will take lauren forces would prosecute people for buying or selling its bottles authorities in washington d c still cool. in india the parents of a gal who was sent on fire after being gang raped them on to the death sentence for mckenna's. patel was allegedly gang raped twice by the same six men in oct the second grade is believed to be in an act of revenge cost to the del recorded to frustrate to the police
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hospital officials said the bill the senate twelve years old. i was pregnant when she dined. six men have been arrested. a new step in the eu integration stood up to base among german politicians. as of january first romanians and bulgarians money in to germany without first securing work permits conservatives have the new laws harshest critics. they say the new arrivals will be costly to taxpayers and lead to social problems. these include a patient on we want all to the european framework we've been given the national basis and to prevent upheaval and to prevent the creation of problem neighborhoods. we germans aren't the social problem solvers of your seat at it but it would extract a little pups. social democrats say that's populist sentiments which will damage the eu. this is whipping up fear we experience this nineteen eighty six when spain and portugal joined
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the eu and in two thousand for when it expanded into eastern europe. both times we were told that a lot of africa migration both times it didn't happen by the smile is the state pension dispute the chancellor rhee in the lean said it will form a committee to look in to help cases of abuse can be avoided rescue came by and for the fifty two passengers of the research ship that is being stranded in ice in the antarctic and nine days the chinese had a call to make several trips transporting up to twelve passengers pass the time to a nearby australian ice breaker the research as tourists and journalists on board when headed home on christmas eve and abhisit traps then ship in antarctic ice. despite being trapped passengers and crew cabs in good spirits posting videos of their attention online. a guy i bought the fifty two rescued
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passengers. it will be another two weeks at sea until they reach port in tasmania. the near our government treats for the respectful control of the two major cities for militants linked to al qaeda the iraqi army launched its strikes on rebel positions in fallujah. they and the nearby room on the islamists have taken control of the several districts. fighting broke out on monday when the army ended an anti government protest in ramadi. after weeks of fighting in south sudan the first round of peace talks got underway on friday delegations from both warring parties. next in neighboring ethiopia. despite that olds fighting in south saddam continued unabated the struggle for power between south sudan's president slovakia and is full of vice president of repression has divided the wells youngest nation more than one thousand
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people have died since fighting broke out to meet december. hundreds of thousands have fled their homes. at least three people were killed in the cambodian capital phnom penh when anti government demonstrations turned violent on friday authorities say protest is through painful bones of the police. he responded by opening fire on the crown the protest is a demanding higher wages. the garments with his. we grow our baby and then the violence. thus the falls under. the as such evidence of the current government. a friend used. so weeks no mini dome and lucas of the known strike. they earn only sixty euros per month and want to see that doubles. many major us and european fashion labels has manufacturing facilities in
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cambodia and finally on friday the northeastern united states was hit by a visit. the trumped up to a halt on the tour of snow in some areas. several states including new york declared a state of emergency. thousands of flights had to be canceled for today. and that concludes our review of the week's news why didn't they. i know my kids during the assessment of the salt problem is holding its not my thing. unless something that is designed to prevent me from now. with it
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six season. says. cancer korean star iraq. specialist utilize the political economic social and cultural issues of korean society
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korea us relations is the most important relations we leave any country sunday at twelve pm. you knew when we were living will. the eye makes the picture. this makes her so. second of august but given the sun on it again


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