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tv   Arirang News  PBS  January 6, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PST

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yours. the is the blinds in the first news conference of her presidency president ra l lines or policy goals for twenty fourteen promising to inject fresh vitality into the economy and seek new framework of dialogue with north korea shuffling foreign minister yoon young stayer rinds in washington to courtney policies in north east asia after tensions are running high over territorial disputes rising nationalism and north korea's weapons programs the heels of a massive snowstorm in the western united states race is brett white lightning
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cold wave that it's worth texas and temperatures plummeting to the lowest in twenty years. the stars and more next month. apartheid era sets might think enduring sick here in korea what it's all i need to pay them some limping so much for joining us. we begin with present its new year's press conference on monday morning which not only held significant weight since it was her first since taking office last year but also because it offered unprecedented openness into the new stations major policy goals of joining us now in the studio or items presidential office correspondence was in jail and dr congo professor of law at university of foreign studies while concert program
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but today let's start with you and give us a rundown oppressive typing hands in the key policy goals for twenty four three while revitalizing the economy and laying the foundation for peaceful reunification will be the key focus of president pack in the year two thousand fourteen entering the new year's press conference which lasted for more than eighty minutes he got the impression that she really is putting greater emphasis on economic or plot line station s the word economy less use than those twenty four times to be exact. history shows us for economic revival i station will be based on it to read your free hand which was unveiled by president park today. toyota a meaning out of me. but it's a total jacuzzi total. we come to a leak somewhere. take the ugly hand. come to a cut scene. it is doable. the system going to look good on top. new books to give a care package the president wants to
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normalize abnormal practices in society and set up the structure first round economy starting with reforms and the sector. they continue apace for creative economy she also failed to create an economy that analysis domestic demand and exports by supporting s enemies and fostering the five major service industries sectors of health education course and finance software. so professor von can you explain to realize the magnitude of what was about to strike today she's trying to implement reforms that many people it said were impossible and she's also trying to create a paradigm shift in the korean economy also something that many people might say isn't possible. are we on the verge of a major change in korea. i think for so bush is set up on the villa sixty patients she said explicitly that she offered goal is to achieve protected can kill thirty thousand dollars bike and overturn to do the math korea economy will have to a seven point two percent year to
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beach to cool korean never really had that haiku even going to truly haiku few years so i think for whatever reason for economic incentive put in a wheel on the listing them for one the other hand i couldn't believe she actually can go up or dishes that two huge contrast to the cook to two peas and i do agree completely that koreans to change and is the innovation and exquisite creative economy and others like a book that demanded a lot of people just can't find jobs and small and medium businesses have fun costume is when the other hand if you actually look a program substantively will they actually improve innovation will they actually spur domestic growth. i just was not convinced. the present i also spend at least huge amount of time in north korea and korean belief is can you elaborate on why she said guess what the two koreas having been divided for nearly seventy years now. but stressed that and now is the time to prepare for a re unified korea in order to break away from the threats of war and nuclear weapons
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she also prefers floating around are free unions for families separated by the korean war. around the lunar new year holiday which falls in the last week of january. the twentieth minute set. the new kenyan they study locally. utilizing the senate until he stumbled at the top she saw. mommy can tell that she read this the total pay to keep a handgun. i need you come back we'll have a little. then today i will tell. number one gazillion taking a test me on that. now foreign press conference the south korean care for men especially for password level red cross talks between the two koreas have pictures though i just hung lunge on this coming friday. so ginger from present box featured scenes of free education is a very concrete objective what specific steps to achieve our mind to get to the bench with
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the eventual goal of communication was done she actually has a three step plan for reasons like korea and the cost of state to build trust that the north arm hand and looks into the details steps of the mansion she laid out today. between the two new eco medial meanwhile minute and tuning and tucson. he treated you like and that was one hundred and nine included dual occasion was that allows me to connect my kettle corn you can pay back your case you haven't got. president pumpkin and stressing that the re unification of the two koreas would bring about enormous benefits to the nation. actually the three pronged plan. and on monday. the first set she said is bring peace to the peninsula. in order to do that she called on stella to maintain tight national security so that citizens can carry on with their daily lives without fear and urge them to abandon its nuclear program. to infinity
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the cable into joining the crowd a couple. but it is soft. your humble to me that he can do some people call it ongoing continuous use the total who do when you're working at. president cars also mentioned they need to take good care of north korean defectors living in the south as they play an important role in ending the division of the two koreas. third the president said she will work to prevent global consensus on the need for every unified korea. see she had already discussed the matter frankly with the leaders of china and russia president pot plants to move forward but such efforts this year. in regards to this seemingly unstable situation in the coming state prison cox said the government will prepare for any and also the trio's as it's risky to make premature assumptions about the north internal affairs president also stated that she's willing to hold summit
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talks with north korean leader kim jong and at anytime but only when the talks can bring about a substantial outcome in bringing peace to the peninsula. and then continue. the professor from many surveys have shown that people are bothered procrastinated on wii is the case because of the immense complexity but the twenty figuring if you think hundred this president who might see some concrete on proposals come out and even an improvement in the korean times. a few general was just really hard to strategize with respect to korea. this one is such a ruthless dictatorship that ith theoo's was the democtison than to resupkb nally h imation onhis s i thi i'm rlly sympathetic with some problems on this in the sense that you know what is everybody so that she doesn't have the legal strategy but i believed was too much alternative when the other hand i think she is going to write about trying to convince soccer dance about the methods of communication because it's going to take a lot of money. uneven patches
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might have to be based germany's ok so called solidarity past twenty three years after you read education. whenhe other hand tnk about all the companies korean companies have relocated to china vietnam. my hip north korea just lis to wear when korean speaking workers when the sun effect recently cutting benefits or sad. use the jackpot or the other hand you will need to prepare for tha ian get some curtains it is worth something worthwhile to them. all i can say let's move on to domestic issues and to have everything go for some of the topics president but denied rumors that there will be a cabinet reshuffle in the near future and refuse to give a clear answer on her stance towards the opposition party's demand for an independent counsel pro and intelligence agencies alleged meddling in last year's presidential election the president also addressed the criticism that she hasn't been a good communicator train her first year in office that many pundits and the opposition party were not satisfied with your response
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and say it shows that her concept that good communication is very different from that of internal conflicts aren't into professor of mine thank you so much for your insight and types. the world. you all up in the north killing and taking aim at present that today's north korea policy for james says an overhaul is needed if enter korean relations are to improve anytime soon nor state run novosti my news paper said president fox and kisses and sticking to her principles but the main stumbling block to bearing cross border relations as it encourages competition between the two koreas pockets made clear that north korea can't win any concessions by playing of threats for stion provocations against the south made any progress and dinner korean relations will have to be based on mutual trust. as for souls heightened security measures against possible threats from
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counting down the newspaper said was shameful that the south with the rest to fate of the two koreas in the hands of a foreign power that far into the american military presence on the peninsula. the foreign policymakers from south korea and the us will spend a week in court nation talks in washington. the agenda is expected to focus primarily on north korea and historical and territorial tensions in northeast asia. upon as a rival south korean foreign minister yoon come stay said sunday tha he would relate souls position on japanese prime minister shinzo rba's recent visit to the controversial yasukuni shrine which is the resting places several class a war criminals and a symbol of japan's imperialist past the sun room when he is not a simple matter between the two countries but a shared interests of the international community the plan to deliver south korea stands to officials of all ranks and i meet in
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washington. here then us secretary of state john kerry are scheduled to meet on tuesday where they will portray their north korea policy is following the recent execution of north korean leader kim simmonds uncle and some tech they're also expected to discuss ways to restart the stalled six party talks on the north's the new playstation. during his visit here it is also scheduled to meet with defense secretary chao cable and senator robert menendez the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee and on a related note japanese prime minister shinzo lobby says he wants to meet with the leaders of korea and china to explain why he visited the controversial yasukuni war shrine. late last month that said monday that i love between the three northeast asian neighbors is extremely important for peace and security of the region he said he also once explained his reasons for wanting to an end japan's pacifist constitution and goes after the second world war the basis of plea rejected the overtures from tokyo on monday the foreign ministry spokesperson said on his visit to the us including
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trying this regard at the chinese people. seoul has yet to comment on this latest remarks. before your dna and another began. get the latest line from seoul. any expert analysis from ages fourteen with a viewpoint on the cold its global network and why on arrival that. he always on standby. south. a controversial new subsidiary of the state trying to realign the reader called whale could open as early as this week. the creation of the affiliate is what sparked the nation's longest ever rail strike last month with unionized workers accusing call rail and the government of attempting to privatized rail service its proponents say the move will create a
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badly needed competition for the monopoly on salon has this report. real's new subsidy or read is a step closer to launch the state run rail operators says the affiliates which will operate its bullet trains departing from spruce up the station in southern seoul is beginning to take shape in the open as early as this week. call rail received a business license from the ministry of land infrastructure and transport at the end of last month and has set up is at its headquarters in paid on fifty employees may need from coal rail are expected to be dispatched within this week the workforce will gradually expands to offer a four hundred people in an effort to minimize costs korea plans to hire externally except the foreign police actions and teen years and crew members. once construction of the railway is completed by the end of next year the transcript ministry expects an average of nearly
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fifty five thousand travelers a day to use the line in two thousand sixteen. mario says that passes so will be the second heat its departure station and the capital of the internal competition between it and stole station that will generate new team and improve efficiency and drive bigger profits. however the labor union still believes call rios moves will be venturing opened the door twice the privatization of the company. unionized workers filed a lawsuit last week demanding the government withdraw its license for this upset theory was a lot. i dun use and in a related development the supreme prosecutors' office on this monday issued arrest warrants for half of the railway unions top sixteen leaders authorities plan to indict the remaining eight without the tension over charges of carrying out an illegal strike. the transport ministry also announced on monday evening that the new subsidiary would reduce labor costs by more than ten
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percent and cut advocate cost by more than thirty percent through outsourcing. and moving on to the nation's account ledger of korea's foreign exchange reserves rose to record high for the sick straight month in december. the bank of korea says foreign reserves held by asia's fourth largest economy stood at over three hundred forty six billion us dollars up nearly one and a half billion dollars from a month earlier the central bank attributed the rise to a weak us dollar which boosted the dollar conversion value of non dollar assets the euro strengthened one point four percent against greenback as the end of last month while the british pound gained nearly one percent to the dollar. the relay was spread across the globe on the back of an exploding popularity of k pop and drama school ever challenges remain for cultural phenomena in twenty fourteen and beyonce as it struggles to maintain its momentum from games to cartoons of all the reports in the future of the korean
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way. to those in thirteen was another huge year for the korean wave and signs gentlemen attracted over six hundred million views online both girls generation one preview of the year at the two musical war. despite the sluggish global economy korea's content industry is forecast to grow a spine point one billion us dollars in exports for two thousand thirteen of nearly eleven per cent on year. but it was a teen pop leading the charge according to the creek rated content agency. overseas sales but local game companies accounted for over half of the nation's current and exports last year animation and character licenses came in second in nine percent fall buying music and tv programming. in order for the greenway just be relevant and pro in two thousand and fourteen experts say the industry will need to diversify. green films and musicals are being considered as the next big
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thing. due to surging popularity at home and abroad pop and korean dramas were central to the start of the korean wave. now we make gains in animations and other next generation of contents for the divers to fight the korean wave. the need for fresh changes comes as global audience is me giving that speech from the army of k pop bottles. a survey by the korea foundation for international call turks changes showed that about sixty percent of the international respondents said the korean wave would begin to lose steam within the next five years. all eighteen percent of those polled believe it had already run its courts critics say the government should do more to promote cultural diversity then read them playing it safe with past successes britain and france are actively supporting creators and corporal content producers in terms of policies or capital. however the korean government is not playing a leading role there's a need for
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supporting policies that do not interfere this show korea has a tremendous amount off of the world including fashion literature and so much more. and as the green wave of balls with the next generation of bands it's due to embrace other cultures and people. audi audi on you. here's the latest on the art simple in the us on the heels of the massive snowstorm it or parts of the country are bracing for a life threatening cold way that is forecast to send temperatures plummeting to lowest in twenty years. connelly has more. after being hit by a blizzard at the start of the new year people in the midwest and northeast united states are now bracing for another blast of dangerous wintry weather this time of record breaking one. the weather service one sunday and much of the us will see temperatures that will be the cool kids on
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record and almost twenty years in a statement the service said that it may feel as cool that make it fifty two minutes sixty degrees fahrenheit with ash minus forty five minus fifty one celsius on sunday night oprah sections of the north central states. under these conditions for kids to warrant that frostbite can occur on exposed skin within five minutes. the freezing cold temperatures are the result of what's called a pool or for tax an arctic cold front that is set to descend over much of the us by wednesday. forecasters say nearly half the nation will be shivering in below freezing temperatures the children are several states have now asked residents to take extra caution to the days ahead for release here. and such that we were out temperatures that are potentially deadly force on whitehall temperatures right now we have to be very very careful with that
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the minister has ordered all schools to be closed monday at the college staff and shoppers and other midwest states and the shelves of stores to stock up on supplies. the latest winter storm comes after a massive wintry weather system. if the west and north east at tea after meters. the storm killed at least a dozen people grounded more than six thousand flights and for schools and government offices to close. honey we i mean new new new. we can to your skin creams and the taboo away the competition of the korean national championship stephen kaye joins us with the highlights and with more on what lies ahead for kidnap the sochi olympics below that hey guys the queen of the ice dazzle korean fans at home for one last time putting the korean nationals by a landslide. now still
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focus on for energy at the upcoming games in russia her latest performance earned her a season high score of two twenty seven point eight six. just seven tenths of a point below for twenty ten olympic gold medal finish. did show drastic improvements in her routine him and difficult jumps and with the fans with their sensual ice packs. although she was dominating she was not her fake reporting last double axel in the long skinny. now with the national crown in the bag to focus on tying up the loose ends in training with some tea cakes now moving on marine boy cocktail wine is headed to list really have to get a start on training for the twenty fourteen asian games. this man has been announced that he'll head to brisbane on the eleventh for an eight week intensive training session with coach michael ball. the goal will be to get back into top swimming shape as he looks ahead to the seventy pc at opening in mid september meanwhile seventeen from
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the korean basketball league have since gals over to reno california for the nba development league's sparked a seventeen game showcase event that took off sunday local time. they're keeping an eye out for talented dollars they did great offer for next season. now on to baseball news if you can call it that annulled the dot coms blogging site. cut four has chosen since it is acrobatic first page as top post of last year and looking at it again it's easy to see how it's been so popular across the globe especially in the us to the majors the first pitch is to use the thumb much flair for us in korea it's become the main events of the pre teens proceedings. now ending off with a tragic story portugal football legend you said the old passed away on sunday at the age of seventy one his longtime team band he could confirm that he died of heart failure and invited fans to the stadium of light to pay their last respects meanwhile portugal declared three days of national mourning. his legacy was
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cemented on the pitch and scored seven hundred and thirty three goals in seven hundred and forty five professional match is going ot be considered one of the greatest footballers in history. now that does it for me here the sportscenter this has been stated to check back at midnight for the latest in the local sports. and as we
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reported earlier those in the us and canada are dealing with extreme winter weather conditions but halfway across the globe. we here in korea have been fortunate enough to have a moderate winter of late right. but the question is how long will this class for details let's go over tracking them down at the weather center. look out what this to weather have in store for us to speak. good evening sky and sea hare well we will be lucky enough to have another day or two of the mild winter weather however after wednesday's snow showers numbers looked at two minus ninety trees on thursday mornings so on. if you haven't already use it to retake that your thick winter jacket. tell us that current conditions. mason is at the end of a high pressure system from the west sea which is why we're seeing clear skies across the nation here's some highlights news for those of you with respiratory problems trying to sit back and hold it for a nice thing about licensing of
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all levels. other than that the dry weather warning is now in a bank in thailand that go in terms of the province is to please be aware of my ears. take the lead at tomorrow's meetings sell setup that day at my next two degrees but the highest setting meanwhile kate winslet and uk night. well the like their meetings. jd makes it to thirteen degrees. the model to an odd given that he had nine ten minus three degrees respectively. i have read this hour but the feedback that would have just after midnight. esther broadcasts on this monday nights and you see here in so shawl and thanks for watching all season. i was. i use bhutto wants to maintain the samurai
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warrior spirit and muscle techniques. also present some unique weapons instruments and equipment. these items are often still many unused exactly is that when hundreds of years ago. i do. windows some early solo training instead of real soon. kindle uses this unit. the bamboo intimate that makes a loud noise when it strikes. waugh when using bamboo souls protective clothing is essential. reflecting kendo summer i inherited this resembles the warriors on. it depends on both the elite security protected. we don't become quite the feat. a jury
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made using methods and materials i'm trying to understand. the main material i rose on each continent and sitting with three cents using street and has been chosen to tour england. in the it is. the students and recent key. continue to promote to spend ten minutes or more with releasing amount in the distance of the target is twenty eight using these priests once the current events. a place to learn to can hit the target even with our eyes
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additional improvements and the news in the various forms of crime focus concentration and string. the president calls on the optic lights to be awful to expel islamist rebels that sees the city on friday as the army gathered forces for a full assault on the extremists. real and opens its pristine arctic territory to oil companies for the first time the country seeks cash and independent arts he lives at the debate sparked by the decision. britain's prime minister tough runs up the rhetoric on immigration but too little too


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