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don't i hear most of it. our top stories tonight seventies to be held in orthodox communities around the world to mark christmas it outside russia's main cathedral with out it was until the end only likes it the oneness. it is in fact you can see eli is
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now on my bed that for some stupid stupid stupid he said at eight months taught about sustaining performance. now that i can spend the rest of us. bracks presence cold of the occupied city from the git to expel is that miss rebels seized the city on friday is the onli got this forces were full of soul on the extremists. the agreement opens its pristine arctic territories to auto companies for the first time that the country sinks caption independent. this the father that could lead to baseball but that decision. also to produce promise that opens up the rhetoric on immigration but too little too late saves critics to claim he's only looking for bugs the new. i
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delivered that morning to get the keys to visit in just a moment that the state is that christmas day. now here in moncton. all told to leave it to brown the will to celebrating christmas as well eighth comes a full thirty days on for the christmas tradition the mob the birth of jesus on december the twenty fifth the difference comforters over to different islands is adopted by the respective churches here in moscow in a light vigils taking place at the christ the savior cathedral it is made from hers and is told in life crime area. oh the celebration going to make a sissy counting on you too the celebrations going with it. well this is the the night role of russian yes this is a holy night as he just said proliferation treaty also book's been a very sweet she's like the way around a two percent of the country's population and special service season held in around ten thousand
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cheltenham on the street so it was a rush i couldn't crisis city cathedral this is the main tool of russia and discerning he's now at these it seems that my paycheck old mostly gold rush at kitty look at me in rounds five thousand to the neighbors attend the same and they stick to the lake to feed so you can see it isn't very big one but still not all those who want to attend this area many of the cathedral can make it again and this is why we see people gathered outside the cathedral tonight the state. leave me at least nights at this holy night and having the opportunity to hear from tom tom cathedrals two thousand drinking is enough for them as the priest especially full pace night at erratic and very heavily and a very important relic from greece is half as long as he was a role he added that some bald pate and may he died he said that according to the bible would be an auntie in front of the prophet jesus
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christ when he was told by a group of distinguished travelers foreign as it traveled thousands of kilometers to buy see that jesus christ and to warn he has a keen and salt in tuesday morning came to several hours and a whole week. all those who wanted to comment seen them will have a separate unit. as an opener thanks for that will that we will be in a cup and services is saying thanks to russell combine to make the time will be a covenant service and our continued confidence in is on our website. auntie don't comb. it is the full comment in a few one a catch it's a beautiful service. and the distance among who live there only see those pages as well coming in from time they are on now with the pages from austin texas a cathedral the trek to man. this is that the moe website assisted
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her to get a good place to read this. so they could. mom and dad. watch the director of righteousness. and there whom to your table. has it the us. it says. this is a bit different because before we so everybody standing up with great ceremony. this is a bit more in the beginning of the liturgy the residing on easter bishop and escaped after considering the middle of the church. with a moment during the service when they get shown in the presiding bishop for our row and it is until this century. so that's the so called small and intricate and small in tibet's was going on the new
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clients and deacons are walking out of the century surrounding the presiding bishop. upgrade to full service that is dipping into the system tray so the ongoing coverage and see for the next hour or so ago with subtlety go home phone coverage of art and photo was taken through the devastated. well with looking on the hunt them merry christmas merry christmas to tell us they can cause of the law. taken at tastings no rocks promised is calling on residents the city for them to detroit that insurgents. the city cannot keep up while tatum and it since it's friday with the declared an islamic state as the army prepares for a major assault on the city has several air strikes over the caravan park is closely linked. is not the end that is where al qaeda meetings had overrun the iraqi cities often is and why. thousands of listeners of the east
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india. as government forces deal with its lights and find out onto the cells the government. it is going on. he hates it. does it make now the government has lost its toll and he says he's in recent days the medicine system improves as they were joined in a fine it's a case the baghdad government by sunni tribesmen and what is interesting is that it marks a change from the year is quiet the us with cool when major accident i turned eight games outcry that one witness and not that they joined forces with the sell my tickets. i hate the shiite led government. now the american administration has been sent for creating the situation around me who predicted that one of the u s forces withdrew from iraq would be a vacuum that would be great if not this would be filled with extremist elements the secretive state john kerry has promised support for the baghdad
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government that he has will top the possibility of goods from the ground. he has it that the us would not say troops back to back country to quote him he says that this finds you the finest of the baghdad government sources say that it dissipates when admitted to support to the baghdad government and state routes to haul flights of my head there. while a teenager and seventy s the kind of finds his lot in battles with the syrian president that's not us that in recent months have been gaining ground and gave me strength. he saw the first confirmation of the center for its likely during the war in iraq to become a stronghold of sunni anti american resistance adam koch and his will is due for completion in time the thick smoke was seen out with the echoes of political mistakes man. a long way since my retirement solutions developed for and been able to step back into it i've been involved in a lot of various efforts in the united states to help the veterans if you see and things like that. it is isn't it
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incredible to see that in all one of the predictions that those of us who understood with the war was about at least figured out when we got home. coming through now is great when you understand the nature of war or as a racket you understand the true motivations behind the united states invasion occupation when you understand what kind of puppet government was installed in iraq. your senator was really only a matter of time before this happened. a smuggler to present the praise of lawyers association told the country's prime minister and cabinet completely failed to save the country from ruin he hasn't been able to stop the acts which has been taking the lives of civilians in love that he is now accusing me of that which is someone else that came to the wind was causing. he is the government. that is totally incapable of controlling the game itself
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except that people dead on the unit on one end to end and the slow because the government is allowing people to go on and beating anybody who comes out in the state board even raising their voices. this is really a tragedy. from the un has to produce the team was the bloodiest year in iraq since two thousand a week more than eight thousand people killed in the table. i love to go call it a special section to put together dedicated to keeping a tally of the violence in the devastated state that the human cost of pace. every month. do. like tree lights
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oil exploration in the northeast of the country an area previously untouched by industry. the move comes as the cost of countries such as a way to fix its economy given disconnect takes a closer look when approached on the columns of this decision drilling and oil exploration off the western coast of the country but taken enough to make has already been underway for some time by the likes of shell chevron and axa mobil bp and its pockets will now explore the emerald concession in the northeast which amounts to thousands of quake killed with this family there may be a huge reserve of oil there are two hundred ten billion barrels potentially the largest in the whole of the arctic. the decision of agreements leadership is a complete u turn from what it said only nine months ago when a moratorium on any for the drilling was imposed due to environmental concerns the latest move is understood to be tightly connected with green and strive for independence from denmark for now it's been relying solely on its fulton
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fish industry and runs from copenhagen but it's also known to have vast reserves of diamonds gold rare metals as well as having the world's second largest reserve of fresh water. the community it's the black gold which would make greenland both economically and politically independent and the government is happy to have more international oil giants on board divorce these ambitions however not everyone is as real to colleges have already lost it and pointing at the bp is checkered record describing the arctic environment is very fragile aisle they say that even a minor oil spill in the crystal clear waters of greenland will cause a major disaster. bp officials say they will take several guests the catholic group f of the challenging exploration wet. given the intensity of environmentalist criticism it's almost guaranteed that this period will be marked by to protest all those opposed to any drilling in the arctic we discuss this issue is who from mr green and he said the drilling projects are likely to pull the sled to the country and the wellbeing of its people. wanted to
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understand that it won't be the cream and economy today is evident that it didn't dawn on the grants from the fringe element to the almost forty per cent of the us government to hold onto that this is the friend from foe. it needs to get you your comment or two to two thousand and two the twitching itchy and the potential harm than good to prepare us to have been expanding at syringe or create the jobs within the cultural or tourism it's already been to. because the mineral sector. well we know for a month and a woven from history that the folks who guarantees that the crime
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the great eternal the commission the thing that has known for one of the country. lol with the toughest to come and gone on on the farm and spent a good time. when she re read that you are meant to but the bottom of the top trying to respect that all men and the economy and to two pm much to the economic union we need to explore all over chores so the economic activity. still help of team sheet all that she has more timely and i only feel the financial page chinese goods them on our plates in the country's famous brand name of the story off the it's a. like these. your
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teens today are rover's future the eye. the in the uk has promised is pushing for a couple european immigrants to britain he also says that needs to be cuts to welfare for my crew weapons that could is claimed to be cumbersome to try to win over voters are increasingly leading to the right to set a photo call. as pasta taste like a plan is that the finance that has to really gauge a person's relationship with europe and the plan is insisting that he really made progress on a three negotiation plants. i
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think a month as i meticulously fifth in the uk me tonight to price he said david chapman seems to be trying to sound like me the difference is that i can eat what i say it now because that might cause some confusion amongst the in as well as by many that feature set that wifi at the line on immigration has been somewhat confusing cause he hides the ball is a treat not to exceed bulgaria and ending at the beginning of the act as they possibly a bit of teaching the faith that the prime minister's strong lad say that what his plans for the future i'll leave that with the bk station and of course the big question is the well financed them i can say all the beds and getting the site tough plants on the table in the big question remains as to whether he would expect based friends of renegotiation of other people feel that that quite simply that would be acceptable to the abandoned his ba. among those things is a co sleeping depends on who they say brussels will go good for
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twenty one. if he wants to make the changes that she's adjusted to the house that she gets a treat to change an agreement of the country and they've already had the european commission the former for rosa who said that won't happen the only clear solution then is to get milk could chill until cold is back in order to do that you can still eat the european union politicians and not listening to people in the streets of polling places around the country village in lincolnshire. for example and telling us that they have difficulties in that community that is exchanged now that's not being racist is to be realistic and listening to those people who always suggest a new tip is that anyone who comes this country house to be able to afford to work and pay taxes unconsciously to this country but we have to have a sensible immigration policy which brings the best in and shows that they stay here and pay for the future of this country in the same way that indigenous people the puzzle than you so so that he likes it too to my website lie to us this christmas day here
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most of the takeover thousand copies so that was new to the beach in holland and won record of breaking gets mixed into all showed up to brave the icy depths to make the guinness book of world records the perseverance paid off the oven and cook it for that the field lights of the machine be led by to lose the last minute restricted to the jist of my tree is on monday crop will be to carry out missions without the human bombs when we get on that article called the place to be. boss goes to my real explanation for senegal over the seizure of the russian troll that the crew the ship says it was an organized operation had over the government's knowledge. festivals to take them soften up the coast of guinea piece of typical ii's official title was fishing illegally in the lead to the ship has since been inspected and i leave no evidence is being provided to a sixty two russians and twenty others from getting this out still on hold at possible to become the state we'll use to bring two
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separate blossom practiced on the left eleven dead the first explosion under the northwest to the country though the local tribal leader and killed ten including a child. it's also reported that matt has his uses a weapons distribution point for local militants democrats who died in a suicide must be skilled in the country's north. reports of the taliban could be behind the assault. update on my cold is when the weather the cold swedish film in five to twenty years still blasting the united states hundreds of flights to the council the school's assemble states' closest image is mia minus fifty celsius in some areas officials strongly advising residents not to leave home extreme weather so fun playing sixty minute the leopard. this was symbols of the upcoming winter olympics in sochi was a reason for it to the mountains of the caucuses are home to the unthinking creatures to all flights into and cold is of my aunties coming months a sense of the forest to find out what's being done to help them. it's
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still speak on his grizzled schools kevin james the issue that has the smile was so cool wildcats one stone. these mountains and the caucuses. now the soul unto me in use is asking for an intense and beanie into the city an actual printed off the fifty s thanks to the caucuses major reason that that sentence the program into the sochi twenty fourteen winter games aims to preserve and improve the region's wildlife and environment. i was able to reach its own until the animal has been spotted in the russian caucasus a few times. there's no viable leopard population there. our program is designed to start the new population of the persian leopard and the caucasus mountains and to restore species in its natural habitat. there has been sick since he and two
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cops who lament the national park in july with the phrase atom belonging to the nt this has been going in from the mainstream view in portugal the two yes for them to get used to the new pen and you've done that the connection was into me it did come and get frisky as was captured on camera the health of the family wanted to do using gps chips for the next twenty s all in all of the center now has ten seconds. it's painted it pink candy to a resurgence with sbc. let the incident entry and create ages and the reasons which i could to weekend rains. hearings into the sea wall the intense before being released into the wilds. the fish is he. a cynic a chance to sharpen up their hunting skills the comment was inside of my
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camera has lost ground. his mother neglected him after he was born. numbing keep the inside as forced and parents taking him for walks feeding him giving him extra love and attention now grumpy and is only six months old he's pretty happy and he will be here at making sure that the small can of off the street to park the mostly in so she's at a nature park for tea. most of the go from strength to strength tomorrow. in fact it's gonna be just a month before when troopers consumption. the updates are coming up real realizing committee had a much more was well enough to away our special coverage of the year the buildings in the content an annex to the front is still battalions into the back only designer brands that have made that country will find the singers are increasingly turning to chinese but uses the cheap goods sometimes though still labeled maybe having to go to school for pool. joe ma. this
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guy. four generations of his family had neither leading from the textile business is done in kashmir silk garden you mean it. these people have quality coal being injured in the high end quality which you were in fewer customers are able to afford the lao cai his people as they did everything they see being nice and clean scent but they have mom only could they have been able to buy a cheap in the booths and and these is the diesel also lah d d d proud of the eye color on which product of a change of form that does include some of that and as the economy struggles to gordon's recession in half a century demand for luxury goods on its audience is going down for some of the crisis has provided a great opportunity just like many other cities across the world will have its own chinatown as well all this that in the center of the city filled with many
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businesses would totally be on states to take out include shots and boutiques savings goals which have been studying for a formal dance moves were given size and style of clothes and footwear are presented here. and with a price tag sometimes as much as ten times lower than the competition. it's one of the show. there's nothing to think of the house here. i'm not going to spend my last chance for the senate seat. i chanced on finance meaning that includes sometimes realistically the first to use the one showing the same schools are not meeting shiny new more. if you don't have to guess that since the snow skier who would just lead to a whale's the need to be stamped on every item something italian companies want change. the sunnis is on the us the offer as a fraud not that we have been working extensively on one of the unknown. while the large quantity and wool prices
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proved a preferred tactic for the chinese reporting to the bank of italy channel least one half million dollars out of italy and china these days. our team in the mountains is actually on the prefecture by his teacher coakley. a spot for tourists to come to admire its many beautiful old thatched house. i started building is cool cache was a pretty name for the steeply stocking groups that resembled two parents joined in prayer. a stretch to be as much as sixty feet. get some useful information. this week's design allows who went to the smooth slide of peace
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in the next to me. more drooling new stories to my car. the villages themselves to work making such groups no nails screws and metal parts accused of these teams bring everything together which broke his wrist extra flexibility to adjust to the loads of snow. francis since the rope is made from easily available locally to me. mm mm. sixty of these traditional houses remaining go cram. i mean not just reserved for sure. this is a good thing working. it's also a world heritage site inscribed on unesco's list in nineteen ninety five i together with the advice you to come up. she chooses to
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stinson beach became the world's average. some of the farmhouse is something to fit into what you see financial ups and local music and new shoes are one of these old farm houses you read around a traditional some in house. regional speciality sink into the fridge mountain vegetables and tofu made from locally grown so with the us ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay. all materials come from these mountains. graham is also its officials from making wash or japanese prop eight. each sheet making money by hand graham oh one she is known for its fine cost i watch the prettiest ago graham is also used in the village to micah was brought to
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the crops. you'll just moved to korea mismatched from houses is important to me maria is finding something this time of four hundred years ago. just be designated to the porch and took off. a rule. then some. these cashews or treat such compounds is in his skull and six. obviously no way of life has changed considerably over the centuries. living in one of these houses today gives us an incredible insight into how people lived in way to the old days. i think it's very important to cost graham is also renowned for its rich tradition of dollars in music this song. he told her she is one of japan's oldest functioning. the sun during
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lunch time came and stood as a precedent. it was a triple treat oh oh. i went to his music news. made from bamboo room this room. you can learn to dance this is another handmade traditionally been called the system. it's made from pieces of locally grown in no case like this with quiet to get them. and the each has its unique been chosen to use the new building which is the read together with the local artistic traditions. it's a beautiful they could see that
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being in prison lou lou will will will will will. aye aye the euro and the rock island thanks for joining us is our life. on a skiing holiday watch video at. it turns a harsh winter and into one for me. in portugal this farewell to one of the country's football today


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