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tv   RT News  PBS  January 7, 2014 10:30am-11:01am PST

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what it but family is sunday richard action we used to you will or will . finish line there's just a month left before the show went to the city so she starts the ball rolling and talk to the chief organizer about how the city is going to run the games and keep everyone safe. on his losing control of the biggest problems with the city seized by al qaeda militants flooding in from syria. while the u s promises to speed up bro initial deliveries. that thing for basic scientists warned that water may become a key factor in world conflict with the already fuelling tensions
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and every middle east. and the youngest victim of the terror attacks of all the grands on them and we are falling the fate of the three month old girl survived the blast that killed her mother. i am. what your team i found the russian capital region. welcome to the program. now is exactly thirty one d studio until winter games kicked off in russia and all lines are on so she and the city gets ready for his big moment aren't useful scott is in the olympic host city at scrapping out that seven years long preparations for the international sports active. organizes as saying that we are on track and that everything is ready in sorcery. each of the eleven
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detainees in place the coastal costs to which you can think up behind me on the mounting costs to be completed and put to test one out more than one occasion by pasting international spot cost out of competition. i know inside each of the new transport networks including the high speed rail service which connecting the two clubs to stay one another that whole side up and running now there is still somewhat read on and around the city but as many cosmetic it's made me sick with a show in town dispersing the ccr city is ready to welcome the sporting world comfort during this seven from day one a security has been a top priority for organizes all the games with a month ago today's the day of the security operation really kicks in in earnest in many ways the security operation in and around so she is no different from that you would find that the major events anywhere in the world of control design has been set up a rapport with the babies in which their regular security checkpoints media and spectators or officials looking to get into certain designated areas of bad news will have to provide on their
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tickets for some form of id for more than thirty thousand police and security of the officers again be on patrol in the region as well and the chairman of the sochi twenty fourteen organizing committee to meet each other soon to tell the idea that everything is being done to keep these games to kill with a rate of return or aided the cost of the most intimate of games ever. all suffered delays will reduce the beach on to the olympic golds from the beginning of the construction of this state of the security was paramount importance of the question for the games and the bite of being an old fool all the international expert and i see it. gresham as the episode to provide incredible a menace and cooking for the bulk of things to do and is the safest and most secure units have cited safety concerns are it a priority for the organizers now as i sat behind me you can see the cut so close to all the olympic village which
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includes the fake stadium of us to be christ in the opening ceremony come during the seven forty thousand pounds to be packed into that stadium or hostels are ongoing but the content of the shyt is a closely guarded secret said to be on babel not the day when the games get underway a month from now. the only thing missing in such a thing is the olympic flame is now on its way through central russia on its longest relay in the game's history. at a distance of over fifty six thousand km to record breaking journey has been fool affairs was an historic space walk. one of the most impressive records. two russian cosmonauts stood outside the international space station and that's by the way that they are reports that well i feel and the claim in sochi next month i see james brown has been falling its voyage which he described earlier telling difference. welcome to the studio. what you have with you here via torture the light begins to get a
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sense of the contest will receive as you say this is money. in the smoke source it's that you can see the very one of the collins st is the enemy. this this is not liked by any means it is as yet it is what two kilos for actually really cool getting to old trainee at the opponent i wrote about that is heavy. quite and that in this entire record breaking relief for the olympic torch going places it's never been before you are falling at which one of the milestones she think was the most memorable are important i think. the main been to several. my coll with amazing basic resource down on divorce and supply co scene of the pending flat told to specially made and cost very impressive on the war sentiment fell in the sport back with a woman with a jet pack onto the very good video that was what was this lets me see him lots. there was one amazing man and a real one so much time and was playing with
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the torch to the north pole you see on tv you read about them than you think wow that must be too pretty but must be very upset. and then missed opportunity came up to go on this new clear ice breaker is huge. she admits that most can turn to me to click the links. and as fuel but two titans agreed to see all the difference is that which is a strange feeling in it so we don't stand on. um but we will go into goes to the north pole with the flame we maybe it's the day in and that's it for often comes with a world record pace the riot van in the middle of the poem the knights with the end of the torch in the north pole. the very first time in history. as such in paris to while gas to the upcoming winter games local businesses appear to be winning promise he's olympic ambitions for just about what state that a family that was actually so inspired the last mosque and start from scratch in sochi. i called this is
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mountains engagement ring days with the muslim nation and now they've become an entrenched in plenty opportunities and business what if any the saudi team behind the metropolis of moscow for a change of scenery. i like sound. and in business although amusing that they are found in this landscape that's the sad scene when the bnp bhp any feelings too. a simple car so was he when he needed to trade in cars doesn't take action. as we became more shoulder the region will now be developing thoughts and well. so yes i'd say this fact did have an influence on all decisions in the faith well paid jobs and trying to make sweeping living was the number one priority still they tend to say tuesday night using his hateful things is to help his creative wife christina. not much more than a pasty with
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his friends. today product line consists of a ganache saints champions shower gels and creams. you might even forget sitting in a bonsai is everything its appetizing does the whole house and a lot of locals and floss so with the central conflict in aisles. greetings on any console slinky quartet from the medical mountain since he's an on site and and spices which christina takes to solve. with no previous experience with it making industry and no formal education in tennessee christine and standing up on her and kind. we've been doing while they fugitive seen in brighton with landscaping and eco friendly hotel. methanol. the magic happens in the kitchen sunday to the devils but one of the games themselves to a potential fines from business the future of retail and
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photons. all the niceties of the indian peaks as saving new infrastructure created in this eighteen will show more toys and help small businesses and he's feelin' peaks. i think that if the sole thing the article on canning pot i found materials and items through on thursday as well as the caucasus mountains. now if the present the soul she is bubbling with tebow for the win three games and it looks like it's his job at the end of the camp and in the games will blossom if you take the example of upcoming businesses like this the most a missile shield i've seen. the deal and the clock is ticking and were closely following saatchi as it gears up for the games on air in a wine as well sixteen thirty international for them more. violence is escalating in iraq as government troops continue to find for the city of solo show which has been held by al qaeda militants since last friday. america has now pledged to help the government finds extremist by speeding up
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deliveries of surveillance drones and missiles which was reportedly from syria's rebel held the eastern provinces ave tightened their grip on anbar province where the aim of creating an islamic state there and the country's leadership was left to battle al qaeda linked insurgents he made the experience of mine since us troops withdrew from iraq two years ago. meanwhile the conflict in neighboring syria seemingly spilling further over the border as political analysts cite eric cox told us. i spend that five years in iraq and the united nations spokesman about that and i can tell you this is the way to spend fans probably been in american occupation there was the fact that illusion two thousand and four. but that and this recent one and said basically a very dangerous because it was a love for the unity of the government and it is predicated on purest of caramelized. aided by the sitcom when the border is so mundane so for this and it is really elastic they have these forces that are
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basically the same time they call themselves the islamic state of iraq and ish and went to syria. so then they stop to think i'm out of ideology that has been an influx of foreign weapons and money in under the guise of giving it a rebel so that i may get with iraq. all these things come together the three in just a few moments break this predatory bangsar to talk to a couple of un to the fullest everything after a high street band decided to cash in on them with sleight of hand financing instead of being their safety net. st dd herat eitheof. to noon. the other eye. i will
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aa. which are key to national and the youngest victim of the mall the brat attacks in southern russia at the end of december is now showing signs of recovery the guy who's just three months old have been in a medically induced coma for over a week. i see it as he was in the hostal for us we have received some good news from the russian health menace than the father of the youngt ages infant in a the bold about center attack she's only three of the fund sold to a political tool which is still in hospital well the condition is no longer life threatening she
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is no longer in a medically dramatically new school but her father told me that she even started reading by herself and now responds to all objects of buying moving her eyes and thought it was kind enough to provide us with some family photos for some old footage of victoria's baptism and here's what else he told me that they did to me which was too lonely to fool rehabilitation will that will soon be able to rehabilitate is it that we're hoping for positive outcome. she has had a neurological examination and everying is fine. the mri scan revealed no damage the set up another girl another injured in the polka dots error at second nine year old olga is also a pause that if she is no longer in a life threatening condition she is showing very good signs of recovery. and we also know that the sixty more people more than sixty people are still in hospitals all across the country after the boulder dive bombing at thirty eight of them are still a mold of god and twenty two in moscow and one
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more in st petersburg and sadly we are keeping track of pulling all the details on developments on that story commercial printing currency of that coin is hitting new high nice and cannes. virgin money's value has swung past the one thousand on market after an online game company said it would accept the coins from its customers all the details on the coins leader success on our t dot com. bills online free the four month old giant panda calm in the us has made his debut for the media is god. it's from that meeting on or in motion page. right from the sea. the interesting picture. reporters were there
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the animal. to get a business off the ground most of us would need the help of the band but choose carefully because not all of them seem to have your best interests at heart. laura smith spoke to two businessmen in britain who found the air land or blowing them rather than protecting and discovered they were far from alone chris richardson and many earnest and used a nice hotel but nope it anymore. zoe is a good dose of the penny they say that i took it from them met with the sole our hotel this untill the only him these alice which will blog and it will be coming back this is justice in this country. racegoers will be arrested. parents will be given the subtle but i can t thousand and ten chris and annie had a mandate from the west to do up the coniston hotel and conference center in north
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kent. they would just eleven days from opening when the manager told them there was a prompt and releasing really too strong too bad aim is to die why someone that they'll sort it. and that is the last week after the revamp of the feisty us we have no good form continues. meet at the end is that the bank was saying they'd run out of money despite having one point six million pounds to the agreed a new act. wes bentley the need to pay tell it to stay for that debate to which no price to the hotel found itself in administration from what it was snapped up by twenty three just as the eye could see it on. the kick rbs and its subsidiary natwest the majority and by the tax payer. it's the result the us has been accused of many times that you aren't on there is a small business by the government. his recent record expands is the seemingly duplicitous nature of banking operations
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article focuses on the ps i'm always saying is that their restructuring division t i g d no way that the businesses that they were supposed to be helping get back to health. i would take in the pudding to destress. for the benefit of the back. we actually see rbs has its own property company called wes register we sing rbi spooning those customers prophet says. after they'd been in distress since the whole it is twenty eight saves the day dawned cold the filing date is on the headings like atms in a bid to focus on a spiffy. in response the bff in a statement no evidence that being provided to support the allegation that the bike had systematically prophesied of the box it that cost him as i may be looking into equity christians and the st isle is now writing this next picture down what exactly is the best dates. but at the domes to the back and then the lights to be
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destroyed. recovery from a very wealthy man back on tax credits. eye. more family stuff and going of late through this. i was produced onhe bank's profit recount only one of my heart until more was postponed last year she sadly. go cancer and nauseous year. and she joined him only. no miss the three storey kills the one also has an injustice to tending to fight back to christians and he clings to the idea that one day. dough will leave the store was at the newness of the hotel again. norris made on teens can't. now the world's resources nl has been cause for a bitter dispute among nations but for many it may be surprised to hear that it's water rather than oil or gas as becoming a reason for conflict. you can see it on this map here that the world has witnessed close to one hundred and eighty disputes over water resources this nineteen fifties. and
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these include small classes and protests as well as more serious large scale conflict one example is the tensions in the middle east where the struggle for water is a key issue and some ongoing conflict. i just post the reports. the bible tells us that the initial distance from here. jesus it and force him into wine. two thousand his niece had a great miracle might be tending the wine back into more to become the new has been living in the glenn heights one of the fifty years. each day he attains teasing me on to north kids keeping his whiny ness an act that was once the city and compact. he is proud of the wine he produces a nose back in the absence of water. none of this would be possible. i have to be in the order's important because it's the second main resource that would have rather than the landing. each crop needs water. now that you will destroy all the crops and destroy all of the farming here. it can turn the golan heights into the desert. and
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it's not just about the golan heights. bring water from its catchment feeds into the river jordan. providing a third of his goals was to supply the disputed region was seized from syria off to the six day war and residence of the corn on the name of the quartet was a key issue in the conflict. don't leave home from work. it appears in the cool air believed local walked with you when you're the one on his front of the three super food for your concern. it is a must go this has led to it weren't for you is what the solstice it's a wildlife will have to cancel controls the water controls an end. but the problem is in some cases these videos for walks have to go round. a woman and
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wanted to buy several soviet nation. it is always the possibility of friendship in this one fixed it should be manageable. whoops but out of control. examples of possible conflicts of plentiful. sen is made to watch the solstice travel to turkey and iraq making it vulnerable. while jordan is reliant on evidently simple two d and e to post a recent expressed concern that the countries using the up and all she can only be going in and try and stay in the east wall to his cry is more precious than diamonds in its absence. shannon and dropped off quick to fund it but this is a region that they solved it needs an excuse for war and social success. mike just took the patents. the crt in the of heights. as mentioned in the report if it is becoming increasingly concerned over construction project on the upper nile the country relies greatly on the river where upstream ethiopia is currently building a massive jam political science professor sites in texas age it may face serious consequences when the project is completed in twenty seventeen. remember that
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jesus has only six or seven essential to stand up will end. the missile that is of some of it only has those of so that enmity it be a serious effort to national security and that's play immediately when the custodian is the actual top to hide them below some experts the use of what the bible and cool old was a soviet because the bishop of four of us that we would be riding a five percent of the war. his son woke up comes home it's two pm and swimsuits in fact the impulse thousand and fifteen seasons with the one hundred and fifty million people and we would be meeting in addition to the fifty five point five billion to fifteen twenty one billion up to pick me up next though. what would happen to visit them that and the apostles and fifty before going to have more water the irony is this hour in turkey three and fifty police officers have reported that
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cent overnight as part of a crackdown over a massive eruption scandal. in addition several high profile officials have been thrown behind bars following investigation the revelations sparked fierce anti government protests on the streets but prime minister and on claims the fear is a foreign conspiracy designed to discredit his cabin. well i now work as a government that hamsters march to drum up support from bangkok shut down operations demonstrators are planning to blockade major roads in the capital for government work and continue their calls for the prime minister to quit. he looks a lot has already yielded to pressure from the streets and announced new elections for that healing balm for casters plane that's not enough and are pushing for citizens councils to carry out reforms before any new elections are held. world full of dense air his hit america's east coast with thousands of flights being canceled across the north american continent i shifted the weather pattern known as the polar
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vortex has dropped temperatures in some parts of the continent's new record lows. it's also cause a number of deaths shops schools parks and businesses those reporting was so cold that even the polar bears in chicago's lincoln park zoo had to be kept indoors. tomas chilean demanded an explanation from senegal were in detention in a russian trawler the ship and its eighteen crew were captured at the weekend off the coasts of getting the sound in western africa. later on tuesday it's hoped the vessel will be freed as russian diplomats are due to meet the president of senegal to discuss the issue at least two people including the captain were reportedly injured during the seizure the official reasons over on licence fishing but essentially side has failed to produce any evidence to support the accusations sixty two russians are still held on the ship with their passports confiscated. thus the gang but there's no need to rush to your calendar
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because it's orthodox worshippers celebrating the holiday this time your boss doubt it began with a grand service in christ savior cathedral. the story is an option was there. this is a lonely time for roller brush and also looks into the race that is around eighty percent of the country's population but it also bothers me the role of special christmas me chills cough held in around ten thousand strokes in most resort with russia including christ the savior cathedral in central moscow russia's main tool of trade this area many is that my paycheck of most kinds of old russia he reeled me in on five thousand visitors attended the same and in the spectacle a cathedral including the country's top officials these yet. prime minister lives that have attended the ceremony and that's presents quotation celebrates christmas in salt to the cia when he traveled several days ago. tomorrow is the preparations for winter
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and the gains that russia will soon be costing and holy relic of the important one from old also gives believers that was brought here to this crisis at a cathedral from tracy's athens on the street which is part of the magi he's gold frankincense and myrrh that according to the bible and christian tradition and given to jesus when he was born that by the group all foreign travelers who covet thousands of kilometers to a seat at the new born and to warn him as a keen and salt into tuesday morning and for the entire week off towards all those who wanted to calm me and see them. we'll have a subtle hint and just don't exist question that's on it out and as a teen ordinance may still have is why in russia's orthodox church celebrates the birth of jesus at the beginning all of ten year window in december as many secretions do. this is because all the gin and
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candid and precious all folks charge follows an egg sandwich and difference from getting on and can set used by others. to add christmas sadly we didn't see a weak goal for the so called sue got skype to hold a time for old believers as well eye room. there are many internal battles in society liberals and conservatives will never agree on gun rights or abortion but there's one battle that is often more generational than anything the battle for school uniforms teachers argue that uniforms would make a big distraction in the classroom and break up the caste system second of all the school between the cool fashionable kids than the ones who can barely afford much like me and my younger years. teenagers will scream your first crush their freedom of expression in that they have a right to express who they are individuality who has the right to dictate to them what to wear
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the things they don't realize is that if the school doesn't tell them what to wear anything corporation said the mtv will all deport individuals who dress alike and blindly follow all the trends are just obeying corporate marketing instead of the pair is yet for some reason it is bad if the school punishes you for dressing him properly with the cool kids make your life a living for not wearing the right brand of shows well that's all well and good for some reason. look at it this way school uniforms xi which leaves more money for parents to buy your video games. the individual in your actions and our fake individual in trendy clothes fascist. i think. i am. sigh
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i wanna know. as far as i said good evening is now six pm the time you're watching
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it. the city. with the stereotypes are gone. bob you knew when new one will want one the fan. the news a plausible to carry his crib is essentially united states bringing the coldest temperatures in two decades and forcing businesses and schools the clues and mind to suffering widespread delays and driving conditions i have a dance teacher religious eight and it is a life threatening in some places for two minus eighteen degrees celsius recorded in chicago and indianapolis the chill is set to tour the east and southern states that the us with that said it's advising residents to stay in doors to the right safety


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