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almost ready so i was just a month with snow before the russian and paco city so she stops the bowl rolling it opens out to the windies at the of the cds going to run the games and keep everyone safe. iraq says the control of its biggest problems with the city seized by al qaeda militants holding in from syria while the u s promises to speed up drone missile delivery. backlinks of basic scientists will the war that may become a key factor in
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quilt complex motored the feuding tension in the arab middle east. i am the youngest victim of those terror attacks in both the grout is on the mend we can report the falling of the faith that the three month old girl who survived a bus that killed a mother the our goal. warning it's just you and it's just tough it may not be the most combative has opted to match the one and kevin lee. so story that except exactly thirty days to go until the winter games kick off in russian allies are on so she is the city gets ready for his big moment of peaceful skull reports next on the culmination of seven long years of preparation all focused on this into national sports spectacle. pages or she organizes are retracing that everything is on track
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and i all ready for the start of the gangs now each of the eleven venues like the coat the pasta which you can see behind me just over my shoulder on the mountain tops to have been completed and put to the test tasting international standards competition when more than one occasion. and each of the brand new transport networks including high speed rail link which is to connect the two clusters of old sign up and running there is still somewhat to be done in around the city of sochi in the final month but it's mainly cosmetic its many superficial incentives for students if the op so that it looks nice when the subject has to welcome the welcome appearance at the security has been a top priority if organizes from day one but now with the month to go in tuesday i'm once again to stop the games that's the date of the security operation really began in the next and what's happening here and so she must not happen. throughout the course of a gang too pretty not too dissimilar to what you would find anywhere in the world for any major events such as
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this basically controlled zion has been set up in and around so she which contains out not just all the things people said a number of security checks which really just went to lau it takes is for officials are intercepted designated areas of things unless they cause i'd take it for proof of my pediatrics at the ready to be over thirty thousand police and security personnel patrolling the region throughout the course of the gags in and in the build up to date as well and they wanted aspect to the chairman of the organizing committee to meet each other since it opened three horses to be taken to kill the game safety whoever they approach the arabia to close them up in the wake of games that were all stuffed with delays will read this to reach a bomb to the olympic morphed from the beginning of the construction of this state of the security was paramount importance of the richer for the games and two of them all for all the international expert and
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i see it. the russian state the sword to provide the incredible a man has been for the bulk of things to be the safest and most secure unit at the low security is clearly a tall upright or a tape now up behind me you can see as i mentioned the outcome still cost the company make out the fixed stadium just go to my right shoulder the us cannot taste the opening ceremony outcome of february the seventh fourteenth thousands of spectators will be packed into that stadium forty thousand the lucky ticket holders proposals up on gutting of them i'm in the content of the shine is a closely guarded secret is all set to be unveiled on the big day today to the game starts a month from now. absolutely said that the only thing missing in salty at the moment is olympic flag it's now on its way through central russia on its longest relay in the game's history that a distance of fifty six thousand km record breaking guineas been full of firsts for the stars baseball because of the most impressive records. two russian cosmonauts to get inside the iss international space station. and that's by
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the way the very same told to look like an unpaid claims court next month to see james brown has been fully exploited which he described as ian mcauley can see from you. my children. welcome to the studio. what you have with you here be a torture the olympic games can give this a float as easy as you say this is my name and personal tours. it's that you can see the very one of the collins stated an unrelenting. this this is not liked by any means it is expected that it is what two kilos for actually really cool getting to old trainee at the older i wrote about that is heavy. quite and that this a better record breaking relay for the olympic torch going places it's never been before. you are falling at which one of the milestones she think was the most memorable are important i think. the main i've been to several. my coll with amazing
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mix of the torch down on them since my cozy heavy pruning plants coal to specially made and cost very impressive on the war sentiment. when the torch back with a woman with a jet pack onto the very good videos that i was was assigned to receive funds. there was one amazing man and a real one so much time and was playing with the sport's to the north pole you see on tv you read it and then you think wow that must be to pretty much the very upset. and then this opportunity came up to go on this new clear ice breaker is huge. she admits it was compulsory to me to fix the links. and as fuel but two titans agreed to see all the difference is that which is a strange feeling in it so we don't stand on. um but we will go into goes to the north pole with the flame and we maybe it's the day in that's it for hope taken to the world record pace
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the right there in the middle of the tone of the links with the lit the torch in the north pole. the very first time in history. when jerry brown was sought to them mr webb gets out those upcoming winter games local businesses has been winning for the city's olympic ambitions to see stuff but not sag next meets a family that was so inspired the left most of the stuff from scratch in sochi. i called the mountains and into a tight race with the monthly mateship. now is becoming entrenched in for new opportunities and business what if andy decided to leave behind the metropolis of moscow would change of scenery. likes em. business although amusing that they are found in plants. max said to me the link to the spleen influenced team. a simple cocoa so she would be needed to trade in college doesn't take action. as we became more shoulder the region would now be developed as
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possible analyst said yes i'd say there's bound to have an influence on all decisions in the fifth. the lp just trying to mentally living was the number one priority still retained. tuesday night using his hateful things is to help his creative life of the net. not much more than a pasty. his friends. today product line consists of a ganache saints champions shower gels and creams. you might even forget sitting in a bonsai is everything its appetizing does the whole house in old bottles and floss so with the central mexico miles greetings on any console slinky quartet from the medical mountain since he's an on site and and spices which kristina peaks myself. with no previous experience in recent weeks the industry and no formal education in tennessee christine and standing up on
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happenings mind. we've been doing while they fugitive beating brighton. with plans to issue the eco friendly hotel. no magic happens in the kitchen inside it and i was one of the games themselves will add potential collins road business law future retail for the state of the match. all the niceties of the indian peaks as saving new infrastructure created in sixteen will show more toys and help small businesses and trans union peaks i was there for us all saying the cole inquiry on the same materials and items. on thursday as well as the caucasus mountains. now if the present facility is bubbling with be done for the winter games and it looks like it's his job after a limp again pile in the games will blossom. if you take the example of upcoming businesses like this a bomb with a missile shield i've seen. so the limping
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tokens to talk is taking you where to talk closely following some cheesy giza for those games on an online stitching done could not find much more. i do. it's grown on people or be killed as iraqi troops continue to fly to the cities of solution or a monday which event held by al qaeda militants is last friday. matt has pledged to help the government fight the extremists. speaking of deliveries of surveillance drones midst of the province with the cities are located is a key insurgent stronghold of coffee is falling the us led invasion last week religion was reclaimed by syria based extremists who declared islamic state that put the phillies brandeis from the institute for policy
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studies sheet over the crisis in iraq's been fuelled by the city more over the border at washington's pledge of aid to baghdad will only aggravate the situation he said. we risk the possibility of the extension of this militarization that we're seeing in iraq right now we're seeing already in syria where the civil war has expanded to a regional war and is now spilling over into iraq the increasing militarization by the united states to the iraqi government is only gonna make that worse not better and with the idea of some one handed goal the united states supporting the rebels seem certain to come over the bowl into iraq and will post it here this week now. that of all three drums and that is to pull out the snow but it is a tool to fight these very same people the folded against the skin directly you have the scenario where the sunni population which is the minority large minority and in iraq feel completely
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disenfranchised dis empowered disconnected from their own governments and so the us is saying instead of insisting that the government change its policy of discrimination towards one of egalitarianism something that we are in no position to brag about here this country i should say what the us claims to withhold as the temple that has acted as a model us his will will send you tow missiles. so you can send more missiles and killed more people. those venues that will meet on the incident response the country's chemical weapons stockpiles have been removed by ship davies has left the port look tacky afraid to tackle walters was taught to cuddle be destroyed. think of turkey's prime minister to read to him he's insisting the upcoming he still seems to me is the agenda the twenty second should now to seek the removal of this out. independent critical of misguided coleman told me he believes that christ is quite absurd. it's hardly surprising they're doing with the contras was ridiculous
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lines indicating that most iraqis is the very start of the war. talking about regime change is not an agenda obviously i are doing isn't self that under threat of regime change in turkey so is probably the last time in the region who would want to talk about regime change that the state of course account of political associations of one site stats that were taken as preconditions. and of course that regime change is never easy being an option in syria is it the ups and a possible that the stage to receive you eat. we have regime change in syria is it too regime is overthrown as it were. i'm not passing that policies not the case and they failed to defeat the syrian army and to be there to talk about regime change treaty on the open at this stage. the budget for a quick break in at britain's private treat bags from the case of two told a couple of entrepreneurs to say that most everything off for a high street bank decided to cash in on that list like about financing this to the bay this say to that that
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story much more just ahead off. the he gazed at the lake. when asked how long we all sang night at the traffic light thingy free coffee. guru. what kennedy. your teens today are
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more research the eye. yet mr to call the group tourist attractions but the maturity and december snow shoe in for signs of recovery but it could use a little the queues just three months older than him at the king his coma for a week lectures it is of the hospital for. we have received some good news from the russian health menace than the father of the youngest ages infant in the vault about center attack she's only three of the fund sold to a political tool which is still in hospital well her condition is no longer life threatening she
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is no longer in a magical and medically new school but her father told me that she even started reading by herself and now responds to all objects of buying moving her eyes and her mother was kind enough to provide us with some family will visit some old footage of the audience a baptism and here's what else he told me that they did to me which was too lonely to fool rehabilitation as well but will soon be able to read it will be the same is it that we're hoping for the humble she has had a neurological examination everything is fine. the mri scan revealed no damage. does that to set up another girl another injured in the baltic that sarah took a nine year old olga. it's also a pause that if she is no longer in a life threatening condition she is showing very good signs of recovery. and we also know that the sixty more people more than sixty people are still in hospitals all across the country after the boulder dive bombing at thirty eight of them are still a mold of god and twenty two in moscow and one more in st petersburg and
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secondly we are keeping track of pulling all the details on developments on that story similarly online tonight controversial crypt of currency but colleagues having new eyes again because of that goes data goes back up of actual money from the swamp us now the one present on the muck of an online game company said it accepted going from its customers is good and loose with the film but that could lead to success than online for months speeches that make you want to go off on a full month olds there is a giant baby panda cub even suggesting a giant baby ketchikan in the us has made its debut before the media we've got footage from that meets the inner emotions that thanks to those of the tough times. business also grab most of this would need the help of a bag which is carefully it seems because the modal them but you best interests of the top nazis or smiths but the two businessmen in britain who claimed they found that landon was holding them
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rather than protecting them she discovered that a fall from a loan as well. chris richardson and annie earnest and used in this hotel. milt anymore. zoe is a dead horse of the day they say that i took it from them. met with the sole our hotel. this untill the only him. these alice which will blog and it will be coming back. this is justice in this country racegoers will be arrested parents will be given the subtle but i can t thousand and ten chris and annie had in the infamous west to do up the coniston hotel and conference center in north kent. they would just eleven days from opening when the current manager told them there was a prompt and releasing really too strong too bad aim is to die why someone that they'll sort it and that is the last week that the other reason than the feisty us we have no good
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form continues with a caveat that the prank was saying they'd run out of money despite having one point six million pounds to the agreed adding that the west and leave the need to pay tell it to stay for the degree to which no price to the hotel found itself in administration from what it was snapped up by twenty three two step that i took a seat on the kick . ah the us and its subsidiary natwest the majority and by the taxpayer. the victim result the us is being accused of many times that you are in the eyes a small business by the government his recent record expertise is the seemingly duplicitous nature of banking operations article focuses on the bx i'm always saying is that their restructuring division geology. in a way that the businesses that they were supposed to be helping get back to health. i would take in the pudding to destress for the benefit of the back we actually see. rbs has its own profit a company called
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wes register. we sing all the ads code name those customers prophet says. after they'd been in distress since the whole it is twenty eight saves the day dawned cold the filing date is on the headings like atms in india the good folks at eight fifty. in response the bff in a statement no evidence that being provided to support the allegation that the bike had systematically prophesied of the box it that cost him as i may be looking into equity. chris and i need to re tile is now writing this next picture down what exactly is the best dates but at the domes to the bank and that he likes to be destroyed. recovery from a very wealthy man back on tax credits. i own. more family stuff and going of late through this. i was produced on the bank's profit recount only one of my hotel was postponed last year. she sadly. go cancer and small
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this year. and she don't really know me with a three storey kills the one old system of justice. the timing to fight back. kris and danny coming to the idea that one day. dough will treat these doors as they dissipate tell dad. norris made on team camps. will sizzle sizzle was great goals for this peace among nations but for many it may be surprised to hear the bolts iran than oil and gas is becoming a reason for conflict anyone is going to see on this map of the wills were disclosed that may be from across the pullback of the war said since the nineteen fifties and is into small clashes and practices was most serious knowledge cocoa mixes well one example the tensions of the middle east with the struggle for walkers a key issue right now it's an ongoing conflict. his abc's pull its leader. the bible tells us that within a short distance from here. jesus it and force him into wine. two thousand years they tend to
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agree to marry colt might be tending to wind back into more to become the new has been living in the glenn heights one of the fifty years. each day he attains his many on the north kids keeping his whiny ness an act that was once the city and compact. he is proud of the wine he produces a nose back in the absence of water none of this would be possible. i have to be in the orders and work conditions it's the second main resource that would have bothered them gladly. each crop needs water. now that you will destroy all the crops and destroy all the following year. it can turn that on nights into desert. and it's not just about the golan heights bring water from its catchment feeds into the river jordan. providing a third of his goals was to supply the disputed region was seized from syria off to the sixteenth hole and residents of the corn on the name of the quartet was a key issue in the conflict
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don't leave home from work here's the article. deadly duo who walked with you when you're the one on his front of the city and see all the food for your concern. he is merciful. the group has led to her from pawtucket is what the solstice. it's a wildlife ruled that the current rules the water controls demand. but the problem is in some cases these videos for walks have to go round. we are. a woman in order to shoot by several soviet nation. it is always the possibility of friendship in this one fixed it should be manageable. whoops but out of control. examples of forcible complex the plentiful. sen is made to walk to school since travel to turkey and iraq making it vulnerable. while jordan is reliant on evidently simple two d and e tickles who recently expressed concern that the countries using the upper nile to kinda make the leap to college in the dry landscape in the east
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wall to his cry is more precious than diamonds. in its absence salmon and trout up quick to fund it. but this is a region that very seldom needs an excuse for war and water shortages. mike just to dependence. the crt. in one of heights but smudges impose a folder ages three to increase the consent of the construction project on the open eye of the country relies greatly on the river where upstream ethiopia's carly building a massive dam i would still read it may face serious consequences in ethiopia stopped fitting that damage to the seventeenth remember that isn't as olivia six to seven per cent off its stand upwind and the missile that is of some of tripoli as those of quebec and the heavy it be a serious effort to national security and that's play immediately when the stove and is the actual top of the high fat low salt. experts here is what the bible and paul war was a soviet because
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the bishop of four of us that we would be buying eighty five percent of the war. some will talk comes home it's two pm and swimsuits in fact the impulse thousand and fifty engine will be one hundred and fifty million people and we would be meeting him at this temple that fifty five point five billion. when you want getting up to fifty extra what would happen to music and that and the apostles and fifty before going to have more water. in turkey and fifty police officers have reported the fact overnight as part of a crackdown over much to corruption scandal in addition several high profile officials of the proton busts unfolding investigation the revelations but feel it's time to get this straight from the stricken and claims the affairs of foreign conspiracy designed to discredit the cabin. while in bed to get the successes of march to joseph full ration
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shop and am thankful that the cooling of demonstrations are planned to locate major roads to the captain to form government with the continued that calls for the problems typically in the shadow of a partial repeal of the depression from the streets announced new elections in fact lead to a contest to say that small enough to push into citizens come. cool with it for the new election to the pigments of zero tend to be out to freeze its breadth america's east coast of thousands of flights being canceled across north america the shift to the web the pot known as the polar vortex has dropped and that is in some parts the consonants new record lows at least sixteen deaths to be blamed on the weather which is also showed schools parks and businesses. it is a poll today was sold cold in fact the news this is a measure that the polar bears in chicago's lincoln park zoo how to be kept until my ca to see him because the building. they say. up
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next on sea meets the family of a russian orthodox priest holmes is home to seventy abandoned children to the gaza strip nicolette miracle worker is added to my death please pray that they'll see just about now aye aye aye aye. why didn't they. i'm quite sure although it's not my thing unless some mechanisms to prevent me from now. with
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the i mean. you lose. they are. this look. early in the greenery in it. the navy and was in fact candidates i'm still on the block looking at it. i'm going to last a lot back some of
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the land of the feminine in. iu think is what comfy may be that we thinking. we can expect that. no context and animate them. that it was due to the summit. let alone but you would get the dilemma our misdeeds. among them again. but now on. many of the caliber of disaster commanded to him. skating
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chu you do lulu little one who hoo hoo hoo hoo the still watching the life of the w him for the rock band's original content adjoining is coming up dangerously cold temperatures plunged to record lows across north america. also oil scandal spanish court subpoena the daughter of king kong cop once in a money laundering investigation. actually it amounts to go to the winter in six months until it is a massive security operation


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