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tv   RT News  PBS  January 10, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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long way when will . our guests traveling to syria are being recruited by peter to carry out attacks when neighbor turned cold. details for me or coming up. the well washington's considering resuming no less lethal mitre eight to syria despite radical al qaeda linked rebels gaining strength and in controlling crucial towns in neighboring iraq. you're just thirty is picking the eyes of the soul with the books lead is having some of the lowest approval ratings in bed reading and bailed out companies. get it
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over is killed by us soldiers often be mistaken for the enemy. this is washington's failing to get trouble to sign a security deal. also reporting assessed for safety. russia launches a massive security operation ahead of the winter games in sochi. dubbed the largest commitment to history. fans most tedious that the pyramids kid this is the repeat and repeat repeat for hours that day. old cottage extremist groups in syria are seeking to recruit and train the americans and then send them back to carry out terror attacks. that's what u s intelligence and counterterrorism officials a cleaning with the tracking of days he returned from syria now one of the talks asked
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what the political niceties the last that intelligence officials say al these efforts are in the early stages but not me at nonetheless the fbi director says that now tracking americans clever turn from syria has become among the heroes highest counterterrorism priorities now forty two senior counterterrorism officials islamic extremist groups in theory over my stockinette are trying to identify recruit and train americans and other westerners what trouble they are and to get them to carry out the house when he returned home i us officials say at least seventy americans have either travel to syria for trying to since the civil war started three years ago that number height of the claim was never disclosed it this is the first time that that number seventies been disclosed but us officials the series of award no doubt has become a magnet for westerners seeking to fight with rebels against died the government of president bush are all excited. all this news is coming
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ironically as the obama administration is reportedly considering the resumption of non lethal military key to syria syria as a moderate opposition. but that's despite the fact that some of that nani fully may end up in the hands of islamist groups allied with hot with the moderates are posing is allied with the moderate said the united states suspended shipments of non lethal eight last month after warehouse is of equipment were seized by the islamic front a coalition of islamic fighters that broke with the american backed three syrian army still clearly the obama negotiation has a complex situation on their hands on one hand the u s citizens traveling there may be turned into ties to care and approximate returned home on the other hand you bought initiation neighbors do not lethal aid imported into syria clearly not very complex situation that so far the botanist region has not been answered. soo the us is highly likely to resume normal lethal retreating to
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the stern opposition to what exactly do they want to send all the old refilling is everything needed to call back except for domains then but it's addicting sporty on wed night vision goebbels and communication equipment there are a lot of grey areas here when nola lethal objects become a lethal for so called when a radio transmitter is used to trigger an expensive device meanwhile some very graphic footage is a piano line claiming to show the often authentic mexican turn up while caden think voices and paper never stronger than in the country and summoned him to say there's a flu. also lisa made that has played a role in this. in other states provided out leaflets systems to jordan to sci and threw them into turkey to the opposition but the opposition is is is fragmented incapable at what's happened is that the bee out of the more radical elements principally the odd that the um the foreign fighters have taken over the opposition in terms of the fighting
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consequently those weapons have gotten their hands they become emboldened they become they've gotten better weapons as a consequence of getting the surface to air missile to get our pj's and apparently what will happen is that if you have to start the past weapons to the opposition. it inevitably will fall into the hands of extremists because they're just much more of the year in addition to be a more radical eyes there also. more fear spiders and they they they have shown that against the opposition the rise of al qaeda linked opposition groups in the raging rebel rebel fighting is causing many to change their view of the cold to consider former c i a director michael hayden said the assad regime is beginning to look like the lesser of all evil son the former us ambassador to south. syria iraq and afghanistan on raw and cooked a great asset is not as bad as the asian audience. russia's foreign minister sergei liberal welcomed the change of stance but in ankara. there was no change with its turkish
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foreign ministry still insisting the senate must go to the exclusion of these history and politics generally sold says the rise of al qaeda groups is a much bigger threat to turkey itself. the next item of all of a remarkable man was ordered to carry out suicide bomb was inside to eat and keep record of one on the last of my youth in the quarter and went on to more than fifty people. so it is a great day. this will be the warmest spot is evil in syria. we note that on top is the key suspects that comeuppance. he could enable the credible syrian opposition that the mother does. the city and the pre tsunami is no credible. she will call it. wilkins said and as the jihadist group the islamic state of iraq and abandon gains momentum in syria. of course the border
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in iraq that all sick and told me he says he's in the country's biggest problems i am not the government is still the holding of all faiths are offensive to retake them but reports are coming in of this flooding between government troops and innocent in the areas between the major and promoting what they have a civilian casualties may lead to political summit tribal leaders citing the al qaeda militants holding this isn't the most to suddenly get in on the recruitment center in baghdad on thursday the gt soldiers were killed and dozens wounded. tech is seen as retaliation against the iraqi government which has been calling for new troops to join its fight against al qaeda. the us is waiting for his dismissal in surveillance during deliveries to iraq and leave has been greeted with caution by many expats in the valleys guessed it by washington's role in the conflict and coastal places is a hero don't seem to match the distance. nine years applying hellfire missiles and groans and automation and tax of all sorts of coins and none of that work it is the definition of mental illness to keep doing the same thing over north
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expecting to put results here to sing weapons into iraq at this time from the united states will likely have as much success this time as it did the last time. it's a bit of deja vu all over again it's really quite amazing i mean we have to remind our viewers that there was no al qaeda in iraq before the invasion and now they have clung to me come on i mean what is the learning curve here or is there anyone in your learning curve at all with all of the distortions of the result of meddling and outright murder by the united states is the spirit seeking sovereignty self determination dignity the wedding on and on budget and it is interesting. you can support for human events of the forest itself. when we do for you so we'll wait it isn't a hit on a latino years of austerity and bailouts taking a toll on the public's confidence in the european union with me
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just below showing people serious disappointment in the pool leadership doesn't batted well for reading policies with chemicals a little step is often picked on. note a few mums europeans will be going to the polls in what could be the most important european parliamentary elections but the latest gallup poll statistics. but don't make good reading for those that will be standing for the top spots across the european opponents. even those countries that have received some of the most help countries like spain the recent fourteen billion euros to pay on the r nine fift of population said. that needs to be the key leadership the diction weepy every pro eu his violent they receive sixty seven point five billion. that's it. if
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they insist than seventy percent of the irish nation previously said that they support its european union fourteen said the sample was also being big declines in sports that even countries like sweden finland austria the netherlands denmark the uk ip but this time since the site of statistics that exist in the right to exhibit doesn't finish last. when it comes to the exit poll. you apparently the statistic belongs to greece with only nineteen percent of the population supporting the european union. some people read and see the politics could this mean for the tip of the people by the european crisis it's not just european politicians to the scene they don't fit in popularity. the euro itself as a whole slew of its huge loads on this will europeans look to alternative types of currency to queue at their finances me to find out more on knox from or if an option
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these colorful return to him it's not money. to be a real family. go shopping. these bills in your wallet to monday. registering. he and his lieutenant he also called complementary currencies it's people or businesses agree to use for transactions in particular area district court and justice league. you look like something from a kid's game the reasons behind it. far from counseling. in early june. seek first the key local currencies steve was in the region. he delivered a sixty second regular. well i called once an official comes mep who want of something the interest on. we can control and that we can trust not just something that is going to do in ohio with no control and leads to speculation. certain forms of money have a history stretching back decades and that he had to be growing in popularity especially in
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tough financial times ordinary soon enough. things may look with money enough to re ski teams but tvnz is a ordinary people have to pay for mistakes and lawsuits this is why people want to have a currency that they will surely serve them and until this year summer and fiscal power that is as global finance system sometimes he's a famous headline grabbing her attentive currency is the digital be calling the current dozens of others and these worldwide. in france europe's second largest economy people exchange server season goes on at least twenty different times of complementary currencies and in numbers and growing the slain is one such project to play outside harry's she says she never considered the lead. and he raced into the hunting season and tentative became clear
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or will not be new and effective death and not just among the exchange. it also became amount of speculation can feed off one of the current system put into context into the real economy on the ground which means it's last breath. the people his roster includes parts of the projects and only the flower shop. thanks to him on it the donkey. police said it took us two more people will announce a one nothing else to meet people who are too old for that long been quoted that once we landed to do this to the intense pace faster and accepts not catch the names of the peach in french instead i'm sitting on this album was an electrician your seed is used to express so amazing how to enter full of energy which to let the currencies in france certainly seemed to be experts claim complementary currencies do not replace the official one. however he lost his mind and heart non conventional money. people who he's talking to a different type of change
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refilled not seen the signs but you can select your mosque a coming of the saudi right wing voices and apparently getting riled up the navy. all students and our estimates according for me to re gain self respect and defence presence felt this story have mold off to the break. the air. tune in dl sini amonin. ent
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the traffic light thingy. it really helped me to do with them. what can be. i don't kno. your aunties today however research . the a four year old who has been short of dead white us soldiers in afghanistan the troops opened fire on the top are often mistaken for the enemy due to poor
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visibility. in other developments for us when a tree plane has crashed killing three american soldiers on board. but semitic growing strain between washington and kabul that of american negotiator has said the pact between the two states is unlikely to be signed before afghanistan's presidential eleions in eight. some agreement with present common cause i like it so inded with a low for ten thousand us troops to stay in the country up to the liberals who have worn this is easy. the team in the us among the religious persecution before it sold just because i was reluctant to accept. try to live which is the purest are informative show percent who said in a moroccan after the start it's going to be only what the deal is crucial for us no supplements. mind you anyway is likely to have any chance of success by sentiment i mean it's a political way full. an american perspective the support troops. chris
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wilkinson be happening in sydney. the insurgency in the sou that we call the telephone is likely to take a fall prey to stake in any political arrangement after the election assuming of coursthat the elections go wild. this is an absolutely crucial here the americans. they're playing a very dangerous game here. the console to go to cousin house. as alluded to isolate the cause. this exceeds the twenty fourteen winter games so she has most of the largest security operation in history. tens of thousands of police offices of the health of him with the sole aim of warding off any threats in keeping the coles businesses and athletes at the school school reports the twenty second putting eight winter games in two thousand and fourteen i wore that to the city of sochi the scene is russia's black sea resort was awarded the games set to music to some observers question the choice to succeed. so she's placed top seeded team to the photo caucasus region
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close they are cute acoustics on the recent twin terror attacks in the bowl to grab some seven hundred km from sochi. every night at some of those worries organizers said security has been attendg priority since day o. tourism is the global threat. for terrorism there is no boundaries no character is the love to hear in sochi it from the very beginning of the construction phase said they state that sort to serve. made the last four months to prepare the special measures to stop them from the screen although materials richard kim older then use them to pay an incredible images of the security and to provide for the safest ever environment here. with less than a month to go now until the games begin. tight security measures over the place. around forty thousand police and security
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office is expected to be on patrol. also the dangers hunting equipment. time for tuition in the camps. this also controls eye. stretching is sixty km along the coast and twenty five km inland and encompassing told a news source bit of both defended it in terms of security so it is a special case because this whole area is authorized visit this only use the security detail from a number of countries including uk years working his . on the security forces will be coming together to protect places like this is the brand new papa still train station in the unending village. we were the main transport hubs during the games losing thousands of spectators what's your point of most of the cameras in sitcoms that connection with engine and was present at train stations and on the train insecurity is pretty tight. with the bulk of the watch now complete. children use and transport networks built and
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tested. so she's now just waiting for the sporting world to descend. it's got up to the sochi. six suspects have been detained on charges of being behind a terror attack in the southern russian city appeared in court in late december according to the anti terror committee for six of them and confessed they woke up and running up a pouch filled with explicit. it was detonated remotely and killed three crosses i was also reported the suspects were preparing another fall a lot to atone for it. denny's most tours korea on a website them including hundreds of thousands of units in the directive as powers of an inch of the crucifix. they gather them and they don't pilgrimage in the philippines capital manila to pray for the victims of the deadly high and tight fitting which the country november. footage of the procession is avoidable can be in motion section on the auntie call also there with the heat in brazil soaring above the pool tropical levels is a work of
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defeating the inmates would only seek to seize on the two cold scorpio bit of high school sweet frozen fruits inside baby has a pacifist nation but some awesome japanese society think it's time for the country to shift to the right nationalist groups to court for a harder line to be taken against enemies but the room and the role of cheese makes you get to ski but somehow the trend of late taken through the entire region the eye. it's become a tradition in japan when some foreign officials are subjected to verbal abuse on this particular case and japanese nationalists made their feelings known loud and clear to russia's foreign minister china and south korea hopes of being in their crosshairs one for an island dispute. the other was sending to me labor migrants to japan. probably just told s korean workers would describe the scope approaches which needed to be
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exterminated. what this man is one of those behind the mask whose bodies in japan. he says he'd like to see a more equal society what do we need to look into the world that all foreigners come here and commit crimes that i want us to return to pre war period. when you look close and self sufficient despite criticizing the government for its immigration policies the movement could not be feeling more comfortable seats twenty twelve when she saw that was the elected as prime minister such readings have been known to drive those are not the only foreign nationals and delegation getting the stink from japanese national locals who have directed suffered from the country coming upon arrival the school teachers have been protesting because they lost their jokes were not complying with what they call ultra nationalist regulations in school. we need is an obligation to return to the national anthem before classes. my pupils who were
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not even japanese. this was a duplicate images cannot identify but it's not only about instilling national pride. speculation is rife that with all the stronger japan height of a is eager to amend the nineteen forty seven constitution namely article number nine which breed is due to formatting and i departed other than for defense purposes. in the increasingly intertwined world was to ensure that the use of our nation without proactively stake in the role and the ease and security of the world. why don't we take steps forward on the issue of constitutional amendment. but not everyone is buying yet more far reaching goals with the reshaping of the regional balance of power there has been a token high profile politicians including former prime ministers launched a debate whether japan should have nuclear weapons. now materialized but it's something i really believe it's been pondering for years now the passage of time let alone get bowel which sent shockwaves across the region
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say experts. but for now even with nationalist forces getting louder. polls suggest that such atheists are still some way from becoming reality. it's just not seem important. check out all teams will complete his her at least three pp been killed in the key to tell the police clashed with hundreds of islam is the testers and a gas to disperse them in the cities of its own pink color. the mall to a reading against the upcoming constitutional referendum on the papers to deploy to some minister made the mistake of barricades. basically the tiger was on the stove to three courts convicted hundred and thirteen is the list of charges ranging from what seemed to possess it. the self clean president of the central african republic has finally resigned from the space to move its head when they meet a host of the season the impoverished landlocked nation the decision current strong pressure from the summit agreed to meet his teacher leader failed to calm or to just watch it please muslims to beat the rebels and christians since seizing power in march. well folks is
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that the european union to send more troops on top of the sixteen hundred french soldiers. bolton boss. they can win the veto but the more recent images of the hall now in the meantime it is overtaking with larry king this is obscene. ai ai ai. ch there is you. i am. there are many internal battles in society. liberals and conservatives will never agree on gun rights or abortion but there is one battle that is often more generational than anything the battle for school uniforms teachers argue that uniforms would make a big distraction in the classroom
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and break up the caste system second of all the school between the cool fashionable kids than the ones who can barely afford much like me and my younger years teenagers will scream your first crush their freedom of expression and that they have a right to express who they are their individuality who has the right to dictate to them what to wear the things they don't realize is that if the school doesn't tell them what to wear anything corporation said mtv will all deport individuals who dress alike and blindly follow all the trends are just obeying corporate marketing instead of the pair is yet for some reason it is bad if the school punishes you for trusting him properly with the cool kids make your life a living for not wearing the right brand of shows well that's all well and good for some reason. look at it this way school uniforms she would raise more money for parents to buy your video games. the individual in your actions. another fake individual in trendy clothes fascist. i think. i am. a
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low. it is. little. it is
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low. it is. i peered years
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and three new longest ongoing series on seventeen ninety you are watching and eight i am. cysts. this is the deal news journal twenty sizzle and in between. thanks so much being with us. these are the headlines. a possible breakthrough in negotiations over iran's nuclear program will be getting the latest from our regional analyst the fighting continues as the president of central african republic resigns. and germany all see on unemployment benefits for immigrants comes under fire


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