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tv   Kazakh TV News  PBS  January 12, 2014 3:30am-4:01am PST

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cover business and finance alternative teaching historical and present day events as well as sports and leisure. in focus saturdays and sundays at four thirty pm twenty minutes to clean our cousins on that occasion you get the upset bid to kill and eat. on to mark the spots on them to get online in calcutta on christmas eve and calcutta. he's a lesson about the perceived increase in commercial promise that i can walk with him and he really
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get the scoop on moscow's tonight. i shall use to not know what that was immediate the young ones that don't rely on the local unit or shall i make the most economical he communicated by putting cute and unique team is yeshua body. it was easy to get pics to come visiting team is the congo. i'm not that i just assumed that he'll come when you begin to explain he wanted to claim it's been kind of sums to come to a shocker that he says he did a weak economy and finance that can teach a man of my customers and give it up that he denied replace him as of the initiative to ask about the line nominees me and cc me on the ladder the gnostic it. then then then i sucked it up with the topless elements of the month but with a lot of that matters is that the dt at us non stop on the scene in pompeii. among them awful but that has any initiate say the mining union of chica that the smallness of old and is teaching knitting and imagines assortment of that but he couldn't move into
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cars and union has upset some sheets that will combine it as a vehicle not the will to do that. anything less than a sunday in the inning to cut out of his death the new south africans. by coming clean magic of many to use them. so going to shoot. so the city visible so that put an end to ensure that. so now that you can see and so on that. going solar power and elmo woman. this gentle with them. unless it is to get caught up with demand he said we did. so as to just get all of the list. yet in poland. yes that is canonical or announce that i do also instead you may seek inquisition. layne collins nineteen c on the mulch was a gym until my lunch you should have been so kind and the most any image of castilla include a gay or not the kind of battle for the mouse button the animals the method of thinking as he
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did tuesday on the part of the dam funny because at the bottling plant lady to meet union that all she ate the meat he didn't but the monthly to get you to the commission should mention again how must the polygon humble effort so that means gallon. he can use to put it didn't get the whole world that i was on the role played in a new conflict in the shop actually can be steamed in law said to me that alinghi team it up when you get inundated in motion i e commercial banking in malawi it. you will stumble for us to put all my shopping the uncle that you can finger. you're okay you know you have to spend a minute longer essential and can i take a look a little thought of ollie they are the uber the film. does it even though the mind numbing that the kimono too. both of you to be stupid. among the interested issued capital in common cause and i seem to make and there's enough guy to my compassion i feel i need to learn to ensure the lamb and get to do some final budget comedies and
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the on line a sheet jordan bottom mark on the international mining to kazakhstan and police to get the call uncomfortable colony in the sky. shiok to the studio model in australia receiving trauma nagging nicola micah told new cousin learning to continue to cook like if she can be pretty stupid. sixteen plays in the bank or company. in the middle call and call unless the babies and eighty two key code of the compartment visible and shrapnel in the form of increased the atonement and really tickled kong's that ofkt the two mortgage lending get to do some fun on the chicago it is in use only a new addition he is inside us the employee only allowed to move my studio condemned
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the last virginia was named the money again. the sooner you can wear jeans in july the north sea is on the lease on the communion sunday later a lack of big mistake as a tool in a week or more my mind and a lot of nice and kind of condition get a shot at the shrine a meal. an get. i was checking me in the parliament and the coastal town sewerage and incompetence of us can muster mucho say thest it's keeping a cool track as a pdf one of the game in the mean green the sun the local island again and that keeps kids well mostly the snake i can actually stick to it. so i didn't know and i'll go out to the cause ofuc unlik the commercial to premium on you could image image image copious you can do she stepped hostile to israel and the repeated by looking good she showed so many she is a lot to be in two thousand model and the most odious
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talking to me anymore. she soon will walk a block on an awesome conrt last night eli back. monday she should be aimed at more than the scum of the cost of converting it comical show and commonly seen in the student who didn't like him i did come across the county is in the vehicles have realized that i see she should get kalimantan life can be stopping the comtion the lesson that they knew him on monday to get elected as the two of them. as you can pretty much a good meal and a one page which is especially shouldn't he wouldn't be a man of god. michael isaac was nick named him a lot of the film also won the nineteen eighty nine to lead the music and has been with you what the film musical moment for the group traveled to use it. whatever it is going to do. this dude don't even know the vehicle and can pull this out of that picked it up. due to limited goverent and the homeowner. no one to
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everyone that is suited for all who wanted to go into the full moon god and is huge there were no significant effect is that it still looks of china. the more you can even called collegiate teams in the bcp dot com or call us on a one dish in addition to mine pointed out a lot older german and the more you have had a licence and in the summer later in the media i snapped again. she included them in the neck. oh my. though. in two min in the collision convinced of the cars awful condition condition that it was meho was in school if they couldn't show a busy and you can go on drinking. all was and will alert you to hold it all. nominated for the photoshoot was a wound that. also the vocalist. dual mode. india should blindly non league contest cause siobhan said. he's getting into my. see if there was no
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one should come as education it only timothy adam martin says. the landlady on the lead in the team is you get the pics for you too legit to quit he said. going for it. opening the new investment. the pitiful ndicating that the new coffee can with it and using the phone to phone them. even the most useful out of style it is a man pushes the government appointed a movie ticket what do you think is going to miss you traveling has become a less gloomy sentiment. london contestants only. i can come and she didn't cause the more you he can come in and eating all my usual by tuesday the new teaching piano as the asian yet. it's an invitation to the canadian champion and honestly abdomen again the assumption that as
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a family split this post is kinda fun uncle known in academia. my mother purchased on a cobbled lane to zion knowing the christening get to see into the kazakhstan the shiny she did it but didn't get to that and did a good thing unless something the locals. the couple was about losing jobs to low cost rivals. joe mckay people see it to the town was awesome damsel choo choo will begin be good at putting a lot less cluttered up in ottawa the monkey basic tools of saddam's article eight was the applesauce milk is the one to pitching in. so now i'm comin to my step count i had denied been on a lake of fire is now much to come back to back in the last time we stood there just in tanzania tunnel and it's nice to wake up but you couldn't get the look may be steeped in sin he should be species can see them he looked at this computer speed. and
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sometimes dancing. emotions recently. each game. you can cheat stg. i know. all of us so in other passages in receipts to bullets australian bayonne be good to put it in the bottom of the will of you who love him a call to set his foot on it mom also cost you to mother gentry nicholas issues of importance the bushes due to shop much. i was with that kind of song that you know the end of the key to open communion that one died in the shoes sports in sec one motion the accc in grozny spock so all the stuff we did cause of the feast eating at tt's it taken back. eye the most arizona make easier
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the third team all city budget. he's into any kind this doesn't set called but forced lady has a leak in your column that was seized in the sky and eighty one to deal with that machine you've also got to play scheme of things you'd like to his russian team be going on. he also won a cd of you here it's not cost you can get a concept study out of it with the tpc of boston a city with the milestone was is this warm want to do most of the time comes i'll take a little amusing that he was the mother calmed of these eco give a when it comes to cold joke all of a couple of people full of them can we be neutral on the cd from set pieces with that. and if that works. until now. the post on the east is solstice. then he
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sat and sat on the twenty fourth child when she will see why. most it was on a mosque used to add on wednesday on jean beat it with those in utah but it did to me. i don't buy it. i do with it. i lead the team all star team does anyone know of the play double the amount of trust by the duke was the test as he did that he hit some snow so to see me now than at the tpc a supple he she should be used to be a bug on her stomach as i was on the left of the most prized any hindrance can sit kick in. let us off like that again here comes commanding said blessed are the spotlight on the bikini speed it didn't go home again we think the fed statement cannot be undone so much about them and that all will excuse be an impulse is is done on one he can last months at that level of melamine is an unjust loves me and it was slow to respond a little bikinis. if that guy i needed to wear the weekend in a way to show someone to
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come. he was like he and cheney keep the peace and will only kill a human moment that the nostalgia of another quilt tops in my view the keys to me as his items and keep calm and then by the marxist in it. i think. i knew you could stop the bus stop just in an alleged late to swim up to those of us how well he didn't get to it by the bbc will a portion of the law and i must respond and upload them all my step dad. ok that when the iphone the most of the dollar goes to buy homes and icy. it's not like the attic and out comes the keys added speaking on them. although the no privacy and civil law stephen jackson t mohan of that team just to tease you missed it. we chilled at the time i smoke one of the event mrs b's political trouble. but the usl one can set up the most wooden box
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live in agony that all adults a list of the on the jet nozzle to win indiana. what these two studying the filibuster the sound of my cd get one cents i would use of kazakhstan economy custom tools they don't listen to his technology to put the pipe that many. you can want to. this is a lot of comment on the poll was the school was as usual and as you can either tell that to the wolves outside all the parts of the mongol of antiques be a buyer that the seed of an induced year without a doubt said cd cost what it does that at the county's that. you guys helped me stumble. i need to use a local event kazakhstan he seemed a little tv and it was a mess and you can resume us banking boss to keep it up but the economy of the morning easton warm but center itc to achieve that on to say that and that abc while the teens in and getting it but who wanted to
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buy a stock that she had that both of them puts it this river tuesday she stood me up on them to do just the frame again in the uk and us policy that makes but the law says that no man despise not get that monkey do know that we need to get me into a lot of time outside on the scene but tuesday and keeps his eyes darkening fusion yet and it was announced on wednesday he was defending champion of new couldn't begin to you but you can love an egg and egg into going up the most of the week i didn't get the win democrats gospel surprises about a local gp she could issue the mix along with inventing the bees can we use begin let us all but she didn't some of the local gp to get into the building was keane's union between a vocalist and getting to know the stock does not cause us to assist the homeless things to do today but among
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the most about having just bought was simply this is living in a cup. and as i would consider it to give up when i have had them in a cute sheep and chicken if left to give up due to my dad's cousin incapable of continuing if they continue to talk of allowing it to them. at this concert as an eating contest. the little blue mussels cooked by cdc exciting to know when dunham us coalition was seized from a cause of the full moon eyes again was a little water using a demo from its own business and chemical co other causes it is to do is we know the hostel was nice to us today. he's up to the drinking age to do so when you this link includes a stunning cheap enough to give a what you say to astana kazakhstan to muscle in season and to the crucial seem to get some of the summer engaged in building the team has the talent summing it up to a dingy piano playing field the most books love them and inmates to get some of
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the island in a single he sees you can do it that when th humans who is getting to the left but all the stress he's just on the bus like he's from either the list of notable in the lead in the social moscow. come on them and continued to slip a little cool little spot of opal. the beyond. it's legally hole total of one hundred and twenty cc mystical she did. that ability to play the secret that gives us the most full time staff and efficient it's unique. he said
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boateng. we need to follow mom look what was it above and beyond. he typically gets mentioned pension accounts of balloon that was the simplest i can see assist the only emotion when the guests begin to happen was sick he says that the missiles then cuts to the t in the uk expose a terrible cook and stir. i'm against the bottom of the significance of this week in evolution and is it then she giggled. morton says the political cover by news of the cyclists that he must have warned that its financial and non stop. but the most mundane of kazakhstan belichick and get a promotion you will some of the deceitful tongue and bank of china. the show cause notice of change and utensils they didn't use a long time last time i actually don't jiggle the combined use of the new position you'd like to do it but then you can see it better to push up one night the shack site and use the months of the unique it is that you get constitution it would be if she can get a comfortable lead some to some
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of the month i will stop of the many different problems and you still want to be a sight for us to explain who wanted to give up the day as did push ups over. will. that was to get to go back and get a new kitten is it going in the intestinal bug hunting the qb gets all cent chance that a college student congress and the coastal town being a kid it seemed to be useless to me and come they banged up so much that the year for me seriously making genre of incompetence and that is pleasing to him she didn't need a new niece that in case you can see you getting into the scope of most of my stash a sub accounts. taking any step forward and muslim entity seeking. leave them on japan motion menus and the muscle
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that you can push the pedal a moment then on the the council should not cause for this ocean conditions for sure that when the kazakhstan he commuted the most i think this latest commercial competition spending extra button is hit to the oppression that even a simple function like the product you get to know we can get it again nonetheless the death of collectivist white film which cost more money the stomachs of the atlantic city. oh well the school. i didn't except i was induced into the wall so that it is it'll come across in a row so there is also positive about its full permission to play politics and any doubts. they said nor was an only son jesus voting is the contents and offended. stop the spread of food from the block. it will go with it. best on
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the belief that the genome actually wanted to give a fillip to the new cushion on the premises. i'm connie my chance to meet the inverse association as a demonic alicia and i kept putting this issue saying it is too tight too much. when shown a good look at the end of months i've been trying to begin comedic effect. he must have felt some emotion get the sense to me last summer clothes as a muslim the technique you can see she can get one of the past that and he discussed the level of life. stephanie smith is a visit to bolivia to stop crying and thought that the folks that seem to miss d facilities in the cinema. constable will connect an associate of this is a dependable cool calm collected in a comma. take a leisurely on the stump he not only did they commit to it in the lead in them. an
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income supplement the cost of doing. continue to cook in nineteen eighteen times the deep within. you come on judicial of some of the last man which is mixed up with this nagging and just get to the union piecemeal national identity. if you're a kid she also slept most of that i didn't get to that. well that turned our attention so i lost the house to come. who i lose them. i know. i eye it was. this is what folks that goal. be sure what to put security. you'll want to speak face to face it what's
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with that. so what did you know who seemed to produce this one. it's also going to waste. people go hungry. some one billion people on my lunch at one point i figured a little treat to almost sixty percent of twitter is for us never reaches the outspoken words are wasted on a production line one on supply chain and even hostile. possible force cruel world we have a lot of research when you know that you beat me. not snow and the plane i knew that some people having enough food in schools is a major cold. its seat is much more about increasing efficiency in production. it's all about distribution of the global difficult to read a compass it's about sports how we use natural resources than if we can become more efficient in the cycling friends. so what resources we have enough for producing food for monday when people go down to bowl them out of course to become
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much more efficient and we are today the curiously named to the stem this all sounded at first but just an offering of service. but many who attend experiments of surprise but the quality of work considering it legitimate film fest but with the least. the many of the filmmakers did their part by not simply to reading demonizing bad cops. instead the human ice. using the powerfully display the daily challenges of the space. these films are intended to air on afghan television. he used by police in groups will be submitted international focus. at first it seems an unlikely pair the afghan filmmakers police both groups of the same interest in a more independent and secure afghanistan this is the education establishment the cheap enough that the penitentiary department a present for you mates main offenders in the georgian capital tbilisi. is it into
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itunes and inform the juvenile justice center undertaken by the government of georgia and unicef and supported by the european union. rehabilitation of young offenders and their reintegration into society it's a crucial aspect. this has come up with an old idea of supporting the kid needs of patients in jordan and i think he gets that but that is deemed accurate and that he would ask the medicine and treatment they had been safe mining pits can be used to import chinese descent and so should they fail. the bombing instance be distilled down nice and tight in the coming years. i'm still likes the medicines to fifty two pleasant of the population. i get paid to cotton setting it's well below the lives of john f kennedy's things for the nineteen sixties european union plus to mobilize the energy of youth and the elderly as volunteers to build the skills they need to gain of one european
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parliament wants to add his proposed plan. the report proposes creation of a centralized eu portal to include a section on cross border volunteering. it encourages member states to adopt a voluntary measurement method approved by the international labour organization to provide a clear picture of voluntary work that's to insure against volunteerism turning into free labor undermining existing jobs the veins in the world also in eighteen months the dunes. it is
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with that. i am the head the winner. in. the win the food. he is. we do. it is
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it's been. room. i do i i did. they do. to him. in womb
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you do. we were in. i was the mm. the we are
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the years. cz the new name i i be. do i. i. the b b


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