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tv   RT News  PBS  January 12, 2014 7:30am-8:01am PST

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place in sven is over swamps of iraq while washington finals arms to state forces but was predicted to be a delight counter attack. and syrian rebels turn on each other in a merciless for four with over five hundred fighters killed in islam as classes in just one week sparking a change of heart among some of their foreign backers. but the month before the winter olympics kicks off the host city is putting a priority on security. thanks for the games remain safe and
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undisturbed. plus content in the eu leaders has never been lower. according to a new poll at least three hard hit areas of europe where governments are desperate for solutions to entrenched economic crisis. a fan. rt live from hamas the studios and effects thanks for joining me. the black like the al qaeda was this week raised over to iraq's cities which are now under the control and has spent on creating new islamic nation but the real blood letting is yet to be again when the experts as the iraqi army and tribal militias mobilizing prepared to counter attack but she's getting to check on reports
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hoover was approved in nineteen eighty eight the run on tx. emboldened by confiding cv and diesel qaeda linked militants overran parts of iraq including the cd a collection of beautiful as we said earlier about this year's duration will actually be. i'm going to iraq and this is what we were warning about the chaos in neighboring syria a vis the us and its allies threat to the syrian government sending a signal to the rebels to fight off to the detriment of the political outcome is on its troops have now taken over the opposition movement the year and has even chased the western backed leader of the free spirit army out of the country. to be snatched either we belong to kick kick kick. come out and buy it and that's what we did when we invaded iraq in oh three and eighteen by two notches somewhere far in a war zone here in the us american intelligence and counterterrorism officials now say the islamic extremist groups in syria with high skill high of recruiting and training americans who traveled there to get them to carry out attacks when they return home. there are dozens
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of extremist islamist forces that are operating both inside syria and over the syrian borders. iraq has been a breeding ground for extremists since the us invasion. now residents of foliage and other parts of the country are bracing themselves for the iraqi army's assault as it attempts to drive militants out of c's periods. the us is supplying for any sars and other weapons to help iraqi government and the fight to the last thing fallujah needs is more missiles would hurt the us government's anti semitic al qaeda is needed the groups that continue their calls expect and what they thrive on the us is keen on us. the west of chaos to iraq and syria. washington's support for armed opposition has been at its extremes. in washington on domestic counterparts. the as contrasted to be in control of fallujah and ramadi is the islamic state of iraq and
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the font also known as ice axe. it's seen as a formidable fighting force in its militants are among the most radical cells in syria. nice is itself dates back to the early years of the iraq war was formed in sunni insurgents and soon after pledge allegiance to bin laden's two years later it was rebranded as the islamic state of iraq in two thousand thirteen us military successes against the side gained a strong influence in syria. it's light ad lib on to its name and of course the latest developments. the group is taking control of fallujah and other parts of the anbar province iraq and proclaimed an islamic states under scared gore the former danish intelligence officer who served in iraq tells us how kind is just itching for a fight. in my opinion that he and caden has never been on the run day it might have been a bit down skating due to a two pressure but once the station is listed the yeti on annexation is this bag in full force and it uses he said. and causes to
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drink a drink. the fighting ability of the stay off the ice is for instance is to set a strong but they contain head to mobilize to have less than one finger. and i seasoned it the rebels has its use them today they want to continue fighting. an iraqi army really has the chance to fight the sit in meetings says it into a pop and soul to medicate them in syria western nations are watching in horror as their favored rebel groups turn on each other just this week almost five hundred opposition fighters died fighting each other in a turf war that appears demonstrates that is more hardline islam as forming the shell the fact is causing quite a scare among the leaves and committing them to change sounds former c i a director michael hayden said the assad regime is beginning to look like the lesser of all evils the former us ambassador to syria iraq and afghanistan ryan crocker agreed that the sun is not as bad as that
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hunts. russia is a pro as foreign minister rather circuitous route welcomed the change of stance. grandma sue ryder a german journalist who has just returned from syria says the moderate opposition is now extinct the term serial position is as strong as it could be this the schools are nice the scenery and an oral position so they don't have in their interest to the benefit of the people are of the country the school to start very very often influenced by the way it's like turkey by a glyph states we have to mention or tissue builds towards more like belief in things like that sort of mouth gets old school works quickly enough open so that the retreat center of the moderate position of the mother daughter and i don't have any influence on the back window and the midwife that the flights
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home grown talent by sending an extremist. today of russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov meets the head of serious opposition union to press them to attend the upcoming geneva to peace conference. syncing to find out how those talks. coming up this hour us at denison relations of the more strange sully negotiations over security deal with washington sees as essential to our kids after american troops accidentally kill a toddler mistaking him for militants saatchi the host city of the two thousand fourteen when to let bake the scene one of the biggest security operations the game's history tens of thousands of police officers deployed and access to the area strictly monitored. the aim of preventing any disruptions when you can speak and what you call scott takes a look the twenty second. putting the winter games in two thousand fourteen. i wore that to the city of sochi scene is russia's black sea
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resort was awarded the games set to music and sounds of this question the choice to succeed. so cheese place books in the team to the photo caucuses region was they are huge cause for concern. on the recent twin terror attacks involve the grand sum of seven hundred km from sochi. every night at some of those worries will be nice is good said security has been and main priority since day one from the very beginning of the construction phase said the state the sword to serve made the last four months to prepare the special measures to stop them from the screen although materials. i checked him over then use them to pray an incredible images of the security and to provide for the safest ever environment here. with less than a month to go now until the games begin. tight security measures are already in place. around forty thousand police and security office is expected to be on
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patrol. sales of dangers hunting equipment find that you ration of the games. that also controls i stretching to sixty km along the coast and twenty five km inland and encompassing all bad news. in terms of security so it is a special case because this whole area is authorized visit this only is there a security detail from a number of countries including the uk and us working his . on the security forces will be coming together to protect places like this is the brand new papa still train station in the olympic village. we were the main transport hubs during the games losing thousands of spectators what's your point of most of the cameras in sitcoms that connection with engine and was present at train stations and on the train. security is pretty tight. with the bulk of the watch now complete with gold in use and transport networks built and tested. so she's now just
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waiting for the sporting world to descend. coal stocks i'll take such. the shell of the torch relay has many a collection of first evers this time around and taken to the north pole underwater and into open space in our teens fall that all the way. but sees james brown accompanied the torch along some of the way and share his experience with me. going to bike home with amazing they took the torch down on the war said insp like alt c having the innings lead told to specially made and cost very impressive on the war sentiment. when the torch back with a woman with a jet pack onto. the very good videos that that was that i was assigned to the scene box there was one amazing man and a real one so much time and was playing with the torch to the north pole you see on tv you read about them than you think wow that must be to bring the promise to bury him sick. and then
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this opportunity came up to go on this new clear ice breaker is huge. she admits it was compulsory to me to fix the links. and as fuel but two touchdowns in reaction to see all the reasons is that which is a strange feeling in it so we're on standby. um but we will go into goes to the north pole with the flame and we maybe it's the day in that's it for hope they can choose a world record pace the riot that in the middle of the poem the knights would be lit the torch in the north pole. the very first time in history. it got all the highlights of the light the torches journey across russia on her website check out the fall of the flame section. but archie dot com the sheen of radiation spreads. despite efforts to contain the hazardous week's readings have hit eight times the japanese government safety standards. even at the edges of the contamination zone. more on that online class. you can
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still take the fingerprints of over a million students and a third of those without parental consent. officials say is that the sake of security. parents a civil liberty groups questioning the math that's that and more stories at rt dot com. many europeans played eu politicians for their difficult economic predicament. according to a new continent wide poll and economically devastated spain for example. more people than ever before if the top politicians have done up or job three with the financial crisis. strong support for eu leaders the island has been severely hit by the effects of financial hardship there's seventy percent of people use to prove that's dropped to just under half and a euro skeptic uk just under a third now think the leadership is doing a good job. and if money makes the world go round and so it seems to vouchers. three of the notion of reports from
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parents on the system invading the bankers. these colorful return to him is enough money to be a real family. no shopping. these bills in your wallet registering. the idea of lieutenant eve so called complementary currencies it's people or businesses agree to use for transactions in particular area the string quartet with just a string. you look like something from a kid's game the reasons behind it. far from child's play. no he. but seek first the local currency's steve was in the region. utility back into second life you will. well i called once an official comes mep who want of something the interest on. we can control and that we can trust not just something that is going to do in ohio with no control and leads to speculation. certain forms of new money have a history
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stretching back decades and is keen to be growing in popularity especially in tough financial times ordinary soon enough the dance play along with money enough to re ski teams but tvnz is a ordinary people have to pay for mistakes and lawsuits. this is why people want to have a currency that they will surely serve them and no guilt here summer and fiscal power that is as global finance system sometime. he's a famous headline grabbing her attentive currency is the digital be calling the current dozens of others and these worldwide. in france europe's second largest economy. people exchange server season goes by at least twenty different times of complementary currencies and in numbers and growing the slain is behind one such project to play outside. harry's she says she never considered the lead the new race until the hunting season in a tentative became clear. then
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i go to or not. the euro is definitely not just among the exchange. it also became a matter of speculation to feed a lot in the current system put into context and to the real economy on the ground. which means it's last breath. the people. his roster and east of the projects along with a flower shop. thanks to him on it. donkey. yeppoon so they took the scooter people will announce a one nothing else but to meet people who are all for that long been largely led them to do. hence this restaurant accepts not catch the eye as she dumped it in french. instead the journey and the slogan was an electrician your seed is used to express so amazing and powerful and full of energy which to let the currencies in france second they seem to be experts claim complementary currencies do not replace the official one. however he
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lost his mind heart and often conventional money. people who he's talking to a different type of change three fields crimes. coming up real rt blue called rock water becomes a resource thing ties between nations the report on the ongoing ms middle eastern in just his cause but we'll call her sharply the eye. to noon the sixteen percent of the human voice and instrument of peace the european union is ironically taking fish from some of the porous nations on earth. so this is a very serious and very urgent problem that needs immediate international action. they enter our territorial waters the fish below the fish onto the ships and leave for
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europe and today. illegal fishing is taking the bread out of our mouths. right from the sea. it's a gripping picture. the reporters were there. the animal afghanistan this week the top american negotiator says it was highly unlikely new security agreement would be reached before the afghan presidential election in
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april. the deal is signed would allow a portion of us troops remain in the country after the official withdraw later this year. tensions between washington and kabul have been activated recently after american soldiers killed a toddler. this taking the child for militants frank led to a gay lawyer and former military officer who served in iraq and afghanistan explain why the us wants the deal so baffling. no settlements mind you anyway is likely to have any chance of success by sentiment i mean this is a political way full. an american perspective the simple tips. chris wilkinson be happening is that the chute insurgency in the south that we call the telephone is likely to take a fall creek a stake in any political arrangement after the election assuming of course that the elections go wild. this is an absolutely crucial here the americans. and they're playing a very dangerous game here. the console to go to
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cousin house is always good to isolate the cause. for a long time now. oil and gas have held the potential to make a break relations between nations. now it's off to a much more widespread commodity causing diplomatic disputes water. look at the map here it's been dubbed blue gold for reason scarce aquatic sources. i have caused almost two hundred incidents since the nineteen fifties because it's range from protest all the lakes deadly confrontations the cheese parsley or chives into one of the ongoing causes of friction in the middle east. the bible tells us that within a short distance from here. jesus it and force him into wine. two thousand years he's had a great miracle might be tending the wine back into water by the compiler has been living in the glenn heights one of the fifty years. each day he attains teasing me on to orchards keeping his whiny ness an act that was once the city and compact. he is proud of the wine he produces a nose
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back in the absence of water none of this would be possible. i have been the orders and working because it's the second main resource that would have bothered them gladly. each crop needs water. now that you will destroy all the crops and destroy all the farming here. it can turn the golan heights in two thousand. and it's not just about the golan heights bring water from its catchment feeds into the river jordan. providing a fit of his goals was to supply the disputed region was seized from syria off to the sixteenth hole and residents of the corn on the name of the quartet was a key issue in the conflict don't leave home from work here's the cool air believed local walked with you when you're the one on his front of the three super food for
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your concern. it is a must go but who has led to it weren't for that is what the solstice. it's a wildlife will go to the current rules the water controls an end but the problem is in some cases these videos for walks have to go round. a woman to notice issued by several soviet nation. it is always the possibility of friendship in this one fixed it should be manageable. whoops but out of control. examples of possible conflicts of plentiful. sen is made to watch the solstice travel to turkey and iraq making it vulnerable. while jordan is reliant on above the least of it bolted and egypt most of the city express concern at the countries using the upper nile to kinda make it to college in the dry landscape of the middle east will to his cry is more precious than diamonds. in its absence come in and dropped off quick to fund it. this is only ten and that the sultan needs an excuse for war and water shortages. mike just to the patents. the crt in the of heights. it is also among
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the country's top and disputes over water seeds of discontent in cairo were planted by ethiopia's dam project of the key tributary of the nile river. raising fears this could affect the amount of water reaching the country. cairo based political scientist i say he'd say jack says resulting this rally is vital to fourteen sixty of them remember that he's in the has only sixty seven essential to stand up with and the missile to visit some of the holy as those of full back and then the it be a serious effort to national security. and that's play immediately when the stove and is the actual top of the hype that the load some pics for theories of what the bible and cool old was a soviet because the bishop of four of us that we would be buying eighty five percent of the war. these are from walker comes home it's two pm and swimsuits in fact includes thousand and fifty agents would be one hundred and fifty million people what
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would happen to music and that and the apostles and fifty before going to have more water. other news making headlines now off around the world can deny that this lawyer geoff page margins across the us and what time of a detention center the shutdown. the date was symbolic. it was the facilities twelfth anniversary. protesters demanded president obama deliver on his broken promise to shut them down calling it a dark mark on america's record. tens of thousands of protesters are gathering in thailand's capital bangkok city lights of town planned for monday. mass protest aims to bring down the government of prime minister sharon was the sister of another former prime minister ousted for corruption. chester medical center. i'm thankful for the rally. the small business off the ground. you may need the backing of the bank. i choose carefully because some are accused of not exactly having entrepreneur real
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interests at heart. since then to meet two british businessman who found their lands or more predatory can protect them. chris richardson and annie dunst and used a nice hotel but known to the mall. zoe is a good dose of the penny they say that i took it from them met with the sole our hotel this untill the only him these alice which will blog and it will be coming back this is justice in this country. racegoers will be arrested. and it will be given the subtle but i can t thousand and ten chris and annie had a mandate from the west to do out the coniston hotel and conference center in north kent. they would just eleven days from opening when that i'm manager told them there was a prompt and releasing really too strong too bad aim is to die why someone that they'll sort it. and that is the last week that it is not suffice the us would have no
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good form continues. meet at the end is that the bank was saying they'd run out of money. despite having one point six million pounds to the agreed adding that the west bentleigh the need to pay tell it to stay for the degree to which no price to the hotel card itself in administration. from what it was snapped up by twenty three to step back from the tee on. the kick obvious and sixty during a west the majority and by the tax payer. but it's the result the us has been accused of many times you back. jaren started as a small business by the government. his recent record expands is the seemingly deep into to sneak out banking operations article focuses on the bx am always saying is that ben restructuring division geology. in a way that the businesses that they were supposed to be helping dad bought to health. i would take him and put into distress. for the benefit of the back. we actually see rbs has its own profit a
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company called wes register we sang i'll be at spooning those customers prophet says after they'd been in distress. since the whole it is twenty eight saves the day dawned cold the filing date is on the headings like demanded that the folks at eight fifty. in response the bff in a statement no evidence that being provided to the poll. the allegation that the bike had systematically prophesied of the box it that customize and they'd be looking into equity christians are a nice hotel is now writing this next picture down what exactly is the best dates. but at the domes to the back and then the lights to be destroyed. recovery from a very wealthy man back on tax credits. eye. more family stuff and going of late through this. i was produced on the bank's profit recount only one of my hotel was postponed last year. she sadly. go cancer in the last
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issue. and she'd already doing. unknown if the story story kills the one all this is an injustice to tending to fight back. chris and annie came to the idea that one day to wall street the store was at the newness of the hotel again. norris made on team camps. coming up next a look at illegal industrial fishing and went on and i i i i i i i i. room. what a coach experiences taxi with the recent terrorism involvement next question is what to do about it mainly on to something right. never let a good tragedy go to waste one of the one member recommends getting rid of the moratorium on the death penalty for various groups including terrorists because
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the death penalty is the perfect way to punish a suicide bomber. also this duma member failed to mention high level crop the cracks in the government as those who could possibly face the firing squad. perhaps that was just an honest oversight. i guess the death penalty in some rare instances of punishing terrorists after the fact doesn't bring victims back the focus needs to be on the source of terrorism soldiers can clear out all day with weapons because the government gives them a salary weapons and training some people are recording arming and training new terrorists. he'll need to usher in a massive surveillance state to stop terrorism are called to tell the crazy which need to escape the funding and training source hard. if you can. i mean how many of you guys out there could make a remotely detonated policy for all your own without help almost none of you. c4 doesn't grow on trees someone pays for the precious night. i am. you
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knew. sells. steve. do you
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long ruling will oh and thanks for joining us in all schools find jobs for this additional francais focus on solutions will soon be up to the playground anti semitic and to summit st the french government allowed bought some white bread fall comedian. his trademarks and eight and judges they find anything but fun. lots of holding management costs that are fresh the depaul snapping cities wa recruit border of the cross bronx and a bio pic of the king of books that you all five years since his death a new film offers an intimate portraits of some of that. umina selections hearing from some less than three months away. giveat


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