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tv   RT News  PBS  January 12, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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updated their eyes. next was the answer to this. rather the most notable got us into the second affidavit he did for short fall. lol overall most of the day's top stories in the lead to students this is the weekly on t. thousands of iraqis are fleeing the hint and de provence which is tuned to a warts and all to al qaeda linked militants took control of the two largest cities that. he only has it failed to retake he'll keep on terror treason to be declared
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an islamic state of innocence as the iraqi ministry gathers its forces for a decisive assault on tuesday on its contents it was empowering the extremists in the region. gallop did a little but the local been activated in the run on chaos in portland by confiding scenery at the zone qaeda linked militants overran parts of iraq including the sepia color check it before we said earlier that this year's storage and will actually be. i'm going to iraq and this is what we were warning about the lc made his serie a this the us and its allies threat and the syrian government said the signal to the rebels to fight off to the detriment of the political outcome is on its troops have now taken over the opposition movement here and have even chased the western backed leader of the free spirit are made out of the country. to be snatched. either we belong to kick kick kick. come out and buy it and that's what we did when we invaded iraq in oh
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three and eighteen by two notches somewhere far in the war zone during the us american intelligence and counterterrorism officials now say the islamic extremist groups in syria with high school i recruiting and training americans who traveled there to get them to carry out attacks when they return home. there are dozens of extremist islamist forces that are operating both inside syria and over the syrian borders. iraq has been a breeding ground for extremists since the us the uk. now a resident of sewage and other parts of the country are bracing themselves for the iraqi army's assault as it attempts to drive militants out of c's periods. the us is supplying helper and is often not the weapons to help the iraqi government in the fight to the lasting solution needs is more missiles would hurt the us government's anti semitic al qaeda's leaders the groups that continue their calls expected. what a
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ride on the us is chaos the west but chaos to iraq and syria. washington's support for armed opposition has been at its extremes. in washington on can check out our clique. the jakarta stock on your completion of the general monday of the infamous islamic state of iraq and the event. it's when it was powerful current approach is estimated to be six thousand strong with its ills threatening the entire region. the sage was formed by sunni insurgents in april two thousand and four year old to the us towards its invasion of iraq many members of the grip of phishing in syria against the sand. and the force is rapidly gaining influence among the radical elements in the devastated nation. even lebanon has suffered from the group's activity with it being behind the latest bombing attack in beirut. this category is a former danish intelligence officer who served in iraq police. the country's army would feel the white house the extremist forces. in my opinion that the ai qaeda has
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never been on the run day it might have been a bit down skating due to a two pressure but what's different is lifted. the yeti on annexation is this bag in full force and it uses he said. and causes to drink a drink. the fighting ability of the sail off the ice is for instance is to set a strong but they contain head nice to have less than one finger. and i seasoned it the rebels has its use them today they want to continue fighting. ed and iraqi army really has the chance to fight the suit in may he says that into it. the pen tool to medicate them. meanwhile the neighboring syria the sprinkling of al qaeda linked groups is that a growing influence in the three months. i regret the loss has clashes between rival position factions that killed at least several hundred people this week. it was a hundred of them are believed to be civilians who were executed by militants from the islamic state of iraq and the event of the outbreak of a wall with an award has come to some
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western politicians know that you previously written solely for sarah's removal to change their stance. the hit to some of the holy to statements for c i a director michael hayden said to be a sad regime is beginning to look like the lesser of all evils the former us ambassador to syria iraq and afghanistan drunk ok he agreed to this ad is not as bad as the jihadis russia's long been warning of the threat some opposition groups in syria prayers and for less than a brawl has welcomed the realization of all this in the west. what infighting within the ranks of the searing rebels is threatening beat russia us brokered peace conference that students in two weeks from now. most diplomats are in paris at the moment to pressure series' main opposition group. that's the syrian national council into taking pole. but we still choose the skis director of the center for research organization says that talking to them is no going to solve the issue of groups floating syria the syrian national council
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is by actually a defunct organization in effect we have to asked the question is this the civil war between the opposing factions within syrian society or is it. in fact the war of aggression western leaders are now becoming very aware of the consequences of what's happening all day. it's interesting to hear that may be off the suspect should know that as sad and my bp it meant lesser of all the evils is we just had a little earlier and yet today is for those of syria me to either was a very different but the message coming from the french foreign minister during that meeting he said the photographs have a listen to what i have to say. yeah but that would be country to what is the state is we didn't have the us led regime on one side and high risk on the other is a regime that is fueling terrorism. serve us as regime is fitting that terrorism what you make of
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that. well i did the things the cynical statements the western military alliance has been recruiting what i had seen rights of nonsense that is confirmed by numerous side of the true and reliable salsa thing to thing that the israeli intelligence these. is false is our protests of the west them immature minds we must understand that the west the melody lines also has blood on the ads themselves to be an issue of of identifying terrorists we have to identify. the people behind these terrorists support for the eu and some of the worst sister to hit european countries has plunged drastically in the polls find is the data comes from a new regional poll of the study suggests the elite approval rating is linked directly to the budget cuts and economic ways to explain for instance where support is at a record low koran in which is to successfully execute this
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bailout program despite an appeal to taste of the east strategic take is still driving the numbers down the euro skeptic uk you stoop to the critics this would be a rather flat actually back in brussels but now it's even lower than that dropping below the fifty percent. it's been dubbed the great european fire sale in a bid for cash. these are just some of what's been up for grabs. leave the funds raised from headline grabbing deals might not be enough like six greek island sold for eight point five million euros. how did i when sold for two point nine million exclusive rights to use the coliseum signature their products or fifteen years twenty five million events it's great that now that it was a year ago. some of angerd frustration. bestselling history and culture that selling pt things that set a price for this and that us a
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price tag. detecting the subsidy reprehensible as outstanding accounts the time that the private eye fiction will help consumers until it was the most surprising i just recently one of the market was a lofty citizenship for little over a million euros you get a small his passport and therefore become he says that the move this two thirds of the and opposition leaders cried foul more gospel to the same legal fees which are in dire straits. miss hewitt did i mention it. the image which was ongoing for the cosmo ago today. hence one of the lowest rates of unemployment to deploy you the new again. it's a list of reasons and owen citizenship should look before allah for the same. this privatization see it as a necessity for eu nations that are in dire straits but also warned that by europe at a market need not be as much as the jackpot as one might think if i
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entered the store with the primacy of the things that move these countries have serious political risks for any kind of foreign investor. anybody trying to buy a house and found so by nasa in a way to reckon with the possibility that in twenty years down the line the government is just a natural alliance with everyday whatever they want nationalized but for what it's for sale continues just as sylvia rt. life was good this is off internationals overcome this out war so that makes the merit of oil oil and gas conflicts will take a backseat in the future because experts predicted populations roy's it'll be ready to go to the fight will be a full senate. victims of the total for the far right that calls for fortis to me the army to be ready to go to action if the need arises all the details on that later in the press. so secure sleeping beast open so she the city of the upcoming
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winter no fixed rules of thousands of police officers are being deployed to have access to the enemy is strictly limited palette is paul's call to chemical what else is being done to keep the game safe. the twenty second. putting eight winter games in two thousand and fourteen i wore that to the city of sochi the scene as much as a student who was awarded the games set to music. some observers question the choice to succeed. so she's placed top seeded team to the photo caucasus region. course they are cute. acoustics on the recent twin terror attacks in the bowl to grab some seven hundred km from sochi. every night at some of their stories. organizers said security has been demanding priority since day one. from the beginning of the construction creates that the state the store to serve my bills or months to prepare the special measures to stop
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them from the screen although materials. i checked him over then use them to pray an incredible images of the security and to provide for the safest ever environment here. with less than a month to go now until the games begin. tight security measures included the likes of around forty thousand police and security office is expected to be on patrol. so the dangers hunting equipment. find it you reach the games the silks of a controlled zai. stretching to sixty km along the coast and twenty five km inland and encompassing told a news source due to both defended it in terms of security. so it is a special case because this whole area is authorized visit this only does the security detail from a number of countries including uk and us working his . on the security forces will be coming together to protect places like this is the brand new papa still train station
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in the indian village. we were the main transport hubs during the games losing thousands of spectators. with the bulk of the watch now complete with a woven using transport networks built and tested. so she's now just waiting for the sporting world to descend. scott's alt c section. the traditional olympic torch relay has been a collection of festivals this time around. it's been taken to the north pole and the water and into open space in ot. as for reading all the way one before she's even ended up in the city of gold to my colleague lindsay from spike aunties james brown this is my name out in the snow source. it's that you can see the very one of the collins stated an unrelenting. this this is not liked by any means have made business but yet it is what two kilos for actually really cool getting to old trainee at the older i wrote about that is having a quiet and sad. this entire record
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breaking relay for the olympic torch going places it's never been before you are falling at which one of the milestones she think was the most memorable are important i think. the main been to several. they did like all with amazing basic resource down on them since my college the heavy pruning saw and told to specially made and cost very impressive on the war sentiment. when it's cold. when a woman with a jets are going to be. eric is a downside was that i was assigned to receive funds. it was one of these men and a real one so much time and was dying with exports to the north pole. you see on tv it you react to anything. wow that must be pretty much the variants that. and then missed opportunity came up to go on this new clear ice breaker is huge. she admits it was compulsory to meet if it going. and. reaction to see all the reasons is that
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which is a strange feeling in it so we were on standby. um but we will go into goes to the north pole with the flame and we maybe it's the day in that's a form of a world record pace the right that in the middle of the home of the links with the lit the torch in the north pole the very first time in history one hundred soviet defeat or three nicholas russia and beyond available right now although with subtlety. we just look for the full and the free section will be packed off to a very short break with the story of two legal relations between washington and afghanistan goebbels tools essential negotiations ever security get off to american soldiers in the book is taken from homes. the other store is open the eye. he gave at
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the make up and down like that. i forgot that we all sang night and the traffic light thingy the house. guru a chance to own. you know she was. you can use that degree. to access keys off when you do . the room
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the new. so the new security agreement with afghanistan before is going to elections that is likely to be shafted that's according to america's top negotiator the din of selling wood or metal portion of us troops remain in the country off to the official withdrawal late this year. i was after the star may be left to deal with the taliban on its own relations between washington and cobalt of being aggravated recently. to american soldiers killed the child was taken from innocent. former british telecom which williams says it's known crucial how the afghan government with the local dialects the asian we try to cheat and use a
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set of conditions where mine in government continued to gnaw on my pool. all the greetings and will be leading the time. as conditions is that it is today. minimally likely to see. and he's a compromise between all the blocks. once we see a dentist on the rule the next period of time perhaps the next ten years so would be a great strategic victory. we want to call it a great strategic outcome. for most grades online news when we go the story of the fishing was radiation spreading even further. despite efforts to contain the hands of this week's readings to fix it so it was the japanese government safety standards even the edges of the contamination zone. plus tens of thousands of fingerprints of uk students collected in school databases without any consent. mostly though rage among civil liberty organizations and
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parents. no more. i like these. your teens today are little research. it gets cold drinks will be superseded by malta was in the future that's the warning from expenses the world's population grows access to clean water resources we were lazy in price up as they can look at them that now you see these two don't see a name of the places where it conflicts with the water disputes a
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broken out since the nineteen fifties. and these include smaller protests this one is set to more serious note scale clashes have been hundred and seventy eight just beats and the number of such hotspots is rising among the telco is such a tension in the middle east where the struggle for what is the key issue in some ongoing conflicts of the sport's the reports. the bible tells us that within a short distance from here. jesus it and force him into wine. two thousand years they tend to agree to marry colt might be tending the wine back into more to become the new has been living in the glenn heights one of the fifty years. each day he attains his many on the north kids keeping his whiny ness an act that was once kissimmee and uncut. he is proud of the wine he produces a nose back in the absence of war camp. none of this would be possible. i have to mean the orders and were sentenced the second main resource that
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would have rather than relying on each crop needs water. now that you will destroy all the crops and destroy the coming year. it can turn the on ice into the system. and it's not just about the london knights bring water from its catchment feet into the river jordan. providing a third of his goals was to supply the disputed region was seized from syria to the sixteenth hole and residents of the corn on the name of the quartet was a key issue in the conflict lee told us that there were no little muffled so cluttered here's the cool autumn air believed local walked with you when you're the one on his front of the city is super food for your concern it is a must go. it's what the solstice. it's a wildlife
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in whom there is no controls the water current rules demand. the problem is in some cases these business was going down a common and wanted to shoot by several soviet nation. it is always the possibility of friendship in this one fixed it should be manageable. whoops but up of control. examples of possible conflicts of plentiful. sen is made to watch the solstice travel to turkey and iraq making it vulnerable. while jordan is reliant on above at least an impulse again. he tickles who recently expressed concern that the countries using the up and now she can only be a college in the dry landscape of the middle east will to his cry is more precious than diamonds. in its absence famine and drought up quick to fund it this is a region that very seldom needs an excuse for war and social success. mike just took the patents the crt in the of heights in the least offensive was a or states politicians unwillingness to share on to brussels is pushing the world towards new complex. as
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the procreation cool and has become for the rule is to lose that. what that is when the team that reached on top of the fridge with only one that could be at the fifteenth the idea of exploiting like that when put with a bang. might be the third of its own with a sausage but the minute he can't be peek at what it's like the human systems this was due to lack the clout to what you'd call had been and what you are torn apart in age and an open seat each other. that why he took to making the walk to the local but with a pound of look that up. i'm going to quantify it into more appropriate if that project bought me of giving due to heavy human nature nature of what it intends i'd probably nobody optimistic. total for this some of the world uses her blog update. we still didn't eat it with lisa fox against supporters of the ousted president i will see during clashes the color is the main universities nineteen protested to be
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detained and several injured herself because autumn comes just two days for granted the trough constitution although hundred and fifty thousand troops to help polling stations the fears of more demonstrations from seed heads. australia now where bushfires raging in the west end up all the country threatening but the blowing sand properties in emergency warning has been issued for several suburbs. officials say five brigades will be unable to read some remote areas. urging people to do whatever they can to protect them. people were injured in the three detained when the protest inspirational posts to give the go the voicing their anger at the higher rents and developers for seo for residents. these results in trouble with it so the test is talking rubbish bins and vandalized pants and shorts before that friday's clashes that erupted when driving in the fall. senegalese authorities to provide food
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water and medical treatment to the crew of the russian fishing vessel caught up on a weeklong diplomatic spat this seizure all patrolled a ship with a teacher and crewmembers on board was taken by force of reports of illegal fishing with no official explanation from dhaka. moscow has called it an act of piracy. creepy stepped inside of the senegal provoking russia to accuse the african country's government of acting on a tip off from the environmental group. open our russian diplomats to try to steer the crisis towards a diplomatic solution to allow the cream. nationalism seems to bill rice declared with full rights groups protested against immigration and the molding reinforced only as ortiz election commission's key now reports the angry red streak is forcing some difficult questions. it's become a tradition in japan when some foreign officials are subjected to verbal abuse on
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this particular case in japanese nationalists made their feelings known loud and clear to russia's foreign minister china and south korea boasts of being in their crosshairs one for an island dispute. the other for sending to me labor migrants to japan in on the lake the spilt s korean workers were described as co coaches which needed to be exterminated our work. this man is one of those vinod and his buddies in japan. he says he'd like to see a more equal society. or will do with being too open to the world now foreigners come here and its crimes that i want us to return to pre war period when we were close and self sufficient. despite criticizing the government for its immigration policies that. feeling more comfortable the twenty twelve when she saw that was reelected as prime minister to weddings have been known to rise. those are not only foreign nationals and delegation getting the stink from japanese national locals who have direct to
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stop her from the country were coming right. the school teachers have been protesting because they lost their jokes were not complying with what they call ultra nationalist regulations in school. we need is an obligation to international and political classes. my pupils who were not even japanese. this was a duplicate images cannot identify but it's not only about instilling national pride. speculation is rife that with all this on the japan height of a is eager to amend the nineteen forty seven prosecution namely article number nine which prevented us from having indie artists other than for defense purposes. in the increasingly intertwined twelve week on the issue of the peace among nations without proactively taking the road in the peace and security of the well what can we take steps for the nietzsche the constitution amendment but not everyone is buying yet more far reaching goal with the reshaping of the regional balance of power as the token high profile
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politicians including former prime ministers eulogy of debate on whether japan should have nuclear weapons it never materialized and something that the ruling elite has been ongoing for years now the house. yep i'll send shockwaves across the region say experts. but for now even with nationalist forces getting louder. polls suggest that such a tease are still some way from becoming reality. it's just not seem important. none of the tumbles to the break up his business programs ritchie capital letters. he was going home. i knew. i know. all. it
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is. sells. says. you knew
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lulu will lead when when when when when. the on the journal of detail beyond kerry bartlett headlines this hour. thousands of israelis pay their last respects to former prime minister ariel sharon. eighteen marks four years since a massive earthquake devastated country austria's must of hit show storms to victory in switzerland to get off the overall


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