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tv   Kazakh TV News  PBS  January 13, 2014 3:30am-4:01am PST

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is becoming more and more popular among russians abroad richard douglas played for the production of beer products exports a third of output stay with him and has already forced the company's management to rethink about expanding even further. one of the largest new plants which apostles today produces about twenty kinds of its products as of now the demand is stable so the management wants to expand the business no quota was installed in the production plant things to state support. now
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the workers of the plague is the latest technology in the production. the play can reduce the three hundred tonnes of milk and dairy products per night must have a native of soap off at present we are exporting to the cities of this eu countries a difficult illness induced and asked can we have a plan to supply the product to your computer bug. in addition to play in the work which of the abyss in front of the promina look horrible comedy petite involve you for a new author a book that she had no school for. today the shadows cousins regional total turnover with the countries of the customs union to seventy percent. in addition to their products series in various metals are also for export. recently demand for meat products and building materials have caught the trend with russians it is on the wall today we have reserves with the customs union. we see an annual growth rate of seven percent in the cord or the turnover with the customs union. there were about to succumb and fifty million dollars in debt this book is that normal rules. today one and twenty local enterprises are engaged in production for export. many of them have been able to find a place in
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the russian market journalists of the british magazine the rough guide appeal to all readers by listing all month the city has one of the top cities to visit in two thousand fourteen. ahmad is now the seven city is situated between friends for sale and netherlands in rotterdam. it is necessary to point out that it is a quite prestigious edition and for thirty years it has been ranking of the most curious tourists that places the tourism administration of the mayor's office in el monte considers the magazine's choice from what the city has everything will be interesting for my mentors such as rich culture and wonderful nature or of the main thing is the key according to data eighty percent of foreign visitors who come to kazakhstan and definitely are provided with more than stellar service in our city our city is very interesting with history culture and the balls on the chair. moreover we have enough photos to come in eat the influx of visitors. it is also necessary to mention that we have the best guides but greek spirit in the provision of service for tours. as both individual and group tours. i think to all these features greatly benefited us to enter in
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the top rankings. emily because of this will facilitate to attract more and more foreign tourists to our wonderful city. it's best to get the bus lah. meaning that the local pub by a headache. the citizen article looks at each of the bike bicycle dark place to set the national increase in production. the collection of the self taught master includes more than two thousand pieces of ornaments in total some of them were elaborated by him. another part was collected for decades. each pattern is a work of art in a national brand. oh well for instance people he and make their own carpets people in turkmenistan and azerbaijan also have their own carpets it is their national brands art as a carpenter also been in is necessary to use more ornaments in the carpet manufacturer it is necessary to remote the natural color indeed if the economy in spirituality develop together it is just wonderful besides the master proposes to apply when the twins on the carpet as well as on wallpaper in ceramic tile according to the mast and
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apartments of modern cars and people in any building can be beautifully decorated by a national patterns. he has already appealed to the authorities proposing such initiatives but still there are no results. now the master hopes for the exhibition expo you forget it. expo two thousand seventeen is approaching exhibition gives us the opportunity to shore national court or in spirit with additions we can tell foreign guests about the possibilities of the use of ornaments in production i'm sure that many of them will be interested in it the master shop to buy has already represented his blade ornaments at exhibitions in turkey in during the olympic games in nineteen ninety six in atlanta. a retiree from jim a recent study hundreds of documents then discovered many histories of ministries that we are really dedicated his life to the continent who died in the great patriotic war. in particular to people from john bell who fall on the field of battle in the brest fortress and did not enter into the official list. the seventy old retiree knows almost every word and every photo in this archive
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also on loopholes i published a big addition to standing all the documents to collect the necessary evidence at the meeting and ninety five that took place in vladivostok. i got first place and i was awarded with the nomination by the incest is a wrong road. according to the official version only three sources from jim built up part in the breast battle but the cool it was unable to find conclusive evidence about the real number of them that is in fact eighty three he already sent them to breast exam hall the supporting documents would be halted in the remains of the us will be added the special issues examined by the scientific council and is archived so he's one of the first that is made by a german officer after winning a battle in brest fortress. all of the month of june. you can get higher the more awful lot you can see the faces of those people which are full of sorrow is because they faced defeat in the recap this so in the being in captivity away from your homeland and in jail was tantamount to death for a soviet soldier. the kali are really cool x bit by bit the facts about the battles with the soldiers from his region five he was not
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limited to study documents he toured many villages and talk with elderly people who witnessed the massacre. new phone on the stump child when i was able to find about two thousand soldiers names from jumbo who tragically died in the living god. i saw more than five hundred letters of death has not been said you can find them all in the archives scientists from austin the cities of the six match medical billing problem via stokes equations. his solution allows predicting a tornado and even a tsunami achievements in science may buy a bowl combine the bias or appealing mark at the republican level of the recommendation was never close to global recognition as he is now the work of the mass petition published in the ward expert ed hardy begun to study. the real winners within footballer up with was that you've probably heard about the movie borat people in the west take more lesser extent in that way described in the movie i want to break such a thing all over the phone with them. met up with the dissolution of the equation david stokes is already available in the press only after careful
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study by the four repetitions the solution to get more recognition. in the figure below was in there. no not back down again. greg is under the ocean any gives away. initially everything is bad and boils and then he goes quiet in our real basic wage claims. but although he was in the temple with you the scientists are ready ready to prove the correct use of the solution by the way the price of one million dollars as announced to be rewarded for every solution of the millennium problems only when men succeed in it and it was russian going for them with the gun away and go with it if i won this prize in the sum of money it will be among whites account because she knows how to manage money well i won that year and i have other work to do. why should i worry about how to spend my money that would put paid to do with notable could not go. natalie coughlin the mall to watch it in a chess match at the chessboard with thirteen year old john sia of dumas week the asian champion and the courtship in
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different age categories the academy of just named occasions a of the leak was opened just before the game standing in for coaches indians will teach children how to play chess. many chess professionals and his fans came to see fiance is game against the lead car of the match consisted of four games. i will show mccain can win. who knew from top to release but would not be easy for africa when jun se lost the first two games but she was a strong opponent experts say the score was even in the first leaves where's john sia took over in the second one. i am giving one of them it was probably tired i went to previous games i did defended it was rather difficult. she has talent she is fasting finding ways to escape from direct attacks we did during which isn't very strong opponent he made such news which i didn't expect. that's why i lost then i saw the idea tried it and it turned out to be successful. the latest news
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is that three w dot cardstock that stevie got kate said. no mini vacation so much as the man who is just hard when the scientists confirm this famous quote of american writer albert covered the scientists have discovered that forty to fifty percent of people suffer from different symptoms when they returned to work after a long week a sian. some of them suffer from insomnia. others have high blood pressure was the third of them fall into depression. this is not surprising since the vacation itself is a stretch for the human body the scientists believe that a person gets psychological trauma. in addition to a psychological effects. all these turn into abrupt change of mood diminished more capacity in fatigue. this then indication of cosmic sense people usually last for ten to fourteen days. and if
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that works. if i might still get occasion can be compared to the pay quarterly report what a person is preparing a report you stressed. try calling a person during a busy work week. what we do you'll be agitated. the same happens during a vacation all the energy goes with the tension is. come by. a person's attitude to his word that i was a likelihood of a creepy quiche and impose the quiche incentive not to say that those who do not like the work phone to deeper depression after vacation the job is either to retain or too much of responsibility for them. it is hard to return to work for people who are constantly changing the scope of activities for those who work in the same place for a long time doctors advised to spend the first working days to review new horizons and prospects. in all of my kids when thinking of me i cannot personally i recommend creating a list of your motivators that is the goal is to work to achieve you also need to specify the expected time you accomplish them. i always recommend using an organizer to help you when you're
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working in timing lol wonder if that guy i hope to families in need now. a good leader can ensure that the quiche and post vacation depression of employees to that effect in a war with the flow. the leaders increased the risk of losing employees appeared to strike so the psychologist advise him to be more patient and talented people who are going to have a vacation. come by it is very important for leaders to determine the work volume two to three weeks before the vacation during the last week an employee should be reminded about the deadlines that will be a killer caught up and given the fact that i have concluded that when taking the plunge. in fact all of us and these ones have gone three pre the keys you can post vacation depression they play close attention to problems he had on a vacation he'll make his reserve much easier. according to the annual forecast of the year asian development bank. the price of brent crude oil will be a hundred and five dollars per barrel
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in two thousand fourteen the edd experts expect a moderate decline in prices for energy resources and metals where's the dynamics of food prices remained affected by the weather conditions that takes in less than a positive trend in the gdp in the first nine months of two thousand thirteen. the growth of context as gdp accelerate to five point seven percent the chairman of the year of the russian gold miners to get cautioned by police in two thousand fourteen gold prices could show the minimum level of nine hundred to nine hundred fifty dollars per house of pessimistic scenario. in just over one thousand dollars per ounce on the optimistic scenario couple dark easy reports the supra national regulator of a single financial market within the region union may be established in the territory of russia followers in kazakhstan after two thousand twenty oh two week rest of the deputy minister of economic development reporting
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the briefing. what the fish and seafood in russia in january through november of last year grew by fourteen point five percent compared with the same period of two thousand twelve which is up to one point seven four million tonnes. i hate crime reports. salmon exports increased by thirty five point five percent the decrease in customs duty on posting this from five to three point seven five percent and the growth of low prices for major export of this species facilitated an increase in exports. aye historians earlier diaz will dissipate in the main stage of the australian open championship. joe participating in the grand slam for the first time in her career. the displays of constant mental hospital to determine the strongest player on the winter season he continued until you became a champion among women to the hubby boland in the major focal for the best pair didn't see it soon became the best single player he won
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the wooden chair picture for the first time nasa sheet of real credit tournament kicks off and toss them foreigners age from sixteen fifteen years old will compete for the victory eleven teams from the regions of context and will participate in the championship. by the way she to rio is one of the oldest in major styles of writing which is popular among causes the mullahs of oriental martial arts these tournaments are held here not for the first time winners of the tournament will go to singapore with the change in which it will take place tokyo the kazakhstan national team showed excellent results at the world championships in tokyo last year they brought three gold medals home was at the end of quote above from john bill region won a gold medal in the weight categories up to sixty kilograms among women. this is a very good result. we hope that the guys will perform successfully at the ecj attention to. doesn't it. then skating teams that
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finished preparations for the sochi olympics. the final stars of the spinners will help the allies palace the international olympic committee confirmed the men have one licence for five thousand ten thousand meters it is still unknown who would take part in them and fix because the licences were not given to certain people the current physical condition of the athletes will be assessed at that us practices. given these results coaches will make the final decisions concerning the location of licenses anticipation in the upcoming world sprint speed skating championships will take place in the no spin on january eighteen two three to nineteen is expected in rome and quick dentist was in india company now. i googled japan concerns of danzig and will continue to train under the supervision of synergy clinching the best either of the text and image a bad ankle won the asian championships for five thousand meters after the championships athletes will go clubbing up near moscow with it would take courses on adaptation to the conditions of sochi have been real. i do. they are
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and erm. i am. i did. i know
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sch each. are you. speech the day. each. war the us you know. does. thus
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the stone work. it is. he gets off to the end of the state. it will. she is all took the view that god is to get wet. to celebrate this event. the gp group feel it yet and the historic center of the problem. we discussed the bulk of the portico and economic situation of the car tpg group chairman said dole in his opening address underlined that it takes energy determination and belief in the future to go with less than one generation state of war to being a fully fledged member of the biggest
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club but the bumper six. we admire everything has been the context. and he added that the ppp group has always supported cr which its european ambitions. our supporters constant and other wavering because we are convinced that we are destined to belong to the same community of values we welcome you with open arms is a partner. they're very much looking forward to working with you. croatian democratic union president you must love come on go. it was party played a catalyst role in pushing for the eu accession. what is there an hour or an opposition is today addressed the meeting by underlining the importance of eu membership. the first of july twenty thirteen croatia is returning home to the u word belongs as a central european country. he was much more than a common market is a community of free nations for which it wishes to contribute to this community we will support a strong europe and a strong for which a change of economic policies required for which to enjoy real benefits for the membership info to the european elections is a vote for that
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change. during the second day of the meeting participants discussed the prospects of promoting sustainable growth and jobs to you. which is tightly linked with the ongoing budget debate the optional but the best to bpp group vice chairman responsible for budget and structural policies explain the framework of the debate don't send jokes. the main teaching. and unless you get in the european parliament so this is that the girl at the discussions. he got to the budget the budget tells you something today tokyo but it is the thirty five percent this might have discussed it won't mean an addiction. with
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the stupid dumb and so cheap alicia forty six who was given. for that. for the increasingly choose to cling to these talks and jokes. he says what the ppp would it would go. support for the student addiction the talks and jokes. you know how to play with me. what don't compete but it's pretty important. she had to cope with the auction page. saved by a succession of labor force that holds whether west about the companies which order gets quite a joy following the fall of the taleban in afghanistan woman have been finding ways to express themselves. some have been successful the media. the buckeyes the first human baby stationed in afghanistan. it looks it up in that office epo was ocean is a canadian team deal in two thousand and three. will be the same temptation runs the station she saves much if its programming is out of the gigantic moment. thus
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the need to cut off. i thought that the us the testimonial to sit at the front sidewalk. the first time. the museum closes on the pasta but the son of the presenters had often discussed the problems faced a woman in laws are the topics could be delayed due to family marriage custom or social issues. i get it after that i have of it. at last. i think that they can diesel. shut the essential up the daisies gave all of the cameras had been at many adults coast lot of that. a bomb it was a little tricky but none of that me on my second thought that i added some water and a shotgun and the ship the subtle social sciences and the city is just a few station has attracted lots of listeners not just women but also men who take it in turns to the game of
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the cycle of an idea took off of the savannah. at that time but you have any of those last sunday said it was this beautiful beach i've almost got. afghanistan is that it means to be the conservative society. the folders have got access to the gk to tell but have recently for some girls schools to close those women who do manage to choose given that in life have had to work hard for it. that was off the condiment of the pack i then head bobble hat day at school means mileage in china on the fact that i caught a fish bite of fish when the shuttles post i don't check the sake of a contract with the tunnel at lake at evening's end of this the buffet that is the content that santa had come economy club level but a
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second identical but it's an emotion love. you try getting more than just arrived they're getting an education thanks to an initiative of the hebrew university of jerusalem and israel railways train passengers are treated to a lecture but some of the universe is but i didn't have . he says. joe interested in what was coming in so little. we don't work just as fun. with that the trade the series develops its leader but at the university set themselves up in one of the cars and passengers are invited to join for free. i was dead. i guess i still celebrated in einstein's birthday honor his contribution to the country a member of the early zionist movement. i extend whatever happens the hebrew university and the creatures intellectual property to
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the institution. besides the senate race series the unique way to reach out to the and allow them to experience firsthand the benefits of research and education. in the top of the investigation published book that i give on debate india is expected to visit the wedding she is on top of the mall to buy pink thing and i watched it all off i met up with the prompt was thinking that if the setup is called upon to that spot kick by two thousand and six. by that of what you've done overnight see's with the local fight to get to see shared office and all that i saw this and just as i'm out tonight that is what the conflict than fifty percent and twenty five. but this is is it is. that was fine in his credentials in the indian auto competence after that and the process of setting up manufacturing units and that the fox the president. the royal borough of kensington and
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chelsea constituency phallic say. run by the royal which the cultural society the event will celebrate its one hundredth anniversary disney. tory labour hundred and sixty thousand visits his shadow is the will of god meanwhile it. to see the queen is in you make your visit at the da's. joseph our cities or so from day to showcase new congress in twenty twelve to celebrate the queen's sixty eight summit friend. a special dining tv friends with some details. days five hundred exhibit a space that is entering sunday's day stretching the imagination and inspiring one and i wanted to. i offered him a treat since seen here with that the structure of current sales. most discussed in captures the essence of happy accidents. the event a
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sensory delights with photos and text is combine to produce breath taking patients. that takes place at the former head of king henry the eighth. cole had a stylish as it is not just in a while. britain has a week scouting heritage gardens with all the news. cc has cost of god intends as a history with string cheese to the city in iraq. i did stop crime trust. did project in cornwall is to paste a futuristic by humans. how nice is the gateway to the royal botanical gardens the units can well as heritage sites. it's beautiful victorian palm house was built in eighteen forty eight she's a dorm the gardens. the ten storey chinese and that was built in seventeen sixty one. he who holds the nazis connection of
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comics in the mountains. i want also on the web. and they've seen the torrens title. i feel like letting me an american talk about an hour. how women are powerful if you empower women in empowering birth mothers of raising sons who will either drag us into war with the facade of our mothers are the ones who are protecting their daughters mothers grind and noticed blood and therefore not empowering women were not any chains this forty to fifty percent generation that understanding also on. i can't help but call out sick. the contest
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and one main rocket victories stunningly since we brought them democracy that women are educated they were doctors lawyers and now it's thing and it's taking over their being forced into loans they don't appreciate and i think that the felt needs of a hat so he now. i would just say that president obama. what you type in cairo was a great start. box. if you don't get the whole picture and realized the role of women it will never tell. i hope that everyone in this room takes a moment today when you come home to think about why the most powerful ways to empower the arab and muslim world is and how the women so please please stop turning a blind eye to the atrocities against women by at our life and present
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are women human power of thinking. you knew you when when when when will you. we do . i


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