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incredibly incredibly house i whined be there for this generation of young disabled philip evans and eight. she then i can get. it's okay the sea. while this is how it would work before reading any prime minister every of them on. i have this burial late on monday. i plan to hand for trying to justify its claim over the disputed islands stretching into place after fifth grade boys for their
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provocations. i think that filled my minister consider switching back elections slated for early that theory as part of the lot. meters late in the capital. and the seven and nine strain of bird flu strikes began in china the seventeenth in the cases reported over the weekend. well all come from baking watching cctv years and one among israel has carried me mario service for former prime minister ariel sharon on at the parliament building into islam. prime minister things we need to actually describe this ron as one of israel's latest military commanders foreign dignitaries including us vice president joe biden attended the state ceremony. ariel sharon died at the age of eighty five on saturday after eight years in a coma caused by a stroke. i did after he steps to shore on his body was placed in the pas out in front of the knesset. hundreds of these release lined out to pay their last respects. on sunday evening strong body was carried into parliament
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and the chili slaw funerals must be carried out as sane as possible. a funeral service will be held at strong range in southern israel following the statement mario. what now for around the state memorial held at the knesset illegal by two of his findings into islam than actually carney an oscillating chilling out by chris pine and stephanie flee if she is standing by at sycamore ranch thank you ladies for joining us. one actually let's begin with the lee is a president and prime minister has spoken at the service have had a name on their teacher ron. lees was a very heartfelt speeches and even though there might have been disagreements amongst the most at what the president served by shimon peres called him a friend a leader and commander said that he loved him from the very first moment that he naturally back in the fifties and he was a young military commander eyes he said he never stopped looking forward to the day that the land of israel's children would live in security and peace would
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then visit to the promised land. lots of discussing lots of talk about sap his contributions to the creation of israel after his military career. benjamin netanyahu the prime minister also made note of that d tailing is that his many military to military history on saying that it was done with skill and bravery of these two men than to see idea by an all time and netanyahu did mention that he said we didn't always agree. there were times when i did not agree with him and times that he did not agree with meat and deli think this is particularly in reference to two thousand and five gaza withdrawal and netanyahu was very much opposed to that. i even quit as finance minister at the time i did it in opposition to our sharon's new to disengage from the gaza strip. so while these men may not have seen eye to eye with sharon autobots clearly on a lot of respect for what sharon has entered the country. i'm has done for the country. well imagine actually have to run
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with that giant in the military. have i find the israel so let's not talk more about this weekend to stephanie stephanie as one of the stairs most famous cylinders strung was known for his bull attacked a stanford occasionally refusing to obey orders to fill in what way is restaurant gossipy shaped modern israel. will surely save israel's for this race in israel historically title of war campaigns to military campaigns and only then he participated in. but he led seriously setting the example for israelis. a very uncompromising leader but politically they tear in his career but militarily foremost shaping this country so compromising on some levels stance on as joe biden the us vice president said in his eulogy. endeavor to david israel's not going anywhere israel will be here. that shoe that was basically
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the position in the shape the legacy that includes the high. a lot of the land allow for the country. i love the people and an uncompromising stance that israel will be here in the face of threats that in the region or other threats certainly that would be the largest looming legacy they leave these. here's the good people out in the country the people of israel. like a shot was a very controversial see if he was very inflamed showed he was considered a cure all abide people in israel so let me ask you this next week. at we had so many dignitaries attending this memoir service that you remember ashore on sell at how thick the speakers at the simmering comment on the sly. once the changes meant until joe i joe biden the vice president vice presidents of the usc let you sharon for thirty years said that israel will remain there will always be an israel and that was basically his stance dad's entire speech i he commented
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about the intense relationship between israel and the us and did mention that there were disagreements from time to time but that sharon was a complex man who lived in complex times in the complex neighborhood and he ended his speech by saying sharon left us all to soon i'd only heard from tony blair the former british prime minister and of course the head of the middle east quartet. he said that sharon was a man who didn't think the piece is a dreamer but dreamt of peace. he fought to protect israel for future generations and it was this quote that stood out in particular i see was a man a wise enough to know war could not secure the future. now this is something after speaking to many but the palestinians. i've come to come to hear from a lot of them that they eat ironically despite all of the turmoil they went through a bout with sharon's policies in regards to the palestinian people in the land they did also see sharon is being the only possible option and who can bring about peace
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between the two people so i'm quite ironically well as sharon was a man very much hated by the palestinian people. tony blair big things up a good point that what he was and he was a man wise enough to know war could not secure his future and we saw that this guy in later end of his career as he said that softened his stance a bit and try to change his policies if it's to bring about more peace between the two lands so i met sarah turned to stephanie again. the federal flood area from within take place at where i e you are the sycamore ranch in southern israel. what that is when you get less on that well abby tiny on the hill but you see behind me. this is the spot where he actually will be buried. right now we're not seeing people this is a area this is where the tiny the will be seeded were not yet seeing people filing were expecting thousands here today and die and as an event planning has gone there will be shuttle
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bus is on from a location not far from here about a kilometer away there will be shuttling people back and forth because the area's been locked down in terms of security bearing in mind of course that the us vice president is here on as well as other dignitaries there with it they would not want a mishap. here's a very secure its been a secure or what they call a sterile area since last night. of course also a concern would be anything coming from gaza which has a few kilometers from here. any attempt to fire rockets and the israeli government has already worn on the homeless in there in gaza not to try any sites that firing of rockets viciously were expecting within the coming hours people start settling in on to start filing into this area behind the where there will be attending the service and hard hitting back began to laugh vice president joe biden. he said. also in his eulogy that with a small country like israel eight million people on it. it's
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more of a family at it and that's how it's viewed here today. this will be not only did people of israel but arielle surrounds in a larger sense of his larger family the people of israel coming to pay their very last respects to him. well stephanie thank you so much and will stop we keep checking with eu as people company front. not when he's the last journey of life thank you so much on. and next week on e from to islam and a thank you stephanie freedom from sycamore ranch one to the apple role in egypt particularly sure i was in any field as a war criminal responsible for the south dry and ashanti the massacre during the nineteen eighty two more on that one on. despite its efforts to lift the israeli sentiments from god that he was ali said monday his role was in the israeli forces in battle against arab countries and how complete the tour group leaders he met year
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old's death was silence. and as most of their citizens view israel as an enemy to their palestinian brothers and intend to themselves analysts speculate that no arab leader will show up in his funeral on monday. there was a little abuses of the deeper dissipation of any arab leader in the funeral would be the end to this political reader. he is considered a martyr of arab and muslim souls. arab leaders would also fear reaction from their citizens if they dare to go sean is remembered year for his role in the israeli defense force you think the nineteen sixty seven war against egypt palestine and syria occupying their territories and killing their success this battle in history with project extends to the nineteen seventy four where he penetrated the egyptian army minds after they crossed the suez canal and across the world of flying. this is just you and me still in use not just in our new leader but a war criminal. there has been held responsible for the nineteen eighty two massacre in
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lebanon. the radical change in sharon's policy as prime minister that led into a factor which is revealed sentiments from calls up his only you would as a success for the second intifada and his war record as well. in the region still remembered by. in the second of a small idea that there's no way we would sympathize with them he was actually lucky to escape the seniors crimes in the international criminal court. to me being in a coma for eight years was some sort of punishment. the arab aspirations or political solution to the palestinian prices during after sharon remained the state. a two state solution based in the nineteen sixty seven borders was freezing cold settlement projects on these territories having to choose from as its capital. divide the palestinian community and israel's negligence to un security council resolutions for many obstacles. then went to the boss continued. i've resisted the car is turning out session out to thailand prime minister in like second
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life has caught for a meeting to discuss the proposal to postpone a gallery like it she made the collar his anti government protesters blocked a number of major intersections in the capital bangkok. prime minister in like a defense she has invited leaders of anti government protesters and playful parties to discuss the proposal to push back the date of the snap election she had wanted to hold on to do a second option now the government has said a delay would be impossible under the constitution the election commission said that candy the lake and one hundred have suggested me for years as a possible date. so this had been deployed at various sites in the capital on monday to protest anti government protesters. army spokesman said troops would not interfere with the political process yesterday latest on the protests away until a nearby al chris one of my kemal in bangkok a well marked and what is to turn out like at the protest site
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said this out. well this is one of the many traits and sightseeing in central buying companies you can perhaps see there are many many thousands of people here many of them the bbs pop up to ten hours now and showed no signs of losing any of their enthusiasm than the depth of the anti government protests except talks about his touring band called today encouraging his supporters that the various sites and tends to get just a short while ago and received an ecstatic welcome from cheering and whistle blowing supports is clearly he remains at a popular to get within them the men out there at seven to the protest sites like this one and protests in trouble so you had surrounded the number of government ministries now a staff from the labor ministry was sent by the weather and safety this morning about smothering the protest its aims of the pampering that the work of governments. some soldiers have taken up positions near some of those ministries but apparently that than to
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protect the protest is from any possible government action not to try to prevent the protests taking place now with the soda can play smart to know how month you think that this effect and then cut action likely that to continue. we don't really have any way of knowing just how tiny these protests will carry on protest movement says they'll stay here and the other senses for as long as it takes until their demands are met. now that's the resignation of the brightest thing in the shadow of the postponement of the elections planned for next month and a raft of purgatory songs that some site that can be achieved in three days. others are talking about a week. some are saying maybe a month or even longer. the achievements of the top. we've heard sad to say that the front seat in the past had spoken to the protest leaders and invited them to talk said that the possible at once parliament of the election
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that people are talking about tenth of february second dates being cut back too many well the consensus had been asking for a july of eighteen months for elections to the political reforms to the body of christ whether they'll be satisfied by july of two to three months remains to be saved. there's also concern that while people to die a very good natured and that motorists pedestrians and other people who are being affected by the destruction see this is that as a legitimate protest if this was to continue for a long time and that could well be. frustration sets in it was the biggest yet. is a clash between the two sides now. a sizable number of people perhaps even a majority in the country to support this government. find out that staying out to bangkok to avoid any confrontation with these anti government protest is the place eight signs that their policies being shunted out of politics then that may well not remain the cranks now the government says that it has deployed fifteen thousand members of
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the police and soldiers in bangkok today to maintain order. the casting said that none of them to be seen at any of the major products and sites like this one. omar call reporting from bangkok thank you so much for that the massive protests in thailand have taken a toll on the country's motto tourism industry. so far forty five countries and regions have the stupid travel warnings for thailand. one second for economic growth in the country has tourism industry's future seems gloomy the ongoing stalemate is no stranger to tie the two month standoff in two thousand and eight. he said airport in bangkok. seriously mulling the tourism industry one of them given to academic sectors for the country. no best time opposition leaders show it to your site and belt not to block consultation the damage is already may last june with the recent digital it all oil in thailand has caused a security concerns on the many
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curious the baton to the impacts of broker peace in the state's new accounts of several flocks. many chinese travel agencies have called off their flights to ireland in january almost changed the holstein hotels and then talk to her proceedings as the situation in the capital city continues to exacerbate the heat on medium is a real no idea what a protest was not going to stitching the citywide a knockout in all the august edition relate to an all over the of bobby's what concerns time these tourists went through pasta was common over one hundred thousand tonne as travelers a riot during the spring festival holiday last year generating one hundred and forty million us dollar revenues. time and tourism. analysts say the protests will cost the industry the entire screen foster holiday. and it's her tiny forests for another couple of months begin cctv to add tension and kinship and chinese diplomats continued to express outrage over japanese prime minister
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to do at a snip it to the gas that anyone trying last month's she mean the chinese ambassador to germany is the latest opened and the visit. in an interview with the german news papers he said the dispute between china and japan prices from their faq and it was history china will not compromise the matters of principle. he said. abby smith it to get to kenny is like a german chancellor later we sat hitler's bunker rather than visiting any mario to the marriage and taylor's appearance. this would be unthinkable in germany. he caught on japan to learn from germany and face up to history. only by doing that and you can achieve the conciliation and restore relations with its asian neighbors. the race wanting to get ten strong words and deeds on the dowdy out as tight as one ministry said it will take further actions to deal with that. tomorrow he's helped shine enhancing clear and conscious to a position on the dahlia islands nibble
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on to tie it. past attempts to steal the dolly islands it's clear that the accented to petsmart today on the dahlia island is an attempt to rewrite history by denying it to be in the world war two to nineteen inch national water that followed the war and to challenge the norms and principles of the un charter. we think no matter how the japanese side attempts to lay claim on the dahlia islands they cannot change the basic fact that they are time its inherent territory. we also wanted by the japanese government not to underestimate time is unbreakable will and determination to safeguard its sovereignty. there's hide in its provocations on the territorial d speech that i now will respond firmly and i will bear the consequences i also want to say that he's trained to not be for god the japanese can try and deny history in that they cannot escape its judgment they can only laden themselves with heavier and heavier burdens so we urge
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japan to face up to history and correct their parents with concrete actions. we love japanese prime ministers and the daddies national security adviser says the government hopes to uproot the exercise of the pan fried it took like in self defense during the next ordinary session of the parliament which convenes on gagne likely for its use in key is to that. he told reporters in tokyo on sunday the government plans to change its interpretation of the constitution. japanese tv in each case that government panel of experts is coming discussing whether japan can exercise to buy like changing the interpretation constitution. the panel is expected to complete its report this brain and he says that he has promised a government will decide on the draft plants and after receiving the report japanese law makers on colonial in newquay has gone to the dprk freaky second visit to promote a sporting
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events. this would be parting from beijing international airport he said he wants to get permission from the dprk to hold a sporting event in the country. he expressed optimism the things he has had close contact with dprk made it into one and the issue has been discussed by the country's top leadership. antonio in nt is the politician now but he used to be a bachelor. he is remembered by many for his physical prowess and he's legendary nineteen seventy six battle against a great muhammad alley jenny and tension out to the eco engine and chill out dprk state news agency said his country it kinda wind has given orders to lie actually improve the quality of life for its owners. candy the commons during a visit to the country's military headquarters castles that logistic support for the people's army will undergo major changes in twenty fourteen team tiny conference the logistics of poetry. i mean by the end of the year. from the dos
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awarded to hire me to actively support the country's agricultural sector. in the star dennis rodman has just concluded his visit to the democratic people's republic of korea and a ride in the ageing kindly in beijing. he is set to return to the united states to describe the trip as amazing and the people to see beyond politics this is the winner. no sooner does the presence of the industry sewing. this is not a bad deal. when people in the world markets and are in the world. it will be working towards this. i want to sell the debt market was lawful in the world. one day want this
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one. it is the oldest of. and also apologize for not being able to help tenants pay an american missionary contained in the dprk. he denied responsibility saying he was not an ambassador that he did not represent anyone or any country. jenny and jason out to the developing of age seven and nine but flu virus in china where have the unsettling feeling that forty cases during the week and help the parties in east tennessee tech and patterns reports the three new cases among them not one cent to five year old woman was confirmed to be infected with disease on saturday and has already died. these three new cases bring the total cases reported injured and promised to seven in twenty fourteen in sas has bungled province reports two new cases with one in shame day and the other wanting one gel the casing poncho is now in critical condition. he is the first case in the city so far this year human cases of the bird flu virus
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the boss of the reported in the promises of food in gansu as well as in the city of shanghai. wyatt started on saturday morning desest china'n province the deal code old town in chantilly lac county is known for its well preserved that dwellings and is a popular to its destination. i suffered significant damage in the blaze while the cause of the fire is still being investigated. it appears that local firefighting in fire prevention measures went up to the market on the political pal has the latest. the style the utilization town was nothing but the place for our worst history of a thousand years burned to a senior this place was once a small hotel and usually eat is located at the east of bass and how it is exactly where the fire firstly broke out as you can see this place has already been sealed off
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by a police line. what are the costs of the friday's deal under investigation local authorities estimate that almost two thirds of that ilk but somehow it has been destroyed. it's been nearly thirty hours saying the fire was put out on saturdays. as you can see it's snowing right now but as i introduced her to alex beauty i can still feel warm in here. and your heart is long. it feels warm. many are asking why waste time two years for its longest night hours. local officials say the least least a wooden structures of most houses here in a tight spaces in between them. these are still made fighting the fire even hotter. it's like i made these trolleys are still considered it. however many local ss st the founders of most of fire hydrants in the eastern town had no water at fire broke out. after the fire broke out a use pliers and a hammer to open
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the new is for a wooden boxes which house the fire hydrant sun or the four of fire hydrants turn out to have no water or even the connection to our water pot local authorities that there are one hundred and twenty two fire hydrants in the eastern town. it's the subzero temperatures might have that to some of them facing ceased east and the nasty and detail has been experiencing better in the old template as colin and off days. some fire hydrants might have frozen over that time. but the question is why no one noticed and why wasn't any interface used. as of late sunday. the modified department of shangri la county court that the bitterness of all the provincial administration and our response to the efficiency of the fire facilities in dc to town which houses the beach we live in them from each. other news we have for this as news that day and mom are wearing the jeans thanks to accompany
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aussies. how how. the light
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landed me an american talk about an hour. how are women and powerful. if you empower women year empowering birth mothers of raising sons who will either drag us into war but deep inside of our mothers are the ones who are protecting their daughters mothers grind and noticed blood and therefore not empowering women were not any chains that forty to fifty
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percent generation that understanding. also on. i can't help but call out sick the contest and one main iraq as the place. stunningly since we brought them democracy that women are educated they were doctors lawyers and now it's thing and it's taking over their being forced into loans they don't appreciate and i think that the felt needs of my eye so he now. i would just say that president obama. what used to identify what was a great start. bots. if you don't get the whole picture and realized the role of women. it will never know. i hope that everyone in this room takes a moment today when you come home to think about why the most powerful ways to empower the arab and muslim world is and how the women. so please please stop turning a blind eye to the atrocities against women by at how much i'm pleased
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with how when you empower them up thinking. you knew you will . the and the film might be. i got the kitchen i can think of disobedience dynamic economy. his deal and discount some of the dead


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