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tv   RT News  PBS  January 13, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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will. in the eye. this is all states made my day most of this i just over weeks ago but not before the piece sold some serious but the opposition still silent on taking on this but russia the us and the un warning to something concrete to make any longer. also i may take part in the upcoming geneva to conference on syria and made a slight shift of washington's stance. russia the un to invite makes to read this presents a real prospect with the usa he would welcome the staff but under certain conditions
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british prime ministers accused of bribing local authorities and hobo to fix the controversial frank aiken in areas with a cash incentive to sweeten the deal with the drugs taken the food you can hear people's concerns about to spread the customization at a cost to other things . all are. forty one exhibit to agree to that he would stop top story than the peace conference some sitcom be delayed any longer must happen at the end of the month of the joint message from russia the us to the un now to talk to parents the main challenge is convincing the syrian opposition to type out because the group still hasn't given a definitive answer a difficult this can often fall into discussions in front. well one of the first things that we've heard from us secretary of state is that russia. the us
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and un are completely on the same page. that's not the only solution to the top of the ncaa is a diplomatic one. mr kerry also said that officer in the forties and the opposition are equally responsible for the atrocities committed that i will also seen a slight shift on iran since though a lot about breaking the un special envoy on syria and sergei lavrov. people were saying that the water see that the iran taken part in the geneva to conferences is a key player in the beach the us has previously gets but now according to the us the two states. washington wouldn't mind seeing sarah and there. at geneva to this it's the supports the agreements reached earlier outside the geneva one. now mr lavrov also said that to the authorities and syria have now confirmed that the party to take part in the conference although one of the sticking points right now is that it's very un known whether or not the opposition is planning to do the same although we all are possibly witnessing now
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up the positives. then this is somewhat of a positive tendency when it comes to the relationship between the abilities that unravels in separate debate about possible exchanges of prisoners and allowing humanitarian aid to get in but according to sergei lavrov right now the begotten humanitarian aid to the rebels are the key obstacles. that's why moscow doesn't want seat the terror threat. the key issues to be discussed to be on the table there at the geneva to. now today prefer to nothing about calls for president assad heading to step down which is different from sunday since l yesterday. the french prime minister when he met with syrian opposition he did make these calls for the syrian president to step down which show that right now even though the key players now working on organizing this conference they are completely on the same page when it comes to lots of key issues. some countries in the west are sending mixed signals which
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could theoretically undermine the success off the conference. mix signals to do for america seems the us secretary of state might well want to welcome the rams which is a place in the syrian peace talks but just a few hours late to put different signals were emerging and washington state a representative since made it clear that john kerry made his cot common to cook full realization that iran would have no time to comply. is it an honor anticipation has in no way changed the period she loves you. i think if we did today that the use of the principles into the room we have no indication they're willing to do any of those things that you don't believe that would change between now and she knew that seo. so the secretary was in no way saying anything different. what's by the camera progress in price in fightg between the ones you might consider it unravels as most of al qaeda linked groups of executed dozens of rival islam is the last couple of days being the total number of victims between the rebels for
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the seven hundred this month alone. this is that at times that it's nice to make it that the majority of rebel fighters monthly theres limits or groups one the most notorious of those called the islamic state of iraq and then about. i began a campaign called expose meeting filth which targets the us but rebels from the tsunami. among the methods used by the jihadis executions bombings imposing sharia law in capturing the people who don't share their beliefs without its a group that so fruitful. is al qaeda's leadership has distanced itself from it yet because it controls areas of iraq and syria which come to an area not too important to consume it in black on the map outrage is getting grounded syria and iraq and is said the focus of today's cross open on a auntie is what's ahead. although western media and politicians told that al qaeda was defeated for the very least on its last legs the same media and politicians today tell is a very different story. al qaeda is very much alive and fighting. indeed across many
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countries of the middle east al qaeda has betrayed the deadly menace in this edition of crossfire. we ask what is al qaeda today who support it and who benefits from it. i mean. isn't it tuesday accused the pro life reply key collect the stuff he knows the lucrative incentive to enter it into a cracking good cast despite widespread concerns about its safety still pretty common thing local council people the money raised from business tax levied on ag for him to drill in the pot she's also got to catch that affected homeowners. so if it's got the story. coulthard is that allowed trading had to take place will receive the huddle take offense at the business rates in this game that's double the fifty percent. they take kindly to
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me. the government estimates say the right to be was the one point seven million extra a year. each site the council agreed to that of the estimates of love that say that the industry to try to sleep with seven being the idiot investment. for the next seventeen cool thousand killed. still sounds like great news the financial incentives to being a timetable for the makeup though it seems that i campaign is in environments that they've expressed their anger at the time saying it amounts to nothing more than a bright blue lake and seeing the cup and practicing the benefits of this procedure that the extraction and shall cast in the ground to schools. one effect of the sea caves in the country we see as i still pray cents at the end of recent months by phone sunday evening full of princesses from across the country watching full days to carry away but she'd reading is taking place in campaigns with the consent about a wife a riot see if a sheath with this current events to pray fast. i hope
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reading through combination of ground force that had the potential for the triggering of quakes the bloody scene. i'll let my good side he came home fifth all through it with force that that was links see a great city taking place in the nearby area. this is a twinkie ten oz apparently being moral campaign is in protest this of course the announcement coincides with the expected announcement from french energy giant ate out at its height it to say that they think the investing millions in idk trading licence is not as closing and the kids needed to fund says that she got a ban on the princess and truncated thrusting out why it went as a pendant that country had the energy company can then explains the uk is a painting in schools to shout gas exploration in this place that despite the financial incentives to be seen on the table. i think a lot of people getting to remain unconvinced. since both are
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anonymous but adjourned thomas and friends the us the uk. she believes technology is just not going to fit it in. we on all kinds peacock in the way that the us times and said they barely know everything that you will come down in this country you kindly offered to europe and for the mafia. so we know the sign of an eye for what they could reach the place is so depressing is that we have a bite deeper pricing like shape. secondly in america will pull it down the crisis is that they have to go to the left got the clip life. so if i'm to have it on a plate different multi when they answered that one child got science test and if this thing is clear now that banks can take strides in napoleon's that they do in america on the other thing if you think that this huge amounts of consent by environmental impact of the damage to the ward system. i'm about to be in farmlands in communities. i am gonna lie to the front. so some brits
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read the article from the franking peyton across the atlantic in a different story does this result been to me. and then commit a crime. what do we do because this deficit automatic budget cuts for some the most vulnerable americans out of the home find out more about that later this hour trying to be caught with a cute religious sensitivities is proving to be divisive in gemini right now. regional governments are increasingly incorporating muslims that lead to the local legislation into the cupboard district see whether the christmas lights this season for fear of causing offence to moan christie. a recent study suggests will the hoff of gem is no fear the growing is a mistake in the country. in all of the discovered the elite rank in bremen are on. this region was one of the first engine need to make islam and officials religion be a fine leather saxony is the next in line with at least three other states expected to fall over in
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the near future. the change of status allows worship is to help them religious holidays officially recognized burial rites carried out in classes taught in schools. on loan. what that means the islamic community in the fourth of june. the image and officially recognized by the state. back in the spare minute lapse in the future to help the building of a monstrous school. it also helped to bring communities together. the last ten years both sides have made efforts to build bridges and eight integration. all i wanted that in mind that critics of the new claim this is being done to score political points to one hundred thousand to mock the week and interpreted this to the propagation of germany but i see it as a more politically motivated politicians don't muslims is home to milan but the majority of germans don't want this to the ones on this blog but you might be only nineteen percent of germans believe that islam is compatible with jim and culture. that's the lowest in europe fifty percent and
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specific come since that is terrorism. and almost hopeful that too many muslims in germany. own your own funny to send to people in the country are muslims giving leave to the idea that the really cheap the germans made the immigration bill says lump and i think need is more accretion of kicking people in big numbers. in germany then having a problem with these now. they mix it up and they don't recognize it's a different story islamic leaders recognized the day of work to do to improve the image of their religion. the fourth time we have a duty to change perceptions of prejudices unfortunately the media plays a big role in the show negative stories about muslims. this makes it harder for us. or whatever the perception of islam in gemini more more federal states is set to police its grand jimmy's almost four million muslims the same rights as the christine and jewish communities. these role of a
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auntie jen. the third of the program a final goodbye for the miners was israel's most powerful figure. but amid this eleven eight hundred soldiers and an anti missile defense system to secure a safe bet we'll pull the former prime minister. i was told it should be soft tortillas with dangerous criminals as the eu says giving people from life without parole. the fed to the prisoners from the uk flight for some most of it in a couple minutes off. the if any of these. sounds like that. we all sang night and
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the traffic light thingy free coffee. guru the embassy. the interesting picture. the report the animal zz you. the room the thing. in the final
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farewell to a promise to roll into the atmosphere member said he was the second peaceful. his body on me and lisa been on high alert with anti missile but he's dispatched around the burial site. this is a beautiful head of a strike on targets in gaza up to two rockets were launched on two israeli country is on at least postpone the polish leader the eye and the anti missile defense system was deployed over the side of the country would extend loans for something to play another seven as well for the funeral this is how this is because the monash where someone was buried in rocket range from cars at an indecent weeks and has the look of fire from gaza into islam of course israeli security company taking it to insist on taking any kind of disruptions during the fuel itself. in addition to this there were km of roads amount of burial place that was sealed off now the irony is that obama would justify any kind of midfield mexico action i sang that it was in the interests of its own security and
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kerosene and very inception atmosphere of insecurity tomorrow is a very controversial forget. for most ladies he is regarded as a mission for him or her fortune was ordered as tolstoy was he seen at a competition and at the end is needed he has the nickname of the pool doesn't this is because when he sent out to do something he now thinks it's great that among many in the arab world seeking the kindest thing is he is the science and was named said he's seen as the masa mind of christ a mere accident of the offences against palestinians and killing thousands of them since the war back in nineteen fourteen eight the photographer at the foot of the favourites for the twelve ft eight in nineteen eighty two when palestinians were massive painting the house of sub branch that today in yemen on by a christian militia groups and reason other than just a moment i missed union speech
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that he was at the pool to cool for the role he played in as massive as hamas was issued a statement saying that someone gave it a historic moment that mocked the disappearance of the criminal whose hands are covered with how this thing in that sense it is a controversial forget that the state is home today. if you click on to websites might sound all the stories can a lot of clicks about to go home to the movies rented guns back on this basis it was so nice of them american firearms. i think hiring at its weapons because customers that in the gums of themselves with more but not enough to go home cybersecurity in a rush to the cup without the services that they think it should be done. it's fun too. what kennedy. your teens today are
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little research. only two families feel the pinch of the so called quest in the old mighty multi billion dollar spending cuts the cake tin last year. the congress failed to agree a budget the provincial defined smaller tube republicans can still see the red sky will kick off his report on that one. my brother and his fed and the inside and browns this is hopefully a lifetime of memories are displayed everywhere you look. what about when and where to do this. eighty three year old has lifted her one better in the york city apartment for thirty seven meters through the first thing that they receive from each can be bought a few months ago city officials told her she has to downsize her options move into a studio apartment or
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see your seven hundred dollar range. triple in order to handle it and it awaits the question what in the deadly effects that thing missing is a city agency that subsidizes grants for low income new yorkers is a scene in thirty six million dollar production due to budget cuts known as sequestration. as a result thousands of seniors like and are being forced to shrink their lives into smaller and cheaper apartments. i am not physically able. madden i had to do able. we're gonna do it not for a few years it was loud while i can afford to stuart littler do with my life is isn't this the support of civil rights attorney norman siegel who represents many sequestered seniors calls the downsizing campaign inhumane. i can't dismiss the possibility that the fact that this will impact is proportionally and seniors import people because in the bigger
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picture the people who are in power make these decisions on the nose that seniors might not fight back and it's a problem playing out nationwide potentially affecting. low income american households in the coming year. that's according to one washington budget thinks he would explain social cuts to drag indonesians unprotected ninety meters. experts say the effects will prove explosive. what happens to a family watching the government of the country stick it to grandma when she's eighty years old you are making and you wonder why people join the tea party you wonder why people join occupy wall street what many times the reasons our grandma in the current era of budget cuts the country's elderly most in need of government assistance and stability are being displaced normal citizens forced to spend their golden years suffering the consequences of washington's debt and
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overspending. he didn't commit a crime. the story as to what do we do because the steps in to my tube hundred thousand dollars back to the seniors during a fortnight and rt meal. he just did notice out of tea and shoot sitting on a movie theater in the us to the floor does no one was dead. la times reported erupted over a quarrel because of cell phone goings of the two was also injured in the shooting has been airlifted to a local hospital and he suspects have been taken into custody looking to personal and developing story else with other testers of loki and uncle can be read down the government if others to kill. inspectors also scientists around the cabinet building to prevent it from functioning become supporters of the main topic of guy with a kind of at least some twenty thousand police and soldiers of the deployed but officials say state of emergency may be that way if a fraction of that. for kabul least twenty five people including children in the iraqi capital
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the explosions targeted busy streets in mainly shiite district also we did run a t of this. and in a separate incident the bottom fire and police checkpoints that killed three offices the attacks happened is that you and the separate the general ban ki moon visits baghdad to discuss the rocks would think security is as rewarding this is a lesson in the violent central african republic's capital despite the interim president declared fighting over it fitting that the sitting troops are returning to the barracks. the provisional government also should stand going to rival muslim and christian militias and clashes weeks until one of the current fiscal hole in the fountain. that all european cold astronomy britney's up on handing down whole life prison sentences for its most dangerous criminals. the eu judges believe that offered no chance of parole. even though those convicted of horrifying that does breaches international human rights the uk spiking backstop russell's bustling image justice system. laura smith
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reports. when cooking with it instead since it is already very brash and the light to me. the light. but if the european court of human rights has its way into the calm and comfortable the whole thing this country to hunt down that they think they have punishments that takes the silk ribbon own net but the cubs legible for bro and dad needs to die in jail the eca top golfing bolts off the convicts needs kids notes to complaints with the courts saying it would seem our liking. no words to how that all that remains dossier the courts the greens and moves that having no rights to the new contravene the european convention on human rights. the justice secretary is set to fight the disease in nm and the need to buy hope that many think he said its debt but that and leave the court's own to get that legitimacy is pretty much the lake systems that a bubble to pop a cork that made up of time opened up of
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politicians from them. molly as many of that. the mendoza in a tiny cup to soak up shoes with. report human rights record and or getting a lot of interference and up the british legal system. i'm from them and i think it's completely completely unreasonable as they wish to write our own decisions or in arrangements of upset about sentencing. and if a president that big hole in the light touches in a given wales is that there is right what are the long range effort was that bad off get the mud during twelve school go a day. he starts to peel i'm not that kay let ian mclachlan has already appointed to home life time because of the echl create a team of its non while on day release from a muddy sections meanwhile the uk government is entering into and all i expected like to be given a cause of tv rights to stall
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the court interfering with it it's just that. but to progress with you watching her on to denounce around the world that it's the latest of the world of school boards to buy cake partridge coming up with what she is in the uk evening to discuss the program lined up as but the joy of the ground with most passionate and sincere. but after that. off the he is on song he's funny and soo cute. produced using a traditional kilt to me cool stories . is it is distinguished by its use of the group picture. the tree flowers fruits and other themes from each. our
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prejean and stencil design techniques for you christians are required to make each piece. each bomb executed by distance specialist says. the two pieces. the design these students. point two. i know reese touch weeks tuesday and can't be printed in long lines to protect the one that comes through. when the starches was deflated. it leads one to talk to himeaturer contingencies and pretend that it's using a variety of delicious rich. an extensive selection of colors available beyonce's can achieve crates of tea and a range of expression. eu. the person
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responsible for the overall production of each can we use in peace. the mustard on it directs the work of the various specialist opposite to what to make you mad skills to achieve the desired effect oh oh the eye. we're each design is responsible for years if there was no one to direct and coordinate we never get a good result. the history of tool use and begins over three hundred years ago thank you to mama designs abuse and sign means. the old days the tomatoes were a little pampering too. because when we first introduced pencils. around nineteen hundred the killer years and became really popular and widely apart. i will. in this
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pencil drawing method to generate stencil is used for each cup. when printing this technique allows many callers to the many truths in tucson spencer was written material i'm not going to find with a brush or sponge. when the going to try his stance was due. in the process repeated the next come i promise. what do you tell that it's not a great number stands for. really elaborate designs to use one stands. i used stencils on pieces of turkey wanted was to be stopped and excess come. only cheers pieces might be finished by the addition of extra decoration fine embroidery vocal. try making
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your using a su. some joker workshops offer hands on experience today you are using techniques are also used for rides and races starts government the eye it's three hundred year old traditional kilt. he's very much about it and throw it into skill or businesses the new touch of beauty. if you do. are there. the cheney
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long one will . one welcome to the journal treats you like. things to do it coming on. determined to shut down bangkok's thousands converged on at city demanding the prime minister is on israel lays to rest. prime minister. and due to all those american consul and twelve years is way to steal


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