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half expecting the society's well so we don't want this would move move move when will . a flight from moscow afghan outrage over the deaths of children and another american airstrike that makes the officials insist it was an operation to disrupt insurgency. we report us equity stakes as silly as a magnet for terrorists ahead of the peace conference in geneva. it also brings together running series for witnesses to try to help with the redwoods and come see article on him
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in spite of faith and yet many in the us and appeal to stop snooping on each other as the route of them hugging them with amy bishop rumbles on the eye. it's not the one named kevin who would avert what could keep the kids joined us this morning our top story. afghanistan's present hamad karzai has now ordered an inquiry into the u s airstrike that killed eight civilians seven of them children. the migraine tied into residential area north of kabul. despite the government's plea for american forces to stop eating them and choose to read my new team from allah to guide the channel reports in the region. as it is all about etiquette of our minds and that in afghanistan had the hubby and i loss of civilian casualties while the women was who was killed and seven children. that along with the one civilian
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in danger and called in to the statements by that time it was a skull face and a half arsed to make is to give an exhibitionist perceptible barman specific date yet for the pas few weeks it has a cone at kinds of reasons mentor and fighting between the forces and un forces in one side and the taleban forces and the other side but the boom arm and has been lost. their heads in uganda for that tiny bond and polished or inside money doesn't get any at eight forty has had five and they had targeted the cbd and that and the casualty has been saving ends up going to the statement by the cars it responding to is to render a few small presents cause i claim sitting on the two civilians died when described as defensive and support to afghan forces them into teams to quit to spread the blog too for the deaths saying that quote local district and provincial officials were informed in advance of the operation as to the statement reads from
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the international security assistance force. it also says the operation was meant to disrupt insurgent activity foreign policy and has come and go can tell this the afghani government motion by that. instead demand justice for the innocent victim. always the argument that foreign powers may they always make it sound like they're invading a country just as they care so much about the people that are under attack. but all over the world you can see the fruits of us foreign intervention these ten massacres are really built and to foreign intervention to conceal wherever this happens within the middle east africa asia or anywhere the result is poverty misery suffering they've never improve the lives of the people of the people of the right to run their own country president karzai if he represents the afghan people should be demanding reparations be paid to the people of afghanistan to so many crimes have been committed there for all the people killed for all the lives lost for all the poverty and misery created by u s intervention those reparation shouldn't come from ordinary working class americans cannot come from halliburton in awe to come from general electric and all the military contractors that made so much money off of the destruction
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of the people in afghanistan so many other countries in the world. a chemist and scholes on the us to stop bombarding civilian has been flowing flood the presidential aide least we spoke about asking how many mole innocent afghans have to die before it gets to tend to be its officials and quote. the issue child casualties is of course a stash especially disturbing it is my hope and looking outside of it. just last week an accidental shot by us special forces on the driveway same ground of afghanistan's helmand province a four year old boy heavenly dad and trips to the sick and i saw the child in a dusty weather. what the problem is that if the people reminder that there still theory of collateral damage to the afghanistan invasion began more than a decade ago april twenty thirteen in the airstrike killed eleven afghan children and that could our province and the eames chair of the healing numbers in two thousand nine one hundred and thirty one children in airstrikes twenty two died in nighttime rates twenty
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thousand eleven at one hundred and ten children killed in two thousand twelve seventy four children died and so far hundreds of children adapt the hands of foreign troops but not perpetuated the single political actor on the world stains. it seems the policy on the ground will have until now. while collecting the data about civilian casualties. it is difficult to un figures do not represent the true number of children killed by foreign forces. no movement is being casualties from a commercial break to put the u s afghan security pact very shaky ground to washington's drop pushes for thousands of its own just remain in afghanistan up to the combat mission and sink the ship of the role suppose to be support for local forces the us still of monsters to kill the cat attacks and raids all afghan homes crucially molding him into a m prosecution to present causes women to approve the deal demonic men and in the air strikes as a precondition to any agreement
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now that he's a good smell it too badly this get their way with the referendum a landslide just a bit like this that we have been active as to whether the vote was as democratic as is being played likes your center stage on carries coal to syria a magnet for extremists to speaking to the tower dylan and the pseudo position to attend next week's the stool it's due to vote on friday about whether or not to participate in a viscous motif is one of these cars among polish clear i then pull it out it was a bit more about will the us secretary of state had the seventies much anticipated told them well the list of state john kerry statement comes a cave of a nice income via the opposition at which they are expected to decide whether or not they will participate in the geneva to summit later this month not carry is a good thing for a hicks decision that will see
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them participate in the conference. kaylee also saying that the same comfort has given rise to extremist groups that are not able to operate more freely use any intention of ultimate evil to the fold the world needs no reminder that syria has become a magnet for geologists and extremists. it is the strongest magnet for terror. but any place today so it defies logic to imagine that those who grooms who whose brutality. created this magnet. how they can never leave syria away from extremism and towards a better future is beyond any kind of logic or common sense well this is placing on bras because we haven't enough pasta seen the sun's harsh statements coming from washington in terms of
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the ripples when seen against the syrian president of the side. once i get to is that when he makes reference to what he calls it that added to create it. that has created this to a magnet for in fact he's holding responsible for this is the decider is that countries like saudi arabia the report that the house being maintained its hold to these extremist groups. now all the while we are hearing more and more innings national news he is at it he says in psalms you need to define his own future happiness for which need to be supported by both sides the opposition has repeatedly stated that they want the sitting president to scientists have found that what is not here is who will then be there to get to beat the country out of crisis when the summer from opposition and if it's an example of a custody because he denounced the killing of the year it's safe to say he had to extremist groups have come to the fall and that always seems to be fielding even more and more holla amongst those placing
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adsense forces. the ad you send them pull a big lorry about the potential of a kid ok thanks leah for the much preferred the policy of middle east correspondent well my summer syrian government has officially confirmed. it's good to sit patiently geneva told one of the mindset and opposition groups to get him saying it's refusing to take part in his long delayed conference moscow for talks been hosting the rating is syrian foreign ministers trying to pave the way to those elusive negotiations covered the pool scoldings been following this a fresh round of diplomacy a mosque. the syrian national coordination committee have decided that they weren't attend the talks on syria in geneva starting next wednesday. now that one of the most influential factions in the opposition movement of them are hundreds that there isn't a domino effect of the opposition groups decided not to attend makeup of the two delegations are still unclear. one side he does want to attend might not be that the iranian government russia believes that influence in the region should give them a ride to attend along with another
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influential regional class in this hour the radio all the foreign ministers of like iran and syria to be in moscow on thursday we met with russian president vladimir present we also met with russia's foreign minister sunday on wealth he says that the successful schools are in the interest of the entire international community that iran has a role to play. like this hearing people and the people of iran. we want to eliminate the hard bits of terrorism and serious pear tree. this is our unified position. so it seems that with these toll has now just days away into my mind has already begun full stop but the high level meeting in moscow runs from the mystical to a piece of the cavanagh said. he says seriously she should be decided through bunting of the opposition's demands croissants removal as a precondition for the still makes no sense. it seems that isn't it a great deal of insecurity among those people who are sick and
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the conditions put him in negotiations to start that this should happen and that could happen. this should be the outcome of the negotiations here that should be the outcome of the negotiations. if the people have confidence in the dead ability to attract the city and people if they believe they get present and ambitions of the city in population than they should be ready to go to the bottom looked like they need to set preconditions i miss all put on this. at the end of the day. no country. other than seeing people can decide what will happen is here. and if they tried to impose of issues on the city and people shown on a trip to see the fading of the process on the ground and served thousand people to be killed during into rebel fight scene with radicals connected took on even though waging war mobile war against more water or groups. but they split the glamorous couple of must see and spend two assists as
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the opposition's reluctance to take part of the peace conference will do no great harm those who speak told to them to focus on the role of international play. the title should be between the regime and fill positions in syria in geneva or in another state so no wonder the boy because that is that the geneva or not to have zero influence because the engineer told it could be an argument with an international accord that we live by it being participants on this tape at the park is a great engineer from school like a tool of the coolest of the fronds and arming davis are in a position on the terrace and syria. i'd also put up with the baby bonus because we know that function if i won in geneva to know that there are a lot of ingredients has been forbidden city i like based on extensive due out on the eleventh. and also the islamic studies islamic front is made by saw the video. so when the united
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states and other charges are asking. puan toolbar in twenty oh one they would also have to ask this on the event also said geneva along which says to stop the kind of a funding and sending terrorists into syria ok so and if it makes a given text of any mobile phone chances of the nsa gc hq to know all about it now that god even the uk in the uk channel four television used to snow has leaks to find out that there's a program called this fall and which i began this millions of messages around the globe. meantime the minute is to hit a dead end in negotiating a no spotty deal with washington the cost given america's global survey is the tomb comparisons of the infamous east given secret police on his payroll of the matter with some of those stars the veterans to find out what they have in common and all with the nsa. . finding out that the united states attempt to private mobile phone and a local confronted
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president diploma. this claim the formal offices in the east june and secret police which was known as the stasi of the warning for the nsa if they think my surveillance is the solution to a nation's problems. who wouldn't if that even the best qualified and most of them secret service cannot save the state. we showed you that away from the professed chill of the politicians that the nsa spying ability to compare with the actions of the east german secret services. during the cold war the canal if indeed this is exactly as illegal as some of the tactics that the stasi to employ. it is a breach of human rights of the government machine is so powerful that you can stop it it would snow to news leaks about the shape and scope of the nsa surveillance issue and gemini as one of the top targets the us snooping again high up on top of
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the ominously named devil's mountain like the remnants of the last major nsa spying program to look into the private lives of the people of the allin with the pungent now that i can update this post was used in the sin in all the private phone calls of thousands of citizens in both the east on the western pacific. then it was thousands of coles. now it's millions sometimes tens of millions of these connections. the contracts and love. the court to review the way he would now is much more intensive your web browsing history credit cards they can build a profile on your way easier than was ever possible in my day the ashkenazi didn't know existed this type of technology. the reliance on developing personal contacts been to suspect the windows were working in counterintelligence in the west more hours. even the senate. we were pretty good even then the fear of being listened and she was taken seriously. this was a formal office a challenge with looking in tomato told
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us the month and i and my superior officer is there any technology arena that they can use just over eavesdropping on my calls and answered yes just don't think about these veterans of the spying game might be impressed by the capabilities of the nsa. the pickle juice about the quality of the information collected for dozens of hits they relied too much on technology that technology migrate to locate a person or listen to their calls it doesn't let you know what they think. with the usa doing all the time to justify its intelligence gathering operation dove touched on the two points though by critics. sent to continue for sometime gets the thrall of the box the gym. president bob expected to unveil a proposal this week is spring cleaning in essays activities but critics unexpected much safer in chief of the age of global cut affairs magazine called partisan convinced that washington will ever agree to give up spying on
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them. the americans are putting into it and is the terminated press reps with a big if it's the kind of creepy with a humiliating called the assurance of love that the celtics have to poll the attendants called the truman the moment until you may compel men to want to include all and that was cautioned. it's a hoot and in all we outbreak. two of the situation also on the table. one last detail all photos are mostly the renovation to abolish the spying on them all but four tall for the compliment and to use the discussion will feed up with a b in the in the next weeks i think the worldwide race to tell the wells gathering steam. as the arctic ice melts the woods and has been moving up numbers show that women can have thus paving the way full competition and lorraine made even more the eye. this
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lead peacekeepers for those concerned that morning tiring peace deals in that post conflict environment nowadays they are increasingly asked to operate in high school. i'll be fine these. we stayed in the motion this. these people have posted for almost twenty years for me than people millions of displaced them with jeans. tens of thousands of women raped. tens of thousands of children included us soldiers as slaves. no. the speech or language. you'll know it news programs and documentaries in spanish what max's to you. breaking news
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will turn into bangalore kittens stories. due to it okies. for no more visits to iowa to go because you don't comb the eye. using sprays wealthiest province who voted off. madrid the fake go with a load of money not only has its own language distinct cultures both response to the fifth of things wealth the secession of deceit is a direct challenge to promise to mccloy who previously had to force a referendum on constitutional grounds ironically you can polish it depends tell the couple and can be prevented from having this event more than a two percent of pakistan's wish to express themselves even if they want or not. one thing that none of us knowing and so we're talking about them
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all to see what is needed and as you know what. this shiite majority of citizens of you gets the piece that is not express themselves in and out of talks yesterday. before going out for staying on for you because for us is not a waste of money. not that we had a nation we need only a nation that we know what a ride home we are not proof that we know that i'm the one to restore the state. we used to be with our constitution and our institutions. so we can be summed up by the alcohol in all forty season. results from the tips referendums just overwhelming backing for the country's new constitution proposed by the mid to back interim government. while a disco to political roadmap to democracy supporters of the aztec muslim brotherhood boycott of the vocal lead in the kitchen and proceed to challenge the result. one activist told the l a this photo is just more proof the country sliding back to dictatorial us. in the dark
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and jake egyptians decided not to post about books because they actually had lost all hope that this and many to come to a connection to conduct a second constitutional process that with caustic wanted to know everyone. this was conducted in and out to sea off the air repression and intimidation we've seen more than five hundred egyptians and the rest just because they said no to this and constitution. it's understandable. it's kind of dual buttock region again i'd get that number is very similar to what we've seen in love but carroll in the pool so it ended up being ninety nine point nine percent yes so whatever the results of these is that you need to make postings and go to this author in residence. want to get stories mind brief non su cycle bomb struck a hezbollah stronghold in lebanon near the syrian border that killed four people at least twenty six others were hurt the explosion is there a local government building of
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pilate and allows to plummet if light is to help present the south has seen violence spread from syria the time came ashore before in my phone for the league and for his beloved members to vote the assassination of former lebanese prime minister palestinian medical sources say israeli airstrikes on gaza and wounded a woman and four children. israel claims it struck in retaliation offering to send to five rockets from gaza remains from the scroll cross border missile fire local residents awoke and you see it the sound of explosions in and began inspecting the rubble around. i love the optics that he likes his grudge the opening up access to massive oil and gas reserves hidden under the policy bed with the increasing number of states and to explore the region's rich is getting everyone to agree on how to divide the dough up could prove tricky and tends not to swim pool nice cover story melting ice caps in the arctic have ignited a military buildup over the world smallest ocean and the robert is buried beneath
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the arctic circle is believed to contain thirty percent of the world's undiscovered natural gas and fifty percent of its polio. the future of the world economy to some extent is dependent on the arctic and i think you know russia and canada the united states and norway and denmark are very interested in exploiting these freezer since last month canada abruptly claims that he owned the north pole while the united states with its alaskan outpost has plans to boost its military than cleaning it lacks operational experience and needs to police that any nice as it serves the spike in fuel bills maritime traffic. but that's not all religious people who knew what to do to continue. actually us submarines are deployed not too far away off the norwegian coast. it would take us to sell sixteen to seventeen minutes to get from there to moscow. so we really hope that with all the things that have been happening in the world over the past few decades with the cold war
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confrontation behind us. in all five countries bordering the arctic have sovereign rights to resources within two hundred nautical miles of their territorial water weights but a growing appetite for a bigger slice of the pie is what many fear and inevitably sparked by twenty per cent report more in the frozen waters are all still unexplored resources that we don't know yet. two weeks country belongs that could be a place of interest to many countries giving that up smaller things could spark an unfocused and and and maybe more times than i would like to see. during the fortnight rt new york. in the story of hashish it but then evidently there's a good site to the falling ice is assessing up access to potentially new a very profitable trade routes we put him up together they shall you be of no goofy with sexual have rusher in europe to ship goods to a that age in their egos and blue ball jenny a file from the atlantic to pacific to
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say could be reduced to just three weeks with good music going a good smell of that on the other side the octave is another tried to trade route to the juicy interact. that one is the northwest passage through counted the sickies is until member of a new and getting through that navigating the past but is changing. because of the prayerful the british naval officer he told me to speech though. looking ahead to get over the odds he will inevitably rise in fees where i think we can pass and just uses the inaugural are interested to countries such as india china korea they are interested not just in the northern sea route girls and resorts is the basis of their enemy often already detainees to other offerings in random places like that. it will be a scramble was the olive trees the cylindrical six footers does received a notice to the open seat across the top of russia and north west passage across
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canada to raise around twenty fifty straight across the top of the north pole. that means that other countries. austin faced each other across an old folder on the way east woodward said. on a few months of the year and would use different distances between joan trees you see i mean other states also ensuring as the optics. it's an interesting situation was changing on a new calling around twenty four on twenty fifty. while getting ready for the coolest in the years leading up to that. we should be falling all the twists and turns and cadillac here in upstate. i'm not a commission could do see a few and phone calls to say privately that nsa steps listening and fascinating trip to the physics develop smartphone technology that lets you just dial with discretion when we get more but i get the skills from lol so that soo much more sobering up american troops minute withdrawal from iraq two years ago puts the pieces
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continue to hold the country the more gruesome footage and pictures. merging of the rings disposing of dead iraqis infamous abu ghraib prison the conduct of the so called jamaican lot of interest. ok well this pitiful rough cough melbourne but with an excuse postage but thirty three minutes time breakneck set off for that united nations officials for peacekeeping operations to tvs on avoiding loads of up to the top teams in action with the world. ch. i am the majority of congress are now millionaires for the first time in history according to the center for spots of politics which is pretty insulting than the average american's not doing so well financially the scenes at wickham point of rich guys rule the country
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which the kind of to what could argue that congress is a quick spin off. first off duty inflation million dollars is not as much as it used to be a special the cost of a campaign to get in the congress costs around one millionsix hundred thousand dollars city of million dollars of net worth me sound pretty rich to you or me but he expects a team of us politics these guys can even afford the costly and again the work. electoral campaigns are a bit of money affairs was no surprise that people like you or me kick it into law making business without sonny least a little piece of our souls to someone who is very deep pockets. so again the problem isn't that congressmen are wealthy is that many of them hefty cost of financing in order to maintain their positions. it is you average folks know what your dad. they've got a bite of crops. well that's just my thing. i room. what's the world's biggest story each day exclusive any team
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that works. the top story was the case most intriguing topic as told by nhc premier global content partners back to back in english. it's what they mean washington six am i going to have party acting in your story continues here seventeen with me thanks to a doting aspect that i conveyed that stealing is just too new and it makes the network's gotta work on in each seat. tv will continue to share with your friends on facebook and twitter. the top story on the m a c networks. you can watch him in the world you wherever you go. we may see your own family. this program schedules on demand video though my name is pete
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oliver and i play ball. i enjoyed the us versions available. this is your marketplace today research makes the network. new new new new room . the easy one is from berlin. so with things to do it. eleven that accused of killing lebanese prime minister. reopens and eight. one was pretty apple store is to face trial in a munich courtre


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