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tv   RT News  PBS  January 17, 2014 10:30am-11:01am PST

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lulu lulu . the no seating changes for sweeping surveillance president obama is expected to introduce some limits to the infamous intelligence programs but there is little hope of any fundamental reform. syria says it's ready to unite with moderate rebel groups in the fight against hardline radicals. according to the country's foreign minister was in moscow have the peace dogs. scotland's police state. britain's foreign secretary is on a charm offensive to convince undecided spots not to quit
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the uk as a monster take the decisive referendum the mayor. paul. can a mosque at what twenty ten with me read to welcome the program was embroiled in some pretty dirty business now president obama can be about to clean up america's of tory sleaze basic intelligence yard line reforms on friday which could impose limits on the nsa after a whistleblower edward snowden revealed to us all just how far it had gone into our private lives expectations of any fundamental changes are pretty low thirty cents tax reports from washington dc today president obama heads to the department of justice just a few blocks from here they'll deliver a speech on the nsa report specifically what he supports from the forty six recommendations his own review panel put forward a few weeks ago
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the president is expected to devote a large portion of the speech the privacy concerns of non us citizens and businesses. basically trying to assure for consumers that their privacy will be protected when they communicate using american tech companies like google and yahoo. you might remember when it was disclosed that allied world leaders like brazilian president film a recess were spied on by the nsa. the prisoner was quick to order a revue of that program. the president has not shown the same concern for tens of millions of non us citizens in germany and brazil and france who are also being spied on. so there's a high likelihood that you'll finally tackle that issue today. now the big question is what happens the most controversial nsa program revealed by edwards noted. and that's the nsa is all telephone met a data collection program the president could order an end to the program right now to do it today. if you want it to him you wouldn't need congress's approval. instead the prez is expected to introduce some limited reforms to the full collection program. winning ticket to congress have
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the final say on whether or not it should continue lawmakers on capitol hill are divided over where the spying programs boundary should be. democratic congressman rush holt propose his own bill for reading and the nsa. we don't want those who are doing a surveillance to be the very same ones who decide who the bad guys are decide what to do with the nsa has diluted the usual partisan rivalry between democrats and republicans with bills the sanding this is the aunts and calls to restrain coming from both sides. just a mac who campaigns for government accountability doesn't believe that any of the proposed changes will make a genuine difference. so far what has been telecast through government leaks look alot like a lot of cosmetic changes in other words it does not a theory that had the president will be bringing in the largest controversy which is probably the full collection of
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american data on nor will he be adopting any recommendation to house and story that data in for example a telephone company rather than on by the national security agency again i think a lot of these changes are or are you really just cosmetic in their contrary to what his own internal review panel recommended. the global spread of america's all sea ice has cost taxpayers a pretty penny as well the actual figures are as you'd expect top secret but here are some leaked information that lifts the lid on spy standing the so called black budget reportedly amounts to fifty two point six billion dollars for twenty thirteen. now back over tea and a billion went to the nsa as funny as going by a staggering fifty three percent and jackie. sources say there is tension out that only in the vault as
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the surveillance seven point five percy end of the time our washington correspondent accounts into the agency's activities two years the us government to be hiding its dragnet surveillance of entire nations under the national security rock in fear of another nine eleven americans have no idea just how pervasive the government spying program became falling interest of his revelations. lions team to the surface. does the nsa collect any type of data at all. and millions or hundreds of millions of americans. no storm. kanye we know of at least. safety threats. there have been averted because of this information on on. there is only one case but this was useful in the sunday saw a five hundred goals this amounted to an al qaeda affiliate. the tunnel to be in charge but even in the case the couple waited two months to investigate
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this case though. get the idea that this is critical to stopping terrorism is his reply. policy group the new america foundation has analyzed hundreds of terrorism related cases and says traditional investigative methods such as the use of informants and tips for bets. the nsa sweeping surveillance did nothing to prevent the bombing scene was last year. even despite multiple teams from across concerning one of the perpetrators the president's own surveillance policy review board has concluded the nsa poll data collection was quote not essential to preventing attacks. the head of the nsa was eventually pressed to admit that the government had exaggerated the effectiveness of the program. would you rate of fifty four cases keep getting side of administration were not of plots. the bridge only thirty minutes of max's us you agree with the indians have now
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yes. giovanni station found itself in hot water when it was noted revealed that the nsa was easy spying on allies and trading partners not just carrots. the nsa has built a vast new standard in to caucus for people's private data and much of it will have nothing to do with parents who were doing is advocating totalitarian procedures which is gathering information about all the individual in the world the high cost thousands to be taking to the streets to protest against the pc is there got them in becoming the ground. when in the wake of nine eleven the patriot act for the names to privacy many americans thought at least they'd be said that with recent revelations that trade off is under question last week that i'm getting stuff done our bit the report said president obama made announced a ban on the nsa spoke so when the data collection and that's according to an unnamed white house official
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think about that instead of commons as well as nails a fresh leeks revealing that the us and uk have been harvesting millions of mobile phone text messages worldwide every day. the unknown longmont. the birds as is ready for a limited ceasefire was rebel fighters was the prisoner swap the foreign minister announced the readiness to cooperate with moderate opposition groups against radical islam is after meeting with his musket counterpart at the same time sale of rough race of the issue of the opposition taking part in next week's peace conference. choose to use youtube to do is unbelievable blues who are backing the syrian national coalition to lose to consider is the only legitimate representative of the syrian people. which does not correlate to the real political situations. all of them need to consider the role that playing in
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preparing the geneva to peace conference in court the opposition syria national collections meeting in this town will to decide whether it will it an upcoming peace talks next week. imports a decision won't be announced until saturday and we spoke exclusively to syrian presidential political adviser. the sane and siobhan and she says the opposition doesn't understand your deal with the syrian people suffer it puts the floor to have that there had been living outside sitting up but the money is that kind of thing then and now i am not going to hold or not though love the city and people in the article until sunset and acting because of the source of finance i think many of them out of feeding finances from that and got it but that anyone wanted to live with it and people who wants to be edges of this event it would be up all of the tv ads with him. why are empty
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the stalking is better than that is destroying the lives of the day that if we tried to give it a question of what he is the one the product it is in the sea that people in and sitting up and it is and that it didn't make it on his head from some adventures i'm being a novel i forgot that forces. i meant to stop diplomat has come out with a sharp condemnation of terror succeeded in syria. syria has become a magnet for geologists of extremists. i hear rise groups as baptists thousand people have been killed in fighting between al qaeda linked militants and other rebel groups. some civilians even be executed former french prime minister dominique de villepin spoke to rt added that he needed to pee stops any setback dropping off or conditions is essential for any dialogue take place next week i believe we have to call him today. one use. we need a force to positioned to take part in these discussions because how can we have a
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nice apartment without causing everybody run the table but also we have weeds in the opposition is very strong. very strong fights between the two pots the political opposition and the two parties are fighting very strongly on the drum about things we should take away the he's told the people that are behind the al qaeda and we should not focus on the problem of folks out that we should not have any good preview completion bed before stopping these political discussion. d i even believe that the drive there should be as much ice possible talks of the talks because you when you sincerely. regionally the fourth of may. and if we can cost you one on board. in discussing the current crisis of the region. we did all calls him we would be much more efficient. all for saatchi twenty fourteen as any other reading and
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the athletes are primed but you need a whole heap of how to make sure that all this mostly the strike because of the nation's interests not be on the present pace and has given the correct tool to be on the opponent is the sochi twenty fourteen i know. eye right from the sea the interesting picture the importers with her the animal. the move on
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internationally over the next eight months copper was pondering whether to cut the cord was britney and the heavyweights of westminster are there maureen very northern neighbors to stay as far as the public's concerns that the decisions far from a done deal. playboy who looks at the an easy choice contest to me. foreign secretary william hague it until i tasted a howling case the lights on and should stay within the united kingdom. i made a loaf of scotland and as the papers which i of respondents described as one would hope that which came out last night and then call again faced with an accident he recommends and in fact and the county announced today stating that the actual assassin is focusing on the brat. the uk government's neglect of just how much scotland's current benefits from unsafe. for example a
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business based in scotland they state that it benefits the iraqi from assets to protect case economic interests aligned defending the world famous exploits risky than stellar defense against excessive taxation. his trainer barry is but i told them that the yes today is the whole thing up and won the referendum in fact and that we can position the propaganda war being waged from re signs of the barrie colts any critiques of westminster abbey the british government of being mongering in order to secure an area of eight to come september and the second for twenty minutes of the year have set about scotland's independence they've just yesterday. first of all of scotland quits walks and it leaves behind all that he gets is part of the united kingdom. not just to build membership of the eu the un security council the commonwealth the g eight the g twenty. but in very concrete terms. we've got this very large international network of embassies and high commissions around the world
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most of its business including things like scotch whisky scottish agriculture produce and eat and so on after five am today. as if i'm going to talk about events that will one day and that is that they enjoy worst affected areas such as coincidence that this is when they travel abroad the meaning of my friends just had to get a campaign is me stepping on the plate that the union. i'm sort of dream of owning the spots with needs to stay tonight keeping them from anderson and thursdays at prominent business to get this all stars but in the three scottish independence this great roommate for both height and according to nielsen poll just twenty six found that australian batangas concept and aesthetic or more of what some scientists said he hoped the nominating watching the progress that nirvana today historic break when the eighteen percent and that
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the real world asks the best of times but fickle convinced anyone who needs a roof a hundred years the need to rush the architects have turned a hallway he is hobbling on its head taped or auntie dot com. lots of computer hackers who are itching to get in your kitchen. it seems they're branching out from computer is now a tory the smile household appliances from selling high spot a stiff drink this. due to the highlands has once again flared up. imagine the world history of canada. china according to rule the day
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right from the sea the interesting picture the importers twitter the animal. the move on the what's not see a national leader event like the winter olympics running like clockwork. you need more of them copies and world class athletes to be napping we need a small army of helpers and as such the twenty fourteen recruits has been canning and presidential pep talk. i didn't hundred tons more. and on the scene is also no ptc
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for questioning on secession one in particular question if they came from a farm gone into the last one to the official front seats to sell chicken pie in the rain viacom is if russia is against the eagles again above listed taken in the stache saying he did not design the taxis but then when it's a nice night pointed back to the brazil against a propaganda to mind is a normal size stress that the gag in russia is not a criminal offence. we also had friends who told me not me since i was eating he joins me and i would like to donate my cue to get the chance that i'm not what was his message to you. i was up and said that's olympic games is holiday for everyone but finds his first state tasteful four minutes as far as the country for people who love and like them but for us it's more a day. quite hard and i think i'm dumb thing to question why have you become a bomb into it because it's many months hog with a camisole for one pie. gamut from you aren't a very unpleasant. i physically get something to country and to
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get something back to get it here and see ghats france against the birthing center a lot of skills and fluff. but the kremlin you use just one of twenty five fancy phone and to use his hands on kiki gemini chilly friday i'll be chasing sheep because organizes did receive applications from a hundred and fifty thousand people from all around the world an overnight by the majority of moments these are actually directs the made up from people from off from iran to back sixty different countries. as we head that he did not differ response of indices but in general may seeheecret athtes but its delicacies but as mrs o tcaor them their way around so she ot is close to the vet's dainty things like translating the press comfort says that until such as coaching athletes to date can control a citizen not a good end to the good bank and save more importantly order them to you had a very nice smile because that day i will try their best to make a soul feel very wcome to the workplace the media because they will be wearing things like that
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track six. in other news this hour. thailand's capital which has endured days of intense mass into government action has seen twenty injured by a bomb device was thrn from a derelict building into a truck carrying protesters at least eight people have died since tn december. lee has shut down bangkok's movement icy roads and ministries blockaded but the prime minister insists that the only solution to the crisis will be family or a selection. obama has derailed a train in central pakistan at least five people have died several carriages came off the tracks when the class struggle route from paschal are in the north to go on seeing the sounds it directly to those behind the attack by the pakistani taliban denied it was engulfed. anyway that scorching is trillion has turned deadly killing one
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woman as dozens of wildfires gripped the southeast the record breaking heat had already cut power to tens of thousands of homes and forced the australian open tennis tournament to postpone matches. it's feared the blazes are affecting the weather cycle causing the thunderstorms and lightning. they have sparked further fires and injured several people. the trick is why farrs say they are living in increasing climate of theater during the apartheid that was inflicted on the country's black people for decades it's now white communities scoring during races attacks and even brutal killings this report comes from posting. the sun is fixing his face. last night that is again trying to break into his home. two weeks ago the story went up to killing six of his courses the thickness with our lives and that their will. attempt to go door to door. oldest
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increase in its turn the thing is that. eighteen years when he as you can in some african. the successful farm and grew and sold for speed. the three months ago he gave it up. the constant announcement that he's convinced is coming from some of his format to accommodate the risk had simply become too much. in fact all speak i'm the type to him in the fall for me. ngc to the mall if you want to just use the ornament. there will be kicking for goal. that worked on the back. it was a petri dish so that she was not destroyed. i'm kidding this is how happy can have hit record highs. according to genocide watch. in the last twenty years says councilman dennis african national congress's the impala more than four pounds and twenty foreigners have been killed. but ten times the number of points of africans have beam routine again. in what became of racially motivated attacks and i was trying to release home and clean the snail has been falling tesco and meets
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with the forty years. he's convinced the killings up onto the systematic good to drive when south africans and in particular on this count of the country. he's paid the ultimate price. he's going to the nascent was shocked it on his home. i love a lot. it's so true from the greeting was too mad. only two could on which he used to chew. the thirty three year old was killed in front of her two small children. the informal figures. my everyday think the farmers of the are these really old photos was good of the way. i mean the government is saying that david i paid an effective post because we start demanding anc has dismissed such claims pointing out the south africans of all kind is some divine in korean i don't go away. she hasn't come from some of the room
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too old and new finance lloyd's ten days of being an intention to victimize why it's our aim and division in additional to stop it the company says the stupid ticket to party. a nice it is said to me some pasta noodles some in ghana. he devoted his life to be co signing the races as he wants nukes shoot up. the sale tickets can be good to us. because that was kid free him. if true it's a sad because he saw a man who devoted his life to building and leading the nation. unfortunately honestly assess how fast the case still believe they should be divided country is a huge discrepancy between the hives heat into the white citizens and have nots pretend to be taxed to death in townships like this one we see on t stop africa. aah to noon. i rmb. the majority
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of congress are now millionaires for the first time in history according to the center for spots of politics which is pretty insulting than the average american's not doing so well financially. the scenes at wickham point of rich guys rule the country which they cut into one could argue that congress is a quick spin off first off duty inflation million dollars is not as much as it used to be a special the cost of a campaign to get in the congress costs around one millionsix hundred thousand dollars city of million dollars of net worth may sound pretty rich to you or me but he expects a team of us politics these guys can even afford the costly into getting the work. electoral campaigns are a bit of money affairs was no surprise that people like you or me kick it into law making business without sonny least a little piece of our souls to someone who is very deep pockets. so again the problem isn't that congressmen are wealthy is that many of them hefty cost of financing in order to maintain their positions. it is you average folks know what your dad. they've got a
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bite of crops. well that's just my thing. i am. i think the international audiences are all interested in this isn't the same way that american audiences are and they're interested in you know in america mrs they're also interested in this is from other countries because that again they're interested in the genre itself in the format in the way that that format this kind of existential and answers questions about good and evil and crime and punishment. and so therefore its worldwide. i like about it it's the mystery is that. not only are you. what changed the crime drama. but you also
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just alerted. you know about the closure of the land through barbie and you get the flu in bergen norway through slept through the acts for the londoners you get. you know and ideals what's all this means light of the lenders because they're the set in sweden and of the main character is said that was to watch his excellent. and we like police procedural. you would want his life but you're one of wannabe in sweden after two seasons. i think scandinavia manager has sadly become much better than it was previously i think pak us and uk have been awakened to a just a question and that to prevent the reading great books for years i think just the combination of pop culture and good writing that the state lacks the phenomenon was has brought some attention we tried lots of fun though we like it was the light mist of plots that were to swim in the humor and the fact that
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andrea kelly areas very much involved in this grid. so it get it through the books and great fun with our best to address one of the folks that brought back from him. and lo behold a few weeks later i noticed that you are broadcasting the show really enjoyed the guys wonderful there exists a look at it and it's very very good after i ate i really like the longer series but high time to qualify that because of what some of the irene us and she is is it that is really going to take off. it begins with irene doing the karate kicks. you're really taken to wish you what she's doing you see she's a strong lady. then you see her with her family. absolutely fascinating family. i think women are going to be perfectly attractive sight read. so whereas i saw longer
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for us on. she may end up being my fav. the very pleased that though. within the last year or so nhc is now selling the cds online and i've been promoting them on my website design just restocked on. because i've really fill that if you in the united states universal opportunity to buy. foreign tv stuff was so high. i just want to spread the word however it will look like when i'm back. it's like holds up. defence sources
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said. new new new one will want one . the news turned out to the egyptian constitution referendum has reached one third of the planets move on this private e bay sliced timeouts times of thirty three percent of eligible voters most likely fate puts the figure of thirty seven cents according to which it to applaud the tape they going to actually type sound fun to do in spite of constitutional amendments assad did not want center but it will fund to fight to the kites that the elections commission except when out with the results from


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