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wind rtc one the eye george j r t for most to me like tonight president obama are introduced is kind of silly and it's a whole hate the collection program but this concert with the buttons is not being scaled back in it says it's ready to go and mortar rebel groups in the fight against hardline radicals. according to the country's foreign listings in moscow at the preschool. scotland least a witness or uncertainties and children friends and to convince undecided still not quite the day. as the months
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to come to a decisive referendum. the lol the delegates don't think the national a top story this president bob was outlined a few changes to america conducted controversial surveillance tactics which even snake millions of people's phone calls texts and emails around the globe but there was still praise nonetheless for the nsa and its importance to security in them even if he did it make mistakes when opal mine is going to look back about my stack. us president obama was expected to really hide introducing some weeping reforms on nsa surveillance and that did not happen instead the us president defended and water and apply to the job of the national security agency and made it clear that the indiscriminate collection of everyone's met at the gap will continue
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obama so called reforms did not address the prison program which allowed the nsa to monitor everyone's online activity including emails chats web searches and video calls us for they also didn't address the anc's counter in christian activities or any geo location information that the agency may happen for me the complex. so what's changing. here's what's changing obama doesn't want the government to control them at a data storage any more proposing that awful lot of belonging to all americans the move into the hands of a third party. the us president i said that his attorney general eric holder and other intelligence officials will cry more on who should for that medicaid up announcing various options in late march to this essentially means that the scene u s officials who spearheaded an author writes the expansion of america's surveillance practices are now in charge of curbing their own authority. also affected immediately obama says that the nsa one out how to get
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permission from the foreign intelligence surveillance court. notice my side every time he wants to query or access to phone records database that is compiled well we have to keep in mind that i support is this secret for a series of tours of the and records of proceedings are classified. still many critics that say that the nsa is not to have a hard time making requests of the flight support for that. each time it wants to access the ones i've met baby at the u s presidents did insist that the africans high that the nsa is made over the past decade have prevented multiple attacks conceived innocent lives around the world but it's not me i actually released this week by the new american foundation. i actually had concluded the opp a city founded the ball the collection by the nsa. no discernible impact on preventing acts of terror attempt to right now obama can make whatever means he wants but this study and the research is not supporting his words. a coastal new york city that will present a balanced diet
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is reforms is concrete and substantial. and therefore will bring a transition the wall and the section to fifteen ball meditative program as it currently exists. presidents much anticipated speech to the mcp pushing for that crucial intelligence reforms that some of this mission to find out what activist blogger david swanson still think that obama spoke of both the joys that life. other things to do something with this would you agree that ofcom has an essay or a full busy day to enter the date substantial as people they own all. i would not i wouldn't call it a reform i would call it the ongoing normalization of the outrageous policy of violating the fourth amendment on an enormous scale. it is sucking up data on the people who for whom there is no probable cause and no warrant has been issued. and and then claiming that we need to trust them we need to trust them not to abuse those powers despite
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the fact that they have been abusing them and have been lying to us about this time and time it has are prosecuting of whistleblowers including the whistleblower who can build the president to hold this so called debates in which there was no debate partner and death and which he would not have killed otherwise but he claims it's been a great step forward. i don't see a tight i think there's a parallel here and as many people immediately pointed out to to the closure of guantanamo side. death camp. you know the president says he'd like to reform that the abuses of the nsa but he doesn't propose to to do it. what you think he chose to focus so much on file and data collection is the main problem is that a lot more information being collected lot of the places of the formatting that. there is that we are learning more as the every week goes by and about what they're collecting in terms of text messages and e mails sent and to mitigate
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that. and it's its voluminous and the president says is not can it mean that anything has been done wrong. it is not proposing to stop doing it is not suggesting we restore the fourth amendments to the constitution. he's suggesting that this will continue and it will be reforms perhaps in part some day and possibly in part by having private corporations be paid our money to own our data against our rights. or only partially doing that and partially having the government continue with its high and we may or may not be told what the solution ends up being it but we cannot trust these people is a story in the news today about numerous u s government officials with security clearance. who would like to have edward snowden murder and we are supposed to trust these people will know if there were some percentage of his papers and effects in violation. the sky looked a little but a bright new city with the most pessimistic
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like it has to be the boss of the folded up up up and see the good that way. president palmer asked congress to meet established independent a supervisor in the foreign intelligence surveillance court of heaven no. well the foreign intelligence surveillance court was such a rubber stamp up until george w bush's administration began violating its in circumventing it that most observers had a hard time understanding why they would bother going around that time and of course it was to set up these bees the projects of mass surveillance and to claim that you're going to suck up all the data it corporation to stories with me and promise not to look at it unless you really really have to buy your own. a judgment or by the judgment of the court. it's been a rubber stamp for decades. it doesn't persuade me that we should acquiesce in aussie now it's an important right that being in the us
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constitution from the beginning. congress should get involved in the courts should really get involved in that people can get involved and and and there wasn't much of that stymied in this speech from the executive branch. that is from some actual policy analysts which are still it's nice things. the time. will the global spread of american soul singer isaac cost taxpayers prepare me to post the actual figures as you'd expect on top sinker but here's a little bit of leaked information if the little button that made the most by spending in a way to put together. the so called black budget reportedly him as to the rank of fifty two point six billion dollars to twenty thirteen out of that of a ten billion went to the nsa in friday's funding is going but staggering fifty three percent in a decade in solstice a attack ship methods really making use of the nsa surveillance capabilities the seventh of august seven point five percent of the time raises the question when does the devil why it needs to lose billions. if you can't next to them since the effectiveness of american spy agency for years the us
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government to be hiding its dragnet surveillance of entire nations under the national security rock in fear of another nine eleven americans have no idea just how pervasive the government spying program became. but falling interest of his revelations. lions team to the surface. does the nsa collect any type of data at all. and millions or hundreds of millions of americans. no storm. owner we know of at least. fifty trucks. there have been averted because of this information on on. there is only one case but this was useful in the sunday saw a five hundred goals this amounted to an al qaeda affiliate. yet i've known for being charged but even in the case the couple waited two months to investigate this case though. get the idea that this is critical to stopping terrorism is his reply. policy group the new america
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foundation has analyzed hundreds of terrorism related cases and says traditional investigative methods such as the use of informants and tips for bets. the nsa speaking surveillance did nothing to prevent the bombing scene was last year. even despite multiple pics from abroad concerning one of the perpetrators the president's own surveillance policy review board has concluded the nsa poll data collection was quote not essential to preventing attacks. the head of the nsa was eventually pressed to admit that the government had exaggerated the effectiveness of the program. would you rate of fifty four cases a kid getting some ministers were not of plots. the bridge only thirty minutes of max's us you agree with the kids have now. yes. feel the inspiration found itself in hot water when it was noted revealed that the nsa was easy spying on allies and
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trading partners not just terrorists. the nsa has built a vast new center in dukakis for people's private data and much of it will have nothing to do with parents who were doing is advocating totalitarian procedures which is gathering information about all the individual in the world. thousands have been taking to the streets to protest against the pc is there got them in becoming the ground. twenty in the wake of nine eleven the patriot act are pretty and aims to privacy. many americans thought at least they'd be said. but with recent revelations that trade off is under question. last week and i'm getting stuff done our bit. more analysis from its inherent a reforming went head to one side of the joke on all salon as well the update of the fresh leeks revealing that the us uk and beyond to make use of mobile phone text messages. well why
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he did everyday the law syrian government says it's ready for limited ceasefire with the rebel fighters as well as a prisoner swap the foreign minister announced a readiness to cooperate with most brutal position groups against radical islamists of freemasonry does most of countertop but the same time sunday lavrov raise the issue of the opposition taking part in next week's peace conference. soon to go do it slightly evil blues who are backing the syrian national coalition to lose to consider is the only legitimate representatives of the syrian people. which does not correlate to the real political situations the need to consider the role that playing in comparing that to me that you can also heal positions during national coalition for its spots meeting in istanbul to decide whether it will attend next week's piece sold its soul the decision will be announced the vat on saturday meantime former french
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promise to donate the bill tom spoke to a patented need to be told is that drove the whole preconditions is essential for any dunno what i believe we have to call them today. one use. we need a force to positioned to take part in these discussions because how can we have a nice apartment without causing everybody around the table but also we have weeds in the opposition is very strong. bristol fights between the two pots the political opposition and the two parties are fighting very strongly on the drum about think we should take away the. he's told the people that are behind the al qaeda. and we should not focus on the problem of folks out that we should not cause any good preview completion bed. before stopping these political discussion. the irony between the two. there should be as much ice possible talks of
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the talks because you can use a leading regional looking into play. and if we can cost you one on board. in discussing the korean crisis of the region. we did all calls that we would be much more efficient. but the ethical exterior a magnet for terrorists extremists use it to the stage on kerry's noble and good ol' on president assad. himself has even been finding some of those extremists even purposely ceding some territory to them in order to make them more of a problem so we can make the argument that he is somehow the protector against them nobody's gonna be full america's top diplomat speaking better that he's come to washington via friday to put above a certain traits that over the us may be trying to divert attention from its own folds it the united states has backed itself into a diplomatic corner on the one hand they've been funding funding and funneling weapons to the eye of the extremists that if infiltrated into syria on the other hand they claim to be playing diplomatic matchmaker as if
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they're going to somehow result the crisis so quick to seize this sort of tool of diplomacy but this is all collapsing because as a side is retaining control of territory and as the world opinion has shifted against the tide the johor the elements and against those backing them the united states is forced to then put the blame onto a saw to sort of a pot calling the kettle black situation except a group of midnight and most are just a couple of men is time to look in the tough choice facing the scottish people into the spirit who is willing to do in the ongoing battle for independence is one of the perak. the us. it is a secret laboratory to her he was able to build world's most sophisticated world when sean fortunately he doesn't do the job done anything since mission to teach creation wanted to care about humans and the us. this
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is why you should care watch only on auntie don't tell the science and technology innovations all new developments from around russia. the future the doors stories. you can do changing the world likes eight years. the us over the next eight months got was
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pondering whether or not to cut the cold is written on the heavyweights of westminster that full willing than all the neighbors to study. republicans said the decision fall from a done deal possibly can to be an easy choices go to to make this is a nice gardens and our ss paper assess how the british government's position on why scotland is better off reading the nine sixteen cents to close the fracas of today's access is a person is expensive to panic thinking that wacky how much scotland benefits from its adult men's event as the stars reminding scott's about some of the rhetoric of the mind dane has is that they enjoy is persisted to send such as coincidence that this is when a couple of cool place they might be taking for granted at the mayonnaise to post when he was keen to mines caught states should they pay for independence that at them and they said that in the european union would have to be renegotiated states nor would they be able
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to use that talent of course you'll see stake about the uk protecting scorsese busyness and stress free zone for the world famous squad to bring the ends the salmon industry at protecting it from excessive taxation and safe all that. scotland's announcement comes on to the scottish government to the k state's white paper smith and awaits copied a safe place cohen should say yes to independence it was someone's that the rhetoric not find such governments despite everything that we hate said today about school and being too rough with the united kingdom. the white paper backing band on seeking independence with priests scotland's international trade final. you would see the new opportunities to explore st also said that scotland has contributed more tax cut head of population that is the case suggesting that it's going to use any wealthy enough to parents in a lovely seems to vary the campaign staff seemed
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they might be getting the run up to that historic rates when the eighteen percent and then i suspect that's the case foreign secretary william hague is in spirit for few more trips up to spot and it still cost of what's nice is intensifying. no campaign in the run up to that takes his case he said ebert east all stars in business finance lease costs few breaks. no they are stealing independence on the eighteenth of september playboy killed trying to pen this goes company golden monk and psych and told me of scotland can go to low whatever the west needs to scare tactics. skull and that is a wealthy nation would just not a wealthy society and the reason for that is that we have lost fifty two years generate more tax in every single year. uk for the money doesn't stay here it's actually taken from skull and ag given to the treasury west end star on an as said budget comes out this column for us to spend if we had to be in investing in scotland then would
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actually cause of much banter of connie and then we actually have right now it says go on to more than afford to be independent west missouri politicians the no campaign would say that they're bluffing that trying to trace of it to skin among the most of the and to hang on don't make a decision that would give a huge benefit to them and the reason that doing this is because that is no positive case fox going to stay within the union tuberville the new features music until the new house and got just twenty four hours on a website. california scientists at the next generation giant with a three d printers computer with olivia had one daddy the technology they're sitting right now follows the promise to get it since it costs as well the computer that is enriching or pitching it seems that brett king of peace the snap of soul stuff that are getting small household appliances and pipelines to reduce carefully
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open the fridge. losses to the couple refused august on republican caucuses several injuries have been reported in the lake it is ok to go to school. all the incident happened near one of the restaurants in the bag the starting capital of the cdo which the law for sin unidentified person fired a grenade launcher at the restaurant and then when police and other security services arrived at the scene of parched corn exploded nine people reported to the dangers but thankfully no one was killed. in this incident police say the vows not to live the things like nails and other elements to increase the number of casualties on the same or slightly this is a case of the underworld. violence so
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rather than a terror attack with the dog is situated around five hundred km away from school she is getting me to force the winter olympics due to start in less than a month. the city was visited by the president early on friday once again reassured the us security ring around the city and to the olympic venues to ensure the safety off the athletes and the spectators. he built a school and this is austin's national line from moscow that to get a major event like that would remain picture in my pot with any moment all menus and low class athletes to make that happen you need a small army of helpers to this aunty twenty fourteen credits a beginning a presidential pet toll is and aunties engine from. and on the scene is also not the cheesy requesting a non suspension one in particular a question if they came from a farm gone into the last one to the official front seats to sell chicken pie in the rain viacom is if russia is against the eagles again above listed taken in the stache saying he did not
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design the taxis but then when it's a nice night pointed back to the brazil against a propaganda to mind is a normal size stress that the gag in russia. he's not a criminal offense for the awesome high school to talk about me not me since i was eating he joins me and i would like to donate my cue to get the chance that i'm not what was his message to you. i was up and said that's olympic games is holiday for everyone but finds his first state tasteful four minutes as far as the country for a beagle club and played them but for us it's more a day but by then i think i'm dumb thing to question why have you become a bomb into it because it's many months haunt with a camisole for one pie. gamut from you aren't a very unpleasant. i physically get something to country and to get something back to get it here and see ghats france against a lot of things actually a lot of skills and laugh. but the kremlin the year is just one of twenty five fancy phone and
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to use his hands on kiki gemini chilly friday i'll be chasing sheep because organizes did receive applications from a hundred and fifty thousand people from all around the world an overnight by the majority of moments these are actually directs the made up from people from off from iran to back sixty different countries. as we head that he did not differ response of indices but in general may see the secret the athletes but its delicacies placement of the publican or site help them find their way around so she bit of that is close to the vet's dainty things like translating the press comfort says that until such as coaching athletes to tighten controls that is a not for them to think of banks and dave were reportedly ordered them to you had a very nice smile because that day i will try their best to make a soul feel very welcome to the workplace the media because they will be wearing things like the kind of track suits. tama. december the car and saw hundreds of rallies suppressed and hundreds of companies that can heal people arrested findings
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clayton people the country's talking to the length going to cracking down on protests calling for greater freedoms of the color to the sun even came to the bottom all the seven hundred protests last month in five four hundred is his improved play ed dispersed by the security forces. there were almost two hundred arrests made with grades being the most common tactic used by police those rates often carried out at night in all cases the security forces refused friday to produce that warrants. the report also reveals cases of vandalism told to have a heavy handed their methods and by the authorities in fact almost four hundred cases a crackdown on dissent to the form of collective punishment. but human rights advocates i've had the owner sally told me that he holds out little hope of his aim of achieving a true constitutional monica anytime soon though the violation us who remain in lots of people who are listed on the same time to listen and talk shows the ongoing why the author
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the author denying that they are torturing the people who in the investigation remains but the actually it is ongoing practice of the constitutional monarchy is of a metallic gold we are going to want to get the opportunity to respect the opposition demands and that i consider what's going on in the region into a be achieved but not the person they say it with taking this unfortunately more than once big stories the suicide attack in the afghan capital killed thirteen of all that good stuff open a restaurant that foreigners it folds to be among the victims the easter dress from the photo to him. officials say god's killed two other taxes but it was still good thing he spoke with diplomats and afghan officials as well update from time and capitalism few days of intense mass anti government action. i'm seeing twenty eight injured now buy up all the device was thrown from a derelict building onto a
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truck carrying protest is at least eight people in the light does well. since the unrest has begun in november. light to shut down bangkok's movements and groups ministry to take it but the prime ministers have insisted the only solution the crisis the kiwis election thanks to big business makes these updates as to the three minutes time. next off the brake to tv titans go head to head now taking these legendary american easement dan rather than call in sick the new. i know. i him because united states is a big dog. the only hyper power and cultural driving force of globalization. it takes a lot of flak on equalization is the whole world gets hollywood hot dogs not the other way around. let's
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take a break from the negativity talk about something truly amazing about america as a guy who lives in moscow. i can say that the constitution of the united states is something truly amazing. in russia there is constant talk about meeting the new national id on new ideology or political theory are big changes the russian constitution and so on. these are for people in america understand this but twice in the twenty century the system that russians gave their lives for collapsed in the current constitution pretty quickly after a period of violence ansett collapse not after a glorious victory you see why people here are exactly memorizing amendments and founding fathers quotes here in america their debates between liberals and conservatives are almost everyone believes the constitution and it is america's greatest strength there is a national idea there is a secret document with a list of rules is almost universe agree upon everyone with half a brain on the street. so the non congress knows when something is against the constitution or should i say against america. near universal belief the constitution is actually something truly
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exception of top american fascist my pain. i room. i didn't. sells. says. you
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long you. eye. the deal. when a dog and three daughters was coming up next. reports suggesting this was not running at a restaurant foreigners there are reports reforming how we spotlight due to its present in all of our analysis changes and it's a policy in the u s patrol the european


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