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made it settle disputes and divisions of the series national condition for the evergreens that tend to be but peaceful. some key rebel plane to groups reject the conference. today should give the american people greater profits. the whites are being protected the last presenter shows americans that be. in this phase he said. also i wanted to help your rankings and critics say will await the announcement
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is a restaurant in something also torture beatings and even sexual sold which are seen as an issue that is eric used one strand of eastern iraq war which began in two thousand three hundred extent content. on top of the shells again. bake in a bid to win the release of the only russian knights held in the senate seat. they also joined the chorus of voices calling for an adult the day that means and the week's top stories here watching the week neo connection with me in action. john hicks phoning months of uncertainty is syria's main opposition billion amazon has finally decided to meet face to face with the of gotham into wednesday's geneva to
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conference. this is the fast lane signs that will mean the same weren't trying to strike at will and mindful peace. some key groups and members of the sea were a national coalition have previously rejected told sent right to impose preconditions for the guilt because they tend to be seen cleaning the entire noticed a range of aussie wine before the decision the country's foreign minister offered a prison small with a red bows on teasing lopez can offer full time on due date is from seer is to come on to crime stern warning or before the start of the new issue conference on serie a was a busy week for global diplomacy. it's our hope that the in the face to face meeting of the regime and the opposition will be the beginning. the beginning of the end to this unspeakable conflict. never before never worked anywhere it's been so united over syria according to a mosque and the rebels for responsible for atrocities standing together for a political solution and going further still. the gang to
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taunt to send the signals old assyrian sides on the need to establish the uic spawn is to consider the lists of prisoners of all including civilians and will say to allow humanitarian aid washington even turn around and head to the wrong thing you can also take part in the conference along with that supported previous international agreements on syria to keith hours laying the foundation for three minutes you are on the same page when it comes to the most important issues of the same can't be said about some western nations who may be risking it all happen right now with this one wrong move is enough to bring down this diplomatic help the parts. but as the knicks to go to and from front to the rebels themselves to people we to decide whether they'll take one we don't have the assad regime on one side and terrorists on the other. it is the regime that is fueling terrorism such statements may be music to their nearest book
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the cynical statements the western military alliance has been recruiting was had seen right from the outset that is confirmed by numerous us. reliable sources from there the diplomatic beach moved to moscow which was visited by syria and iran's chief diplomat. the market has confirmed it will be added to the tune and after much debate. so as the opposition but still in question is illustrative completion by the way through the second is that the people in the region and white opal peaceful solution was doing. the book itself apart he said. charles schumer age is a former chief counterterrorism intelligence officer. i hit the mistakes of the force as albion rebels but for the west a walk with us. the ref was right which to live a calm on that polices in any case perhaps no immediate consent to the west and is expected to vicki's new pink eye towards it with other elements of
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the eastern off position comprising five years to hide its practice of going from countries such as britain germany spain it's a trip to syria to fight. we found out college of the forces that actually pose a threat to european countries themselves to different conditions meant the security services. of course be forced if you like to have addressed this in the us white turnout which of course inevitably means the ticket since it's likely more i think recognize not the disciple be around for some time to actually make those links even if discreetly out with bach with the regime's intelligence services. another potential play in the region has anticipation a sunday at his own run whether russia and the yuan ching tell us presidents motion to sending mixed signals and have that crazy ozzie has to make a nice list. this is the only child. the houses should be in fines. we seem contradictory signals and obviously the ulysses. i
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decided to use the few that i am fortunate because this is the wrong seat not keen on coming in and out of this concept was to be the stake to confidence be moving on to the eighty two. the yuan has stated its preparedness to participate and make constructive cons kind contributions. politically the settlements the odd little bit before been used in paint and by supporting did see the end he fought with un disarmament. so i think that the united states should stop is the self contradiction to limitations with the new one to lean on so that all the parties that have is staking his coffee who participated and bring an end to these tragic kept us off the coast at the church leaders. the death toll of over one hundred thousand. well mostly and common sense come together
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with one or two. war is not the answer. does peace a chance. take a minute officials could face trial and the international criminal court to victims of the iraq war submitted and you'll see a teasing forces of new recess souls and torch to the british government rejects all the allegations the screenplay for some fun up till now the international criminal court at the age was he trying to take its byzantine response. the icc has been asked to investigate thousands of allegations of war crimes committed by british forces in iraq two hundred and fifty page dossier present it's like you might organize a synonym for six north and contains the stations of the status of executions mock executions and sexual assaults in big
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states like eat a full citizen according to the affairs of its reports the finger at great expense to the very heart of the british government at the time said ahead of the british army. the former defense secretary under former defence minister could face prosecution for war this dossier pools sis den make war crimes. there are many hundreds of cases where the people been interviewed in the provided reports about this abuse. and though it varies from what people might think oh. in a home relatively mundane examples of the fumes to read the part of poland to school. thus as the brake system it's like minded knew that that force is with committing war crimes in more ways that that the city and see perry is consciously ignore such information that displays all each was foreign secretary william h authority from the rejected the suggestion that the reason it's called here in west main staff knew
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what was taking place on the ground in iraq. we reject allegations of systematic abuse. the weather are also planned series of allegations of things going wrong. these things how do you know all being investigated about does not require references to the international criminal court. the position of the british government is costly than what we're doing enough. the point of this is simply that they still haven't done them. there are right now. at the international criminal court to heads of state. one of them sitting head of state of kenya. on the other the former head of state of cool people there both on trial at the international criminal court. not for getting their hands loudly they didn't do anything themselves the people under their authority or people they should have control. for committing the crime. so if it's good enough for the african countries. it should be good enough for the uk. the national criminal court has come under increasing pressure to act against war crimes can meet its white western countries it's not to proceed team
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spirit healing seems to carry three the claims of abuse and to decide whether to hold high ranking british officials into the dark. i hate people aka auntie london the content on the dos days held in secrecy. although some extra pound been released and as witness accounts made on an awning among the pieces report is on the swings and applications of various kinds of sexual temptation and even rain. the fundamentalism in a swirl session it's written by british troops on the unit least one case on one of the dixon said after being beaten he's eight year old son was also injured by an office at the pool to another witness a chance that while he was interrogated soldiers with license to a system and the rest has answered a parent is what led to an ego and fine said the european center for constitutional and human rights which echo or think you can see. evidence shows that it's not only
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involved and even through one single cases and in saddam's of representativetematic defects which appeared in sets of finding out in our report book on the patient was the icc. um it's more isn't single isolated incidents. it's not the time because the uk have its ten years to investigate or prosecute. i'm so there are corporate rentals but also the higher ups come in and the ukm ten years and says else coolum awfully any prosecutions and the country's them now it simply is the time comes that the international courts and have to step in. ahead of the solution and expressions present to education the house and town planning dept thing to hear about the games with american british chinese and russian general with aunties and refinement old mike legal research i was on the key points raised. starting with the issue of security. this is great he said it was important for my defined he
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actually told reporters. if we allow ourselves to share a weakness in fayette. that means we will help the terrorists deal was signed when some decided it was important the international community what to get back to trying to defeat terrorists and that there are something like forty thousand police and three deployed in the mirror and saw due to my immense pride in the run up to the scallions and dissipates and did stress that the necessary that they were too late could not be stealing things people conspicuous our psyche will come from an audience today i'm quite please say a warship on the horizon on the ride small number of things for trial was that so they rule the streets narrow site of frequent company slight chance i wouldn't so i decided that saturday and i think they know that some people might actually sites that very reassuring for the would expect in on the steering currents that has made me this awesome the games in three weeks' time. the cure of russia's of the war against a propaganda to mind is to set the rates coals around the world for a
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boycott of the atlantic to study their various news outlets mediocre stations that are really hammering this if you doubt it was an issue that was touched down again when the button if it was interviewed by the various networks. what did he have to say on that his response again this is just the thought that somehow my sexuality was not a criminal offense in russia he said that calls for boycotts of the sochi games of this whole thing was actually afraid of fact i know it's the line of thinking. that was home so that he went on to say that in the west some paperwork they still looked the likely for striking and eighteen countries that are safe. this type of content that is in the eighties to the seventh china actually went through a similar sort of experience in the run up the fight to get into people were calling for boycott of the one staying on to underline the point he said that let iran and whoa there are seventy countries and actually found by my sexuality with and talk about bits of oreos the eos the question why me i concentrated on russia the blood of the original
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though are talking about their rosters. john says to win any medals of any predictions on the spot enter and pissed off kilter making any predictions actually really pretty excited that he had the billy athletes would be competitive and give their old someone pressed the point of views about the things they will get more than the three gold medals the cotton thank a vet that was a full performance but i finished eleventh in my post title but despite having undergone since they will have the kind some define beat the likes of feel like canada and jim in a few odd and ideally this i would dispose of the nine months you live for you as the member nations as washington tries to mule present scientists claiming social security deal. eight civilians most of the children are killed and eight over eight or the decals are ahead the eye tune in. we use around with those that struggle with her
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each day. it was. what if someone offers a lifetime full of supply. no child should we in the case had taken now that a strong position against gm often we think that out. the satellite connectivity for the great products are. reached school pool. there is no evidence that is any problem. with genetic engineering. when you make india. war history she's always in a mousetrap i don't do that. this fall for anybody. monty is plastic. you might need it for social justice. all right. archie the new. in
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the murder. we cannot seem to not so welcome. the trim triple secret information fed into the media by with a bow and it's not it seems to have full speed into the us president from obama. this week he said he was still raining and the activities of the far reaching an essay and announced it would be no more spying on forty days for nick to be the last ten minutes for the taste and how close the correct dates counties authorities will soon need a court order that they want obama to check on the phone number using vanessa's extensive date at critics what a save interesting to taste will change to toe. i wouldn't call it a reform i would call it the ongoing normalization of
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the outrageous policy of violating the fourth amendment on an enormous scale. we are learning more as the entry week goes by and about what they're collecting in terms of text messages and e mails sent and mitigate that. and to gets its voluminous and the president says is not can it mean that anything has been done wrong it is not proposing to stop doing it is not suggesting we restore the fourth amendments to the constitution. i think he's suggesting that this will continue and it will be reformed. perhaps in part someday but he claims it's been a great step forward. i don't see it. the global spread of america that will see night's close. as a priest the penny as well. if it is on as you'd expect top secret but he has some unique information that tended to believe on the spine to spending that sunny corner beyond budget report today announced a fifty two point six billion dollars for twenty thirteen out of that
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of the ten billion went to the nsa is funding has grown by hopping into a cave. yes he says they are as much as i only use it i was that action seven point five percent of tiny. vanessa's by no means the fence line agency to house us to overreach. it's monday it wasn't easy to find out where the buses and ecology my spine can use to make it out of it. the us the us. fellini know that the united states attempt to private mobile phone and a local confronted president diploma. this claim the formal offices in the east june and secret police which was known as the stasi of a warning for the nsa if they think maths surveillance is the solution to a nation's problems. who wouldn't if that even the best qualified and most of them secret service cannot
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save the state. we showed you that away from the professed chill of the politicians that the nsa spying ability to compare with the actions of the east german secret services. during the cold war the canal if indeed this is exactly as illegal as some of the tactics that the stasi to employ. it is a breach of human rights the government machine is so powerful that you can stop it. it would snow to news leaks about the shape and scope of the nsa surveillance show in gemini as one of the top targets the us snooping again high up on top of the omen is the name devil's mountain like the remnants of the last major nsa spying program to look into the private lives of the people of the aisle in all its abundance now i can update this post was used to listen in on the private phone calls of thousands of citizens. but the beast on the western pacific then it was thousands of coles. now it's millions sometimes tens
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of millions of these connections. the contracts and love. the court to review the way he would now is much more intense in your web browsing history credit cards they can build a profile on your way easier than was ever possible in my day. the sch coz he didn't know existed this type of technology. they rely needs of developing personal contacts. been to suspect the windows were working in counterintelligence in the west more hours even though he said. we were pretty good even then the fear of being listened and she was taken seriously this was a formal office and charged with looking in tomato told us the month and i and my superior officer is there any technology arena that they can use this film eavesdropping on my calls me answered yes just don't pick it up. these veterans of the spying game might be impressed by the capabilities of the nsa. the pickle juice about the quality of the information collected for
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dozens of hits they relied too much on technology that technology migrate to locate a person or listen to their calls it doesn't let you know what they think. with the usa doing all the time to justify its intelligence gathering operation dove touched on two points. oh by critics. since the continued for some time gets the thrall of the box the gym. it's taken most officials wanted decades to get permission to visit the only russian citizen can behind bonds account on monday. the delegation was told this case will be repeated in the new teacher russia says the notorious prison findings the basic rights of detainees and should be closed down. i'll respond and rain on the hunt tn has more now from washington. this means that as securing the release of the only russian nationals held at the detention center for over twelve years without charge. the dealer named as am i the actual rights
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commissioner. obviously this dress is business and on the detention center in guantanamo bay in his meetings with officials from the defense department and from the department of state he said that my sentences and is that this defense and son to be closed out as soon as possible this defense and mini existence he said of this detention center in denial a sign of human rights and international of the most important probably the element of the visit was to meet with the gaza with no citizen. and to continue the message limited to the representatives miracle sia. yet we insist that his rights. and legitimate interests it would be taken care of. back in two thousand and eight. how barack obama on the last president promised to shut down the detention center there multiple times. he said that he wasn't able to fulfill his promise because of the congress which i'm a number of occasions have as close an eight hundred harder
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for the us administration say that transparent. i became used to other countries or to bring them back to the last and tried them on us soil which has left the us administration really in a political limbo because the us detention center has two has deemed the image and reputation of the us. despite official were full of the hunger strike in downtown they start to descend back to noise and the kids came in number of inmates is still protesting stands at fifty three and a miniature horse he's refusing to resign the new date. they say the release of information quiet deep runs from the more important issues like the welfare of detainees on the seat of trips back and that's when stafford smith isn't delayed for several guantanamo detainees a shed with is his impression of the four ccd techniques that the prisoner. six accused police can use on hunger
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strike an automatic it comes to not just can't buy but can't find it. reese really has been the most decent place to go prisoners are held and will steal so the most basic human rights justice. strike force feeding techniques are very much in action. unfortunately that is the current use of force feeding techniques. surfers are going to witness some of those that you still need to stop prisoners noses sometimes it is still crawling has changed on every single time twice a day course and back up each time still frozen defrost in a new credit unions in prison and a few christmas. if you say that is carry on doing it really is her investments afghanistan has accused us forces of canning eight city and some of them children during an anti taleban night raid on a house. it's one of the many incidents to have tested relations between
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the nations. washington increasingly this is the argument as to why kumble to sign a security deal the agreement is crucial primary care as it puts the aft portion of its troops in the country after the main the strongly to this yet some pundits think these findings against citizens could to any according to a tee. this is admittedly example of why the afghan government is so adamant about this and it ends like this make it less likely that the us and the afghan government will be reaching agreement the us would be happy to see teachers are on their terms the movie had been too keen. us troops there and kind of magical unicorn and finishing terms that they never jewels of billions they never do anything the afghan government doesn't like those days are hard to gauge the u s forces then magically do what the afghan government was accustomed to the afghan government people don't want those us forces those magical us forces don't exist
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automakers and the richest country in the past millennia of wanted to own country to a law of the session with friends and chat on line thousands of demonstrators waving independence for the local parliament approved the way with an overwhelming majority of what the spanish prime minister mari on overhauling his mom to build a referendum on constitutional ones percent polish about hump of the customers want to break away but at least eighty percent loan to come to mind the light to moderate undermines the region has its own monthly check and ever present sad face on the whole country's economy. on from the european partnership for independence as curtains can be prevented from having us morning and was sentenced to terms with the express themselves even if they want or not one to the detriment of paddling and so we're talking about them all to see
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what is needed and as you know what. this shiite majority of citizens of you gets the piece that does not express themselves. hawkes was sleeping. beyond that before going out for staying on for you because for us we still put my name is not that we had a nation we need only an inch and we know what a ride home we are out to prove that we know that i'm the one to restart the state. we used to be with our constitution and our institutions still weak and the side of i know about the royal party season the annex to the degree that he is a bit hesitant in defense of the genetic modification scandal. i i live. room. the majority of congress are now millionaires for the first time in history according to the center for spots of politics which is
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pretty insulting the average american's that doing so well financially. the scenes that make a pledge of rich guys rule the country which they kind of do what could argue that congress is a quick spin off. first off duty inflation million dollars is not as much as it used to be a special the cost of a campaign to get in the congress costs around one millionsix hundred thousand dollars city of million dollars of net worth may sound pretty rich to you or me but the expensive game of us politics these guys can even afford the costly and again the work. electoral campaigns are a bit of money affairs was no surprise that people like you or me kick it into law making business without sonny least a little piece of our souls to someone who is very deep pockets. so again the problem isn't that congressmen are wealthy is that many of them hefty cost of financing in order to maintain their positions. it is you average folks know what sharon that they've got a bite of trumps. well that's just my thing. i room. it is
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sells. says. you long you
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will and will. woohoo. i took history gets worse every day cos breaking the old one. so much the eagles to play the stock. good news


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