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enough that the titans scored since somebody who isn't. you knew you wouldn't want one will eye. breaking news on rt policeman under vicious attack reports of anti government protesters in ukrainian capital were losses incurred during street battles. international criminal court may soon see top british military officials on the dock for the first time in history over accusations of war crimes committed by troops during the iraq war. a price worth paying but we're putting this piece about the record breaking cos
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the succulent baseball dispelling fears over safety and security of those attending. reforms i'm proposing today should give the american people greater confidence that their rights are being protected. or oh four and didn't inspire confidence on capitol hill were a top ranking lawmakers criticized the proposals themselves and the speech for creating a climate of uncertainty. i am in moscow i'm at present bring you today's top stories and a look back at the week's news but bb begin with breaking news tonight disturbing images of merging of violence in kiev around seventy police officers heard the pop with protesters according to the ukrainian interior ministry. this is one of most dramatic pictures that we've seen the footage heart is beginning to see roughly you
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can see riders beating officers with sticks the crowd also threw stones and firecrackers the police respond with water cannons and tear gas. ukrainian journalist andrea bought the boys told us what you would. i saw the month of cocktails thrown into the rows of police. so it happened and all the time and police is trying to stop the protesters and to go gonna come to them closer the professors are the rights activists are throwing the stones the right to go see on people. tried to break through the hands of police and to go to the governmental. andrea of the city and police us side is trying to stop them people are killed in the barricades they opt to use and the tots which has taken on the square the b one c h is i do that to achieve the goals now so they don't want to victory in the caucus to go wait to be not the french president they wanted. having not the government and to add they want to have a busy and didn't want mom and stayed on
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top to journal it so they can't explain what they want to obey you. they want to fight. activists and opposition leaders pushing for the government to step down over a new law they say is in breach of the constitution is certainly easier to prosecute demonstrators campaigning for change. ortiz or an ego booster wasn't here when the protests first start of last year and shared her experiences of my colleague kevin know. there had to i would say bursts into flame early or late when we started back in november. more and got to the point where the how to do something and by they i mean the protesters and of course that i the government as well but most of the protesters advocates for while there they tried to heal to becoming always there waiting for the dispersal of the lead on the kip saying it's going to happen people of kept getting messages to their phones and three twitter i've never been threatening messages which were essentially saying we're about to be ambushed at the police are about to attack this there's going to be you know it's a real breaks loose and it never happened. i was really quite safe to say that we probably
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had several hundred of these ultra nationalist after taxes i would say this is exactly what they wanted them to meet him at one point they tried to direct the bus stop me getting to the bus and tried to drink at the police that she couldn't get any free go back to the back to rid them of december high as they there was a lady in the twentieth week. if you obey a police as well. this is sort of repeat of what we saw that that is just a month ago since we bought. it does look a like it does look a likes in your pursuits it's much more colorful now. when one vehicle to take a spot free free free to what will they still fit. back back in the day basically was about the fact that sat in the college pulled out of the very last moment from signing a treaty between the european union but now they are completely different knowledge against the government now they're protesting now they're saying this is a revolution in what the government to step down only the second month of protests and they cannot agree anything and they
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decided on and feel of what reality i'm thinking if i did after the kids. should the elections take place and a lot of people i think were really upset like that but that's what people were chanting airlift may two thousand and two because that's exactly what they need and they don't see that presently under cover says he's ready to enter talks with the opposition to resolve the ongoing political crisis in ukraine. neil clark the uk based journalists monitoring the arresting keogh says the opposition is trying to topple the government because of the blues at the ballot box a heel position. why did they seem to win the elections were not talking about friday is coming to you but extraordinary that it took about thirty bucks. so i think that the opposition without wanting to bring down the couple tried to bring about unity in action sleeping before the elections
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took a look at it undemocratic because the majority people of the protected by the additional evidence that they can charge people peter the great use for them. randy took the taxi. pretty identical to the west. she is quite striking because the beach for the democrats effectively to ukraine is not north korea is not saudi arabia. it's a democracy a democracy you can walk from the government did what you do the east detroit to a shrinking to but in the free connections as i sit at three twenty p each. why can't the position with the naughty but wishing you the great except for regime change. it is what's the best new cover of last year's protests in ukraine is falling the turmoil in the dazzling has on his twitter and follow him for most dramatic pictures and up to date information uk military officials could be tried for war crimes for the first time in history. a report by the eu the european human rights group says britain is concealing evidence of abuse by its forces during the iraq
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war. thousands of former rocky detainees testify that they suffered numerous cases of violence and torture by british troops. the dossiers nab's emma by the international criminal court is art is all e way to reports. till now the international criminal court at the age. was he trying to take its byzantine response. the icc has been asked to investigate thousands of allegations of war crimes committed by british forces in iraq two hundred and fifty page dossier present it's like you might organize a synonym for six north and contains the stations of the status of the sixteen cities mock executions and sexual assaults in the states by uk forces in according to the affairs of its reports the finger at great expense to the very heart of the british government at that time said ahead of the british army. the former defense secretary under former defence minister could face prosecution for war
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this dossier pools. this debt make war crimes. there are many hundreds of cases where the people been interviewed in the provided reports about this abuse. and though it varies from what people might think are of relatively mundane examples of the units to read the part of poland to school. thus as the british military commanders knew that that folks is what committing war crimes in more ways that that that's the day you see perry is consciously ignore such information that displays all he was foreign secretary william h authority from the rejected the suggestion that there is a full hearing west main staff knew what was taking place on the ground in iraq. we reject allegations of systematic abuse probe whether unsubstantiated allegations of things going wrong. these things how do you know all being investigated. that does not require references to the international criminal
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court. the position of the british government is costly than what we're doing enough. the point of this is simply that they still haven't done them. there are right now. at the international criminal court to heads of state. one of them sitting head of state of kenya. on the other the former head of state of cool people there both on trial at the international criminal court. not forgetting their hands lightly they didn't do anything themselves the people under their authority or people they should have control. for committing the crime. so if it's good enough for the african countries. it should be good enough for the uk. the national criminal court has come under increasing pressure to act against war crimes commited to play western countries it's not the aussie team spirit healing seems to carry three the claims of abuse and to decide whether to hold high ranking british officials into the dark. i hate people aka auntie london majority of contents of a report being kept away from the recall of from the but
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some extracts have come to light the dossier contained reports of killings beatings rapes and there is torture methods the uk forces allegedly used on detained iraqis. families of inmates reportedly also targeted two year old son of one of one man supposedly slot by an officer when his father was arrested. another former detainee claims soldiers threatened to sexually abuse a sister. he spoke with a legal adviser at the european center for constitutional and human rights who co authored the report. evidence shows that it's not only involved in the ritual and single cases and in sometimes it's pretty a systematic pattern of representative acts which appeared in sets of finding out in our report of communication to the icc. um it's more than single isolated incidents. it's not the time because the u k hit ten years to investigate or prosecute. i'm so there are corporate rentals but also the higher ups come in and the ukm ten years and says
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else so i'm awfully any prosecutions and the country's them now it simply is the time comes that the international courts and have to step in. syrian main opposition group voting in favor of attending peace talks in geneva we look back at the diplomatic twist and turn the days before negotiations that could pave the way to political solution the country's deadly civil war are due to kick off that and more after a short break the eye. the only the south the action on the side of the american . the american decision makers i wonder why is that we are in the continental sized country of the three hundred and
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fifteen million people. there is self absorbed we are isolated from the world by two large oceans. nintendo sega foreign policy is something we do to other people. other than that it's something we've anticipated is you. the road. missed out yet. russian president wonderful and saying russia will do everything it can to ensure a safe winter olympics without making security measures to increase it. what
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was then released to go before the start of the sochi games the russian leader sat down with the international press. he addressed the huge cost of staging the event and dispelled fears that the visitors could suffer discrimination where my colleague ilya shot of baba spoke with our keys and a farmer in the ocd about what the president said. these days the nice expensive and the pastry five times the original price tag to dissipate the heat stress that i've lost my keys so she was the biggest building sites in the will of all the pennies had to be built from scratch in this huge infrastructure development incentives are bright and friday links he said because of the suit was expected that things would be a life of liked it but he said. whether either spend has not been justified action has been taken and people have actually lost a jolting paid in a rush into anything convincing them that he was in charge of the us ski jump to see the tv twenty six now oft times and the budget and he was five eleven dissipate in the sight of them is not in corruption among
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government officials about the evidence was presented by it would be investigated russia's know what gains to end a propaganda art in mind as the ride was a lot of calls to boycott the antics from abroad. iso tc shale is also a mention of it as it was again he stressed that women's sexuality is not the crying. in russia but he did say that cool for a boycott on the games on this topic that the pri two bags of stuff into the nothingness helpful. he said didn't feel that it was still upbeat than the less the clinic and to restrain in eighteen countries that thingies that had become global compact it says he'll say to how i dealt with china saying the deal was that experience colmes that for a boycott in the run of the plays in gangs back and see thighs and that's the end of the worst of the pre really cold and it was a good thing that these are manifestations of the cold war. but it is a demonstration of competition in such a prophet country like china starts yang rapid pace in life to become the real compared to in
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global politics and enable markets and of course tools restraint such was not switched on. probably some old apprentice who was russia's did exist from the perspective that there is any restraint. i see tears see and how it all at the games is of course outlook laurie's many people back at what was the prison's comment on. it is a major issue basically after the new bones and photograph on the dig site gets to forty thousand troops and police so far and she stayed in and around the sun the area the minute that the site. it was necessary video site. i did stress that they would do like the tonight show that they would not be stealing faces the members of the particular newspaper will come to saatchi to try and enjoy the gangs on my experience on for the lumps that the prom or not guess the nine on the horizon was a warship and yes i did d c store for trial with the lace on the straights northside
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great deal at least right. as i get the better new types of woodside i think many people will find it reassuring us to leave the monuments that with around three weeks to gag before the start of the gags you can watch the pre olympic interview with the russian president in full on a website. r t dot com the anticipated address by barack obama on a raining in nsa spying has been widely criticized some lambasted the proposed reforms is being cosmetic and the most likely ineffective while others said they carried additional risks one of the key points of the speech was that any data gathered by the agency will no longer be stored by the government has sparked fears that third parties could access the information if it was stored pianist of control. not only that the lawmakers accuse the president of failing to bring ford actual reforms in creating a sense of uncertainty. jostling for a decade campaigner for government accountability things the changes will make any real difference. i'm so
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far what has been telecast through government leaks look alot like a lot of cosmetic changes in other words it does not a theory that had the president will be bringing in the largest controversy which is probably the fall collection of american data on nor will he be adopting any recommendation to house and story that data in for example a telephone company rather than on by the national security agency again i think a lot of these changes are or are you really just cosmetic in their contrary to what his own internal review panel recommended. the essays tactics cars at a rage across the world may convey the activities the full scale espionage of the cold war era are correspond pure overlooks of the similarities.
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finding out that the united states attempt to private mobile phone and a local confronted president diploma this claim the formal offices in the east june and secret police which was known as the stasi. the warning for the nsa if they think of mass surveillance is the solution to a nation's problems. who wouldn't if it even the best qualified and most of them secret service cannot save the state. we showed you that away from the professed chill of the politicians that the nsa spying ability to compare with the actions of the east german secret services. during the cold war the canal if indeed this is exactly as illegal as some of the tactics that the stasi to employ all it is a breach of human rights of the government machine is so powerful that you can stop it it would snow to news leaks about the shape and go to the nsa surveillance show in gemini as one of the top
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targets for us limping again high up on top of the omen is the name devil's mountain like the remnants of the last major nsa spying program to look into the private lives of the people of the aisle in all its abundance now that i can update this post was used to the sin in all the private phone calls of thousands of citizens in both the east on the western pacific then it was thousands of coles. now it's millions sometimes tens of millions of these connections. the contracts and love. the court to review the way he would now is much more intense in your web browser history credit cards they can build a profile on your way easier than was ever possible in my day on a leash cause he didn't know existed is kind of technology. a reliance on developing personal contacts been to suspect the windows were working in counterintelligence in the west more hours. even the senate. we were pretty good. even then the fear of
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being listened and she was taken seriously. this was a formal office that challenge with looking in tomato told us the month and i and my superior officer is there any technology arena that they can use this film eavesdropping on my calls me answered yes just don't pick it up. these veterans of the spying game might be impressed by the capabilities of the nsa. the pickle juice about the quality of the information collected for dozens of hits they relied too much on technology that technology migrate to locate a person or listen to their calls it doesn't let you know what they think the usa doing all the time to justify its intelligence gathering operation dove touched on the team going to go by critics. set to continue for sometime gets the thrall of the box the gym. turning now to smother his maiden international headlines in iraq. government forces launched an all out attack to push al qaeda militants for a
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mighty least twenty police and the allied tribal militias were killed or wounded knee assault. large parts of the city along with nearby pollution owner milton control late december elsewhere gunmen killed six sunnis in the eastern city of october the night the violence that has forgotten his scandalous thousands march to commemorate a murdered journalists. the reporter was campaigning for a reconciliation between turks and armenians. that sparked anger among nationalists such demonstrations have been staged every year says the journalist was killed in two thousand so. the french interior minister says about a dozen teenagers of left the country enjoying militant groups in syria. he added that the trend of young people traveling to the war zone has dramatically accelerated this after syria's main opposition group finally agreed to attend any of the peace talks after months of wavering art easier this cannot look back at the week's diplomatic twists and turns with time running
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out before the start of the new conference on serie a was a busy week for global diplomacy. it's our hope that the in the face to face meeting of the regime and the opposition will be the beginning. the beginning of the end of this unspeakable conflict. never before never worked anywhere it's been so united over syria according to ross and the rebels for responsible for atrocities standing together for a political solution and going further still. we've been since the beginning to like to send the signals old assyrian signs on the need to establish the line sees clients to consider the lists of prisoners of all including civilians and will say is to allow humanitarian aid washington even turn around and head to the wrong thing you can also take part in the conference along with that supported previous international agreements on syria to keith hours of laying the foundation for three with two are on the same page when it comes to the most important issues
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of the same can't be said about some western nations who may be risking it all happen right now with this one wrong move is enough to bring down this diplomatic help the parts. mix the two central front for the rebels themselves to people we to decide whether they'll take four we don't have the assad regime on one side and terrorists on the other is the regime that is fueling terrorism such statements may be music to their nearest book. the cynical statements the western military alliance has been recruiting was had seen right from the outset that is confirmed by numerous us. reliable sources from there the diplomatic beach moved to moscow which was visited by syria and iran's chief diplomat. the market has confirmed it will be a diva to and after much debate. so as the opposition. but still in question is to run for the secretion by the widespread acceptance that if the people in the region and vital to a
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peaceful solution for syria the book itself apart he said. charles chair bridge is a former british counterterrorism intelligence officer he thinks rebels mistakes are forcing the west to work with the cell. that was our night which didn't come on that polices in any case perhaps no immediate concern to the west and is expected to vicki's new pink eye towards its quit that elements of the eastern off position. comprising five years to hide its practice of going from countries such as britain germany spain it's a trip to syria to fight and we found out college of the forces that actually pose a threat to european countries themselves to discuss conditions meant that secured his services. of course be forced if you like to address this in the us way to learn which of course inevitably means the ticket since it's likely more i think recognize now that it's awful to mount some time to actually make those links even if discreetly out with bach with the regime's
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intelligence services starting on monday art you'll bring you a special preview of the week off the long awaited geneva to talks plus don't miss our coverage of the event from wednesday at the after two years the total of over one hundred thousand. well mostly and common sense come together. with one or two war is not the answer. this beast of a chance. and coming up but somewhat go quiz is a veteran us diplomat on whether he thinks washington needs to re evaluate some of its foreign policy in this room i knew. i am. another
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whistle blowers facing a lot of heat including a wave of death threats. what did she discover some sort of dark secret c i a plant or some other plot for a new world luxury nosh expose something far more dangerous and important are the zombies on their couches. the university of north carolina athletes are mentally unfit for college. even high school mary willing to blow the whistle on the fact that between the ten percent of the school'sall players rated the fourth grade level and many others are some college level. she also claims that the students were allowed into the universe be based on screen process done by the university. ikea implying that the open sea knew exactly who they were letting in to the university remember college football makes a lot of money. i always have a feeling that something like this was going on. i mean the corn usa today many college athletes claimed that during the season they put in more than double the amount of hours on sports apparel out. that's fifty to sixty hours a week. how can they possibly learn anything
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maybe a different source said that the schools often a reflection of economics. what is sad is that the whistleblower is getting death threats just for saying that it is going on by those stupid hardcore fans but that's just my opinion. i rmb been been been seven days this is one of germany's influential contemporary german photographers. as for photographing germans and all levels of society. his work covers the period from the end of row twenty three it would be in education. so it sits. that means. german society and how it has changed in years. he says
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well the people in german society. standing in the forest and hide the dvd flights but the greatest of the people and yet also in comparison to history at times. she is significant that humans were all good just what is. thinkers. it will stand here and find a page that they felt best to themselves and then just it's good to take the kids when they felt it was ready to bite me if i can tell time that series it is also people just want to be seen in history these are the best g d. there is at its worst it's showing. beneficiaries are western. people everyday
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life. working at a judge. on it again with a bow at a textile factory the other just wish people find it. if you are in the bed as a result the guitar also smiles in the jacuzzi tubs to the side jurors and eight the people. not always where they would do the linky to the present. leo japan but isn't it so that guests should ask the people necessarily in that everyday life. matches just in
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the however it will all walk with us. it's like. holds up enough good things sports this is somebody who isn't. i do a senior finance money generates twenty s and casting a banshee and telltale incumbent many years since in the inner meaning of the canal is mega city one no reaction on sunday. he strongly opposes knitting a controversial us military base to his city.


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