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tv   CCTV News  PBS  January 20, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PST

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you who will rule eye the us. with twelve of the upcoming geneva peace conference. oh wait once invitation to going on. one sad that had begun to mention having enrichment up to twenty percent. when you deal
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with world powers on that she's offering a plane crash in africa. yes but soon after by. and when. i then got to the fact that despite the weak points and liking me i knew it would be seven point seven percent well with him when he said. aging watching cctv mean time while my mom when the kiddo collection in syria the country's main western backed opposition said it was not intended to one hosted peace talks in geneva. if you want comes to the gathering the statement came hours after the un invited the wind to attend an international meeting of foreign ministers in switzerland head of the first direct the stocks between the warring stealing signs aimed at ending the country's civil war. they allow the us has suggested they could to forty lines for dissipation but only if it's
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that it explicitly declares his support for a jew and twenty twelve planned to establish a transitional government in syria. now for the very latest on that calpers quantum hall bottom it is joining us live from a scandal with more details about the reactions from the syrian opposition while mahal. what more can you tell us about the reaction of the opposition's see a national coalition regarding this matter. well first of all this reaction is not defined at all. the united nations and the patient is actually what is the one thing at this point. but with a very risky move by the un the ferry national coalition has made it bears down on the lawn is very clear over and over again. i mean a position on the wrong depending upon them during the evening. by the bnp spokesperson following their political committee meeting hope your weekend and it was a kid that was the unanimous decision by the coalition. so this is not a surprise at all and silk and that the opposition is under huge pressure from the west but
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dissipated you see it as amusing airlines imitation as an excuse. it. i don't believe it to be an excuse for the hearing national coalition on the contrary i think it'd be united nations report that he and the difficult position yes the united nations chief office that he had assurances from iraq's foreign minister to their respective i would play a constructive role. yes that is part of it is a daring states. i mean if he didn't see any nodded. they don't want clear declaration for the one thing that is that she's the one i know why his team is really a waste of time for all parties on end i mean really wanna make that declaration within the next forty eight hours that is very doubtful of the wine should they be already received the invitation the declaration should of been a requirement for them to receive an invitation to the mid to late now. united nations issued a completed picture is of the bnp would join as they have made it very very clear the coalition had a difficult time deciding to
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attend on many members convicted of participating with his top government not declaring it is that you continue to walk properly beforehand. now if the wind in there that think that is not having declared their expansion into new one. it seemed almost like the line it with me for the coalition we don't get into right now there's a political trial again already being placed before the conference even began. all right thank you so much mahal for your input from istanbul would be appreciated. the un secretary general ban ki moon's as that he's asked the mind to attend the first day of the geneva to be some friends on syria which starts this wednesday the us and some arab nations have been reluctant to allow him on a key ally of the steering committee to attend the banking law has long conflict of funds in laughlin. as i have said the tgv. i believe strongly that the revenues to be part of the solution to that seen in crises. i have spoken and
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a roof indies and dates when you're as supporting the midst of mr yamada johnny she has or should we. that night or the other countries in biking through the opening game discussions in malta the writer understands that the basis of the pope's is the fourth implementation of that. so teach don't take a trip to live up to me naked the court ruled the action plan. forty was that arif and i hope we get to a quarter of the deportations is to use them. i get requests cents but tradition that the brain working with the port the sticky powerless. he was one of the easiest to forty minutes as i pitched that you will pay a steep increase or keyboard in malta. as one of syria's main regional ally of the money has long been
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pushing to attend the conference last saturday ukrainian foreign minister mohamad to with that the country would attend but only without preconditions he wanted that ignoring it wants an outstanding role in the region could be detrimental to the topics what's not to want to want to take part in the western gulf arab nations are reluctant to receive mine is providing military support to see an impression are shallow side has never backed a plan for political transition in syria. and to get the late is that the wing in perspective we can talk dark respondent in check while munching and see and things are going as the house the strong reaction against the once invitation to the city's coffers but how can one responded what are you hearing from that. well it is money that you once funding is he has a big concern that he has got the invites the sentiment are from the un but thank you don said to be key findings to a wedding that this conference
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presents and seeing it seemed that the east the run will attend these meetings are not silly or steal our follow these news but tat we know that just before the increase in the state added to the shade on finding is that at least it does but that means as sony said that email will come and uganda and the city to take the safety and peace meeting and he sees as officially invite these and i'll soon be an aunt a site that is a view on things that the centcom mean that it's me not to talk since we still have to show too. i still fancy with crises he says. as soon now. i mean this thing if you moms know who you are to accept these officially on the outs thanks to much care for your input from the one and will certainly be talking to you again barely stand for another matter. chinese foreign minister long you will be the tightest dedication at the team until conference get her to start on wednesday before leaving for switzerland in one hour
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flying time is five principles for inciting the searing conflict. jenny lake has more details china's foreign minister remained firm about how he stalled the searing prices should be soft tissue tissue can put in a tutu to go close to lead the series you must results through political means the future of syria must be decided in august even people in an inclusive political transition process must be promotes its national reconciliation and unity must be achieved in syria. highly commended care and assistance must be delivered to refugees all in the country and abroad. the last un estimated that the death toll from the nearly three year conflict as one hundred thousand. about six point five mil and people have been internally displaced two point three million more serious having fled abroad china's foreign minister has called on all parties to prudent and to the violence and in the shade a ceasefire which you want to get coupons from which we hold that all practices zero act in the interest of the people in
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the country's future and to summon up the political wheel and meet each other halfway in the fortune middleweight a joint only useful regional and international experience can you tell the international community has been pushing for a peace process to begin in syria but many have pointed out that any resolution will have to be as cereal at process on he caught on the international community to uphold the u and charter and respect the country's sovereignty independence unity and territorial integrity the international community needs to take a just and balanced and impartial court in dealing with all practices in riyadh to do is to create favorable conditions and unnecessary endowments for the formulation of the political transition plan and avoid external imposition of political solutions in theory. he says china will respect and support any proposals regarding political transition that this year and people themselves will accept it on a cctv. well mine has
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started the suspension of uranium enrichment up to twenty percent and the undp inspectors have now begun disconnecting some centrifuges used when baking with new rainy and addie ones not turns on its spokesman for a once atomic energy organization been well a scam of andy expressed earlier that the international atomic energy agency. andy bring in experts warn. in technical topics and the suspension would start after that and it's coming to acquire nuclear program could potentially pave the way if we bought settlements and ease of use of a new war in the middle east. in two nd oakwood it was not the november twenty fourth after years of on off diplomacy. it marks the first time in a decade that one will limit its nuclear work eu foreign policy chief catherine ashton said she hopes a new round of negotiations with them on. on the defensive sediment three decade old nuclear standoff could start with and a few weeks. so for now this let's
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talk again until opus ones wanting an intense one watching it. what more can you tell us about the rain in enrichment suspension program well just yet have no idiot kid you not officially announced the dpp has the navy has suspended its tenth the present you the new enrichment in posts. i mean that tennis facilities and also in photo on the ground i getting in the city. these cities is the varied content of posts lately the line for the path of the poet and also add that to me well a u dun have the sudden i'm thinking i laughed and acted as yesterday said it has already faced and said that this had to stop and back a decade of those at the piece at a party to that deal with the bleached it being the boss said. in november and also have these talked to me the news these money after
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the sad abt mutation and the most oft an idea of hopeful and nbc said peace implementation of the interim hopes and also add that we lacked the land and make their lives maybe that's true and also add that the coming weeks each nation especially inside the country. we'll be in films and also a recent notice that he runs from the frightening is that at least they give us anything these fake facebook and he emphasized that he hopes that that the sad implementation of the age when i feel that peace that we have finally seen the ad weeks to country has seen and that finally feel of the fifty five last month and they'll also be run from the state since the days and it has the skills that's a gem and said he's made the meal that needs to add these that i use foreign policy chief and pcs ashton adding the upcoming am mostly a condom the thought of as so
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maybe when they expect me to identify no night duty at negotiation to stop soon. i thank you so much thing and for your input from that one appreciate it. what this is a cctv meters the sap take a short break but do stay with us. fan. yours . the cctv new
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honesty ukrainian government has reportedly offered it to start negotiations with the opposition in a bid to end the violent protests in central kiev the hall. i got a call from president viktor yanukovich a few minutes ago he says he is ready to start the negotiation process. i can tell we love you on this first of all a mandate to negotiate is only him and secondly these negotiations must be . thirdly these negotiations are a first step on the way to set aside two months. offer comes after the crash to the rapid between police and anti government protesters on sunday and early monday the violent follow the large peaceful rally xd its independence plan or at least a seventy police officers were injured. it was a sharp escalation in the country's two month long political crisis which has brought me any round the clock of mostly peaceful street protests the speed of my lungs awful
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comes after prepping and tell which last week approved a number of slots limiting the rights to protest the civil activism and free speech. the last pristine the demonstrators from wearing masks or hot pads and rallies. this prompted many do. don theatrical masks and kitchen cause at the latest rally. media reports that a suicide bomber has killed at least thirteen people in the city of travel candy just south of the capital islamabad. the blast occurred on monday morning in a crowded market. located just minutes away from the country's army headquarters the area around the market is considered one of the most to queue in the city. shortly after the blast at the coffee stunt on a bun has claimed responsibility for the blast saying that they would keep on putting security forces in the future. the transition to thailand where protests and trade second week to overthrow the government
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residents in the capital bangkok have started to express them growing safety concerns and that the continuing demonstrations and violence. two lakes flow does take place near bangkok the thai realignment on sunday twenty eight people when did the seven series three. the blast came a day after the military ocean both sides to settle their differences in the one and two minus one defeat. many local complain that they can no longer move safely around the capital in few more punches from the military to do more to protect the people the political deadlock is the latest episode in an eight year conflict pitting bangkok's middle class in my list establishment against a ruling governments wall street porter loyal supporters. well the tricks and tips with o and business leaders are meeting in abu dhabi in search of solutions for the world's future energy demands the most feared and eighty seven which opened today is now in its seventh year of chris finally left leg is better and enjoying the slide oh well really
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sinking feeling as how we know that three african leaders meet keynote speeches at the openings down money what can you tell us about what they sat. indeed it's quite unique and i should point out that some of the fact that those three leaders often see early on from ethiopia and from senegal was speaking was kept a secret until the last minute i inquired about it several times and we were told. that's the opening plenary is the secret of this is a stark contrast to last years will form energy summit in which the argentinian president the cristina fernandez the kushner spoke of representing south america we're on the out of jordan spoke representing the middle east and of course us onslaught on the french president spoke. representing your bands from all winners and organizes got a lot of slack from the several african participants saying hey listen but africa is the next decade of energy the solution to an energy demands of continents but with eight hundred million people a continent that love lots of these companies are focusing on and basically of
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these people approach the organisers said this this voice needs to be represented in response. again not just a one african leader here today speaking to the delegates but the real message we heard was that these african countries are the place of to focus for the next up for the next coming years until twenty thirty wanting investment wanting the structure and wanting of really but the energy solutions but to be present inside in africa i probably am not understand that there is obsolete and he's flailing in inferior delegation him on this high profile gathering and that's rather significant in an avid and country what can you tell us about that. an israeli delegation here led by the israeli minister the energy minister fussy live on sonoma member of abandoning its a guy who is the likud party. it's significant because there hasn't been an israeli delegation but two goals and assists the minister delegations in two thousand and ten. a fascination of a prominent hamas of leader of
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israel was accused of saul's son agency spy agency was accused of being involved in that not hear enough with dhabi but in dubai hotel in dubai. it's about an hour away its worst part of the united arab emirates in relations between israel and the goals have been tense ever since other words official relations before in their arms now but before two thousand and ten. it's early athletes for dissipating games in this region as early ministers frequently traveled to dubai and two cuts are among the other countries that of course often two thousand and ten. now we see the return of an israeli minister. the energy minister attending this conference it's not just about energy but there's a tool summit happening here the international water summit and is of course leaving a water up up up up the success story in the region lot of these countries want to learn from it but it is a subtle visit there is no israeli flag flying here among the other flights from what we've noticed them again this is quite historic but a very low key attendants i can think is semi shelley freely put them up and gabbing and will certainly keep checking with
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the u s the conference continues appreciate what you are now watching cctv news to stay with us. fan. yours the eye. shelby economic growth figures released by the national bureau of statistics today are slightly better at the market expectations. gdp growth recorded seven points and
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percent in fourth quarter of calling for other as investment and immense lack the skill the holy ooh gross number and sampling sam percent that's comfortably above the official thai get upset point five percent and not higher than many expected and that the poison is good news as the timing seems more with daily and as he comes into play fourteen years of our quota place in with the latest. the economy's loading fourth quarter last year but still beat expectations. the economy grew seven point seven percent in the final three miles of twenty to eighteen that i have a lower than the seven point eight percent growth recorded in third quarter but still brings a full year's increased to seven point seven percent ferrari team on a hill that we can show that the economy is stabilizing any improving thanks to government macro control policies. it means that she didn't mention it to me on. the central government
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has set only clear zone for mom for economic control. it involves the bottom line for economic growth and job creation. as i was sitting on the flights. it is clear guidance for us to study competence and the polite social expectation. one dealer said with a sheet the government at a comparatively low target of seven point five percent as it focuses on rebalancing of economy and in advancing the reforms necessary for long term sustainable growth the ongoing said that china's at the wentworth motto comes at a cost of low economic growth the company is willing to pay the price this is it that also showed fixed asset investment who at the slowest pace in the decades as harmony with the least used the l attack twisting state investments when economic growth black looking. the government minded friends in excess of money or increased the deficit is what brought it to be creative and predictable and stable policy
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environment and prohibited any proper policy interventions in the market mechanism. accepting investment in lab consumption point he even wore a cooling pad. an expert from the chinese academy of sciences a top think tank however remains bullish about the calculus. saskatoon issued at oh nine season topical cream for gdp grows we afford cost is the pompous and am always on the blog when you start to china will continue grandpas for itemized economy and scrolls will still be relatively high forces are very much in my conditions. analysts say other key risks to growth this year include pasta maker success in countering al reforms and reigning miss q landing soaring home prices and local government debts. a chinese man has been sentenced to life in prison for adding poison to frozen dumplings in two thousand and seven which left thirteen people in china and japan ill at the time. the sentence was
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read on monday as officials from the japanese embassy staff in attendance. p eighteen. the thirty nine year old a former worker of tea and lunch than planned in north china's should act on faith was really a convicted of deliberately infecting in insecticide into frozen dumplings in two thousand and seven. according to the court to deal with the satisfied with the salary and police and the dumpling skin and tend to attract the attention of the managers the contaminated dumplings were sold to japan and the tiny city of canberra in the bay province. what tiny denying dying japanese consumers reportedly fell ill from injecting or so the plant was then investigated by both chinese and japanese the party. and in march twenty ten and he was detained by chinese police he later confessed to her crying in court. what did this a new guest on the eight seven denying strain of the bird flu virus one gets the courage in the southern province of bungle well the other two came in
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shanghai municipality the patient england own guidance and eight due to expire tree failing. local health authority said it was the pattern says to him and gets from the eight seven nine biased since last august when the disease we emerge in china. one bill has so far confirmed a twenty one acumen eight seven nine cases and aso in shanghai in one of the tyranny of a chemist with the medical worker. well both are nice and says there are so far no signs of sustained human to human transmissions really what this as his outdated and mom lying they jane thanks to accompany the season the us. how how
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