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tv   Arirang News  PBS  January 20, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PST

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board the ss i were the steps of course detectors to contain the spread of aids once i confirmed the outbreak of highly pathogenic age five. strain of mice too the band haven't done in typically played non stop this and believe it doherty said. i can't find the kidnappers the syrian opposition ridings to boycott the actual piece of this week
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addressing twenty three thousand invitations for her product. this baby. but what the stores. prime time of year six minus eight and eerie twentieth year in korea life and soul and to announce on wednesday so much for joining us. we begin this evening with the latest on a bird flu outbreak here in korea it's been more than four days now since the first tv and influence the case since two thousand eleven was discovered on two farms in the southern part of the country. the government's making all out efforts to contain the damage and prevent more he says. he tells me connect my tripod salon at the new center. so what can you tell us the main guy is now the biggest question right now concerning the bird flu in the country is probably its current and not parties are saying that it's most likely that my maturing debts
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from the virus here the conference that up by toi my victory type of duck was infected with the age five and eight strain of apn influenza a. dead duck sons and a reservoir in europe poultry farm in kuantan to another province were infected with the age five and eight as well to poultry farms in the same area and one of the first case was confirmed last weekend the number stands now at three. the ei outbreak as the government on high alert to stop the spread for the first time ever they have issued a forty eight hour standstill on the movement of any livestock and feinberg carrots. in this trip that the culture food and rural affairs said earlier in the evening that the band will be lifted at midnight as planned. around one hundred twenty thousand ducks have been called for preventive measure is and more cats and chickens can be killed in the coming days as their theories. the ad virus could spread nationwide. so saw how dangerous is the age five and a virus and could it have any
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effect on humans. well it's this that we can not customary about our house there has been on a single case of human infection by the highly pathogenic age five and eight strain so far the virus is different from the age five and one which has resulted in over three hundred stephanie human that since two thousand freight and the age seven and nine virus that was infected humans this year in china now for the first time and killed at least forty five people have also been questions about whether it is safe to eat poultry and eggs. in fact consumers have purchased this book or product over the last couple of days above thirty say however that the products are safe because there's hardly any chance that the effective products will enter the mike if anything if they do with the virus is destroyed. once cooked. it's a no but one that shares the lead taken by the government to prevent the spread of the virus. i love seeing the government held an emergency meeting this monday and apart from the standstill nationwide masters happened to scott for
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my tree bird sites and poultry farms still a station locations have been increased in the southern part of the country and that's when the goats and some non ago and johnson of the provinces counsel for the nori into an eagle. the mother tree as well as the police are checking in as well buy a controlling traffic at this pic of the piece ends and supplying several aviation equipment. also the national assembly's at the concert committee will meet this little sticky on thursday to discuss the matter. but those are one solo reporting live from the new center on the bird flu outbreak here in cr. that's a massive security breach or personal data of more than twenty million people in korea phone numbers addresses and credit card numbers had been leaked from several commercial banks and aviation business forced executives of firms in question to tender their resignations and promised compensation. kenyan she has lips. you see as advocating
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for me to hide the cake i did in each noodle cart stuff out on monday to short the pub late in the wake of the nation's largest ever personal information leak they said they would cover any financial losses cost of their customers entirety they're also considering compensation for any psychological damage can reach me at hans. they are monday more than two thousand bt financial group managers including the ceo of td green card seems they all only the ceo of a million hearts when he offered to resign from their posts. the mission of at least twenty million korean bank and credit card users was weak. that affects almost all economically active people in a country of fifty million. the financial supervisory service said the information to any christian names phone numbers credit card numbers addresses and even banking records of customers. financial services commission chairman susie human and financial supervisory service governor
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tastefully time. among the millions affected the government has warned that those fond responsible will face extremely tough criminal penalties. prime minister's home oh one on monday ordered the chief of the nation's regulatory body the financial services commission to go after those responsible in the strongest possible way and inform the about the exact damages and circumstances of that week john also ask for stroke on a major speech or such incidents don't happen again regulators have already launched investigations into security measures it firms the financial supervisory service told the ntv that be are working closely with the financial services commission and the are looking into tougher fines suspension that business for the firms who had irritated me. state prosecutors meanwhile hem and to reassure the at the incident has not resulted in the leakage of any information to the minority stations for now
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at me. nancy academics. going overseas now to president in its third day in switzerland the korean leader called for boosting it to weigh investments during a meeting with coriander and swiss business leaders that they earlier he met with korean residents in bird and underlined their role in enhancing the two nations times the presidential office correspondence was into was traveling with the presence of ports and efforts for bilateral cooperation. this effect has called on korea day and swiss businessmen to expand investment in each other's can't reach and seek ways to enter europe markets together. speaking at a korean swiss business form of the day. the president stressed that investment in korea will be a platform for small and midsize firms in the european nation in particular. expect it to the baker global markets. a recent survey shows that six out of tents was the seventies are trying to
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diversify their markets as midst of their overseas sales are concentrated in your route. like korea president that pointed to the free trade agreements korea signed with various nations including the us and south east asian countries and ongoing treat negotiations which my dad. she also called for cooperation in the educational sector sites with sleds global competitiveness and human resources estimates of the s educational system that provides the knowledge and experience students need an industrial feel the president will visit a school in bird that a swell of interest occasional training on tuesday and seek ways to strengthen cooperation in person now and information exchanges which was planned by citing a related ever hear. on send a present that met with korean residents living in switzerland and emphasized the importance of their role in further developing the two nations relationship. don't
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let it get the pumpkin heads and a new tuition gotta get up at frugal gal who would even have given some kind of credit ptc dependant that with regard to the recent stable situation in north korea the president down to layton foundation for peaceful reunification based on a firm security posture we need to be seen at the top. some of these tasted a gutsy little boy in may he's got. after wrapping the first chamber president paul had ever to davos on tuesday to attend this year's world economic forum. upon arrival there she's got to meet with cisco ceo john chambers intend to re ignite an event dedicated to promoting korean culture and technology. fourteen share the good news for. and prior to her swiss visit present but stopped over in india for a four day state visit that included a summit with her indian counterpart manmohan
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singh where the two sides agreed to bolster cooperation on the economy science and regional security for a fair overview of her trip to the world's second most populous country in their fleece to be joined by indian ambassador to korea christopher cox and the studio. thank you very much for joining in the late due to begin we deal with the pink one message are you accompanied present bought during her trip to india. how would she ever seen. then he does and papas received over the top of that topic will come in so many warm reception was a cog or two up she was a season on and this can be a movie the spatial relationship with korea. and god the two cv joint statement that says that all of that though. he flicks the mission. what do an upgrade of the other nations to what the next twenty years during the summit the two leaders agreed to buy is a comprehensive economic partnership agreement or its sea pines calls on the plate with planning to set back in two thousand ten. now how are you going to go about
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improving to pack and held this effect the two countries which are in the fall edition of indian indian cleared pace is the economic relationship pandas are surprising. alert readers ought to be cross trained to be known as milk and coffee bean in august might think the fifteenth but you will go into the famous myself going and what directions and aaliyah so befitting for the bbc show the pasco project which it is is seen as a possible project is pretty beaded on famous points. so we are pretty blitzing its knowledge to upgrade the step up as an enthusiastic and go because we believe that we can fund that and haunts me if you can see all step up. speaking of specific measures preston park suggested emerging india software with korea's park where i you see the future of going about in terms of merging the economic and science sectors. when the entity fortunate that my
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cornea and it is in the north of campus is on education and is a passion for the depiction of one school today we have to put it on to schooling of cane scientific and technical and and the will and creed. me and acting one knee and engineers plea deal in in in the forty of cream on scientific and ethical demands are all featured walks are easy and i a teams units so that is the kind of man pundits a bit of a north salinas to soft rid of the one but who would eat this and so is quitting can just get it with a sprawling campus council has the second largest who stood to do a difference in the old trick would be a in india. and something like the impala sent in photos and indian engineers and scientists to look and put in so doing cutting edge piece which people the best record. how many of their front to occur ed is obviously seeking to end terror and his growing
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new primark a plate of building an atomic power plant there but is india as enthusiastic about this i can screen and we are as enthusiastic with the simple reason that as though india is a mini fuss when you call me. and then you're going to as bethany is me do what do need to be damaged. and we are deficient in manatee and what kind of image you do need to be fifteen minutes and to the nucleus of a deal couldn't resist a manatee. so we have all optimistic plans for the ambitious plans call for cutting of thing people could because to me go what to call it and then to nuke of and the next ten years of school. what we know how hollywood has the story made an imprint all around the world to die in india how has the korean wave been received. i know my friend has been to india in on them and then you've seen it put us in northeastern india has taken to to lie and keep off the new mini degree of licensing boys to include this in lakewood and stars and so on. and the vivid it
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does to people without caveat in north eastern india on the society on the lives of the country. according to other people is his cough is stuck between appeasing the pope and in india foreign investors take so much for your time tonight they should really do. for your dns and another began get the latest online from seoul expert analysis from ages fourteen with the viewpoint all the koreans local network and why on arrival that. he always on standby. south. korean american missionary jailed in north korea for over a year
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has appeared before reporters to appeal to the us government for his release the associated press reported that kenneth day held a press conference at a hospital in khan yen on monday where he expressed hope that washington and pyongyang can work closely together to help secure his release. he also claimed that the regime has not violated its human rights in any way it's the longest serving american detainee in north korea in recent years. he was arrested in november two thousand twelve accused of crimes against the state for which he was sentenced to fifteen years of hard labor in another chapter in the growing heat story of tensions in northeast asia and the memorial hall on during the korean independence fighter who assassinated a top japanese official in the early twentieth century opened its doors to the in china on sunday. the one day later the japanese government called out the shooting for allowing it to open in the first place. freaking jia reports the japanese government says it is deeply regretful about the team's
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decision to approve the opening of an immortal hall on during the korean independence fighter time to time. japanese chief cabinet secretary your suitcase the best response comes a day after the memorial hall open to the in the northeastern chinese city of hyping the city's railway station is where in nineteen oh nine on shopping till you feel the need to know who served as prime minister of japan and that preparations for the high seas and the korean peninsula to japan and early twentieth century. lol that is the place with a japanese prime minister was murdered and for us tonight this is the place where the terrorists on them and was sentenced to death when you were in the memorial park consists of exhibitions telling the story of hans life and shows the exact spot of his assassination the facility was built after the impression of him and bought up the idea of creating a mighty next time during a meeting with
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chinese president. she did last year and although heal the sick here in korea and china. i is considered a murder a bite me and you can tell you how to ask the team to scrap koreans to build a memorial in calder and this is a train at anchor yet to complain about the matter beijing's decision to go ahead with the memorial comes amid a rate hike in tensions in the region still unbeaten have pinned the end of this is a high profile japanese politicians to the controversial yesterday war shrine effort of his refusal to apologize for the country's wartime atrocities. and yes i did errands. the kidnapping and libya curry and trade official was taken at gunpoint in tripoli on sunday evening local time while not much information has come out as to who the kidnappers are officials in seoul are working around the clock to win the release of the absentee. he has this report. korea's foreign ministry confirmed monday
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that curvy and trade official was kidnapped by a group that identify the men in libya the head of trade relations at the state bank korea trade investment promotion agency and libya was taken by armed men on his way home from work in tripoli on sunday evening local time. yes it was reported by hines drive her to the korean and the sea that said the kidnappers stopped their car and threatened both of them with weapons before taking her on their car and heading west the intensity and noted that the kidnappers were many unknown although there is rising speculation that al qaeda may have seen behind the abductions. yes it is being viewed as having pre planned. i there for months or to gain political leverage officials in seoul are working around the clock on the case. the korean government and coat rack and beading emergency meeting early monday morning to discuss the ncaa and passports by the foreign ministry has also set up. we
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must put all our efforts into resolving the incident in a swift manner so that the kidnappers quarter of official can return to his family as soon as possible many parts of libya had seen his side violins and i'm blessed to be seen tears with the capital of tripoli declaring a state of emergency this past weekend after fresh clashes with armed groups. as of january eighteen there were approximately five hundred fifty one koreans residing in libya and although there has seen a number of robbery cases against korea and libya in the past. this is the first time for me and has being kidnapped. seoul's foreign ministry said that it will be working closely with all channels including the libyan government for the safe and swift release of the absentee. it is also listed this special trouble learning that means all koreans from traveling to libya. sunny and nice. iran
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may be joining the syrian peace talks this week in switzerland said he was second in general kind humans invitation. the un will allow for provoking pull out right from the syrian opposition and a warning from the united states iconic and has more with less than three days until i'm more of an he's come to switzerland or the civil war and syria united nations has invited iran to the table in the case and the terrine has accepted speaking a surprise news conference at the un headquarters and a manx secretary then outlined the ones that iran needs to be part of the solution to this theory in crisis chlorine is that if an io read that phil corner of the negotiations is to use them. by dietrich was sent but rendition of the brain working with the port the sticky powerless. hines said iranian foreign minister there is a place that iran would play a positive and constructive role in
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negotiations. however the western backed main opposition group the syrian national coalition is in the store. immediately condemned by calling a deal breaker in announcing they would withdraw from the talks it was just last saturday when the main opposition group agreed to sit down side by side of the syrian government. but their participation. now remains in doubt. the united states as a more complicated stands on the matter. the somewhat you're brought up the table but only on a conditional basis. the us state department has called on iran to fully and publicly accepted into maintain a formal mandate which is agreed upon in geneva in twenty twelve adding that the invitation to be rescinded if your band fails to meet such conditions delegations from thirty nine countries will meet for the geneva to talk someone say montrose. the syrian government and the main opposition group possibly holding additional content in yuma on friday. honey can be
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done. the entries participating in football at the upcoming asian games has gotten a bit deeper seated chase in the sports center to tell us all about it steve in the eyes. that's right the olympic council of asia has announced that north korea will be able to have their mens and womens football teams compete they're expected to participate as they did in the last three days yet but he didn't make it clear until now that he would take part in the latest edition. and with that said the seventeen agencies will take place in the sun started september nineteen. meanwhile south korea's marine boycott no one has his sights set on the asian games trading industry amid to defend his vehicles from two thousand and ten. seeking to repeated the one hundred two hundred and four hundred meter events the twenty five year old son needed added to his medal collection at the victorian state championships in melbourne to boost his
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confidence. there he won the gold to the two hundred and four hundred meter events and moving on south korea has earned its second spot in skillet in the winter olympics as the italians fizzled out at the latest world cup ranks ninth in the humiliated at the points korea was awarded two tickets to the games allowing tapping the hon c to join new zombie who had already qualified and with the latest entries the nation will send seventeen athletes and possibly a skeleton and the blues to sochi. now let's go down on their tv australian open third ranking or reassure problem in an early exit after being upset by her opponents dominate the simple cough up to chile's top ranked serena williams was also ousted around for a good way for second seed victoria as the rancor to repeat in melbourne. meanwhile in the men's side gate gate also solve the world's number one rafael natal and living legend roger federer advanced to the quarterfinals. and
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ending off with golf hat trick a region called the trophy at the humana talent in california meanwhile the town zucchini and tied for twenty third now back to read he shot a mediocre final rounds but his first three rounds with a score of nine under sixty three on each date allowed to hold on and win the final score of twenty under par. it took only a little over eight million dollars to go home with his hardware. and that does it for me here to sportscenter this has been steven chen said baghdad midnight for the latest in the world of sports. we got
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off to a rather polluted snowy and dark start the week here in korea. listen i hear the snow may not be as clean and pretty as the lots for more let's go for tracking them down at the weather center with them. being a shot and take a while as she had mentioned the snow that's falling in the central regions and actually assets know what it is a mixture of snow and he loved us so be sure to take your umbrella as if you are headed out after this round of precipitation we are again for all of the snap morning lows on tuesday will drop to minus seven degrees but it was a lie gets minus twelve into the driveway and ten tennis balls out back this season on average by a wednesday afternoon. taking the lead at the current conditions a nation is under the influence of a low pressure chaff from the north which is why we're seeing cloudy skies across a bath with snow. now
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the central regions and announces that a teammate to five centimeters of snow and estrada is the case since it mostly comes the bus stop by tomorrow morning. however the snow will pile up in the meantime so it's possible it is recommended that you use transportation smart morning. taking a lead that tomorrow's numbers solace that topped the day at nine and seven degrees but the high of zero team up and enforce and his one and five degrees respectively. holding on to either be since sentimental guilty at three and two degrees respectively while on combat. bake sixty minus four. what i thought i had read it out but i'll be back with my face after midnight. broadcasts on this monday nights and it's a pain so i'm sean when things were watching the season. i was. i
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think what you say balance especially as pets they were working on with the fact that i've run a charity for disabled and the refugee children orphans. mason's kids. i started with the kids and the year two thousand and one. prior to september eleven on because i was watching the news knows this is bombing in sydney. and i just like that and i was like wow we are creating an entire generation disabled people that no one knows what to do i felt the need to go back there in tucson. when i first went to work with the kids i had no idea why. i didn't i picked up went to the haitian
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refugee camp knew no one knew nothing and was just like ok it's cabbage onion and do that. to those of you who have never been to a refugee camps is so porous that riding swimming attend this long to write down who is and kids. millions and millions of foreign hungry kids and i was going to be their ultra clean their shoes and glasses and clothes and all the while protecting myself the most gorgeous or he too has been by the way we get. yet they're disgusting and rife with disease. the first time i ever walked into an orphan is this thing ran up to me with a fragile growing and it's on next day i wake up knowing my eye. i go out to get some minutes and when at that exact moment i can. and tied to the back of the key my kidnappers. the women of
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the can. they have decided i need an extreme make over refugee detention. they stripped me down and start weekly. straighten my hair with an actual fire. and then they put me in six inch heels and marched me through the canyon. these people took care of me and i had no choice but to keep taking care of that. i still have no life. i still hate kids. i have seven hundred and thirty two killed the lower animals that call my own. i loved him i made them of us understand how god into the meat section as for disabled some of these people need to head to chat so i sigh as posted on this program that focuses on getting kids into college getting kids to study getting kids to graduate getting the kids of lost both their parents have someone over their head saying ok you
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have satc need to study. so you know we did wellness with physical therapy fully focused mostly on education scholarships. i feel like it to me soon skip that step shea. cocktails and i always wanted to kiss career earnings. as for testers result abundance and the pace barricades erected to stave off a revolution. while fishing point one to take part in peaceful also at the store is the country's main opposition group threatens to drop the adjusted data. three top ten. thus says the upcoming conference must focus


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