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the eye. what so called drills and made all those light up the tears still i have a night to protest the results of bottoms and stormed the police barricades erected to stave off a revolution. dissolve the parliament called for early elections do not repeat the phrase to die. the voice of the opposition is supported by the eu says the authorities have only themselves to blame. is this ah the un will have to put toward invitation for brawn to take part in the stores on syria for the country's main
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opposition group says it will drop out all the negotiations residents said the upcoming conference was focus on tackling terrorism. above all else. mostly from europe and fifty tickets for the kids have this bunch of stories this hour the eye. much of what's to get into gear and the richest in the distance the infection. willie's of old images from a business to send these actual scenes from the ukrainian capital kiev the picture should protest is running a mall angry with the pencils they say are aimed at punishing them for holding rallies response has been fierce mix of molotov cocktails clubs and problems are no reports of this break will be for the police try to stave off the reservation. he
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insists he isn't here for auntie. i love the word unprecedented steps very well to the situation out here right now is received and the brutality from both sides of the protest by the police and by the protesters on the kiddos increase the debt that we see molotov cocktails walks in a flash bang grenades at all these kind of things they used in the very heart of the capital the cut at the same time we know that present chemical which is now meeting several people from the opposition the interior minister at the same time is claiming that someone is heartening that the protesters when the clubs that with the knights and different sorts of weapons set out to get a proper idea of what is happening around three hundred meters from where i'm standing right now i did this report from the scene of the riots. you can see what remains of the police cars and the police most of which were the guests made me depicting picture what happened yesterday all but the edges which made fifty meters away from the other police lines
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the copyright police this was the regiment all the better put that much trying to secure the governments of water. augusta on sunday to protest the together for a typical rally after that they decided to hold the government reported that it clashes with the police erupted we haven't made that more than seventy police officers at the moment. so what's up with different entities that still remain pretty much all but that was also the indonesians are complete opposite the deep enough so that was somebody from the police report that they used rubber bullets against the crowd to see from time to time. lots of bands are big dogs. both sides with each other. that night that brought us those of modest to dismantle some of the great man. they're using these thoughts with all them at the police are also using up lots of cocktails and indifference last time so it's pretty loudly as they
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have to live everyday with a protest against the police this video which would give for what it's made with several thousand people a number of sites running up to date troubled assets. brady and co it was all going to go but so far it's been very tight turns. that was on the ground that the police might actually try to soak the better get on the independence that would've been there for almost two months now. that's right hand of a violent of a violent scenario again in the idea of how serious the whole thing is that the protesters are installing a tough double double with a medieval weapon to make sure that brought the child from all of the cocktails are often not actually be able to reach the police lines with the lead to seventy eight two meters away from the get well soon and are not rising above it is not without opposition is that he's ready to hold negotiations with the opposite of what this is not the top of that on right here that people are still very much determined what the government to resign well the president to step down this is their goal is not on the parochial protest which was at the beginning of the fold wrote the story give
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this a security anti governmental the ball when was the controlling all the developments of what's happening in the grand capital kiev. well dozens of police remained hospitalized in kiev with head injuries fractures and policing bitumen substances. despite this the eu is sticking to its position in naming of local authorities. visiting the commission reports it appears the scene is being set for the final act. brooks went flying and police bosses went up in flames the opposition leaders to ukraine's president that begin with. we did mom you stop the escalation of the situation. the police off the streets dissolving parliament and cold in the parliamentary and presidential elections do not repeat the frightened child just you and get acclimated the fact that the riots were started by several hundred protesters healing from the ultra nationalist camp on
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the independence square. i have been swept under the car we had to withstand the shower products in with the cocktails. governments and avalanche of criticism for using water cannons and rubber bullets to continue drinking crowd. increasing tension in ukraine as a direct consequence of the government failing to acknowledge the budget and grievances of its people the us will continue to consider additional steps including sanctions in response to the use of violence and military leaders and members chanted revolution much of the knights who once seemed indifferent for the open call for school. we start under these conditions we don't want so that we don't want to one point lead going to change this could send some nasty seventy policemen were injured twenty protesters arrested. cameras captured the season the writers vicious attacks against security forces. yet for the western leaders and for the ukrainian opposition this seems to be the european way to solve ukraine's internal political issues. we have european
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values we have european principles we have european rights that we must uphold in each and every european country this type of pressure seems to be effective. even twenty four hours after the riots started. president yanukovich has already made concessions to the opposition going as far as to the integrity of them getting lost in independence square ukrainian opposition seems to be in a win win situation item i get a new change of leadership by force or simply forcing her in the elections the radical spirits now well and truly skeleton key of the question is what the opposition be capable of getting it back in the bottle even those cool artsy. many are discussed events in ukraine with european parliament by a label which attic and seven jet with cousin she's a writer and smashing the feds have put opinions on what's behind this timeless. now we are dealing with a significant group of highly committed people quarter. bent on
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regime change through street thuggery. and by the way the ukrainian legislation on the other lane meeting so called freedom of assembly is no wisdom to be suspenseful the book which urine station reported six weeks ago. in fact what we are dealing with is a clear attempt to undermine the prosecution or older. all the major european states and it is truly shocking. for european parliamentarians to say that there's still supportive of a process that obviously wants to use this to be tottering in melbourne as a means of regime change regime change a change of government exactly what he wants it won't influence over ukraine in the long term is not the economic aspirations of the government. it's and its expansion was reasonable to raise the carry on. nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah we had we had presidential elections in ukraine forty
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years ago we had to make sense. these elections were recalled a nice house nice and friendly. if there has to be a change of government has to be done. store the elections while the protest is waiting for the democratic protest as an election due in spring twenty fifty. or any kind of like the hands of a former german foreign minister boston mass email at. at the betty case and the coating on loan from the state department's dawson creek is a brown know can you imagine. russian foreign minister lavrov going to barcelona to support capital on separate dates and when it comes to ukraine. we have witnessed his success the patients by the government estimates dougherty and the rule of law this would not have been allowed in washington d c would not have been allowed in london and settling up in brussels. what was the reasons for the demonstrations that reason was that misogyny on local beach to ukraine and also take these. it feels
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that the last moment under the pressure of moscow under the principle for us to. he refused to sign the association and the restated this is simply factually wrong. we are looking at the clear cut situation where yellow car which was perfectly within his rights to say no to a horrible deal which had gone ahead would have cost ukraine tens of billions of euros which he cannot afford when russia came in with fifteen billion rescue package and it seemed clear that europe wanted to have free access to the ukrainian market for nothing. and it was a geopolitical all along. one is the present crisis in ukraine escalates week ago today with what's happening in kiev. twenty four seven for the low way to geneva to peace talks in syria just a few days away loyalty to getting it special coverage of the took a massive build up to me to which aims to find a way to end
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the conflict. the presence of syria's main opposition group in geneva teasing question again. off to the un invited iran the west and back forty issued an ultimatum threatening not to sure what the times which has already cost the zimmer national council is among the dead by the gay rum produced its commitment to setting up an interim government in syria all the un withdrew its invitation that russia's foreign minister said this cost outs of the deal positions with eagerness to find a solution. hughes hughes. this anyone judging the necessity of all influential players taking part in geneva to is not seeking an end to syrian crisis. these are just wins the syrian government imposes no preconditions and is even willing to stick with countries that iraqi army the rebels. not just the moderates. does that mean damascus denies their exclusion. the goal of any talks is to bring to the negotiating table. not just the parties' you like
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all those whom the solution to problem depends on it the syrian national coalition of that and the peace talks his priorities are likely to be very different from its opponents. it's the deadliest at forming an interim government with out bashar assad must be a main aim of the conference. the sydney to himself and has said stopping the spread of terrorism should be the prime refocus below them. the tuc conference must lead to concrete results when it comes to fighting terrorism any other outcome that does not talk on the combating terrorism would be naive i knew it all. when there are real fears that terrorists cutting their teeth in syria could spread across the eu europeans make up a major cause of the seventeen thousand foreign jihadis old to be in the vehicle country the biggest european country but to his promises his seven hundred of its nationals at the moment could be in syria right now and belgium in the uk are also in the top three. the worry is what happens when they return and
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of the surf of course but with one produces is and has lost his brother to watch thousands of miles from time new de young. the case and a traveling to syria in the high if you could be you so how could you onto the content according to what extent the now cause the luckiest european is that its current flaking contingents in recent times they add up to at least eleven hundred. and if you use the maximum estimates you get to over seventeen hundred it was from the picturesque seaside town this i'll see him paul smith. this is going to the young men making me act together enjoying the flakes in syria thousand monthly getting the sweet sticky mean is he that twenty three year old in the kitchen mine was killed last placing on the syrian front line almost as if they had a number of his friends attended the fall prey to
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this area with a chilling one of the basin radical opposition greeks up racing in the country. life is the islamic state of iraq and saddam. now before he died a fit over the fate of facial media takes the baby a is an update since the greeks activities that were in the fenced into the same as his brother's death. mystic into the knicks police that the tiles i see. he wants to set the record straight about his brother lady was like he thinks he went to haaretz tony difference between him and was so deep and as a uniform. just because he wasn't in uniform who supports these past many he's been nuked of like a or something else something that had it says asic would have to continue in a new phone policy difference is that the people in uniform to always fight for the people in playful what benefits them. as a country and what you full force for the people. like many foreign flights is it because it crossed into syria by a
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techie. it was eighty one is that he unfolds his family he wants a fight she high school katie rule. she said. we'll see how life is complete complete the recent debate in the too hot. especially in the sea yankees. it's been a complete unknown concept among liberal ideas there visit the religious community we made simple is that the grates on the eight thousand to one of them they tick chart hits in tackling he think age limits are set to review or referencing of the places they can lead to an apostle who this looks interesting one and suddenly they're listening to the teaching that i didn't know that our leaders here in portsmouth with no support. i don't think the problem exists within any of the mosques in portsmouth could say. the issue to my knees. the way. if those mosques and not delivering what the year one. a mediocre
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it somewhere else the country and europe. why then the ferry company hitting eighteen a young generation like to note that the fall. you don't mean with the friend who just ordinary boys and i just never thought let's open this book about it you know we still know you aware was going on in the world but with all know that my brother once when you are than me is i'm gonna be about and he died in the battlefield to some kind of has a sunken from you all know people. so she knows he has happened but still hadn't sunk in the fourth was put forth is in the head. sarah fed policy but also from goldsmith in the south of england. who can treat you any developments that could affect the geneva to peace conference on serious rather than the stem is our special coverage of the summit that starts on wednesday. i at
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hand three years. i didn't go over one hundred. well mostly in the stands with one. more snow on the beach. peace a chance. welsh international or caramel sky with each defrosted a steam ahead for them. the historic deal comes into effect the un nuclear watchdog confirmed it is cutting the rate of enrichment in exchange for an easing of sanctions. he recalled what the future holds for the tricky negotiations them. causes overcome a threat. three hundred years of press freedom and international mission goes to london to investigate whether the government is trying to control the media in the wake of edwards made his league off. the use it. mode. to me
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the real focus on technology this month's show. complete adult school canteens. we live up to the extent of suitability to possess the potential to stay dry the update here. we dove into the covers. no. i was
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they are the new. due to the eu agreed number of sanctions imposed on the run up to. it'll be on the beach you're in you're enrichment program. the meat comes as part of a landmark deal between the country and six twelve pounds. let's take a closer look at what a roni is gaining from one of its political economic relief for the country make six months to seven billion dollars the most about money four point two billion dollars so it will be acceptable through a rainy and farms of the seats which will be humble. the message coming from an easing of restrictions on the exported petrochemical goods precious metals and financial transactions. however the babies just the beginning as i was in extreme wants iran to six twelve pounds half to reach a final compromise. don't these ports are reports of golf to
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the agreements may not be easy to date a deal between a man in the international community doesn't effect that will see demand for use parts of its nuclear program in return for the easing of sanctions intends of the agreement the one that under the restrictions on earring in exports of pics of chemicals the country would also be able to import costs with the manufacturing industry and trade in gold and the prices missiles the next six months are critical because it is gina's timeframe that the international community an ear and will need to reach a final agreement between each hit with out which could ultimately see the boredom of the east descend into chaos and possibly even a war. what is clear is that it has seen goodwill and the one ticket for this deal to work that has overridden the skeptics in the voices calling for sanctions. what is not here is how the united states is going to need its weight for weight. it has a very fine line to walk on the one hand
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you have is will that continues to say that this was a deal with the tipple you also had us congressmen and women who according to face sanctions on the other hand she had a brand which has since beating they can present barack obama is itching to come to the pot tea and he insults me to show transparency and commitment are not eighteen eighteen weeds are pulled his finger tap it in the region so the next six months of going to be critical. the hope is that at the end of coffee yet he will have a permanent deal in place between u bahn and the international community. when crt tv. on screen to align officials and two us states consider bringing back the death penalty by firing squad lethal drugs is one of them will make is to resurrect a method that is dissipated them up to the world. he tells subtlety. as setting up a fake social behavior account might cost a pretty penny in russia st. this will make oppose the bill the following is mounting to
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thousands of dollars. new stores in tribunal cannot recall cold. an international realization that it's based on issues of media freedom across the world is on its first ever mission to the uk there are growing concerns about government pressure being put on the press in britain following the authorities' response to the guardian newspaper printing links from as nsa whistleblower and sledding some suggest three hundred years of press freedom is under threat. the stores with investigates. well if they see a sad news paper as that of me is how this as it is an open eyes face and said it was a touch of a few days under a government that violates press for a dentist it's likely that he will have to concede to investigate and documents now they said how it's not the delegation but not to award toll in failed states or detained since it is calm yet to the uk. dedicated to international concerns that
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the gotham and reactions that on cnn puppets eight act which snake and revelations of the nsa was the way into the top and very bluntly that the press freedoms. the paper said a face to face it i'm the rest of illegal acts that we'll always has an organization that can cure brought separate edition all over the world was concerned about the situation to seeing the image of democracy like uk where they can be potentially risky to durham created and an exceptional case. all the difference between the particles which means the states. and the fried all the press. it is instead of speaking. tends to be duds they could bypass the future of professional jihadism. it's become serve evolves the general trend which could affect her to the experiment with the rights of citizens. it
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makes a cute cake is baked beans on precedents expect his open eyes they sniffed the raids that any violation of the freedom that the press kept looking out the top sellers to a press that the media and throwing away three hundred and eight the press but he didn't even fly casting vote. it is not something to be no words some of the global headlines right now here in auntie international iraq's capital baghdad has been shaken by a series of explosions and shooting cars skidding of the anti aging school when most of the bus company in shia neighborhoods with it and if that comes in a crowded market. a wall in ramadi the iraqi army is engaged in fierce fighting with al qaeda linked militants who seized large parts of the city. in december. he promises them through the diploma to several hundred troops to the central african republic to reinforce peacekeepers from prawns and the african union name of a transitional parliament in the african country's elected the new interim leader and the ongoing clashes between rival christian and muslim
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militias. interpol said these fifty people being killed in the country over the weekend adding to a total death toll than a month. when he's just a normal phenomenon in the telling him on policies national cake aldridge is hit with the latest in a world of sports. i became the uk is getting on the ground with action can see that's the official parade on. the i mean. i him. another whistleblowers facing a lot of heat including a wave of death threats. what did she discover some sort of dark secret c i a plant or some other plot for a new world luxury nosh expose something far more dangerous and important to the zombies on their couches. the university of north carolina athletes are mentally unfit for college. even high school mary willing to blow the whistle on the fact that between the ten percent of
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the school's football and basketball players rated the fourth grade level and many others are some college level. she also claims that the students were allowed into the universe the base of screen process done by the university. i t implying that the open sea knew exactly who they were letting in to the university remember college football makes a lot of money. i always have a feeling that something like this was going on. i mean the corn usa today many college athletes claimed that during the season they put in more than double the amount of hours of sports apparel out. that's fifty to sixty hours a week. how can they possibly learn anything maybe it isn't so sad that the schools often a reflection of economics. what is sad is that the whistleblower is getting death threats just for saying that it is going on by those stupid hardcore fans but that's just my opinion. room eye bhutto wants to maintain the samurai warrior spirit
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and muscle techniques. also present some unique weapons instruments and equipment these items are often still many unused exactly is that when hundreds of years ago. i do. windows some early solo training. instead of real soon. kindle uses this unit the bamboo intimate that makes a loud noise when it strikes it. waugh. when using bamboo souls protective clothing is essential reflecting kendo summer i inherited this resembles a war is on. it depends on both the elite security protected we don't become quite the feat. a jury present a
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senior next. and oh you must learn to read your comments sections and tired. standing calmly on guard you watch freddy left to my concentration the instant you spot a weakness to strike consumers can go to school by striking a thrusting with the chimera. and you must attack the nice as before and there is a bit cold so you can. the room. we would go on to condemn everything depends on mental concentration and acting. instantly the moment when dishonest. the blue blue don't want that traces its roots from becky japanese history the precision seem to do is not simply the ability to hit the target movements must be executed with bricks falling to those rules a bit
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vera is made using methods and materials i'm trying to understand. the main material i rose on each continent and sitting with three cents. i use in st and has been chosen to tour england in. the it is the students and recent key continue to promote to spend ten minutes in with releasing him. in the distance of the target is twenty eight using these priests once the current events. a place to learn to can hit
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the target even with our eyes additional improvements and the news in the various forms of crime focus concentration and string. oh noo noo known ay ay ay. since. and it is designed to do it is coming on. this ad on the new trend continues. as told to make lunches on the streets of kiev the conference. went out for iran taking part. today she studies to wake up for space and time to get


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