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new and new moon. in the justice towards the revolution return to real cool so that you know it's a violent protests leave the center of ukraine's capital devastated. it is going to get in hospital simple pro european opposition has violent in its dna. the kiev protests of slipping be over control of the water opposition as far right movements that extremists move in. syria's opposition decides it will lead to peaceful soul to the un protection invitation
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to run the day before that to be the summit starts. most get as cold. the study russian diplomat said those attending that the stores to focus on the terrorism plaguing syria. amid reports of al qaeda training camps across the country up top stories this up . the goal your skin which defended his use of feeds. radical position supported in the ukrainian capital continued their assault on police barricades for second night of anti government protests and want to force the country's entire leadership how the russians say they are not leaving and warned that recently published new laws aimed at preventing them from holding rallies will only increase the bonds. legislation was announced last week and critique cost is the crisis
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escalated this year the shift key is in here. as it may have calmed down and tons of the noise that the governmental corn kid but is still far from settled a few meters of separating the police lines in line for the protests of the rises and still does sometimes exchanging front of cars at the job that over the night we saw an attempt by the police do a push to broadcast the salt. this particular place here the failed attempts at work when the protesters started charging with a midas touch icing of the police the police had to withdraw and ever since then it's been like that. the standoff continually hear it looks like yet another barricade with what remains upbeat police cars which were badly on sunday night. with three separate from the line of the writers and die off the police from time to time the protesters and the police i stand in front of tiles these remarks over yet still being used to be known at the police during a night also saw something great to
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make it to kyoto for ukraine the cases of vigilant isn't one of the protest is organize something of a safari hunting on what they describe as pro government for buffett says they caught several of them took them to the armed revolution a headquarters organize the city trial that took them out into the independence square and urged him to apologize for their actions more than seven hundred people are still injured in hospitals including more than a hundred policemen which is something unprecedented vote on the footprint from eighty other countries in the world was at the following all the developments in people and bring it. the latest updates as we get them the protests the spiral out of control into the weekend most of those injured were policemen suffering from head injuries have wings and poisoning the us and the eu justified on this by saying he was provoked by the ukrainian authorities when international affairs and the school has blessed us in that old mold like tokyo what to do. newt has taken the world. no self respecting state in the world would allow people to sit up
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eminent barricades in the central square of the capital city they would do exactly what the criminal code to sit down the barricades in kiev so far bigger than anything that was as open top in london or paris. it submits that if anyone is wearing a mosque to kick months. they all as it was preparing for violent home for the league's we've seen in these places countries as we sorted december. when the whole issue festival is held at demonstrations have initiated violence against the police and how the police in ukraine have seen two people most columnists to resist that we talk about people who are taking the door and then enhanced preventing people from out walking along the street and going about their old greek business and a bubble when talking about demonstrators who have time and again showed their propensity to violence. it seemed he had a pinata to rallies and nationalist movements and extremists and turned to look and told us the far right nature of
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the criminal position is no breaking the surface. so called pro european opposition as violins in its dna. what i mean by that sees that as we know that the pro european demonstrations of thing that apply to political parties' size folded up and buys it i'll eat it was talking with god. that was done of course means i hate the truth is that from reno is a boxer. another was the very name of his coffee you can see lights and expresses an ocean of islands mention of aggressive islands spoken to is that the european level affiliated with various extreme right and neo fascist political parties like ill became hungry. the salmon to camilla in italy and the fullness of alan tonks these policies. all boys attacked by the european elites as being anti democratic. aunties who should control should be reduced to the minimum. and it's an indication of the incredible hypocrisy of
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western elites that one of them and this peaceful but the auntie should instead now be paying regarded as a proof western and pro democratic force. the tension in the ukrainian capital of the intnationalill kee you up to date withves throu ts ifepdatesro kv. ssm than twenty four hours before the peace talks inyria began in switzerland. he continues to look at the challenges that lie ahead brochures concern that international efforts to find a solution to the steering crisis could be undermined by the absence of all the wrong one of the region's key players was as foreign minister said provoking in rome's invitation to that old is mistake. un made
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the decision for me an ultimatum from sears main western backed opposition to what is your christian elders in switzerland ahead of the talks. on wednesday the international peace conference on syria taking place here in the small swiss town of mt on the shores of lake geneva is truly an international achievement to take so much time and some with africa but is finally going to happen soon enough sorties and the rebels after years of fighting and on a sizeable while we are going to finally sit down and negotiate but that the us the government did confirm that it was the reporting across the globe time ago the same can be said about the opposition they've been concentrating the mind can last twenty four hours and mainly because of the year on a key regional player which was also supports to take for moscow and washington which have been pretty much organizing this conference have been saying that its success. why do we depend on beef with this patient anyone with an influence on the situation they're in syria and iran is definitely one of these flowers and some
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of the good eats. remember how real position we get to the un envoy to iran. they made an alternate to provoke the ohl final with returning the six hits in six hours time. all in all this is an ugly situation. it was to help added iran not taking part in the coffin inside is not a catastrophe bought the wool baffling not help unite the muslim community in the fight against terror which is also going to be one of the key issues on he table here in one troll since besides the political opposition is widely known that terrorists including al qaeda linked groups are fighting that in syria as well. so as of the world's chief diplomat to continue to gather here in montreal force will be covering the full conference and will be bringing you the latest details as it happens. when jonathan steele he's a columnist on international affairs told britain's guardian newspaper. heres the geneva talks adjust the first that the below negotiation process that must involve the draw. colder countries that are involved
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to make history in the stadium situation by providing arms or giving supporto one of the mythical sides need to be better if it's going to be a guide to human transmission in position to cease fires and continuing political pull most come from all the surrounding countries need to dial tone. to cut someone off. everyone is saying that this should be a precipice. this is just the first thing you know kirsten said. one hopes that they will agree to meet again and said that a fairly soon and that in the meantime in on will be brought back into that discussion because the minute you're going to deal with the wall. it all the good people of varus threats to the street opposite to go get it okay just to say both comedies on one side and therefore call it a go. that makes no sense a tool who comes into full of whimsy and peacekeeping moscow wants the threat of terrorism in syria especially those posed by al qaeda to be
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the main focus of talks in switzerland. jihadist groups operating in the country targeting the government and the seven rebels this clashes of the film the files and opposition forces that since the start of the year and the resulting report reports some of the washington's previous indiscriminate support for the rebels is called irresponsible. when the enemy of your enemy is serenity. things can get complicated. it's a conundrum the u s bases in syria where political financial and military sport to the raffles has subsequently served to create a new hotbed for al key to a group of al assad did not the stay in power or if these weekends the band syria could become that base and other base like to pakistan and afghanistan before it. it is to be used as a springboard to go into these other countries the experts say an influx of extremist groups has turned into port one country into a training center. posing a greater threat to american
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interests in the leader washington wants her move these groups are much more dangerous than we have tens of thousands of international fighters coming in on the net very fundamentalist capacity with almost come full circle after afghanistan and nine eleven we're where we knew we were seeing these groups still fighting for fundamentalists own principles. what began as an anti government uprising three years ago has turned into an internal fight between opposition blocs the free syrian army set out to battle aside because more and more found that its hands are full. just defending themselves against the hottest were seeking a foothold in the country. this leave the u s officials acknowledging the loss of control over the war initially supported. we too are deeply concerned about the rise of extremist the world needs no reminder that syria has become a magnet for geologists of
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extremists. it is the strongest magnet for terror of any place today and as world powers start gathering in geneva to map out a peace plan for syria they are being announced to pull the plug on terrorism then we had to be permanent the result. the fight against terrorism in syria in particular the need to put pressure on countries that are exporting terrorism we are sending terrorists money and weapons to organizations to and especially saudi arabia tucked in and of course the western countries the organization's no one ever imagined. america would in any way support. during the fortnight rt meal meanwhile funds course what terror groups in syria spinning across the border of the al qaeda affiliate in java news for group as clean as possible is a massive exclusion initiate government district of lebanon's capital that killed at least for me
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the country's only from syria's borders could be vulnerable to the threat from terrorism reports rumors that al qaeda is training european jihadists in syria specifically to set up cells back on and on to refresh the reports now from damascus despite the international community stepping up its efforts to bring peace to see it and its people and would sometimes like now has a new heights. radical mittens have long used children in their life to kingston ask is that now more i'm only in name but it's not the end of the wax to being backed into a hot summer day make the journey too many sponsors who pay at the ready to set foot in mouth towards any of the a m block and how that is what many americans traveled to the country. he had been seated standing pounds had been set up by confronting every stoplight and to government forces for aspiring female extremists isn't this a bit keen to see
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women knowing that i was banned and cards some so small but traditional way of life for weapons and city side bounced back section is clear when named joe less attention from the police and security forces. us officials are concerned about the rising number of dead nationals looking to syria to take offs and overall death rate cuts off the main strength to heal. these men and to remain within ten to the highlands province. that seems like the old debt was sad that it does precisely what is meant in great suffering to take shape according to different sources the run up to two thousand european fun to see and stay with georgian rebel groups many of which have ties to find out that i mean they remain here in syria learning how to make and that the nine ball and softball teams i cannot think of all that i went in for the moment when there still no lakes could stapleton traction. we went through it all set to kick off on wednesday. then
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remained at a school once in a positive political solution and i resold to stay away from the negotiations and strapping lad. how did sometimes they get caught dose not seen from damascus in syria. the world's top diplomats cavity and switzerland another obstacle that my devotion to proceedings allegations of the torture of prisoners by the syrian regime. following that story run on a website on to telkom the status of special coverage of the geneva conference tomorrow. i at for three years. go over one hundred well mostly in the stands with one. more snow on the beach. peace a chance
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mortals who uses the un official break to stay with us this is auntie international london mosque the eye. he gazed at the lake when asked how long i forgot that we all sang night at the traffic light thingy free coffee. guru. what kennedy. your teens today are
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a little research the eye the security forces in russia supper republican pakistan say baker presented a terror attack. the booms called defused a major explosive device and aunties adding the commissioner has the details on this the device was found near the administrative building in the southern republic of the darkest on now this was done as part of the counterterrorism operation which took place in the right now. they're also saying that several extremists have been killed as part of the operation in law who will note a field commander. the bullet style
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i've shot in the of god the son is looking getting close to seventy two the bulk of that region where today that their attacks have taken place less than a month ago most of them and sweet dreams and it's made of these not to go home and was hoping a prescription drugs in the us is reportedly telling people and to this instead of sending them to sleep for the blissful likes grass the noticeable changes to the plate is a form of the chicken got claims there is an underground network of homosexuals posting begins the store is another's right now multi tool called. today is the addition of us for the death of the ten eleven the man credited with changing the course of history for russia and the world. these booties on display in central moscow and just like in the light is he launched a revolution full moon or exactly buried the russians said the use of the soviet union that most people indifferent towards lennon's legacy where he
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remains popular as a way to bhp's else even is. and in the world of art. however the social side is useful for getting some traction in the west will move this out i enjoy my job on national and foreign affairs takes the rich and becca in the state said richard and what you think there is still some interest for socialist policies stations me despairing among because the job of the soviet union collapsed in displaying the fact that the whole system was full. and while i think that the reason that is growing interest in socialism and i have a part of that movement and the party for socialism and liberation united states. because capitalism is leading the world and the people of the world to destruction. i know we really only have two choices either we go on like this where a tiny handful of billionaires make all the decisions about the use of resources. and that
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production is so quiet. based on their maxim is max has issued their profits while we have a suspended space and inhuman meeting human needs and a sustainable long term way. i think that people look at land and look back at london. if they do so objectively and see the person who was the single most impactful leader of the twentieth century. i would outline his leadership i don't think the russian revolution would have been successful in the russian revolution. i've enabled the soviet union to go from being that when the chorus of the big countries was back with the big countries in europe. to be in a major high economic and scientific powerhouse by the nineteen fifties despite the fact that twenty seven million soviet people were killed and then by the nazis. and most of the soviet union was devastated. i noticed what had been in that sort of bizarre about what human suffering around the world
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but richer but about human suffering that so many spears during that transition has been in push pull its station is in sight many people could suffer which makes you wonder about socialism and the idea of totalitarianism and authoritarian regimes get killed in the future really that sort of as a system of social assisted exist. we have democracy. i think that there's no question that the economy added we have to recognize the fact that the soviet union from the day i was born when when winston churchill the leader of the time come the revolution really against the russian revolution about to strangle the boast of a baby and its crew of the soviet union really never got a piece in its whole existence that doesn't excuse. i've had so many mistakes and serious mistakes that were made by successors of lemon lemon brought the world to a different place on all over the world particularly in the colonized well because it is the news about self determination that were sold it is so eloquently
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expressed in china and vietnam all over latin america all over europe. over the world effect on those critically those who were suffering under colonial oppression priest i didn't organize communist parties and really never been anyone who's had the impact on the world that landed. and just briefly socialism isn't really. i'll away for the pole and indeed tom students for example to perhaps ike attack capitalism st avenue looking because it is the middle cos we need the consent of thinking that capitalism is the future of reason for the destruction of the planet that i made these sentiments are ready for the pole and i'm stealing some events but those are the ones you've read the waving the flag for socialism. well that's the majority of people in the world today. and even in the united states and people don't think of it that way but according to the department of labor half the population of the united states is either low income are living in poverty stones
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go to college now. i believe in the city and students can go to college if they pass the exams they did and that they can go for free they didn't have to pay for it now stands come out with fifty thousand a hundred thousandtwo hundred thousand died in the united states and they can't find a job. so in the circumstances that the way that capitalism is developing make socialism and arecessary alternative that turning to and really the only alternative to this course of destruction richard gray still didn't you feel full stretch a buck a bachelor for the physics but mine from the us. now some of the international news headlines. we designed the us has been killed in the shoe party university in indiana. the spat was detained at the scene by police and was a parody acting alone offices of continuing to search the campus but the university administration say it is safe for students and style. this does miniatures or several airstrikes on suspected taliban strongholds police
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said the attacks on soldiers and civilians. officials at least twenty three ministers were killed according to locals many of the console or three villages. most of what is the dress on palm is going up and asked erin shia pilgrims returning from a role in killing more than twenty people. and now gets to the state of emergency following the recent runs but true test of support recruiting policy in bangkok the security forces is being extended. and they can know a restful such people with limited judicial parliament speaker this one. thousands of people continuing a mass rally in bangkok in a bid to bring down prime minister and he ran an upcoming school discover what is being rewarded for saying that in exchange for justice identifications from office to office to confound just need an extra holiday the boy to his mornings the sight unseen hands have been told to eighteen per cent of the aisle to the uk has had enough sense to have that place is reduced
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the states tend to stay in the meantime if they could prevent that mike's back in print change at the springfield home office employees on set targets this appears to be winning seventy percent of these constants. rules that every means to look around seventy percent of the people that every apply to study and was sent off to their assigned cases have already been rejected as if they can act on that award and recorded eight days. spence says high street shopping about says that these incentives don't have any place in. these sorts of cases where people's life and income quite literally be at stake. this being repeated instances of other pressures from management that coming down to the is making these but the decisions of individual cases. it was a quaker enough that they collected from monkey and that was placed on the text of any official brave enough against that backdrop to make a decision
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to bomb someone saw them on the reputation of the office as britney bounces her in she snorted the winning post as they say that's the fact is that taking into consideration as well the key is to say just how many doubts hasn't been hunted out to the sign in an immigration stuff the punditry on soon reveals that since july twenty twelve in love and high street shopping vouchers have been awarded to stop an assignment since it's a one off recognition of the vigil performance at poets. when evil intent on sea and sand adjusting for the moment more news just hoping that within the team in the meantime includes the sun the rain cult leader is guiding his film them. nathan pink puff to spiritual salvation. ay ay ay ay ay ay
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ay. i do. i am the whistleblowers facing a lot of heat including a wave of death threats. what did she discover some sort of dark secret c i a plant or some other plots for a new war of luxury nosh expose something far more dangerous and important to the zombies on their couches the university of north carolina athletes are mentally unfit for college even high school mary willing to blow the whistle on the fact that between eight and ten percent of the school's football and basketball players rated the fourth grade level and many others are some college level. she also claims that the students were allowed into the universe be based on screen process done by the university. i t implying that the open sea knew exactly who they were letting in to the university remember college football makes a lot of money. i always have a feeling that something like this was going on. i mean it when usa today many college athletes claimed that during the season they put in more than double the amount of
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hours on sports apparel out that's fifty to sixty hours a week. how can they possibly learn anything. maybe it isn't so sad that the schools often a reflection of economics. what is sad is that the whistleblower is getting death threats just for saying that it is going on by those stupid hardcore fans but that's just my opinion. i room. i caught
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up now each cage. the free world effects. kitty i am
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chu you you you will. do the eye. the yarding of the incoming your life from berlin. i'm sure he's the most kind and merciful can i say joining skimming off the right thing for peace talks held in syria now thousands of weeks. ross suggests he smacked it took him by the damascus regime paving the way forward the eu picks up a membership talks with serbia. it's the story of whiskey and from jamaica. he's been


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